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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 38 - March 26, 2007
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176 days until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

In this issue:

New Orleans

The excitement grows as PyrateCon, the grand gathering of freebooter folk in New Orleans, looms like a well-armed frigate hull-up on the horizon!

The list of swashbuckling speakers and piratical performers attending keeps growing. It's beginning to look like anybody who's anybody in the buccaneer world will be on hand – and Cap'n Slappy, Mad Sally and I are proud to be considered in such august company!

Check it out – The speakers list includes Cindy "The Pirate Lady" Vallar, Christine "Jamaica Rose" Lampe & Mike "Captain Michael MacLeod" Lampe of No Quarter Given Magazine, Robb "Captain Hurricane" Zaerr of Key West, Ken Niederbaumer, who did the makeup and special effects for the PotC movies, a couple of the PotC actors, plus many many filibuster luminaries. Add entertainment by the world famous Jolly Garogers, Beth Patterson, Scarlet the Harlot and many many more – you'll see why this is a pirate paradise you just don't want to miss.

Also expected to attend are our ol' pal Bilgemunky from, the folks from (the official Pirates of the Caribbean web site), photographer Tiger Lee of the "Hot Pirate Babes" calendar (we're told he's looking for models for his 2008 calendar!), and a contingent of our friends from the Seattle Seafair Pirates. It's a Who's Who of the Pirate World!!!

Meet us all down on the bayou come April 20-22. For details, find the PyrateCon link at our Web site.

South Carolina Update – Bad News

Sad to say, the Pirate Guys will not – repeat NOT – be in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, this September.

I announced in the last Poopdeck that we'd been hired to perform at a venue out there. We were excited, and wanted to get the word out. Well, after all the planning and negotiating, just before it was time to sign the contract, the owner of the venue decided, "Nah, not this year. Maybe next year." So the gig is off. Too bad, because it looked like it was going to be a whole lot of fun.

Well, that'll teach me. Never announce something – no matter how solid it sounds– until the paperwork is finished. This is not the first time this venue has approached us, pitched an idea, gotten us excited and then backed out at the last minute. So no matter how excited I get, from now on I'll only be announcing things that are absolutely, 100 percent engraved in stone.

Lesson learned.

Very Cool! Build a Pirate Ship!

Every pirate needs a ship, and Mr. McGroovy shows you how to make your own out of three refrigerator boxes. Now, that's a lot of refrigerators, but it's worth it!

We link to it from our "Stuff for Kids" section -
but c'mon! You adults know you want to build one too!

Mad Sally's Book Update

Just a word to let you know that Mad Sally finished her book and sent it to her very enthusiastic publisher. We don't have a release date yet – it's hard to say when the thin will come out but certainly not before late summer, maybe not until fall sometime.

But we have a title. Keep your eyes out for "Being True to the Wench in You: Mad Sally’s Guide to Piratical Empowerment." Coming to a bookstore near you.

-- Ol' Chumbucket, editor

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