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The Talk Like A Pirate Day Newsletter
Published when the fancy strikes
Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 11 June 14, 2004
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In this edition:



Coming to a port near you! The Pirate Guys will take to the road this
month for our first road trip!

Our San Francisco engagement is set for Sunday, June 27, at the pirate
store 826 Valencia. The store is part of a citywide school literacy
program. It promises to be a lot of fun, a couple of pirate bands,
"peg-leg races" and lots more stuff. It all begins at 7 p.m. It'll also be
the first time we get the chance to read from our new book, and we're
looking forward to the chance to share the inanity. Don't miss it.

Most unlikely - but it's true - Cap'n Slappy and yours truly, Ol'
Chumbucket, will be performing in Las Vegas on June 29. No, we're not the
latest incarnation of the Rat Pack, and we won't be in the lounge at
Caesar's Palace. We're performing pirate schtick as the evening
entertainment for a convention at the Venetian Resort Hotel on June 29.
We're adding the Official Lusty Pirate Wench, Mad Sally, to the act for
this event. We're also looking for other venues in Vegas to sell the book.

Then we're heading down to L.A. We don't have any appearances set, but
we're hoping to stop by some radio stations and bookstores to plug our
book. So maybe we'll see you there.

The last week of July we'll be in Seattle as guests of the SeaFair
Pirates. SeaFair is an annual tradition in Seattle and the Pirates are a
big part of the monthlong festivities that includes events and parades all
over the Puget Sound area. We'll be taking part in the Torchlight Parade
July 31 and basically just hanging with the pirates for most of the week,
taking part in their hi-jinks. The pirates are also helping set up a book
event in Seattle during the week. More on that as it develops.

Closer to home, we have appearances slated at Oregon State University in
Corvallis on July 14, and at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport
on August 21.

We are continuing to schedule events, and we'll keep you informed of our
calendar as soon as we know. We're definitely looking to set something up
in Los Angeles in late summer, and there's been some talk about doing
something in Miami, although that's still way up in the air, so much so
that I probably shouldn't even have mentioned it, but there ya go.

If you know anyplace that would be willing to have us, please contact us
through our Web site,



"Well Blow Me Down: The Guys' Guide to Talking Like a Pirate," by John "Ol'
Chumbucket" Baur and Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers, will be ready for sale
this summer. The official release date is July 27, with the event in
Seattle mentioned above. But we've got our own money tied up in this, so
as soon as we have copies, we're gonna start selling them.

The book has an introduction by Our Close Personal Friend, Pulitzer-Prize
winner Dave Barry, and cover art by professional artist Don Maitz, whose
work has appeared on the cover of books by such luminaries as Isaac
Asimov, Ray Bradbury, C. J. Cherryh, Raymond E. Feist, Stephen King, and
Janny Wurts. Don is also know as the creator of the character on the
Captain Morgan's Rum label.

And of course, there's all the nonsense written by Cap'n Slappy and
meself, including a chapter of examples from "Ask Cap'n Slappy," our
online advice column. So some of you may find your questions in print
along with the Cap'ns' answers.

The book has been called "drop-dead funny" (and not by our mothers) and it
will be available through our Web site and in some of the more select
stores (as in, the ones that would have us) around the country. But
definitely online at our site. And at only $10.95, the price is so
reasonable you'll want to buy several copies, maybe dozens for all your
friends. Right? Right??!?



Ye may remember that USS John Young, a destroyer that was decommissioned
on Sept. 19 and was in the "mothball" fleet at the Navy's base in
Bremerton, Wash., was named the official ship of International Talk Like a
Pirate Day last year. Ye may not, but it was, trust us on this.

Well Big John is no more. The ship was used as target practice and sent to
the Davey Jones locker by a sharp-eyed torpedoman of the United States
Navy in a training exercise. Our understanding is this happened somewhere
near Hawaii.

I suppose we can take some pride that the ship served her country to the
end by helping train up our service personnel.

The John Young is now the official reef of International Talk Like a irate
Day, somewhere out in the Pacific.



We've expanded our Web site's store, and are offering a much wider line of
products and designs than ever. Visit the site at
and check out the Dead Men T-shirt, or the line of "Kiss Me I'm A Pirate"
line for the ladies (designed by the Official Lusty Pirate Wench herself!)
We also have a dandy "I've Got Pirattitude" design that you'll just love.
We do. And you won't be alone because it's already selling well, and we're
still three months away from this year's Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Wait, did we say three months until Talk Like a Pirate Day? Wow! We must
be having fun, because time is sure flying! Start making your plans now,
because the day is fast approaching!

Ol' Chumbucket