Pirate Booty!

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Pirate prints from Don Maitz

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New designs for 2013

Designed by our fans, and available from the official Talk Like A Pirate Day shop at cafepress.com. A fine memento of TLAPD - and perfect holiday gifts for the pirates in your life!


Old favorites are still available, too - and we have hip flasks, mugs and bags for your plundering pleasure!

And more ...

Order your favorite now - or collect the whole set - and be the best-dressed pirate on yer block! Proclaim your pirattitude on International Talk Like A Pirate Day - and all year long!)

Find it all at http://www.cafepress.com/talklikeapirate

Also available:

  • Our books, The Pirate's Life: Unleashing Your Inner Buccaneer and Pirattitude, are still available, and make great gifts for those in your life who don't quite get why you talk this way every September.
  • Don't forget Cap'n Slappy's Parade of Piratical Poetry - and the Li'l Pirate's ABSeas, for the small fry in yer life!

Free stuff from The Pirate Guys:

  • Pirate ring tones fer yer mobile phone. (Note: Please don't ask us how t'put these on yer phone. We don't know. Check your manual to find out if yer device can use .mp3 ringtones, and if so, how to install them.)
  • A TLAPD banner fer your Web page, FaceBook, whatever. See above - if ye don't know how t'add 'em, we can't help.
  • See our Pirate Party Kit for more banners, posters, eyepatches, e-cards and other free goodies to help make every day Talk Like A Pirate Day.