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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 25 or thereabouts August 19, 2005
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ONE MONTH Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

That's right – just one month until our favorite holiday of the year!!! Are you ready to swash yer buckle? To swagger like Henry Morgan and snarl like ol' Blackbeard hisself? To – in a word – Talk Like a Pirate????

It's not too late to put a little shiver in yer timbers to celebrate the day! At the bottom of this issue ye'll find a listing of a handful of events taking place to celebrate the day – and this is by no means a complete list of even what we've been sent. Literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of parties will be held all around the world on Sept. 19 (which is a Monday this year) or the weekend leading up to it.

But if you don't hear of anything happening in your neck of the Seven Seas, don't be afraid to raise your own fit of freebooter frivolity. There's nothing you can do at work or school that's more disruptively anarchic than talking like a pirate. Don't answer the office phone with "Hello. How may I direct your call?" Bellow into it, "Avast there, ya swabby!"

And, of course, it goes without saying that the very best way you can possibly prepare for International Talk Like a Pirate Day is to read "Pirattitude!," the book penned by Cap'n Slappy and meself. It comes out Sept. 6 and we think (hope and pray) it's pretty funny.

So with Sept. 19 approaching, make plans to celebrate with your friends, at home, work school or where ever the day finds you. And let us know your plans. We'll be broadcasting them to the world here in the Poopdeck and at our website

Pirate Guys in Maxim Magazine!

Check out the September issue of Maxim Magazine, page 92! Our new favorite "laddie mag" has given a two-hooks up rating on our newest book, Pirattitude! There is also an interview and a photo of our scurvy, bilge-rat infested mugs! There are some pictures of fine lasses inside the magazine, too, but this time you can really say you bought it for the article!

Sid Meier's "Pirates!" Rule the Seven Seas – And My TV

Wow! "Sid Meier's 'Pirates!'" is finally available for the X-Box, and it's everything the freebooter fan could want, and then some.

I am not much of a video gamer, as my kids will tell you. But every time I take a 10-minute break to play "Pirates!" I find myself, hours later, eyes fixed to the screen vowing, "Just one more ship and I'll get back to work." (Fortunately, because I'm writing this I can claim the game is work.)

The best feature of the game is that it's open ended. There is a story line you can follow if you want to, but you are pretty much free to sail the seas, plundering merchant ships, sacking towns and seducing governors' daughters as you choose. You can cut a swath across the Caribbean in any fashion you choose. I got good enough that the Spanish had a price on my head – 2,000 gold coins. The better you get, the higher level of difficulty you can play, reaping ever more treasure and making the evil Baron Raymundo pay – over and over again.

And that would be my quibble. It's not perfect. Even I found the duels a little simplistic – and I'm not much of a game player – and when you win there are only a limited number of scenarios that play. It gets old. (Although I love watching the guy's feet flailing about as he falls into the sea. Never get tired of that.) If even I find the game a little repetitive, the hardcore gamer must be fuming.

But that's really the only complaint. Once you've mastered the finer points of sailing (and that's not simple) the game is easy enough for beginners but rises to higher levels, just like Sid Meier's most famous game – the incomparable "Civilization" series. In "Pirates!" I made it to the Rogue level okay, but when I tried Adventurer, that was beyond my skills. Suddenly guys whose butts I routinely kicked were sending me flying out windows. And while capturing ships and sacking towns is the heart of the game and you can do that to your hearts content, there IS a backstory, and the serious competitor won't want to give up until he or she has rescued all the family members, found all the treasure and done in the ne'er do well villain.

Side note: You are constantly being compared to a list of Top 10 pirates, working your way up until you're number one. The paper instructions – which include shots of all the different screens – shows the Top 10 list and, at number nine, they list Slappy! Not in the game, but in the instructions. We've gotta take that as a compliment!

So, bottom line, Sid Meier's "Pirates!" – which is available for PC and XBox, is a terrific game, one that belongs in every buccaneer's sea chest!

Geeking – I mean – Speaking of Games

We got an e-mail from a fan named Serene with another bit of news of interest to the gaming community:

"Do your guys know that at, the Adventure Quest game, there's a secret talk-like-a-pirate-day level that says "Oh, is it September 19th already?"

No, we didn't know that. But we think that's pretty amazingly cool! If only we were good enough game players to ever find this secret level! I'm sure fans can dig up the secret level online.

Also online: "Paiku"

"The Blues" is an elite clan focused on haiku in the online game "Kingdom of Loathing" . In honor of ITLAP, The Blues will be holding "Haiku Like a Pirate Day" and will be awarding several nifty and valuable in-game prizes to those who come up with the funniest, most original, best pirate haikus. This contest is open to all newcomers and since the game is free, everyone in the world has a chance to join and "Haiku Like a Pirate!"

* Planning for ITLAPDay *

People have been sending us their plans for the holiday for months – literally. We got our first word of this year's pirate round back in February! Now that's planning ahead.

Here's a smattering of the events and activities coming up! (Listed in no particular order:)

1) Southern Oregon Coast – Artie "Three Fingers" Espinita and the Harley bilge monkeys in Coos Bay are planning a run and party to celebrate the day. On Sept. 18, the Coos Bay bikers will hold a run and party to celebrate. They've ordered up a pig to be roasted in the ground. Ride pins, bearing the skull and crossbones, are in hand for all who attend. Treasure maps are being penned with appropriate bounty to be found at select "x"s. At least 70 Harley riding pirates will be on hand. This will be a full day event starting at Highway 101 Harley-Davidson dealership at 10 a.m. and ending with the pig roast party beginning around 6 p.m. There will be live music, both Caribe and Country Western. Further information can be obtained by writing to Artie at

2) Virginia Beach, Va. – Cap'n Amanda "Peg-Leg" Williams and First Mate Olivia Rot Gut" Williams are planning a cruise aboard the Sea Gypsy, which sails out of the Long Bay Pointe Marine in Virginia Beach. Each day the ship takes trips to Blackbeard's hideout. Peg Leg writes: "As a faithful pirate m'self (who, by the way has been in the Navy for 18 years!), I thought this pirate cruise was a lot of fun-they even follow treasure maps, dress in pirate garb and have a water cannon battle at sea. THIS is how we plan to spend OUR international talk like a pirate day! (In case ye wish to investigate this treasure, it's at"

3) Richmond, Va. – At UM Cigar Distributors, the Rev Zack "The Kilted Pirate" Alderfer is planning a an event at his cigar shop, 7921-A West Broad Street, STE 115, Richmond Va.

4) Atlanta, Ga. – Our ol' pal Cap'n Drew is putting together a little pubcrawl just outside of Atlanta. The event is called "PiratePalooza" and will take place on Saturday, September 17th, presumably so participants can be sober by Monday, the actual date of Talk Like a Pirate Day this year, and spoutin' pirate talk at their places of business. Drew advises: "If you fly into Atlanta you can ride the MARTA train to Decatur and walk a block to the pubs and hotel, never touching the steering wheel of a car (for anyone who want to arrive rummed up and depart rummed up)." Further info at:

5) Canberra, Australia – The band Earthly Delights will hold a pirate's costumed ball on Saturday September 17, at St Johns Hall, Constitution Avenue, Reid, Canberra, Australia. Earthly Delights's Web site ( describes it as "one of Australia's most inventive and interactive folk-world-medieval music bands- and one with enormous cross generational appeal." They say of their planned pirates ball, "No finer ball could ye imagine and no absences accepted ... From 7:30pm there be band and dancin’ for all. Ye'll also be nashing ye jaws for the free grub at supper (bring a plate to share) and the sword fighting display from them fencers at that there ANU ... But be ye all warned! There’ll be officers, ladies and mincing dancing masters present, so no spitting or brawling, and the hostess wants all who dress for the occasion, be they pirate or gentry, in a supper break photo … so clean yer teeth and shine yer hooks. Its our night, me maties, so come prepared to pay: $15 full, $12 students & seniors, $10 a head for a crews of 10 or more booking on 62811098.

6) Oneida River, N.Y. – In upstate New York, the town of Clay holds its annual Christmas (Christmas? In September?) Parade of Boats, and since it was scheduled for Sept, 17 this year there will be a decidedly piratical flavor to the event. You can find out details by going to Events will include a wine tasting, casino night. barbecue and the parade of boats itself. So Yo Ho Ho Ho Ho, enjoy Christmas and International Talk Like a Pirate Day in one fell swoop (or swell foop, either way.)

7) Houston, Texas – Cap'n Long Don Silverstrings, who works for the space program and lives, as he says, ""just a doubloon's throw from Galveston where Cap'n Lafitte buried his pirate booty, now located under a tall building or a perpetually flooding housing development," plays in a traditional jazz band, and this year will spawn an ITLAP celebration at a local fish house. Oh, and we asked Long Don whether it would be possible to get someone on the space station to let out a "Arr!" or two on the 19th, thereby making it Interplanetary Talk Like a Pirate Day, but he said he doubted it. NASA has lost its wild and wooly edge, and the right stuff is no longer as prized as it was. Bummer.

8) Arnold, Md. – On Saturday, Sept 17, the Ferry Point Marina and Yachtyard will hold its annual Slipholder's Party. Because of the nearness to ITLAPDay, this year's theme is "Pirates on the Magothy." There will be a treasure hunt, with Pirate ships raiding the booty and stealing the wenches; the band that's playing is all dressing up in their pirate finest; and there'll be "pin the eyepatch on the pirate" for the kiddies. The marina is at 700 Mill Creek Road, Arnold, MD 21012.

9) Montevideo, Uruguay - Perdidos En El Eter (Lost In Ether) is a radio show from Montevideo, Uruguay, about comics, roleplaying, scifi and other related subjects, and of course, pirates! The South American radio show, will have their second yearly celebration, dedicating an entire show to pirates, this time on September 15, the Thursday before ITLAPD.

The show will feature a review of the Monkey Island computer games series, a segment about the roleplaying game Seventh Sea, and a brief catalogue of real-life famous pirates. Producer MaGnUs says, "During the show we'll be drinking some beer, and after the show, we'll most likely play Seventh Sea, whilst completely drunk." You can catch the broadcast online as well at:, but be warned: the show's in Spanish.

The next time ye hear from me I'll have details of our book release party, September 6th in Seattle! Yer all invited, of course!

-- Ol' Chumbucket, ed.