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ISSUE NO. 5 September 1, 2003
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Yes, International Talk Like a Pirate Day is now only a little more than two weeks away.

We're putting the finishing touches on our schedule for the day, along with anything else anyone wants to list about their activities. We should have that up by Monday, Sept. 15. We also will be posting a schedule of when and where interviews will be appearing. Which brings us to:

What's up in S.F.?

We had a request from a pirate wench in the San Francisco area asking what events are scheduled there for Sept. 19. We're not in the Bay Area, so we don't know, and our friend there just moved away like two weeks ago. So our S.F. eyes and ears are gone. The writer wanted to know because her husband is a cameraman for the area's NBC affiliate and wants to photograph the pageantry and excitement that IS International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So if anyone knows anything going on, please send it in and we'll post it, post haste.



Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket can be heard this week on radio station WILL, 580 AM in Champaign-Urbana, Ill. The station is the NPR affiliate associated with the University of Illinois. The Pirate Guys were interviewed last week for the stations show Sidetracks, which is heard at 10 p.m. Central Time on the first Wednesday of every month. If you don't happen to be in downstate Illinois this Wednesday evening, you can go to the station's Web site and listen via streaming audio on Realplayer.

More interviews - mostly radio but some newspaper - have been scheduled. We'll let you know where and when.



Never underestimate the power of Dave Barry, as so many of you now know. He wrote two paragraphs, just two, and that's all that was needed as the Web site was inundated by readers. Subscriptions to the Poopdeck jumped 46 percent, Cap'n Slappy was buried under an avalanche of actual questions to answer. In every respect is was a huge day for the pirate guys and we are now confident that this Sept. 19 will see the biggest global use of pirate talk ever, and we owe it all to Dave, who we hereby name the official Godfather of TLAPD. (and his research staff, Judi, is henceforth the official Midwife of the day.)

And for those who are new to the Poopdeck, you might not understand the meaning of OCPFPPW Dave Barry. Last year about this time he wrote the first column about International Talk Like a Pirate Day and we started calling him, "Our close personal friend, Pulitzer Prizer-winner Dave Barry," although we haven't technically met him or anything. As far as we know, we've never been in the same zip code as him. But it is this Web site's firm rule that we kiss Dave Barry's ass whenever possible, because we wouldn't be where we are without him, wherever that is.



A special Poopdeck greeting to lucky number 100. Yes our 100th subscriber signed on last Friday (which made it easy to calculate the percentage increase, let me tell you.) He's Dan Nixon, and he wins ... This special greeting!



The Web Wench, Jezebel, has been busy busy, let me tell you. She's added several bells and whistles to the site ( to help you celebrate in style, including

* A translator. Select a phrase in English and it will give you the pirate translation.

* An expanded vocabulary list - look on the "How to Talk Like a Pirate Day" page, it gives you several nautical phrases, their real meaning (always with the understanding that we do almost no real research) and how to use them in your celebration of the holiday.

* We'll be posting a list of Top 10 pickup lines for Talk Like a Pirate Day, since the day falls on a Friday this year. We wrote the list in a brazen attempt to wangle our way aboard Dave Letterman's show, but it didn't work out, since the show is dark that week. So we thought, what the hell, we'll share 'em with you via our Web site.

* A countdown clock showing the exact number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until the event.

There are also special 2003 commemorative T-shirts for the day (by which I mean, we put the year on the back along with the phrase that has become our new motto: "I Have Pirattitude." It's a nice touch.



Get ready for the big Pai-Ku (that's pirate haiku to you, buddy) contest in the Oregononian. Its daily section, the Edge (best daily newspaper feature I'm aware of) will be holding a two week contest for the best pai-ku. If you don't receive the Oregonian because, for instance, you live on a different continent and daily delivery is too expensive, you can log onto the feature at You can enter by e-mail.

And get this - the prizes for the winning entries include a pair of "Well Blow Me Down" boxers and a Chumbucket lunch box from the Talk Like a Pirate Web site

So get your quills inked, your writing fingers warmed up, and prepare to dash off a haiku (three line poem, five syallbles in the first line, seven in the second, then five in the final line) about pirate life.

For example (and this is NOT a winning entry, it's just off the top of my head) -

The pirate was sad.
He couldn't tap dance at all.
He had a peg leg.

Well, you get the idea, anyway. So check out the Oregonian starting next week and write them pai-ku.

Ol' Chumbucket