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ISSUE NO. 42 - Sept. 5, 2007
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13 days until Talk Like a Pirate Day!

In this Issue:

Pirate Guys in L.A. On September 19!!

For the first time since Talk Like a Pirate Day burst into world prominence, Cap'n Slappy and I will be on the road for the holiday.

That's right! Get ready Los Angeles, because here come the Pirate Guys!

We'll be the guests of Studio City Tattoo/Ye Olde Tattoo Parlor, which will be holding its third annual Talk Like a Pirate Day Celebration. The event has grown from an in-store promotion, spreading like the plague throughout the neighboring business community. There will be music, food, bawdy and boisterous buccaneers, a plenitude of piratical paraphernalia to purchase, and a hellacious good deal on a skull and crossbones tattoo.

They expect people to start lining up before 11 a.m., and the event kicks off at noon. It'll last all day and into the evening, with plenty of freebooter fun for all!

You can find more information here. The shop's address is 11032 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604. You can call them at 818-769-4049.

Finally, because we'll be on the road, our media availability is likely to be limited. Any of you media types out there planning to interview the Pirate Guys should contact us sooner rather than later and we'll pre-record something for the day!

Pirates of the Great Salt Lake!

The best movie you've probably never heard of (YET!) is gong to be playing in several cities this Sept. 19 as the production crew rallies its army of supporters to get them a distribution deal.

"Pirates of the Great Salt Lake" is a hilarious story of a small crew of pirates with a problem – they live in Utah today, not the Caribbean a couple of hundred years ago. Cap'n Slappy saw it and immediately put it on his Top 5 All-Time Favorite Pirate Movies list!

Showings are scheduled at 7:30 p.m. at:
The Hollywood Theater in Portland OR
The Egyptian Theater in Boise ID
Broadway Centre Cinemas in Salt Lake City UT

There's also plans for a screening in Los Angeles and possibly some East Coast venues! We'll get you the details on that the minute we have them! Slappy and I are tentatively slated to be on hand for the opening of the L.A. screening.

So this year if you're in one of those cities on Sept. 19 – buckle on yer finest pirate gear and get down to the screening of "Pirates of the Great Salt Lake!"

To learn more about the movie and watch the very funny trailer, visit:

New Shirts, More Videos Online

Just a quick note that there are new T-shirt designs and new Pirate Guy Videos going online.

The T-shirts feature three of the most famous pirates of all time Black Bart, Blackbeard and Anne Bonny, and a catchy quote from each. Check 'em out by going to:

and clicking the link directly above the T-shirt.

The new videos include a public service announcement with a disturbing twist! Mad Sally has been up to her usual skullduggery in getting these to the public. And introducing – Cap'n Slappy's dog Buddy! Go to our main page:

and scroll down to the YouTube link:

More silly videos for YouTube are coming as the day draws nearer!

Keep Sending Yer TLAPDay Events!

Our "Calendaarrr!"is getting right full with all the events and parties and pillaging and plundering that yer doing this year. Good on ye! The holiday may fall on a Wednesday, but yer lettin' it slop over into both weekends and all week long and good for you!

Keep 'em coming! There's still two weeks until International Talk Like a Pirate Day. That's plenty of time for you to plan a raid on yer favorite establishment in full pirate regalia!

Fan Mail!!!

I don't usually do this, but that' mostly because we don't get a lot of these, and Slappy and I were so proud we decided to share it with ye.

We got a letter from someone who purchased our pirate adventure book, "The Diego Garcia Caper," and it wasn't Slappy's mother! That alone was great news. But here's what he said.

"Just wanted to say a big well done to you two on the "Diego Garcia Caper." I ordered this along with "The Sao Paulo Caper" to read on holiday and was a little apprehensive what to expect. I was delighted, reading "Diego Garcia" in about 4 days. I've never read a book that fast and couldn't put it down. The story was brilliant, absolutely hilarious, and also daft at times! ... Roll on September the 19th!"

For future reference, we've decided "I couldn't put it down" is the single very best compliment you can pay an author. I can't begin to tell you how good that felt. And "daft" was pretty cool, too.

"The Diego Garcia Caper" is available online through our Web site, along with "Pirattitude!," "The Sao Paolo Caper" and "The Li'l Pirate's ABSeas." (Pirattitude! is also available at any good bookstore. If they don't have it, they're not good.) Just visit our Web page at:

And two more "Caper" books will be up in time for Christmas! you don't want to miss that!

Portland Pirate Festival!

Cap'n Slappy and I also will be attending the second Portland Pirate Festival, slated for Sept. 22, 23 in Portland OR's Cathedral Park.

Last year the inaugural festival was so successful – attendance doubled the expectation – that the organizers are slating two days of fun for 2007.

We're slated to perform each day as well as signing books. There'll be beach battles, a Marauders Market, and plenty of other performers, including:

  • Cap'n Bogg & Salty – Our very favorite pirate rock band
  • BOOM (The Brotherhood of Oceanic Merchants)
  • Broadside Johnnie ... and lots more!

It's an event you don't want to miss! you can learn lots more about it by going to our links page:

and clicking the link to The Portland Pirate Festival!

Ol' Chumbucket's Book Club

Double yer pleasure – "Real Caribbean Pirates" and "Real Canadian Pirates"

These two volumes come from Folklore Publishing, a Canadian company. They're both pretty good, but if I had to pick just one, I'd take the Canadian volume, by Geordie Telfer.

Telfer has collected a group of pirate tales that were new to me – with one notable exception. He claims Black Bart Roberts as a Canadian because he spent a couple of months off Newfoundland. Roberts of course was Scots by birth and did most of his work in the Caribbean and off Africa. Still, the fact is he did spend a little time in Canadian waters, so Telfer stakes his claim.

But for the rest, this was mostly new stuff for me and I appreciate the chance to add to my store of pirate lore. Particularly intriguing was the story of Peter Easton, "The Pirate Admiral," who was unknown to me before opening Telfer's book. Quite a lot of the rest is War of 1812 privateering stories, all kind of interesting. Schools probably don't teach much abut that war any more, and less about the naval battles or the important role privateers played on both sides. All in all it's a pretty good read with a lot of information that'll be new to most.

On the other hand, Dan Asfar's "Real Caribbean Pirates" is mostly stuff any pirate fan probably knows backwards and forewords. Most of the usual suspects are here, with chapters on Henry Morgan, Francis Drake, Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Two lesser known but well-worth meeting pirates also discussed are Francois L'Ollonais and Edward Low.

The careers of all of these have been well-recorded elsewhere, most notably in Defoe's "A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates." The difference here is in the telling. Instead of treating them like biographies, Asfar tells the stories like good sea yarns, which is what they are. There is, of course, no way to know much of the thoughts and motivations or even most of the exact words recorded here. But they go with what we know of the action, and they make a good tale.

I would say if you're only planning to buy one of these books, the Canadian volume might be the better choice because there's so much new information. If you've already got the Defoe book, there's little in Asfar's that you don't already have. But if you're new to the world of pirate lore, "Real Caribbean Pirates" isn't a bad place to start. It'll whet yer appetite for more.

That's all I have room for now – Well, in reality, it was way more than I had room for, but that's never stopped me before! We're getting close to the holiday, there's a lot to tell ye, and we'll be back soon.

Make sure to tell yer friends (if you have any) to sign up for the Poopdeck!

It'll do 'em good!

-- Ol' Chumbucket, ed.

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