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The Talk Like A Pirate Day Newsletter
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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 15 September 16, 2004
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In this issue:

It's Almost Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend!!

Avast, ye scurvy dogs and saucy wenches! The weekend we've been waiting for is upon us. After 12 months of waiting, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend!

Remember, the holiday falls on a Sunday this year, so those of us what can are celebratin' from Friday through Sunday! Talk like a pirate at work tomorrow, then retire to the local tavern for some fun. Saturday have yer big Talk Like a Pirate Day's Eve party. At midnight, it'll be the day itself!

One thing that's caught me and old Cap'n Slappy rather be surprise is the number of clergy who will be celebratin' with special pirate flourishes to their services and written to us about it. At least one, in upstate New York, is holding a special 3 p.m. pirate worship service. And of course, Red Robin, the official ship's chaplain of the Festering Boil, has his TLAPDay sermon posted on our site.

And then finish off the day with a little more celebratin'. Ah, it'll be interesting to see the productivity reports from businesses around the world after THIS weekend, I'll tell ya!

The Pirate Guys Lay Their Plans

Cap'n Slappy and meself have our plans laid for the big weekend, beginning today. After a couple of morning radio interviews, we'll be on our way up Interstate 5 to spend the afternoon with Island Joe's, at 538 Sixth St. S.W., near the Portland Transit Mall. We'll be there from noon to 4 p.m. (the lunch crowd to the start of Happy Hour) doin' some giveaways, signing and selling some books, and generally committing mayhem with the customers and the wait staff. ALSO: We plan to conduct a careful study to see if Island Joe's reputation for fine desserts is deserved.

Hope to see ya all there! Or as many as reasonably can make it to Portland, Oregon. You in New Zealand and Antarctica are excused!

Saturday we'll be holding our TLAPDay Eve party at Riley's Billiard Hall in beautiful downtown Albany, Oregon. The woman in charge has personally assured me that she has a large supply of Rogue Brewery's Dead Guy Ale on tap for the occasion. Ah, that's good stuff, Dead Guy.

Riley's is open to all ages. And there's no cover charge. No host bar.

Finally, on Sunday we'll be convening at the Oregon Trader Brew Pub. where we can't begin to describe all the fine beers Gene has on hand - although we would suggest caution with the Barleywine, it's powerful stuff. Delicious, but powerful. Sorry kids, that one is for 21 and older only.

Blogging your plans for the weekend

I haven't forgotten my pledge to put as many of yer plans in the Ship's Log (our blog) as possible. I'm just way behind. Literally, hundreds of you have written, and we've been doing a lot of interviews this week, and well, like I said, I'm behind. But I'll make one more valiant effort to get them all in there by Friday night, even if it means I have to stay home and drink my own beer. Kinda guy I am. Just sheer dedication.

Register to win a great January trip to Florida

Don't forget to visit our Web site. On the home page there's a link to a contest where the winner gets air fare to Florida for two, three days at a fine resort on the Gulf in St. Pete's Beach, and VIP passes to Tampa's Gasparilla Festival, a major pirate event! As near as I know (no one tells me anything) our site is the only place to go to register. It's a great package, and we're happy as can be to give our fans the chance to win it.

Sorry, but it's open to U.S. residents only. We didn't make the rules.

And speakin' of Florida, here's best wishes to all our friends in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and New Orleans and hope you all make it through these hurricanes with everything intact. Good luck, all of ya! We'll be raisin' a glass to salute you this weekend!

OCPFPPW Dave Barry on the road

Dave Barry, our close personal friend and winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the man to whom we owe everything, is on the road this week promoting his new book, "Peter and the Starcatchers," which he co-wrote with novelist Ridley Pearson. The book is a prequel to Peter Pan, explaining how Peter met Captain Hook, why he can fly, and lots more. And it's filled with piratical gibberish! You definitely want several copies! Oh, and several copies of our book, "Well Blow Me Down: A Guy's Guide to Talking Like a Pirate," available at our Web site, but I promised myself I wouldn't do that here.

Anyway, on Sunday, Sept. 19, yes, on Talk Like a Pirate Day ITSELF!!! Dave and Ridley Pearson will be in Seattle, Washington, for a 2 p.m. reading/signing at Third Place Books, 17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park (OK, that's not technically Seattle, is it, but I'm sure it's close). The store's phone number is 206-366-3320. And since it's TLAPDay and Dave is a piratical patron saint, we expect all in attendance will be in for a great time!

Then, at 5 p.m., they'll be at the Costco, 1175 North 205th St., Seattle. More fun and hilarity, and Costco usually has great samples all over the store.

So get out and see him if you can. And buy many copies of his book. And ours.

Dave and Ridley (who we don't know NEARLY as well as Dave, who we haven't technically met) will be in Portland, Or., at the famous Powell's Books (which for some reason doesn't carry our fine book, so if you go to see Dave, be sure to ask for ours at the counter. You won't have to buy it there, since they don't have it, but it might help create demand. Ya never know.) Anyway, Dave, (who I notice had no trouble getting HIS book at Powell's) will be there at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 24.

And that's all fer now, except to remind you to have a great TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY WEEKEND!!!!

-- Ol' Chumbucket