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Our ol' mate Bilgemunky:
pirate news, reviews, and commentary

Thar be pirate sites galore on the World Wide Web, and we're not about t'try t'list 'em all. Here's a smatterin' o' sites that have captured our fancy. If ye've got another (and would like to swap links), give our webwench a holler.

Our link policy is simple:

  1. If you've got genuine pirate-related content, we'll link to you, and we'd appreciate it if ye'd return the favor.
  2. If you're looking for a generic link exchange to raise your auto parts/computer sales/kitchen furniture site's rank in the search engines, piss off.
  3. If you call yourself an "SEO expert", see No. 2.

We don't sell ads, and we don't do banner exchanges, although if you'd like to offer us great gobs of money, we'll consider the offer. Mostly, though, if you spot a banner on the site, it belongs to our pals. Our Web site, our rules.

Disclaimer: Some of the sites below contain content that may make yer eyes cross, yer ears bleed or yer hair stand on end. By including 'em in this list, the Pirate Guys aren't endorsing their taste, their politics, their music, their products - or their literacy.

NOTE: The links page is not bein' regularly updated. The Webwench is workin' on revampin the entire site in a more streamlined, mobile-friendly, get-to-the-point version, and until that happens, ye be on yer own. If ye find a broken link, try Google.

First things first:

Our close personal friend and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, Dave Barry

By popular demand o' the young folks, we've set up pages on some o' them fancy, newfangled social networkin' sites. Mostly, though, they just point back here - the Pirate Guys are self-avowed Geezers O' Th' Sea, an' don't have time t'be hangin' out on line. But since ye insist, here they be:

and now, those Pirate links:

Kindred Souls: Our kind o' Pirates

"Official" Talk Like A Pirate sites (and members o' the team): Which pretty much means they e-mailed us and asked "can we be the official ...?" We're pushovers, so we say yes a lot. Don't let it go to yer heads.

Other kindred souls (alphabetical, more or less)

  • The Adventures of Pirate Bendy - Strange tales of a strange (but flexible!) pirate
  • The Backhair Pirates - Rogues and rapscallions all, their site features yarns, shanties and all manner of high-seas hijinks.
  • BBQ Pirates - A competition BBQ team from East Texaswith a pirate theme - with recipes!
  • Blackwolf the Dragonmaster --- online headquarters of New York-based Electric Pirates Entertainment.
  • The Bloody Cutlass
  • Buccaneer Scholar - James Marcus Bach promostes "intellectual buccaneering," the independent pursuit of knowledge outside the bounds of conventional education
  • Captain Pigheart - Swashbuckling pirate stories! (Audiobook versions of some of his best tales are available on CDBaby, too)
  • Cyber-pirate Cap'n Ethan (an ELIZA-based conversational program adapted by Cap'n Bill, one of our fans from the US Naval Research Lab) ... joined in 2007 by his bonny "sister," bonny sister, Eliza. The Web site has links to some amusin' piratical garb, if ye happen t'be a geeky science type o' pirate.
  • The Del Mar Yacht Club. Not what you may think...
  • Defendin' The Oceans - Greenpeace sets sail on a pirate voyage. Check out their Flash-based Pirates Hall of Fame/Shame fer a surprise!
  • Dread Pirate. Blogger, Webcaster, motivational speaker.
  • The East Coast Pirates Car club rallies twice monthly in Yarmouth, England.
  • Firepirates - Piratical site dedicated to aerial fire-fighters
  • Gus Tabakian, an Armenian adventurer born in Uruguay and now living in Spain, has a dream of being the first to sail the seas in a ship of his own devising, propelled by energy from the waves. He's writing about it - and trying to raise money to make it happen, on his blog.
  • Honorable Seafaring Merchancy - a fine wee pirate page from Ellen Levy Finch. Worth a visit for the photo of the pirate pup alone!
  • Hoist Your Colors - Aims to inspire the world's "odd ducks" to stop saying "I can't do that - what would people think?" and be proud to be themselves. An attitude Team Pirate can endorse!
  • How to Talk Like A Pirate - complete with sound files and phrases - on How Pilgrim, by Kevin K..
  • The Brotherhood Of Neutral Pyrates, aka The Pyrates Union
  • Is It Talk Like A Pirate Day? - Bookmark this site if ye be calendar-impaired. (Available as an RSS feed!)
  • The Lady Sarah Out of Worthing - Cap'n Reg Miller's labor o' love, turnin' a common garden shed into an entirely uncommon pirate ship. It's amazing.
  • The Last American Pirate - Purported to be a scholarly tribute to one Edward Owens, this blog was later revealed as a hoax perpetrated by some George Mason University students with the encouragement of their teacher. Now, that's pirattitude!
  • Laughlin River Pirates - Seem to be a bunch of guys from around San Clemente, CA, who get t'gether every year for a whoppin' big bachelor party.
  • The League of Space Pirates - We're not quite sure what this is about, but the site is pretty slick - and they have a nifty Space Pirate Name Generator
  • Living Like A Pirate - Pirate "lifestyle" site
  • The Montana Pirate Association, a blog for landlocked pirates of the Intermountain West. Possibly defunct.
  • Ocular Melanoma Foundation - Dedicated to research and support for people with eye cancer; one of their founders is a TLAPD fan whose husband "rocks the eyepatch." Good cause, worthy of yer donations.
  • One Tough Pirate - HIV/AIDs educator Bob Bowers definitely qualifies!
  • Pauline's Pirates and Privateers - A blog by a descendant of "sailors, smugglers or out and out pirates," about things piratical.
  • They aren't exactly pirates, but the People of the Island Dream are kindred souls. A libertarian community with the credo: "Let's go live on an island!"
  • The Pirate Crew - "Harley ridin', bourbon swiggin', rum mixin', tattooed Pirates" from Scotland.
  • The Pirate Eye, "spearheading an effort to transform the Internet, where billions of lives are enriched on a daily basis, into a place where we can hang out and screw around."
  • PirateJokes.net - More than 1,000 pirate jokes. And yes, we've heard them all ...
  • The pirate keyboard - Yes, we've seen it. We love it. Don't send it to us.
  • The Pirate King - Rob Ossian (pronounced "Ocean") has an amazing trove o' nautical lore on his most excellent pirate-themed site.
  • The Pirate News - Cap'n Squid writes about all things piratical.
  • Pirate - Privateer - the adventures of a modern-day pirate born 250 years too late
  • Pirate Riddles For Sophisticates - from McSweeney's Internet Tendency, a most literate Web site
  • Pirat.Ru - A Russian-language pirate fan site!
  • Pirate Treasure - On-line pirate club packed with pirate information, trivia, phrases, jokes, songs and a list of famous scallywags.
  • Pirate University - Earn your degree in piracy!
  • Pirates Arcade Museum - celebrating the Disneyland icon of pirattitude, and featuring a tribute to Fortune Red, the mechanical fortune-telling pirate
  • The Pirates' Hideout - Pirate lore in a flash- and audio-loaded site.
  • The Pirate's Hold - Game and toy reviews and other pirate fun
  • Pirates of Common Ground - A discussion board for 'A fun bunch of pirates and wenches that also love the Mouse (as in Mickey).." (The forums are now private, but the archives are viewable)
  • Pirates of Whitsunday - Fans in Australia, so serious about Talk Like A Pirate Day that they're devoting a whole blog to it!
  • The Pirates' Realm - A new site with loads o' fine pirate content
  • PiratesRuleAll- a smatterin' o' pirate facts, songs an' other amusements
  • Pyrates of the Inland Sea -A Parrothead club out of Ludington, MI
  • Radio London Ltd - A tribute to the famed "pirate" radio station of the '60s, and much, much more. Check out their second annual "Sound of Music" pirate sea shanty!
  • Real Live Pirate - a community of people with pirattitude who post to the chat forums on the inestimable Real Live Preacher site.
  • Skull Time For Kids With Captain Jack - A wild parody of kiddie radio on KFJC, a college radio station in the south San Francisco Bay area: "A club where parents aren't invited and kids rule the wasteland. Stories, games, insight, tributes and knowledge; a treasure trove of fun. Listen as partner in high seas crime, Captain Jack, takes you on an hour long adventure and return you safe and sound. Normality need not apply."
  • The Suburban Pirate - podcasts about the life of the middle class, with a piratical attitude
  • Tavern Annie's Pirate Page (featuring pictures o' none other than Cap'n Slappy
  • When We Were Pirates - Documentary film about two Norwegians and two americans that go to Bangladesh and build a traditional Bangladeshi sailboat to sail over 7,000 miles to Australia.
  • Ye Pirates of Porthcawl - A "gentlemen's club" in Porthcawl, England, established in 1928!
  • The Pyrates Way - Pirate-themed webzine, plus lots o' booty to buy.

Pirates of the Caribbean sites

Translators, name generators & quizzes


  • Here be our own English-to-pirate translators
  • Post Like A Pirate - A translator that converts your e-mail or Twitter message to pirate-ese.
  • FaceBook pirate translation: Log in to your facebook page, scroll to the bottom until you see "English" (or the language of your choice). Click on the link and choose "English - Pirate" from the menu to convert your FB page to pirate. Note: This is what you'll see, not what your friends will see. If you want the latter, use:
  • FaceBook Pirate updater from Alex Barnett - post yer status in pirate-talk!
  • ENSO translation software includes an English to pirate translator! Check out the beta.
  • A flash-animated translator that lets ye send yer piratical messages to yer friends
  • Pirate translator capable of translating anything from a few words up to an entire Web page.
  • Users of the WordPress blogging tool can pick up a text-to-pirate filter from Dougal Campbell's Geek Ramblings blog.
  • The Regency Pirate Translator, part of a site promoting Erica Ridley's "Too Sinful To Deny" Regency romance novel.
  • Sheer piratical geekery: David Cantrell has written a multilingual Piratical Insult Generator just for TLAPD. You've got to know Perl to use it, but it's pretty darned cool.
  • Pirate Quote Generator (Including yet another pirate name generator)
  • NEW: Another Pirate Quote Generator from Cap'n Matt in the UK.
  • Speak Pirate - A better-than-average pirate translator
  • Translate-Pirate.com - Renders entire Web pages in Pirate-talk.
  • We're told that th' folks who live in Bristol, England have a leg up on talkin' like a pirate, as that's the way they talks all th' time. Or so says Cap'n Pumper, who points us t' this "Bristle" Dictionary.
  • More iPhone aps:
      • Pirate Talk not only adds pirattitude to yer daily communications but also speaks what you type - in pirate talk!
      • The AyePhone, another iPhone ap promising "Now Every Day Can Be Talk Like A Pirate Day
      • The iPatch,an ap to turn all your cellcam subjects into Pirates.
      • Salem Pirates - Developing pirate-themed iPhone applications, for sale on iTunes.

Pirate Performers

We recommend:

More pirate acts (or acts with significant pirate content):

  • 123 Pirate - Two-man pirate band; their MySpace page includes songs and videos.
  • Alestorm - Scottish metal pirate band
  • American Wake - Irish-inspired Southern California rock band with a new pirate-themed CD, "Tell No Tales"
  • The Ancient Mariners fife, drum and chanteymen, outa Connecticut.
  • The Arrogant Worms - their song "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" lands them on our list, even though they're not primarily piratical
  • Avast Reee - Pirate band whose MySpace page includes the memorable "What Shall We Do With the Dirty Emo"...
  • The Banished Privateers is a band, a crew an’ a soup kitchen who think that gettin’ new interesting bruises, mixin’ the perfect tar “perfume” an’ getting’ the audience to vocally overpower them is at least as important as hittin’ the right notes. The band plays "original songs inspired by traditional sea shanties, bastardized irish folk, old scandinavian ballads, plays and court protocols of the pirate era and puttin’ it into a cracked and homemade 17th century punk mold."
  • Barnacle - A Rhode Island based band that sings chanteys, plays Celtic, forecastle songs, music from many ports around the world, featuring sailor/pirate Tim Reilly (Bones), a rigger and now interpreter at the Mystic Seaport.
  • The Ben Gunn Society - "A music project dedicated to folk-rock, pirates and cheese"
  • The Bilge Pumps - a pirate music/comedy act from Texas
  • Billy Bones (aka David Engle) roves the country with his Pirate School - "a madcap, slapdash sea-faring vaudeville"designed to entertain, enlighten and educate school children about topics ranging from cooperation to water conservation and nutrition.
  • Blackbeard, the Musical - a new musical by Rob Gardner
  • The Blaggards - They bill themselves as "stout Irish rock," but their rendition of "What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor" shows true pirattitude
  • Bounding Main - Singing sea shanties and songs of the sea from Door County, Wisconsin to Joliet, Ill.
  • Brigada Pirata - An Italian pirate band!
  • The Brigands - Cap'n Robert Thighbiter, lead vocals, fiddle, acoustic guitar and concertina; First Mate Bloody Billy Marley, voclas, electric tea-chest bass and acoustic bass fiddle; and Crewman Butch Cannon, vocals, drums and percussion and mandola.
  • Brine and Bastards - Punk rock and pirate swagger.
  • Captain Cutlass and the Storm Crows - A side project of the band Spastronaut, playing all pirate music.
  • Captain Dribblesnot and the Pirates of the Green Bogie, a UK children's party performer who bills his act as "The funniest Pirate Show you will ever see"
  • "Captain Jack Sparrow" - Andrew Madonald bills himself as the UK's top Johnny Depp tribute performer, available for hire. Check out his new-for-2014 YouTube video!
  • Captain Jack's Quest - Piracy, politics and other topical tunes...
  • Captain Jim is Magic - A real peg-legged pirate who offers entertainment and inspiration for people of all ages
  • Captain Ross: Pirate Songs for the 31st Century
  • The Corsairs (Alas, we're told that this great group has packed it in after 13 years. Their site remains up, however.)
  • The Crimson Pirates - a New York song-and-hijinks group. Follow their "music" link for mp3s of popular pirate tunes!
  • Cutthroat Shamrock - Myspace page for a "hillbilly pirate" band.
  • Dan Crow - Songs and comedy for kids and their kin, from a rapscallion whose birthday is Sept. 19!
  • Dead Men's Tales - A Danish pirate-rock band
  • Die Streuner, a German band that's just *full* of pirattitude, on YouTube.
  • Drew Man - An orchestral composer whose works "Calico Jack" and "Pirates Cove," available for free download, are part of a larger pirate suite-in the making.
  • East Town Pirates - Voodoo pirate rock and roll!
  • The Fried Pirates - Original and traditional tunes from a trio out of Norfolk, UK
  • Flogging Molly - An Irish-American folk-punk band with swagger.
  • The Good Ship - Terrific Australian pirate-folk band that draws inspiration from the likes of Nick Cave, the Decemberists and The Pogues.
  • Great Big Sea - Terrific Newfoundland-based band that fuses traditional music with a modern sensibility
  • Hogeye Navvy - an acoustic, shanty-singing band whose repertoire expands to include the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, England, and North America.
  • Jahmbi - Heavy-metal band with a pirate bent (MySpace page)
  • The Jolly Rogers - a pirate-theme music and improv group from the the land-locked Midwest.
  • The Jolly Rogues of Tewksbury, Mass.
  • Jollyship the Whiz-bang - Pyrate puppet rock-opera consortium. A band ... and then some.
  • Kapteeni Dan - a Finnish pirate performer specializing in children's shows.
  • Lady Unluck - All-grrrl New York punk band whose most-requested hit is called "Pirates' Life".
  • Lambchop - Not a pirate band at all, but this 5-17-member Nashville group has recorded a new song, "National Talk Like A Pirate Day," so they're OK by us.
  • Lakeside injects pirattitude into their funky, retro R&B with Fantastic Voyage.
  • Loren Davidson - Billing himself as an escape artist and tropical troubador. Check out his Pirate Vacation song on YouTube.
  • Madge Conacher - Scots singer-songwriter whose repertoire includes "sea-shanties and sea-faring songs recounting old sea legends, myths, stories and 'warnings'"
  • Make It Better Later - MySpace page for an alternative/ska/punk band from Yorkshire who occasionally sing about pirates
  • Mary of the High Seas - a new musical about Mary Read, an 18th century woman who disguised herself as a man to go to sea as a pirate.
  • Michael Beans - "part musician, part showman, part sailor and pure entertain~arrr. He's made a life out of pirate lore, sailor's tales and songs of the islands..."
  • Michael Longcor - not a pirate, per se, but a fine filk/folk musician with a healthy pirattitude. Check out his CD, Boarding Party, which is chock full o' pirates!
  • Mind over Matter - Australian duo whose infectious "Be a Pirate" is our favorite pirate rap ever.
  • The Peerless Pirates - a UK band playing "energetic, up tempo, guitar-driven songs with lyrics inspired by the everyday tinged with splashes of history and naughtiness,"
  • The Pirate Comedy Show
  • The Pirates Charles
  • Pirates of the Coast - Pacific Northwest Faire performers
  • Pirates for Hire- Providing costumed pirates for events in South Florida
  • Pirate School - "a madcap, swashbuckling solo variety show created and performed by veteran New York physical comedian and actor David Engel; available for theaters, festivals, libraries, camps and private events nationwide."
  • Pirates From Dubai - Myspace page
  • Pirates Mutiny - "a unique blend of human circus and pantomime featuring world-class acrobats, dancers and specialty acts from around the world." Based on a show that's been wowing crowds in Spain for 22 years. Coming to Miami, Florida, in December 2006.
  • Pirish - A "stage and strolling act" providing costumed, in-character pirate entertainment for events and festivals
  • Potty the Pirate - Bills himself as "England's Leading Pirate Performer," and who are we to argue. Bright contemporary magic shows with puppets, balloons, and full of piratical adventures.
  • Pride of Bedlam, pirate performers who work the Texas Renassance Festival and other venues. Check their Facebook page.
  • Pyrates - Folk Done Pirate Style - until recently the UK's No. 1 Pirate Band, but now that they've moved to The Netherlands, they can claim the honor for Europe!
  • The Pyrates Royale - An East Coast of long standin', specializing in traditional music o' th'sea
  • The Reading Buccaneers drum and bugle corps
  • The Really Big Pirate Show is a new musical by Kellie Johnson and Michael Menger, currently in development with hopes of of getting backing for a Broadway production.
  • Renegade Rose - a band o' piratical Morris dancers (run away, run away!!!) from Portland, Ore.
  • Rhode Island Pirate Players - Performing Dead Men's Tales, a walking tour of Newport, RI's pirate past!
  • Running Wild, a popular German metal band with pirate personas
  • Rust Monster - "A little Blackbeard, a little technology, a little madness, and voila; a modern day slambangin' pirate fest."
  • The Salty Dogs - A maritime & pyrate band based out of the North East, Maryland area.
  • Salty Walt and the Rattlin' Ratlines - Maritime music from the San Francisco Bay area. Named "favorite sea chanty band" by the S.F. Chronicle.
  • Satan Dance Party - A folk/blues/pirate/punk/party dance band
  • The Scurvy Knaves, a pirate ska band out of New York
  • Scuurvy, a pirate metal band from Brisbane, Australia
  • The Shadow Players - a professional stage combat troupe specializing in medieval, Rennaissance, science fiction - and pirate! - combat entertainment.
  • Spinnaker - "Deep sea blues and salty folk" out of Portland, Ore.
  • Terrible Tom Callinan , performing pirate songs and stories for all ages
  • There Be Pirates! - California's premiere pirate band, whose first album (Drink & the Devil) came out on TLAPD 2008, and their second, "Pirates in the Desert," on Sept. 19, 2009. Check out their YouTube channel!
  • Threepwood Pyrates Galley - An Italian acoustical band paying tribute to pirates, sea shanteys and Terry Pratchett
  • The Toucan Pirates - Sea-farin' lads of Seattle who play traditional Irish music on concertina, bouzouki, banjo, pennywhistle, and steel drums.
  • Vroudenspiel - A German pirate band
  • White Bay Freddie - A modern-day Caribbean Pirate who spends his time sailin' and divin' and playin' tunes, splitting his time between the islands and his home in Tennessee."

Pirate songs

By popular demand (praise be to google!), pirate tunes, traditional and not-so-traditional. Warnin': Pirates are a rough-hewn bunch, an' some o' these be on the R-rated side.

(Also: See our Songs page(s) for a bunch of fantastic TLAPD-specific songs by some of our fans, including the Official Talk Like A Pirate Day Song by Tom Smith)

People who (unlike us) take their piracy seriously

Re-enactors and other serious students of piracy

We recommend:

  • Mutiny - A terrific new e-zine, aimed at "the untapped adult pirate audience," from our pal Talderoy and the pirates o' Studio City. Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket are occasional contributors.
  • The Pyracy Pub - message board for pirate re-enactors
  • No Quarter Given - Pirate re-enactors' zine
  • Pirates - a new magazine aimed at the pirate re-enactor crowd

More serious pirates:

Real Pirates and their history

We recommend:

  • Pirates & Privateers, Cindy Vallar's terrific on-line review of pirates and maritime history. Ol' Chumbucket calls her "an enormously helpful resource."

More Real Pirates

Pirate books

We recommend:

Books for kids:

Books for teens and adults

Web books:

  • Ile de Torture - A participant-written on-line "novel" of the high seas. (Requires registration to read or post).
  • Raging Gail, the Tale of a Daring Pirate and the Crew that Sailed Under Her, by James Ryan. A serialized pirate story in blog format.
  • (And don't forget our own serial, The Ship's Log o' The Festering Boil!)

Other Pirate lit'rature:

Pirate Apps

for your iThingies and other mobile devices

  • Appigo Inc. has a Pirate Theme (skin) for ToDo in iPad. Download the theme via in-App Purchases by going into Todo for iPad Settings > Themes > More button.
  • aRgh, a free iPhone/iPod app that spits back yer words in pirate-talk.
  • Fat Cat Pirate Chat - Talk, text, and tweet like a pirate, with rapid-fire buccaneering broadsides, and snappy corsair comebacks. Just as importantly, the interface is based on the developers' work in assistive technology, so folks with communication disabilities can join in the fun! Also available on Google Play the Amazon Android store. New for 2013: Fat Cat Action, an app designed to get the action going.
  • An iPhone app, iArrrPirate, from RipTide Games, lets you transform anyone into a pirate.
  • iPatch, a simple app that lets you turn all your friends into pirates.
  • iTalkPirate - Translates whatever you say into pirate - and has FaceBook, Twitter and email integration to let you share the fun.
  • Penelope the Purple Pirate storybook app is sale on the iTunes store through Sept. 20 from $1.99/$2.99 HD to $.99 for both versions in support of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Polka Dots Publishing and storybook app developer PicPocket Books is offering ita educational iPad storybook app at a fraction o' the normal price in honor of The Day.
  • Pirate Fleet for Friends is an iPhone pirate gaming app from United Toys that's getting some good buzz.
  • Pirates with an Android phone can find Cap'n Black Mike's entire collection of 900+ pirate jokes from PirateJokes.com in the Android Market under 'Pirate Jokes', at http://www.piratejokes.net, or at Android Pit. And of course, the app features an ARR button, "cause sometimes you need yer phone to say ARR!"
  • Another Android app, Pirate Speak For Landlubbers, from Mage Technologies
  • Dropkick Apps has the Pirate Web Browser app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. This app translates the web's Landlubber's English into Pirate instantaneously with sometimes hilarious and other times disturbing results.
  • PixelsOfEight (best company name EVER) has just released Swivelgun, a pirate-themed shootup game for the Android, soon available for iOS.
  • Puzzle Pirates - an iPad/iPhone game for kids with secret hidden Pirate songs
  • uPirate - A new Android app, especially for Talk Like A Pirate Day, provides pirate captions for your camera-phone snaps.
  • Words With Pirates, a piratized version o' Scrabble® fer the iPad

Pirate Comics (Web and otherwise)

We recommend:

Year'round Pirate comics

Strips and panels celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day



2008 - First out o' the gate is OH-NO Comics, planning a full month of pirate panels, a new one every Monday in September..

  • Yarteries - a clever strip from the Perry Bible Fellowship Webcomic (not at all what you might imagine!)




2003 and 2004

Pirate arrrrt, video and animations

We recommend:

More art, videos & animations

Pirate Stuff for Kids

Lots of the links on this page, like the site as a whole, have a decidedly adult bent. Here are the kid-safe ones. See our Junior Pirates page for other piratical resources fer the young and those who teach them

We recommend:

  • How to Build a Cardboard Pirate Ship - Instructions for using cardboard refrigerator boxes to build a pirate ship big enough to play in! Team Pirate thinks this is pretty doggoned cool.

More great stuff for kids:

Pirate Fun & Games

On-line game sites in a pirate theme are proliferatin' to the point where they deserve their own category. If ye want to play pirate, check 'em out!

We recommend

  • Puzzle Pirates - on-line games community about, well, pirates
  • Sid Meiers' Pirates - Revival of a great game, for the PC and XBox
  • Tales of Monkey Island - If you remember the "Monkey Island" games with fondness, you'll love these new episodes from TellTale Games, developed by the same artists who worked on the Lucas Arts originals.

More pirate games

  • Adventure Quest - Popular on-line game site celebrates TLAPD every September by putting players aboard Captain Rhubarb's pirate ship and given' 'em a special Quiz Challenge. If ye win, a prize awaits. If ye lose, well, it's time to walk the plank, matey!!
  • Age of Booty - Award-winning action-strategy game for the X-Box, Playstation and PC
  • Animals Ahoy - A new iPhone and Android trading game - involving animal pirates. Launched in 2012 by indie game designer George Argy, and available on iTunes and Google Play.
  • Arrrrrr! - Sink your friends and boost some booty with 10 different downloadable multi-player pirate games from Mind Control Games.
  • Battlefield Pirates - on-line pirate-themed role-playing game
  • Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy - a single and multiplayer game where players strive to become the most infamous of all pirate captains. Due for release in September 2006, just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day!
  • Burnt is Clean - live pirate RPG events in the UK
  • Constant Sail - A real-time pirates-and-traders MMORPG
  • Death of a Pirate - live-action pirate-themed murder mystery/party game
  • Dogs of the Seas - a pirate MMPORG
  • EximGames has a new family pirate game application for the iPod and iPad. Check it out.
  • Gather yer mateys and stage yer own Pirate Murder Mystery, from Lucky Knight Murder Mysteries
  • Munchkin Booty - Another fine creation from Steve "Evil Stevie" Jackson.
  • Paddy Power, a UK gaming site, has a bunch of pirate-themed games, including the Chests of Plenty slot game, Captain's Treasure slot game and Pirates Game progressive jackpot game.
  • Pirate Doll-Maker - Drag and drop to create yer customized digital pirate doll
  • Pirate The World - on-line pirate adventure game. Win real prizes
  • Pirates - a free flash game from Crazy Monkey Games
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea - A splendid MMORPG of adventure on the high seas.
  • Pirate's Booty - a puzzle game
  • Play Crossbones - A swashbuckling pirate adventure game for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up
  • Quest Experiences - Pirate-themed parties and treasure hunts
  • Rule the Seas - Free online pirate-themed game where you can do just about whatever you want.
  • Scallywag Tag - a Cincinnati, Ohio lazer tag outfit with a pirate theme!
  • Sea Rats - " the most excitin' pirate board game this side o' the Ivory Coast."
  • Treasure Island, from Burleygames.com. Take on the role of a daring pirate captain, landing ships at secret anchorages on Treasure Island, before venturing inland in search of buried treasure. The double-sided board allows you to choose between a 45-minute or 90-minute playing time.
  • Voyage Century - Pirate-themed on-line RPG
  • World of Pirates, an on-line Pirate game based in Germany.
  • ZePirates.com - A free, French simulation game featuring pirate games, treasure hunts, battles, etc.

Pirate Festivals - a whole year o' pirate fun

(arranged chronologically, more or less, with the caveat that pirates don't hold much to calendars, and these things tend to change around a lot from year to year.)
See also: the Pirate Festivals list, a more comprehensive listing of pirate-themed festivals and events across the US

Pirate expeditions and experiences

  • The good ship Jolly Pirates, sailin' the treacherous charter seas off Aruba, and havin' way too much fun doin' it.
  • Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake - Join a merry band of pirates on our mighty ship Sea Gypsy for swashbuckling family outings, birthday parties, field trips, and exciting adventures.
  • PirateHaus Inn - A pirate-themed hostel in St. Augustine, Fla, the oldest city in the US.
  • Pirate's Dinner Adventures - " a dinner show attraction that puts you and your family right in the middle of all of the swashbuckling action." Orlando, Fla. and Buena Park, Calif. Tickets available from Orlando Fun Tickets.
  • The Pirates of Lough Neagh - Offering short cruises around Northern Ireland's Antrim Bay aboard two miniature pirate ships, the Black Pearl and Calypso, from Lough Shore Park. Every weekend, weather permitting.
  • Salty Sam's Pirate Cruise - out of Ft. Myers, Fla.
  • Looking for pirate fun beyond Talk Like A Pirate Day? Sydney Treasure Hunt arranges pirate-themed treasure hunts on land and sea, in and around Sydney, Australia. Visit their site and contact them for a price quote!

Pirate gear & garb

O'course, we hope ye'll take a look at our own Pirate Booty first, but if ye be in the market for more accoutrements for Talk Like A Pirate Day, try one o' these fine purveyors, offerin' everything from custom, hand-made, authentic reproductions to inexpensive, mass-market pirate Halloween costumes:

We recommend:

More gear & garb

Custom gear and authentic replicas

  • Arrow Gift Shop - Replica weapons, flags and other pirate gear.
  • Aurelia's Regalia - Period wear, including renaissance, medieval and fantasy costume pieces suitable for pirate garb.
  • Pirate posters from Barewalls - good assortment of your favorite pirate movie posters
  • Big Daddy's Gypsy Caravan - Great source for period-styled fabric and patterns for those who want to make their own pirate garb.
  • Brothersmith Swords - High quality replica weapons.
  • Clockwork Couture - Purveyors of fine clothing and accessories in the steampunk style (steampunk pirates FTW!)
  • Dragon's Cavern - Specializing in swords, both replica and fighting quality, including a growing selection of pirate swords.
  • Faireware/Designs by Kate - Renaissance and other period garb, including a good number of pirate-appropriate selections for those who want to assemble their garb piece-by-piece.
  • The Iron Hook - forged steel pirate hooks
  • Jamie's Pirate Jewelry
  • Lost Galleon - Hand-crafted jewelry from authentic shipwreck coins!
  • Michael Ellidge is an artist who makes well-crafted, non-firing replicas of historic cannon and their carriages.
  • Museum Replicas - Established weaponry and costume house (since the 1970s), they supplied props for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Quality stuff.
  • Pieces of Eight Costumes - Custom-made pirate garb by a veteran costumer who will also take special orders.
  • The Pirates' Lair - offers authentic restored antique 100 - 150 year old pirate chests, sea chests with a pirate theme and decor; and vintage nautical furniture from restored WWII Liberty Ship wooden hatch covers to U.S. Navy-issued nautical dinnerware and tableware.
  • Renaissance-Festivals.com - Sells a line of clothing suitable for pirate roleplay along with other renaissance and medieval garb - and includes a long list of RenFests across the US, many of which have pirate themes.
  • Silhouettes Clothing Co. - Top-of-the-line, historically authentic pirate clothing and accessories.
  • Tudor Dressing - Medieval armor and costuming, including pirate garb
  • The Very Merry Seamstress - Pirate and other historical garb, custom-made

T-shirts, novelties and gifts

  • Blackbead's Jewelry and Collectibles - T-shirts and other garb (sold via Zazzle.com)
  • California Sea Shell Co. - Pirate flags, stickers and gifts
  • The Chocolate Coins Store offers the familiar chocolate coins with a variety of foil cover designs - including one especially for Talk Like A Pirate Day! (Follow the "coins" link, select "pirates" from the dropdown category list and scroll down). Buy a gross of 'em for yer next party!
  • DivaGirl Parties - Party-planning, invitations and decor
  • Flapping Flags has a good selection of standard (and not so standard) pirate flags
  • Intimidation Clothing - Not precisely pirate garb, but this purveyor of mixed martial-arts gear has some great skull-and-crossbones-themed tshirts.
  • Little One Boutique has cute supplies for children's pirate parties.
  • Molly Roger - T-shirts, temporary tattoos and other gear for the contemporary female pirate
  • MV Creations offers a variety of piratical gifts and accessories from its eBay store.
  • Oriental Trading - Bargain-priced party and craft supplies, especially suitable for children's parties - enter "pirate" in the search box.
  • Peaceful Pirate - Pirate T-shirts with a nonviolent theme. We're fond o "All swagger, no dagger," ourselves.
  • Pink Cat Shop - plug "pirate" into their search box for pirate accessories with a punk/Goth twist/Japanime, including some nifty Jolly Roger medals
  • Pirate Corner - Canadian purveyors of pirate flags, toys, puppets and other fun things
  • Pirate Map Stationery - Fun treasure map stationery for all your pirate paper needs.
  • Piratemarrt.com - Pirate goods and party gear
  • Piratemerch.com - clothing and gifts
  • Pirate mugs in four designs on Printster, created especially for Talk Like A Pirate Day 2015
  • Pirate playing cards from ThinkGeek
  • Pirate Plunder - Pirate-themed art on CafePress items.
  • Pirates! Store is a small internet shop that sells maritime pirate themed merchandise, including mass-market costumes, T-shirts, flags, toys and books.
  • Pirates for Peace - Clever gear for the pacifist pirate
  • PiratesQuarters - A Zazzle shop featuring some great pirate t-shirt designs
  • Pirate's Yacht Club - T-shirts and other pirate-themed gear.
  • Plunderwear - Featuring pirate-themed t-shirts and ladies' underwear
  • Michele Palenik of Purple Cloud Studio is an artist "with a slight pirate thing." She creates jewelry for Odyssey Marine Entertainment from artifacts found on shipwrecks, as well as clever and artful pirate plates.
  • Privateer Practices & the Doggy Rogger - Pirate gear & garb for dogs and their humans.
  • Want to represent your small business, organization, or cause with some pirate-themed booty? Quality Logo Products offers branded booty, including custom pirate stress balls with options like treasure chest, parrot, or even a dreaded skeleton pirate.
  • Quicksilver's Pirate Pots - Ceramic pots, tankards and rum jugs in a piratical theme
  • Renplanet.com, featuring T-shirt designs for the Pirate and Renaissance communities. We particularly like the Pirate Food Pyramid.
  • Robin's Dockside Shop - nautical gifts (Note: audio plays on loading the page)

Mass-market gear & garb

If ye can't afford the best, or yer just lookin' for a quick costume for one-time use, there are loads of Web sites sellin' mass-produced costumes and accessories. Shop around and ye'll find some great deals.


We recommend

  • Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe/Studio City Tattoo - Pirate-themed ink in Los Angeles, great TLAPD party organizers and home of the 2008 PyrateCon Pirate of the Year. (Warning: Sound launches on opening page)
  • Davy Jones' Locker - More about science than pirates, but a fine piratical look at sea-floor mapping and coastl GIS. Tell Deepsea Dawn the Pirate Guys sent ye!
  • The Marie Curie Cancer Care - this fine UK charity has been using TLAPD almost since the beginning to raise funds to help cancer patients receive home care.
  • Pirate's Brew Coffee - Small-batch roasted specialty gourmet coffee, family owned & operated out o' Hampstead, N.C. The Webwench, who considers coffee second only to air among the necessities of life, says their dark-roasted Cargo Blend is "black as me heart, and twice as tasty."
  • Pirates@home is a test of the Berkeley Operating Infrastructure for Computer Networking (BOINC), harnessing the power of a gazillion home computers to help with important experiments in computing, physics and other fields.
  • The REAL Pirates of Penzance - the Pirates rugby football team of Penzance & Newlyn, England.

More miscellany