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(Mail received before Sept. 19, 2003)

hi guys.we are going to have a "talk like a pirate"rehearsal for neil simon's "rumors" opening at the harlequin dinner theatre in san antonio on oct.1st. -- chris "captain billy"champlin

Talk like a pirate day has been a rip-roarin' success 'ere in Australia, with all swabs and sea-dogs, from the cap'n through to the cabin boy havin' a grand ol' time talkin' like pirates. Aye, 'twas a bonnie and grand plan o' yours, cap'n, and I don't care who knows it. --Stu Smallbeard.

I wanted to say that now officially you guys have created my second birthday. Not only mine but that of my two best friends as well. Tomorrow, Sept. 19th we intend to show up at school dressed in our pirate best and talk like pirates all day. We also intend to make 'Talk like a Pirate Day' a Paul Kane High School official holiday. I wanted to thank you guys for creating such an amazing holiday and well...... I love you guys! I sent this to you cause well, you're my favorite..... Well thanks alot guys! -- Your Fangirl, Rharwen Aka Shay

We love your pirate theme and web site! The reason being is that we own two Portuguese Water Dogs (dogs bred for catching fish in Portugal, "aaarg") and the theme for our two is Pirates. Our first dog we named "Shiver Me Timbers" and our second one, which is two years younger, is named "Swashbuckler". These dogs are really cool because they love boats. ... (These Portuguese Water Dogs are the same ones that are used for the San Francisco Giants Baseball Team, used for retrieving home run balls hit into the bay outside the ballpark.) So, you can see these are very useful waterdogs, and have great potential for becoming fans and spokesdogs for Speak Like A Pirate Day. Hope to 'er from ye, mateys! -- Shiver Me Timbers ("Alas, me jib is broken!") Swashbuckler ("Avast, I'm looken fer me Beauty!") Tempe, Arizona scribed by Kathy Groschupf and Frank Baucom

Cap'n Slappy says: I hereby declare "Shiver Me Timbers" and "Swashbuckler" the "Official Dogs of International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2003!

Ahoy matey's, I would just like to thank you guys for this great tribute to piracy. I work at the waterfront of a summer camp in upstate NY and we spent the summer being pirates. In all of our skits, etc. we talked and acted like pirates, complete with costumes. We even went so far as to go to the local drive in dressed as pirates in order to watch this summers hit Pirates of the Caribbean. Though we did not reach cult status we were interviewed on a local morning radio show (all 15 of us). Anyways, just want to thank you guys for trying to spread the word about the joy of talking like a pirate, I cant agree with you guys enough on that one! Well, me buckos, once again thanks. An one question also, have you tried to get Jimmy Buffett in on this, because I am a huge Parrotthead and just have a feeling this would be right up his ally. Well, may the plundering of the booty be good fer ya!! -- Peter Casola

I heard the pirates on the Humble & Fred show from Toronto this morning, and I hope to catch them tomorrow during their other scheduled Toronto interviews. Just wanted to send an email, comment if you will, on how much I enjoyed the interview and, subsequently, the website. I sat giggling tonight on the computer sending the link to the website to my warped friends who I know will enjoy the humour. I would love to see this really catch on...well I guess if Mark Burnett planned his Survivor: Pearl Islands around it, it’s bound to. -- Thanks again, Cheryl Reid, Cambridge, Ontario

Hey guys, I am actually a 15 year old boy from NY that reads Dave Barry ritualistically. I couldn't remember the date for National Talk Like a Pirate Day(i should walk the plank for that), soooo I searched for it and bang, your website came up. I was just writing to say thanks for the information and have a very harrrrdy national Talk Like a Pirate Day. Sincerrrrely, Zack PS. I will buy your book if it gets published.

you all crack me up! I saw that you were on a Portland station, said you were from Oregon and also mentioned Albany. If you're talking about Albany Or, that's were I grew up ... 16 years of my life there. Ended up in Portland and now live in Atlanta, GA. great to see someone put my hometown on the map!!! Keep it up, you have the support of the Ticketmaster SE regional office in Atlanta!!! We will be celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day! I'll have to go home and brush up on the lingo! -- Mike Busic

I be Cap'n Weasel, and like many others, I be looking for'ward to tomorrow's grand festivities! I can only be a wee bit jealous of our European, Asian, African, and Australian brethren for whom it is already ITLAPD! Anyway, I've pillaged a fine T-shirt from yer fine webshop (well, ok, I paid the proper number of doubloons; it wouldn't be proper to plunder a fellow py-rate. That's to be saved for scurvy landlubbers) and am of course planning to wear it tomorrow at a county fair where Brad Paisley will be croonin' and makin' me wench start swoonin'. Aye, well, he might warm her up, but it'll be me who will be doin' the boardin' and pillagin' if ye get me meanin! At any rate, I just wanted to wish ye both well and thank ye for startin a fine tradition that I hope lasts for many more years t'come. Aarrr! -- Cap'n Mike Weasel

Back in college (at The University of Tennessee) I happened upon an X-rated pirate themed flick entitled "The Adventures of Captain Hooker and Peter Porn." It was dubbed as "The Greatest XXX Pirate Adventure Ever!" This begs the question: Is there actually a sub-genre of porno that is dedicated to the joys of swashbuckler sex? On another note, I like what you guys are doing here. I had an English professor who posed an interesting theory: Mankind draws from certain ingrained ideas when telling stories, jokes, etc, that he referred to as "kernels" of human consciousness. There have been many great ideas, books, movies and so forth created by man, but really, there is only a handful of core concepts from which we draw: murder, sex/ love, adventure, etc. Here's where I'm going with this: Every guy I have ever known has loved to talk, walk, think and just generally behave like a pirate, thus making the Pirate theme a "kernel" of human consciousness. This Holiday of yours is destined to be a winner. Arrr....stroke the plank, but stay away from me porthole -- Ethan Teague.

This is a pointless email to congratulate you on your grand site, and the genius idea of Talk like a pirate day. My ship-mates and I will be arrring, and avasting with the best of 'em, and we'll keel haul any scabrous seadogs who's boats aren't floated by the whole pirate thing. Right, must scarper - decks to be swabbed, buckles to be swashed, you know how it is. Drink up me hearties yo -ho! -- Jam-lad the cabin, girl... I mean lass.

Thank you for starting such a fabulous holiday! My family and friends have been talking like pirates for years, and are so stoked to find that there are others out there who get a kick out of talking like pirates. Usually we just get the evil eye when we bust out in pirate lingo around those who are not in the know. Anyway, thanks again from all of us Maryland pirates and wenches who (thanks to you) will be doing some hard-core partying on Friday. -- Sincerely, Becca Turner

here be the first mate of the beauty - ous Royal Fortune. Our captain be the famed Captain Bartholomew Roberts and we have our trusty navigator and booty patrol (chi chi the monkey). we be the freshwomen of Mills College, Oakland CA and we be starting a sexy pirates club as well as tattooing our buxom bodies. talk like a pirate day was mighty successful at me high school last year and i be glad to continue david barry's tradition at college -- bonny bloody jenny of the sexy pirates - first mate

I celebrated TLAP day last year and I shall do again this year. Thanks for the idea...Talking like a pirate is as fun as TELLING people about TLAP day. I"m a firefighter an I've been warning my crew and Lt. that I will be throwing in a lot of "avast!"s and "ye scurvy dog"s that shift. -- Lyzz

I'd like to introduce you both to Dr. William H. McAnally. Otherwise known as Dr. Mac, Dr. Bill, Willie, Hey You, Papa Bill, Papa (my personal favorite since I am his daughter) or Cap’n Bill for the Second Annual Talk Like A Pirate Day! Cap’n Bill is a professor of engineering at Mississippi State University. His graduate level courses are usually full of nerdy engineer wanna-be’s who can barely stay awake more or less learn about the hydraulic mechanics of silt in riverine and estruarine systems.... otherwise known as mud science. This nutty professor does everything in his power, short of shooting off pyrotechnics in the classroom (the chemistry department has the patent on that) to keep his students enthralled with MUD. That’s right, Cap’n Bill teaches about MUD. But more importantly he teaches these future enginerds how to keep the right amount of mud in waterways, thereby keeping them open to water going vessels, like PIRATE SHIPS!!! While I am not sure if this was the inspiration of his enthusiasm for TLAPD, it certainly makes sense that he would turn his classroom in a ship of matties, and himself into a grand swashbuckler, complete with suit, patch, wooden appendage and a parrot to boot! While we have yet to see the reaction and aftermath of this TLAPD Extravaganza, I certainly think it is worth you two knowing about! I will keep you updated and hope that this exuberant display in the spirit of TLAPD will make you both proud!-- Sarah McAnally, TLAPD Advocate and Buxom Beauty

ahoy matey...from Paw Paw West by gawd Virginia!

I just happened upon your site, via Dave Barry, (but of course) and it just happens that a crew of us pirates will be in the Great North West for TLAPD ! (visit with mates and dead show in Gorge, WA.) I have informed many of my mates via pirate e-mail of TLAPD, so as to start more of a craze here on the Easterly coast. For years now ... many of our mates have had pirate talk take over after a few barrels of rum, grog whatever ... aye, arrrrrrrrr and the likes. finally, we are not alone! What relief to see that. avast, are we weird, nay mates, it's just that the fun never ends! -- Susie Cream Cheese The World Pro-Fun Tour spokeswench, first mate

Implore all ye followers to change their blasted outgoing voicemail messages on such a glorious, fine day:

"YARR! It be Friday, September 19th, Internat'nl Talk like a Pirate Day, Ye have reached the desk of (insert favorite color here) Beard and I be away from me post. Ye best be leaving a message after the tone or the Cap'n will be keel haulin' ya or worse yet: FAX ye the black spot! Arr!" beeep...

If ye cannot be at yer desk answerin' the phone all bloomin day, at least ye will still share in the spirit of such a day! -- Andy Coll

I was going to write this email in pirate-speak, but i just emailed a whole lot of friends about friday in pirate speak, and i just can't be stuffed. Just to let you know, I am a 19-year old university student from syndey, australia. I will not only be speaking like a pirate all friday, and getting all my friends to, but will be investing $5 (!!!) (that's about US$3) to put some posters up around Macquarie University about this most auspicious of occasions. Hopefully I will be able to cause some silliness... -- Captian Boobies

Delighted to read of the Sept. 19 event Edmonton Journal today and will be spreading the word (that would be ARRGH) here in our landlocked province of Canada. In case you haven't already seen the works of Colin McNaughton, I encourage you to check out the book Captain Abdul's Pirate School where Talk Like A Pirate is part of the curriculum of course. It's a hoot -- so's the companion title, Jolly Roger . -- An Anne Bonnie Wannabe

Ahoy Thar Cap'n Slappy an' Ol Chumbucket too!

Aarrgh! As you know, Harcourt Children's Books has just recently set sail with HOW I BECAME A PIRATE in landlubber bookstores nationwide. Imagine my excitement as a closet pirate when I found out that the release of my third book would not only follow the release of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, but nearly coincide with TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY! We couldn't have had better timing if we'd planned it. First we got David Shannon's wonderful, edgy pirates, and now you two. What else could a pirate ask for?

Not only do I spend my time as a writer, a wife, and a mother of two younger pirates, but I'm also an eighth grade language arts teacher. I plan to make TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY a huge deal for my students (a pretty motley crew, but not a scurvy dog in the bunch). I'm still working on those plans.

Thanks for all you've done to make being a pirate fun for all! Also thanks for the link on your web site! The whole site is as much fun as a chest full of treasure wrapped up in a Jolly Roger! -- Melinda Long

Ahoy mayties! I just received an email about Dave Barry's view on telemarketers. In the email, was your website link. So, being the curious wench that I am, I had to check it out. It's great! My husband and I ( and I have no idea how or why) started the art of pirate talking some time ago. He's really a funny guy, almost as funny as you two, and he really comes up with some good ones. I am definitely putting Sept. 19th on my calendar. In reading your website, I thought of two people who would love this sort of thing. Have you ever heard of the Bob and Tom Show? This is right up their alley. You should check them out at I'm sure two goofy guys asyourself have heard of them. Keep up the good work and ARRR! -- Chris Waters

I live with the same goal in life that you all obviously do ..... if life isn't fun enough, or nuts enough, if we haven't shaken up the folks enough ...... invent something that will. I am sure I will be your most incongruous groupie so far. I read about the second annual Talk like a pirate day in Dave Barry's column. It was my new holiday immediately. I am a Mormon Seminary teacher in Las Vegas...always in need of a new way to stay awake at 6 in the morning. I also need a way for my 31 students to stay awake at 6 in the morning. When I told them the countdown had begun to Sept. 19 they were at first unaware of the holiday, and then uncaring ..... and now cresting on excitement. -- Donna Tagliaferri

Greetings. My son Cyrus (oh this is real stuff I'm writing) works for the US Senate (two years back some nut sent a letter full of Anthrax spores to the fellow in the office a floor above and the whole crew ended working in a conference room of another senator in another bldg. for a year until the place got decomed).

What does this do with pirates? Like War (the group, not the current policy) sang in the seventies, "absolutely nothing." But we were talking on the phone a few mins ago and he mentioned your Web site.

Now you should know I'm with a rocket club. Tomorrow night (9/13) we are to fly our rockets in the dark. We do this about once maybe twice a year (our site see calendar for 9/13). For some strange reason, we have chosen "pirates" as our theme. It's a week early for Talk Like a Pirate, but I'll print the site for our Internet impaired and give the URL for and to those who speak acronymese as their patois/jargon/argot or PC terminology.

The timing of our activities aint perfect but close enuf.

Best wishes, -- Ed Pearson

P.S. The above thoughts are personal and do not reflect what the US government thinks about pirates, their patois, that of pirates' parrots or the funk group War either.

Yarrrgh Capn' - We be a household of scallywags from all points. The name of our ship is the "Pirate House" And just as modern day folk pronounce their Jargon with different twist of the tongue like the word "Car" in boston is pronounced "Cah" we've adapted the expression "Arrrgh" into "Yarrrgh" being mor suitable for answering our hearties.

This bit of an email isn't asking for ye advice, but we wanted to let the powers that be know that the Pirate House in Cambridge, MA will be shouting words of the dwellers of the sea. - Mad John Rackham

ahoy! MY NAME IS Brittany and i just wanted to tell you this is funniest website ever! im doing a breast cancer walk this sunday and our theme is the i just saw Pirates of the Caribbean so im feeling pretty good about pirates right now. Well, anyways i think your hilarious/freakishly wierd for making this website. Either way i think its great and thanx for teaching me how to talk like a pirate! ARRRR MATEY!

I be a pirate all way down in Australia, and I've only just heard about this whole talk like a pirate day. I've been talking like a pirate for no reason for years now, so this finally give me an excuse. I've always maintained that nothing in this world can be cooler than a pirate (or a ninja, but thats entirely different) Anyway, the news got to me from word-of-mouth university students. I was wondering if it is ok for me to advertise it within my school, or is there any sort of poster I can download and print out to stick up. Word of this event must be spread and for the greater good of the world.

My name is Aaron Mockrish and I work at the International Community School of Abijan (ICSA)in Cotê d'Ivoire, also known as the Ivory Coast of West Africa. You may have heard in the news over the past couple of years that this country has been in trouble and, in fact, the date of the coup d'etat that got things started is ... you guessed it ... September 19th. This country can be absurd at times, and the situation here has brought our school enrollment down from 500 to ~66. So...we have decided to celebrate the absurdity by claiming the day for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. My father, the director, as well as other teachers will be dressing up, and students are highly encouraged to participate for extra credit. I think we are even going to buy a parrot for the occasion! My question is .. .provided you are given all proper credit where credit is due, is it o.k. with you if we use some of your material to get people into it? -- Yours Truly, Aaron "Deck Swab" Mockrish

Just wanted to let you guys know that I really had a good laugh out of the message underneath my score for which captain I am. (I just graduated in educational psychology so I have firsthand experience with those annoying things but this one really kicks ass:) *salutes* until we meet again! -Nele

Fair winds and following seas to you Salty Sea Dogs! People thought me mad when I rattled off bits in Pirate and yelled 'Argh!' at all times, (not to mention the Jolly Roger in me office), but now they do be scared because I know of International Speak Like A Pirate Day!! Yargh Yargh Yargh!! (That do be pirate laugh) Thanks fer giving a sea go'er something to 'Yargh' about. Yer website do be excellent (my complements to the WebWench). I'm glad to hear that Dave Barry did write the article on ITLPD, as he do be one of me favorite writers, but I somehow missed this one! Keep up the good works me hearties, and should we meet on the open sea, I'll toss back some grog with ye!! -- Bulkhead -aka- Yann Folange [who, the WebWench notes, writes from a US Navy e-mail address. Good t'see our men at sea are carryin' on the tradition!]

Gentlemen-Scurvy Dogs-whatever fits, I just had your website forwarded to me and my side still hurt from laughing - good work. I figured I'd write to let you know that last summer - I work for a leadership development program for youth - we had our first Pirate Day. As with all good plans I forgot that it was Pirate Day when I woke up and went to work. When I got there I was handed a Microphone and told to announce the day to all the students. Well, I dug deep, closed one eye, made a hook with the first two fingers on my left hand and began to talk like a pirate. Arrr. Making my favorite pirate jokes (a pirates favorite color socks...Arrrrrgile) and being a little edgy came easily. So I have now redefined myself in the organization. I think your site is an inspiration to land locked pirates everywhere, so I thank you. Right now we are hosting several school groups through the fall, and I am making a point to spread the word. So far the charter school, of inner-city youth, from Dorchester, MA, was unimpressed. But I continue undaunted in my quest. -- Tim Hayman, American Youth Foundation's Merrowvista Education Center, Center Tuftonboro, NH

G'Day, matey,

I was sent a link to your site earlier this week, and since then I have been consumed with all things pirate, preparing for next week. I think what you guys have started up is marvelous and I intend to contine spreading the word about it here. The 19th happens to co-incide with a post-graduate univeristy ball I am attending, and so I will actually be in full costume dress as a pirate ALL day until the wee hours of the morning..... -- Probationary Pirate Dan, in Australia

I just want to say that I'm am doing everything possible in Lawrence, KS to promote TLPD. Way back in 1999 a friend and I did a triathlon in S.F. (we swam from Alcatraz to the mainland) and we stayed with our wives on Pier 39 in a "pirate" boat. I swear it was a real pirate boat! Anyway we started talking like a pirate for the whole trip so TLPD is very special to us. When I read about it in Dave Barry's column I actually thought you somehow copied us! Then I realized you started this a few years before we became "pirates for a day". Anyway, I love your site and will be a dedicated TLPD pirate on September 19th! -- Jeff Sigler, RPh, Lawrence, KS

Thanks for introducing "Talk Like A Pirate Day" to the world! Before long, it will be more popular and celeated than Christmas, or even Columbus Day. In the spirit of the holiday, I would like to share two short jokes that can be told on TLAP Day.

1) Did you hear about that new disease for pirates? It's called SAAAARRRS.

2) Did you hear about that new pirate movie? It's rated AAARRRR. -- Moshe Greenberg, Iqaluit, Nunavut (Canada)

I just wanted to inform you that I've have began to spread the word of TLAPD around my entire high school, and I'm currently working on making some pins for my Pirate buddies and I to wear on Sept. 19th. I love what you guys have created, and I'm even more excited to be taking part. -- Farewell, Captain Katie

Because of plain appreciation of pirate lingo and ways to annoy my wife, I talked like a pirate for an entire trip to Virginia, which is roughly a 6 hour ride from my house. I sang songs with the radio like a pirate, ordered food at rest stops like a pirate and yes, even displayed road rage at other drivers in the mellifluous voice. My <wife? sobbed from about the second hour.

I related this story once to some friends a few years ago to, of course, warm applause. One saw Dave's column and immediately forwarded it to me. I caught his reminder a few weeks ago and just remembered to tell you the story. Good Luck and Happy Wenchin'. -- Tomm Evans, Clarks Summit, PA P.S. I happen to be a high school teacher and plan to spend this year's day not only speaking like a pirate myself but requiring all student reponses be intoned in the same manner. I'll keep you posted. If I lose my job, are you guys hiring ?


My name is 1st Lieutenant Lonnie Williams. I am the executive officer of the 176th Signal Company "Pirates" based at Fort Lewis Washington. I stumbled upon your website while in a druken stupor and then remembered it through the haze of the hangover the next morning. I just wanted to let you two know that we are proud members of the pirate community and I will be working on getting a photo of all the soldiers to post on your website. ARRGHH!!!! -- 1LT Lonnie Williams, 176 Signal Company

Ahoy Cap'n!

I am eagerly awaiting TLAPD next week! I celeated my own, in a way, this past summer at the National History Fair. There, I competed in the performance category and won first place for my representation of pirates. I portrayed a couple of different pirates, and non-pirates as well (such as Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island). Thanks for all you guys do to further the appreciation of pirates!

Black-heartedly yours, Colin Powell

Thankee Colin. Now, before me shipmates be gettin' to wouldn't be the Secretary o' State, would ye? -- Cap'n Slappy

For some years my husband, Frank, has been talking like a pirate to telemarketers whenever they have had the nerve to call us and he answered the phone. He goes into a routine that includes such as:

Aha, me hearty - I'll slit ye gizzard from stem to stern! The telemarketers usually hang up on him!

I never thought that I would find anyone who was crazier than he is - but you guys are it. I laughed so hard I ---- well, you can fill in the rest. -- Judi Greenberg

Cap'n Slappy says: I usually pretend to be a very old man who thinks the telemarketer is his long lost son or daughter. (And I refuse to forgive them for missing last Thanksgiving).

I came across a link to your site on a friend's LiveJournal, and being that my husband and I are piratically bent now and again, in the dressing up and YARRR!ing on occasion (and going on the Pirates of the Carribean ride at least 3 times on any trip to Disneyland), I immediately forwarded the link to my husband, my office-mate (who can buckle no few swashes at once, let me tell you!), and we agreed to celeate TLAPD at our office (as the 3 of us work for the same company).

It has already escalated into severe planning and decorating, including the use of my toy pirate ship in my husband's office, skeletons hanging in my office-mate's palm tree, and the possibility of my husband dressing up in some of his pirate finery, as long as there won't be any clients coming in to the office that particular Friday (if so, we might convince the hubby to at least wear his plumed hat).

We're going to try and have nautical music playing in my office, and I'm going to try and pick up some pirate-related movies to play on my laptop's DVD player, as Fridays are Movie Days in my office.

It's a fun, goofy holiday you guys came up with. Thank you, for giving us yet another reason to do goofy-fun stuff at the office.

--Amanda "I'll give yer timbers sumthin' t'shiver 'bout!" Geyer

Dear Cap'n Slappy and Mister Chumbucket,

Once I stopped laughing, I just had to write to you both. International Talk Like a Pirate Day happens to fall on my birthday, as well as Cap'n Slappy's ex-wife's. Unlike her, I couldn't be more delighted. Friends have been sending me this link for days, and every email contains some version of "They couldn't have picked a more perfect holiday to put on your birthday!"

It's true. I have been known to sprinkle my speech with piratical asides for no obvious reason. I own a truly spectacular pirate wench costume, complete with homemade red-black-and-white-striped, black-lace-trimmed bloomers. My husband keeps a metal box full of those new gold dollar coins on his nightstand. When the bank account runs low, we use those to see us through. Nothing is more fun than buying things with handfuls of gold coins, and it is impossible to resist throwing in a little pirate talk while you're at it. Trust me. All this is done in the course of our mostly boring, normal lives. We are historical re-enactors, I must admit, but of the low-key variety.

Anyroad, I just wanted to thank you for giving me a laugh, and an instant theme for future birthdays. (Theme birthdays are big in my family. Silly runs in the genes.)

Also, to tell you about the best Rennaisance-type Faire going, the Gold Coast Pirate Festival! Naturally, it's held in Ventura County, CA, where I grew up. Check out their homepage for some great pictures. It's a blast, and the reason I made those bloomers in the first place, many years ago. You two ought to make the trip some year, it's pure silly fun, and a gorgeous area to visit.

Arr, I see I've bent yer ears nigh to the deck, lads, so I'll be takin' me leave. It's me watch now, anyway, and our Old Man is mighty damned fond of the cat, I'll tell ye fer free. -- Fair Winds and a Clean Bottom! Zorah 'Bloody Decks' Mardesich

Ahoy me Mateys!

I wanted to thank you buckaneers for giving us talk like a pirate day. I first started celeating talk like a pirate day last year when my mom read me Dave Barry's column in the Long Beach, CA Press Telegram. Right then I knew this was my holiday! (I personally think we should get a day off work but hey I'm not the Captain of this ship we call America!) On September 19th I came into work and talked like a pirate all day! I'm in the mortgage loan business and everyone thought I was nuts!! But by the end of the day all my co-workers were talking like pirates! This year people have started to remind me about talk like a pirate day. ( no need to remind me I have it written on my calender! ) This year I will celeate it at the happiest place on earth on the best ride in the world ......Pirates of the Carribean! Thank you guys for inging this fun and much needed day! Only 3 more days until ..........Arrrr shiver me timbers and blow me down it be pirates we talk like and gold we're after!! --Erin Potter, Loan Processor, Newport Beach, CA

"I'd just like to thank ye for the illiant idea of TLAP Day. Our high school drama club (well, avast...pretty much only me...) was taken up with t' idea, and t'wasn't long afore we had a poster up, I was dressed in me finest pirate wench garb, and we sang pirate songs in the cafeteria! This year, we've planned a school-wide occasion. So, on the behalf of all the bilge rats at Belmont High School, much thanks for th' chance to let out our inner pirate!" -The Dread Pirate Laura

Hello from Australia! It seems like there has a been a meeting of minds (and much imbibing of alcohol!) as we in Australia have an International Pirate Day! Just like the pair of you speak for the 260 million of the US of A, our core component of 4 speak for all of Australia!!

Once a year we have Pirate Day, a chance to spend the day at a pub, wear pirate clothes, speak like a pirate, drink an ever-increasing amount of alcohol, and raise money for charity (the Mission to Seafarers). We have a website on which we outline the reason behind Pirate Day, as well as photos of us during the celeations. As to photos of after the celeations, you really wouldn't like to see them, it's not a pretty site.

This year our Pirate Day falls on September 19th (a happy coincidence, it would seem). We shall inform our members of your site, and would love to start some sort of meaningful dialogue with guys who would choose the warming feeling from a pint of ale over the legal points of a copyright infringement. -- Steve Fisher "Crutchless Jones"

Cap'n Slappy responds: "What a happy coincidence! We will be back next Sept. 19 (as we have for years!) Perhaps we can all join "hooks" and unite the planet in whimsy again!"

Arrrrr from Australia:


Just a quick note in me own blood to let you know that me and me crew of salty sea dogs be fixing to shanty on down to the tavern to drink a mighty ale and celeate talk like a pirate day.

Capital idea of yours, I doff me parrot to ye!!!


Captain Randy Roger

I jus thought ya might like ta know. Your NTLAPD is now an ITLAPD. Me mateys n me are all mighty strong missionaries in the fine, old-fashion country of azil. And we thinks that yer idee fer a Talk Like A Pirate Day is the best thing since seaweed grog! Long Live, and much rum to the newly chrisined Inernational Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Avast ye scruvey Sea Dog!

Sam White(a missionary kid in azil)

I have recently come across the website for your fantastically inventive "Talk Like a Pirate Day". I must admit I was a little shocked to see that someone else had come up with their own inane holiday. I myself created the famed (only to two people here in Halifax, Nova Scotia) "Saint Patricia's Day". My friend Cookie and I decided that we needed a day like Saint Patrick's Day during the first semester of school, and a reason to drink all day. In short it has to do with this woman Patricia liberating the giraffes of Africa from the evil poachers and riding them back into the public gardens of Halifax on November 17 many many years ago.

Enough about our little maritime invention, I think that this holiday of yours is just what my college Saint Marys University, and the town of Halifax needs. I would like to promote your new holiday here if I may, as I am in a position here to reach a lot of people. I must insist however on your cooperation as well, for I will need ideas telling me how you would like to be portrayed and a list of traditions for the day (not just talking like a pirate). I am able to reach many mediums here, radio, TV, newspaper and more importantly word of mouth. I have seriously enjoyed your website and the history of your day and feel that it must be spread (quite possibly in the form of T-shirts). Let me know what you think.

your supporter, Zach Beard

Ahoy Zach!

Thanks for your support of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We here at appreciate every person who goes out and whips a community into a frenzy of pirate-speak on September 19. We like to be seen as just a couple of guys who don't take themselves or much of anything else, too seriously ... just seriously enough to make sure that there is plenty of beer and pizza to last a couple of days.

People all over are creating their own traditions around the day. There are parties and pirate movies and (for older pirates like Ol' Chumbucket and meself) the traditional "International Talk Like a Pirate Day Nap." (We are doing radio interviews from about four am until only heaven knows when...we will be needing a bit of a lie down at some point during the day). So set up a party (nobody knows more about parties than ye college kids) and just have fun!

T-shirts are available through our website - I would send you some but I have to pay for them like anyone else (we don't "make" or "sell" them so we don't have any inventory...besides ... if we gave them away, how would we get filthy, stinking rich on them?)

As for St. Patricia's Day, that sounds like a terrific holiday! Remember, just two years ago, there were only about six or seven of us celeating Talk Like a Pirate Day. We had no idea it would be an international sensation - perhaps bigger and better things await St. Patricia's day.

Thankee for yer support!

Have a Lusty Talk Like a Pirate Day!

-- Cap'n Slappy

Ahoy, Zach!

One other tradition that I don't insist on, but strongly suggest.

A meal featuring barbecued pork ribs. Not beef. Pork. Trust me, there is a good, historical reason for it that I'm not up to repeating at the moment. Too long. But it's a historically appropriate meal. And they taste great.

And of course, lots of beer.

But try not to wake Cap'n Slappy. He apparently needs a nap. I have lots of kids, so I'm used to not getting any sleep.

-- Ol' Chumbucket

Thank you for the most amusing hour I've spent on the Internet in quite some time! I loved the website! My compliments to the WebWench, a well-designed, easy to follow site. Nicely done.

By the way, the reason I needed the date; I teach computers and technology in an elementary school. I see all the kids, kindergarten through 6th grade. I intend to celeate the day at school; I hope to have all 750 kids (and our fun-loving staff) talkin' like the scurvy milk-swillin' rugrats they be!

Looking forward to September 19th.....

Jean Allen Reno, Nevada

Dear Mad buggers,

You guys have definitely made my week, possibly my month and there's an outside chance you just made my year.

Talk like a pirate day is probably the greatest thing I've heard of since Muppet Treasure Island and I for one will be proud to pirate my way through September 19. God bless you and you're demented little minds.

I have to say that I had a similar experience to your raquetball shenanigans several year. I was at home in Melbourne, Australia playing cricket (a fabulous game that you guys don't have because you're hung up on Baseball for some reason) with my housemate Daniel and for some reason we started lapsing into Pirate expressions during the course of the game. And believe me nothing expresses the feeling of dismay at being clean bowled by an inswinging yorker as much as a hearfelt aargh! We regularly returned to this theme during our incredibly regular backyard cricket games and I personally found that my batting improved when in pirate mode.

Soon after I was responsible for directing a camp for children with my friend Ben. We found a campsite that we decided to book partly because it had a swimming pool but mainly because it was full of nautical paraphenalia despite being kilometres (that's a measure of distance we have that you guys don't because you're hung up on miles for some reason) from the ocean. We decided to call the camp Born on a Pirate Ship in honour of the Barenaked Ladies album that we really loved. We were of course too damn stupid to know what that phrase sounds like when you hold your tongue. Everyone on the planet knew that except us it seems. We spent the entire week using pirate expressions and general pirate talk. It was one of the greatest seven days of my life.

So pirating has been a large part of my life for years. I knew there were others out there like me but never realised they had a spiritual home on the internet.

Rest assured that on Pirate day this year I will be speaking like a pirate with genuine gusto. I now live in Japan and nobody understands what I'm talking about at the best of times so it won't really affect my lifestyle much anyway.

May you find every success in all your ventures both foolish and otherwise,

David Stewart (captain)

Hi Guys - I mean, avast there me hearties I am a journalist for a newspaper in Auckland New Zealand, which is not a part of Australia but a separate country further south (some Americans have trouble with our location,arrr). Anyway I was busy doing 'research' on the internet ( that's the best part about being a ournalist, they actually pay you to read the papers and surf the net at work) and I found out about International talk like a pirate day. What a great idea! so I said to my editor - why don't we fly this up the mast and see who fires a cannon at it? So we are going to help make it a bit more international - especially as New Zealanders are mad about the sea, mainly because noone lives more than an hour away from it, in fact if I stick my head out the office window I can see it at the bottom of the hill (the sea not my head) We would love to have any comments from about how you think we should kick it off, how happy you are that a country most Americans don't even know exists is climbing onboard, and of course anything else you would like to say!

Happy sailing Adrienne Kohler

Aye! Matey!

Me hopes this finds ye amongst many a lovely wench sippin' from ye ol' grog barrel.

I recently found out 'bout yer upcoming TLAP day. Me thinks she's a great ide'er. Yer website be one of the heartiest ye has ever come across.

Sorry for the short note but I must be gettin' on now fer I have a date with me chums at ye ol' Inn fer me weekly bowling pilgrimage. But first I must head home to check in on ye wench, the little wipper-snappers and parrot to share in a bit a stew and some refreshment.

May the dribblings from the ol' bung hole be sweet and plentiful.

As I re-read the message I think it sounds a bit like Popeye so please forgive the err's in me lingo fer I be a virgin linguist.

No pirate name as of yet Chris Switalski Waukesha, Wisconsin


This is to inform you that on this day, September 4, 2003, notification of Talk Like a Pirate Day was spread to Gaijin Sailors Association in Japan. (Gaijin is Japanese for foreigner) All gaijin have been encouraged to investigate the ramifications of this event and act accordingly. They will,no doubt, spread the word to all their fellow Japanese sailors. Further,those who are teachers have been encouraged to modify their lesson planslinguistically for the day.

Thank you for this day!

Bill Payne, Osaka, Japan

Dear (Avast ye) Pirate Guys,

Just perused your web page and loved it. It reminded me of a yellow parrot we once owned that I taught to say, "Arrr! Avast ye scurvy dogs, prepare to be boarded, Har,Har, Har." I stole the line from a navigator I use to fly with who'd say, "Avast ye scurvy wenches, prepare to be boarded," whenever he saw a particularly boardable beauty.

Colonel was the parrot's name. He was my wife's bird and he loved her very much and hated me with a passion. Though, to be fair, he was not above taking any type of treat from me that I offered. Chocolate was his favorite.

Colonel was very good at saying the pirate line, however, when he was tired he'd change the words to, "Avast ye scurvy dogs, prepare to be birdie boarded." In addition to trying to bite me and repeating "Avast ye scurvy dogs, " about three thousand times a day, he also liked singing along with us whenever we'd sing a drinking song called The Beer Was Spilt on the Barroom Floor.

Aye, Colonel was true pirate parrot. He even tried his best to take off a piece of my ear once. After which, we sold him to a eeder. He's now living the parrot equivalent of the good life. I wonder sometimes if he still says the pirate line. Maybe only on September 19th.

Ahoy, Cap'n!

E-yar, me 'n' me mates have been unofficially observin' TLAPD fer several sea voyages now. So when we read in Dave Barry's latest chapbook (E-yar, ye got me, mate; it were read TO us) that ye were continuin' t' make the practice known 'cross the Seven Seas, we thought...well, we thought, "E-yar!" (note dialectic variant of more common "Arr"; mayhap this be due to us making our home parrrt in the Southarrrn Willamette).

I'm sure ye don't be needin' the likes o' me t' be congratulatin' ye for finally takin' up the Jolly Roger in pride, an' lettin' all an' sundry know...Hell, I don't know WHAT yer lettin' folks know. But keep it up, me hearty. An' smooth sailin' to ye.

Cap'n Willie Smee (Cap'n Hook's First were me great-great-and-so-farrrth-gran'pappy) Portreeve Universarrrty of Arrregon

Ahoy Mr Smee!

Aye, ye be just down the road from Ol' Chumbucket, Jezebel and meself! Perhaps ye may want to come up to Albany to join us one o' our favorite waterin' holes (schedule t'be announced on this site soon) and celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day in style!

Ahoy, Cap'n Slappy,

Me mates and me, when we're ashore, design cannon ammo for the Navy. (It helps when we're taking a Spanish galleon on the high seas to know what the Navy's range is so's we can get ourselves out of harms way when they comes looking to capture us blackhearts.) We had a fine old grog-raising time on the first TLAP, even staying in character when we worked out a design problem in a big group meeting. Thought it'd tickle yer peg leg to know there's pirates on the inside of the very group trying to keep the oceans clear of our kind.

(We serve at a benighted spit o' land called Indian Head in Maryland, about 25 miles south on the Potomac from Washington.

I was in yer neck of the woods in July fer a little shore leave. Loverly town. Must be fun ta pillage!)

Cap'n Bess Flint

You guys are so totally cool!!

Friends and I were recently travelling in the States. Randomly, when we got to Vegas, we were dead set on the Treasure Island hotel. For some bizarre reason we cottoned on to pirate lingo too, and could not stop ourselves for the rest of our (month-long) trip.

We soon returned to New Zealand (in the South Pacific!) however we all live in different cities and don't get to see each other very often. On the odd occasion though, I pick up texts and emails laden with "aaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhs" and "matey-this, matey that" and they make my day.

Talking like a pirate is a fantastic. It is liberating; a great release and a right, royal crack up.

It goes without saying what I'll be doing/wearing/saying this September 19th ;)

Laura Willson Christchurch, New Zealand.

Ahoy Cap'n Slappy,

I'll need some work on my lingo, so don't take offense to my plain manner of writing.

I just wanted you to know that I have been laughing aloud and continuously since I started reading things on your website. I think I have a good sense of humor, but I don't think I've been stimulated to laugh so deeply when I've not even finished my morning coffee.

Thank you!!! I'll be talkin' like a pirate in no time, matey!

Mimi, from Nevada City, Ca.

ahoy ye swashbuckling master of pirate lingo,

my name is michael, i am 16 and live in australia, i am writing to you mainly becaue of boredom but partly because of my fascination of your talk like a pirate day and your website. i found out about international talk like a pirate day through a internet forum i frequently visit, this forum consists mainly of people my age that talk of random crap and punk music. the forum admin has recently posted a link to your site after discovering it on another music forum, he as well as myself are quite excited about the impending talk like a priate day and the forum admin has also instructed forum goers to post on the forum in pirate lingo as well. in closing i wish to make you aware that more and more people are becoming aware of this glorious event and u deserve full credit for its creation, the other creater deserves credit to probably but i couldnt be bothered writing to 2 email accounts so there.

yours sincerely


I am thrilled to find out that Talk Like a Pirate Day is not only your ex-wife's birthday, but MY birthday as well! I heard the interview on NPR last year as I was driving to my 40th birthday party. Well, you can be sure that was some party after I found out about TLPD!!! If only I'd had the vocabulary sheet then! So this year I am prepared to celebrate doubly. Thanks to you and John for thinking of a great way to celebrate life in the face of all the craziness in the world today. And as my boyfriend and I really are sailors, we will be toastin' ye all with grog and barrin' the plank to any lubbers on this beauty of a day!

Ruth Ann Pattee, Warren, Vermont

i work in scenic construction (movie, theatre), and sometimes it gets so boring that some of us have been taking to talk and act like pirates(about 3yrs now).not only is it baffling to new members of the crew, but when the suits come down from the production office, we pour on the piracy. sometimes the boss comes over to shut us down with a wink. we comply(after all he is the cap'n, no mutiny(yet)). thx for the web site, it is too funny............and about time thx again scruvily

yours ,

Bloody Harry Flint (aka Lawrence Conway)

Talk Like a Pirate Day is the most .... um ... interesting thing I've come across in a while. As there was a (quite excellent) Pirate movie that came out recently (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), my friends and I think that Talk Like a Pirate Day is the best thing since National Legolas Day. (Which, for anyone who doesn't know, is on October 25th. Elves are awesome! Though they're not as cool as pirates!!!) Basically, I just wanted to thank you for making a completely RIVETING website, so THANKS!


WE are having our second talk like a pirate Day at Spera's in Cicero N.Y. it is a local deli with a pretty regular lunch crowd , we started last year for something fun to do and it was a lot of fun we will be doing it again especially now that I have a larger pirate vocabulary.......thanks

Terri [the Pirate]

Loved your site! And you've kept it "clean enough" so that I was even able to share it with my best friend, who is a Mormon !!!! Thanks!

My interest in pirates began with watching Pirates of the Caribbean, (7 times!),~~~ ( Captain Jack is rather, well.... a dern good-lookin' pirate!) and now my 10 year old son and I are addicted! Anyway, Thanks for the neat site ! I'm keeping it handy for Christmas shopping !

Take care,

Nova from Florida