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The Talk Like A Pirate Day Newsletter
Published when the fancy strikes
Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 26 or thereabouts - Sept. 2, 2005
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Sent periodically to 1,217 of the jolliest tars ever to pillage the Spanish Main

In this issue:

Book Release Party Tuesday in Seattle!

Yes, we're excited! Our new book, Pirattitude! is being released by Penguin in just four days! And we hope as many of you as possible will be on hand to celebrate.

We'll be at Pier 57 on Seattle's waterfront to party from 6:30 to 11 p.m. Admission is free. Food and drink will be available from the Fisherman's Restaurant, which is on the pier. Popular local band Shelly and the Curves will perform beginning at 7:30. And the Pirates Plunder gift shop, also on Pier 57, will be selling the book, buttons and shirts commemorating the occasion, and we'll be signing books as long as anyone wants 'em signed.

All of Team Pirate (as we sometimes call ourselves) will be there. Cap'n Slappy and meself, plus the Official Lusty Pirate Wench and Jezebel the Web Wench. We hope you can be there too.

This whole party is happening because of our good friends, the Seattle Seafair Pirates, and especially Keelhaul Jensen, who pulled this all together and made it happen. We had called Keelhaul in July to ask where might be a good venue for an event. The next thing we knew he had taken over planning, made it a much bigger deal than we had ever imagined, and poured a lot of effort (and no small amount of our doubloons) into the party on our behalf. We can't thank him enough, although we're certainly going to try. And thanks to all the Seafair Pirates – Madmen with Swords! – who have made us feel so welcome in the Northwest's Emerald City.

Admission, as I said, is free; however, contributions of nonperishable food items and new toys to the Seafair Pirates' annual food and toy drive, the Holiday Treasure Chest, are strongly encouraged. For more information, contact 206-365-1590, or

Early Reviews Have Left Us Stunned

We never, in our wildest imagination, even let ourselves think about getting reviewed by the New York Times. I mean, that's for books of serious literary merit written by important authors. We will never be accused of either of those things. Yet, on Friday August 26, there was the New York Times, giving us three approving paragraphs in the midst of a long essay on a half dozen or so pirate-themed books released recently.

For the record, the Times noted the serious nature of several of these fine tomes, then said, "All the color missing from {another book} can be found in "Pirattitude!," a helpful guide for those who wish to adopt the pirate lifestyle. ... Slappy and Chumbucket may be on to something here, another clue to the perennial appeal of the pirate. Unlike the tight-lipped tough guys and monosyllabic cowboys who let their guns do the talking, pirates, once they get past arrr, exploit the resources of the English language. Even their parrots have colorful vocabularies." It also called our book "a nonstop yuckfest." We'll take that as a compliment, since it's all we ever intended to be.

So our friend, Dr. Leff, sent me a copy of the Times article. I sat there at my computer, staring at the screen in disbelief. I felt like I had been whacked in the head with a gold brick. I hadn't expected it, hadn't seen it coming. I was stunned but, hey! Gold Brick!

We'll Be on the Road

After the book release party in Seattle, we'll be traveling a lot to support sales. Our schedule so far includes

  • Sept. 7: Downtown Portland, Oregon, Borders, reading/signing
  • Sept. 8: Riley's Billiard Room in Albany, Oregon party/signing
  • Sept. 14: Eugene, Oregon, Borders, reading/signing
  • Sept. 15: Grass Roots Books in Corvallis, Oregon reading/signing

We've also got a ton of radio interviews already slated just because International Talk Like a Pirate Day is here. Keep an eye on the Web site at to follow our schedule and see if we'll be near you anytime soon.

One Final Request

Cap'n Slappy and I have one final request of ye before I sign off for now. No, it's not the one ye think. We thank you for all the support ye've already given us and it's churlish of us to ask for more, but here it is.

When ye celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day in a couple of weeks, take a minute for a little reverse-piracy. Pass the hat among your party guests or at the tavern or wherever you are and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

What happened down there in the gulf was beyond terrible, it was apocalyptic. In the face of that, we all feel just helpless. And I'm sure all of ye have already done something to help. And it might feel like, gosh the need is so great and what I can do is so little. But ye know, there's an awful lot of us, and if we ALL do what little we can, that adds up to something pretty big. Maybe even enough.

Keep spreadin' the word, and the word is "Aarrr!"

-- Ol' Chumbucket, ed.