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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 44 - Sept. 17, 2007
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Two Days Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

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Two Very Cool Things!

This is about as cool as it gets! Two very huge piratey honors have come to us on the even of this year's International Talk Like a PIrate Day – celebrated this Wednesday. We wanted to share them with you – or else we wanted to brag about it, I won't deny that's possible!

First, Cap'n Slappy and I are about to become immortalized as characters in a video game! "Pirates of the Burning Seas" is a massively multi-player online role playing game that's about to be released to the world by Flying Labs Software and Sony Online Entertainment. It's in Beta right now, and it's extremely cool – so much so that we are designating it the official online pirate game of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

And the folks at Flying Labs got kind of caught up in the holiday and are adding two characters – Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket! They're basing the images on photos of us! This is the sort of thing you only dream about, and it's happening!

There's a big Talk Like a Pirate Day party for the game in Seattle on Wednesday. We'll let you know more details when we get them. Our friends the Seattle Seafair Pirates are going to be there, we're told. And Slappy and I have recorded a video wishing the game developers well and thankin' 'em for this great honor. you can see the game and sign up to play online by going to: and scrolling to the botton where we link to the game's site.

An even BIGGER honor – literally much bigger – has also been announced. According to the publication Time Out New York, the Empire State Building will fly a sail (or something like it) from its rigging this Wednesday to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate day! The ESB management routinely offers tributes to events and people – red, white and blue lighting for Bastille Day, for instance. So this would certainly fit that pattern. And all we can say is – we can't be prouder about the whole thing! Talk Like a Pirate Day has reached new heights!


Where's North Dakota! Where's Louisiana?

The Calendaaarrrr! of events marking Talk Like a Pirate Day is as full of piratey fun as a dockside dive when the fleet's in! We've now got 115 events listed from 12 different countries, 28 states and an unprecedented number of online evens. You can find something going on near you by checking out:

But that cant' be all, can it? Can there really be more TLAPDay events going on in Oklahoma than in Florida? Where's North Dakota? Can Utah and Montana possibly be more piratey than Louisiana? That just doesn't seem possible, does it?

We're not limiting here to big sponsored events. If you're going out with a few friends to hoist an ale and shout "Aarrr!" or wearing your pirate finery to work or planning to annoy yer teachers by calling them "Cap'n" all day – we want to know about it!

We're getting to the point in our schedule where I'll not be able to spend much time on line – traveling, interviews and events – so if you've got anything planned, let us know by sending the news to Jezebel the Web Wench at:

She'll get 'em posted as fast as she can. Just remember that she also has a real job that she has to do from time to time, so it won't be instantaneous.


We're very excited about the coming week and all the things going on. Don't miss out on the fun! This Wednesday – Talk Like a Pirate!

-- Ol' Chumbucket, ed.

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