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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 105, Sept. 14, 2012
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Five Days Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

In this issue:

This News is Sweet!

Krispy Kreme, that purveyor of deep-fried pastry perfection , is celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

According to a press release we received from the corporate office of glazed glory, if you go into "a participating Krispy Kreme location" on Sept, 19 and either wear an eye patch or talk like a pirate to the counter clerk – "Arr! I'll be havin' a crull-aaarrrr!" – they'll hand you a free glazed doughnut.

AND (this is the great part) if you enter the store dressed like a pirate, they'll give you a dozen glazed! (No weapons in the store, please. I know, it feels naked without a cutlass at your side, but it's worth it for a dozen doughnuts. So leave the weapons, real and replica, in the car please.)

Does anyone doubt where I'LL be the morning of Sept. 19? Oh, sure. I'll spend a fair amount of time home on the phone doing the usual slate of radio interviews. But I'll definitely take a break to get my dozen. In fact, our new home is only a mile from a Krispy Kreme. Talk about "Location, location, location!"

I've already called ahead, and yes, they're participating. That's the key, because apparently it's up to each store. So call the one nearest you to make sure.

The Map Just Got WAY Cooler!

By now you should be familiar with the map of piratey fun we post on the web site. Well, it just got MUCH cooler!

Credit goes to our friend Sean Hasselback, who transformed the standard GooglyMapThing into a wonder o' pirate beauty. Take a look at!

It's amazing. Not just the parchment look, and the red X marking the spot instead of the Google pin, and the skeletal hand replacing the cursor. It's got moving waves, flying birds, billowing sails! Wow!

Pin placements is as accurate as Google lets us make 'em, when we get an address. When we don't, the webwench slaps 'em somewhere in the general vicinity. We'd advise against usin' it too literally, as ye might wind up in somebody's back yarrrd. On th' bright side: It looks like Google will finally allow pins in the Antarctic, so we hope to hear from the crew down in McMurdo Sound again this year!

The Globe Is Ready to Party

Even with the holiday falling on a Wednesday, which gives you two weekends to celebrate along with the day itself, it's still not possible to take advantage of all the piratey good times.

Here's a sampling of events from all over the world, culled from our Calend-aarrr! You can find the complete list on our website,

  • In Tokyo, Captain Mattias and his crew are planning their annual event for the 16th. Japanese and foreign resident pirates alike take over the good ship Salvia-Maru for a few hours of all-you-can-drink raucous behavior. Last year they rallied about 180 pirates and this year they're aiming for more than 200! RSVP to their Facebook events page.
  • At the Jolly Roger Bar in Sisi, Crete, they're planning a repeat of last year's successful event. The staff will dress in pirate garb and everyone who orders their drinks like a pirate gets a free shot."
  • Romance, Vegas Style – Pirate Lizzie writes: "My fiancee (Captain Skunkbeard) and I are going to celebrate TLAPD this year by getting married on Talk Like a Pirate Day in at the Treasure Island's Song ship and we will be dressed in pirate clothes." They promise pictures.
  • Cap'n Robert Hilton in Bellville, Ontario, Canada, plans to celebrate at his new restaurant, Kelsey's, 170 N. Front Street in Belleville. Staff will be dressed in pirate garb and guests are encouraged to dress as pirates

And on another note, Australians have been among the most dedicated fans of International Talk Like A Pirate Day since the beginning. Each year on 19th September, people throughout Australia, Talk Like a Pirate Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the impact childhood cancer has on families while raising funds for a great cause. Participating pirate crews/events/teams can register at the NOVA-FM Website to take part in this critical fund-raising effort.

And that's just a smattering. News of events are coming in from all over the world. Make sure you find a place to celebrate!

Towards More Pungent Pirate Talk

Sure, you've been talking like a pirate for years, and been celebrating the holiday since it became a worldwide event 10 years ago. But not everyone is so lucky.

For those who need help getting "on beyond Aarrr!" here's the first of a series of pointers. Call it "Pirate Talk for Dummies."

If you find yourself stuck for a piratey response in an everyday situation, just tack the words "me hearty" onto the end of any sentence, and you'll be on your way to pirate palaver.

That's all for now, but you'll be hearin' from us again real soon. Because it's almost International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

– Ol' Chumbucket, ed.