The Poopdeck

The Talk Like A Pirate Day Newsletter
Published when the fancy strikes
Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 29- Christmas, 2005
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Merry Christmas and happy holidays from our ship to yours!

I know I've been far too long since filin' me latest report. After this year's Talk Like Pirate celebration, we were just plain exhausted. Then we've been running around selling the book (and thanks to all of you, "Pirattitude!" went into its third printing in November! Great work!) and we've gotten involved in a new project that we're very excited about and hope to be able to tell you about soon. (Hint: We're doing a LOT of writing.)

Then for the last three or four weeks we've spent most of each day deleting spam as fast as it comes in. What's up with that? There's always been a lot of it (and when did selling fake designer watches suddenly become the big Internet industry? Whatever happened to porn?) but lately we've each been receiving hundreds a day! I'm sure you have too. It accumulates faster than seaweed on the keel of a schooner.

Anyway, that's my excuse for being so far behind in getting you the latest Poopdeck. So I'll try to make it worth the wait. I'll resume our regular schedule later this week, and thank ye kindly or yer patience. We'll be back soon with the winners of our contest and some cool Web sites to look at and other flotsam and jetsam.

In the meantime, the entire crew of the Festering Boil – Cap'n Slappy and meself, Mad Sally and Jezebel the Web Wench, along with Cementhands McCormack and Dogwatch Watts and Sawbones Burgess and Leftenant Keeling and Red Molly and Gabriel the Cabin Boy and Spencer the former cabin boy and Salty Jim and Two Patch and Saucy Jenny and all the others, even the bad guys, just wants to wish you the best of the season and the hope that you got everything you desired.

And, may we remind you, yer a pirate, so if you didn't GET all yer heart desired, go take it!!!

-- Ol' Chumbucket, ed.