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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 28 - Sept. 19, 2005
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Mailed to 1,457 salty dogs and saucy wenches

It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

In this issue

A special message from Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy

I've left special holiday greets for you at

This is a Web site messanger created by some very funny Brits at who set this messenger up specially for our favorite holiday. Send the link on to your friends (if you have any) and use the pirate pants messenger to send your own holiday greetings as well.

Celebrate the Most Swaggering Holiday Ever – And Send Us the Pix!

It started Thursday, actually. We started getting pictures of Talk Like a Pirate Day parties rather before the official holiday – Brisbane, Australia, was first – and that's fine with us. Whether you held yer party already, are planning one for tonight, or started partying Friday and are going through midnight tonight, have a great, lusty, scurvy and FUN Talk Like a Pirate Day!! And be sure to take a few pictures and send 'em in – one per party please. Even with the new photo Flickr site, we have a finite amount of space in the Web Wench's inbox to handle the load.

Reports will be here as the they come in:

Photos are welcomed, too, and going straight to our Flickr gallery:

Jezebel warns that multiple-photo contributions will be dumped in the drink, and I think she's serious. Really.

We will be working today – and I mean pirate business. We have interviews scheduled all day today, from coast to coast. You can check our schedule at We'll also be appearing on KATU's morning show, AM NW in the Portland area, and we're doing some local appearances. We finally get to stop working and start partying at 7 p.m., when we're retiring to Riley's Billiard Room in beautiful downtown Albany Oregon to raise a few glasses of Dead Guy Ale with our friends. And we'll be raising a few in yer honor as well.

And we'd like you to do a little work too. If your favorite radio station seems unaware of the holiday, call 'em up and let 'em know they're supposed to talk like a pirate. If the blogs you read regularly aren't piratin' up today, make sure you tell 'em by adding yer "Aarrr!" Keep spreadin' the word!

The Poopdeck Prize Patrol Pitch Off

As promised, people subscribed to the Poopdeck as of midnight Sept. 19 will be eligible to win "fabulous" prizes. We were going to do the drawing tonight, but the bar with the dart boards is closed on Mondays, and that's how we're picking the winners. Throwing darts at the subscription list. So we're doing that Tuesday night at the Oregon Trader Brew Pub, right around the corner from Cap'n Slappy's house. We'll notify the winners first, then let you all know how it turned out.

Special Note of Congratulations

Just wanted to say congratulations to Cap'n Bogg, of the pirate rock band Cap'n Bogg & Salty. Angus Bogg got married over the weekend – and we don't know if that's a good omen or a bad. We have to wonder if the bride knows what she's doing.

And thanks to all of ye (and of course, special thanks to Our Close Personal Friend, Pulitzer Prize-Winner Dave Barry. This started as a silly joke among a few friends. Hell, it's STILL a silly joke, but now it's shared by millions. It just goes to show you. We don't know what, but it must show somethin', right?

Enjoy the day, send messages, have fun.

-- Ol' Chumbucket, ed.