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The Talk Like A Pirate Day Newsletter
Published when the fancy strikes
Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 27 - Sept. 12, 2005
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Mailed to 1,291 of the savviest sailors on the sea

Pass this along (forward) to your friends so you and your crew can share the fun on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which comes every Sept. 19.

ONE WEEK Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Are ye ready to swash yer buckles! Shiver yer timbers? Hoist the mans'l and splice the mainbrace? All at once?

Good, because that grand and glorious holiday, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, is almost here! One week to go until Sept. 19! Some of ye will be startin' even earlier than that! We've had no end of messages tellin' us of plans to start celebratin' on Saturday, Sept. 17. Here's the latest list. Maybe there's a party in yer neck of the woods! If not, put one together yerself!

Here's a few hints to pass on to yer friends:

* Aaarr! – Intersperse it into your conversation to add a patina of pirattitude! But remember – A little Aarrr! goes a long way.

* Me hearties – When all else fails, throw "me hearties" into any conversation. "Fill it with unleaded, me hearties!" "The doctor will see you now, me hearties!" "I'll have a pepperoni pizza with anchovies, me hearties!" See? You sound just like a freebooter fillin' his tank, or visitin' the doctor or whatever!

* At work – Don't answer the phone, "Hello? This is marketing ...." or whatever department ye work in. Scrunch up yer face and bellow into the blower, "Ahoy ye scurvy dog! How can I scuttle ye today!"

* At school – yer teacher is cap'n, yer principal is Admiral Wobblebottom, the class is yer crew and lunch is prepared in the galley.

* At parties and buccaneer bashes all weekend long – Make yer entrance to the cry, "Boarders away!" and make sure that any lubbers there know exactly who has the pirattitude and who doesn't.

* Where ever you are – Start the day by sending everyone you know a hearty "Aarrr!" in their e-mail or by phone. Ye'll feel better for it.

Don't forget to visit our Web site to get ready for the day. To find bands that play piratey music, go to our links – For advice, don't miss Ask Cap'n Slappy, the only advice columnist who is also a drunken pirate

And of course, it goes without saying (but Cap'n Slappy'll have me flogged if I don't say it) ye really ought to pick up a copy of our book, "Pirattitude!" for lots of help both plannin' yer party and generally gaining a sense of pirattitude for all year 'round. Just go to our site, click the link to Amazon and order it, or visit yer local bookstore and demand that they carry it. Yer a pirate, don't be afraid to show it.

-- Ol' Chumbucket, ed.