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ISSUE NO. 50 or thereabouts- May 7, 2008
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132 Days Until International Talk Like A Pirate Day

In this issue:

Pirates Guys in the Globe

Pirate fanciers back east – especially those in Massachusetts, should check out this Sunday's Boston Globe. Reporter Joanna Weiss will have an article on how pirates were among the first democratic societies in the world. It mostly features a book on the subject by some smart guy from George Mason University, but Weiss was smart enough to also contact –

The Pirate Guys. Yes, we're in the interview, and I'll bet the reporter laughed a lot more when she talked to us than when she talked to Mr. Smarty Professor, who I'll bet wouldn't know a punchline from a powder monkey.

The article also might include an exclusive excerpt from our new book – "The Pirate Life: Unleashing Your Inner Buccaneer." Because as it happens, the book includes a whole chapter about how a pirate could run for president of the United States. Not win, of course, but definitely run. We sent her the excerpt and she was pretty excited – but you never know what some damn editor is likely to do.

So anyway, if you happen to see Sunday's Boston Globe, look for the story on Pirates and Democracy. And if you pick up an extra copy, maybe you could send one our way? They don't deliver it out here in Oregon.

[Just a quick note – an hour after I sent out issue 50 of The Poopdeck, the Boston Globe reporter wrote back saying: "The bad news is, my editor wanted to go more down the 'history-scholar' path on the piece, so while there's still a reference
to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the excerpt is out. Grr."

Bloody newspaper editors! Seduced by smart instead o' saucy!

On the positive side, she added, "The good news is, I'm hanging on to our conversation, because I think it would be fun to do something closer to Sept. 19 for another part of the paper. Too much good material to waste!"

The interview lasted about 45 minute, so she has a tolerable amount of stuff.

So the article might still be worth a read from a pirate history perspective, but no excerpts from the new book. But we'll see if we can't get a few in upcoming editions of The Poopdeck!]

Playtime for Pirates! It's Festival Season

It's vacation season! And that means there are pirate festivals and events popping up all over the calendar like so many bits o'beef in the steamy burgoo of summer! (Ooh, sorry for that.) Anyway, you can keep up on all the action by checking the festival section of our links page.

During upcoming issues of The Poopdeck we'll be reminding you of the impending events all over the country. Here's what we know is coming up in the next month (And if we don't mention yours, it's because you didn't tell us!)

  • • Charleston (SC) Harbor Fest May 16-18. Access to the festival grounds in the heart of Charleston’s historic waterfront is free, and some 50,000 people are expected to be on hand to enjoy tours of tall ships, a pirate camp, extreme wake boarding a lots more. This is one you don't ant to miss.
  • • Baycon 2008 - The San Francisco Bay area science fiction convention goes pirate! May 23-26 at the Hyatt regency in Santa Clara.
  • • The Blackbeard Festival in Hampton, Va. May 30 – June 1. This is one of the big events of the summer. Music, activities, pirate re-enactors and a major brawl (The Incident at the Bunch O' Grapes.) Who could ask for anything more?
  • • Port Washington, Wisconsin Pirate Festival - June 6-8. The highlight of this festival is, of course, that our ol' pal Bilgemunky will be on hand for all the fun. Activities include an invasion by pirates, a thieves marketplace, a Buccaneer Bash, fireworks, children's activities, demonstrations, educational exhibits, musicians, comedians, a parade, a pirate ship & much more.

You can get details by visiting our links page (I'll give you that link again)

June is even bigger, with events coming up from coast to coast – Long Island, N.Y. to Seattle! We'll bring you more information in our next Poopdeck!

(Please note that if we didn’t list your festival, it’s not because we don’t like you. We do. It’s just that you didn’t tell us about it. We’re not psychic, we’re pirates. Or maybe you did tell us and we lost the information. We’re not organized, we’re pirates.)

[The Webwench adds: To be listed on our links page, ye need a link to a Web page that actually works! I've been removin' cites to festivals that turn up a "file-not-found" error, so check yer Web site before ye write to us.]

Bus Pirates Finale!

Just a note to let you know our favorite funny freebooter film has posted it's finale online!

"Bus Pirates" is a six-part pirate adventure set on a city bus. Dan is running late for work and has to take the bus, and that's when the trouble start! Now the exciting and hilarious conclusion is finally ready to be revealed in episode 6, "The Robot's Kiss." Can Dan find the treasure, rescue his "robot" and defeat the insidious Redbeard? Don't miss the hair-raising conclusion! Visit to see the whole saga!

Until next time!

- Ol' Chumbucket


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