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The Talk Like A Pirate Day Newsletter
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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 6 September 12, 2003
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International Talk Like a Pirate Day is just one week away! Be ready to set yer sails for adventure when the sun breaks on the morning of Friday, Sept. 19.

Remember, it's all in the swagger and the growl. Get those down, and all the rest will follow.


Television's CNN is just one of the many venues where you'll be able to catch the Pirate Guys in the next week. Cap'n Slappy and yer editor, Ol' Chumbucket, have a full slate of radio appearances scheduled in the next week to make sure the word is flung far and wide. You can find it on the Web site to see if we'll be on at a place and time where you can listen in. The big one, so far, is a scheduled interview with CNN. We'll be taping it Tuesday for broadcast Wednesday and/or Thursday. Don't know of the actual airtime yet, so we'll keep you posted as we know.

But remember, ITALPD isn't really about us. We just happen to be the guys who took the idea way too far. It's about EVERYBODY having fun by all talking like pirates on the same day each year. So turn on the radio Friday, and if your DJ isn't talking like a pirate, YOU call him/her up and let him know about the glorious day and the chance he's missing for on-air fun.

And tell em Ol' Chumbucket sent you.


Have to call out thanks again to our close personal friend, Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry. Before we could even send this out today he had already linked back to our Web site from his blog, reminding people that the day is coming up in just one week. He also linked to a very funny piece of videotape of a bear being tranqued out of a tree, falling onto a trampoline, rebounding high into the air then falling to a stop on the lawn below, supposedly unhurt (although I suppose I'd like the bear's opinion on that last bit.)

Check it out at


The deadline is fast approaching for those who wish to submit a pi-ku in the contest sponsored by The Edge, a feature of The Oregonian newspaper. All entries must be submitted NO LATER than noon (Pacific Daylight Time) Monday, Sept. 15. AND REMEMBER - ALL ENTRIES MUST INCLUDE YOUR UNDERWEAR SIZE!!! That's very important.

A haiku is a form of poetry, three lines total. The first line contains five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five again. That's all there is to it. A pi-ku is a haiku about pirates. It's that simple.

First prize is a pair of official "Well Blow Me Down" boxer shorts from the Web site. Second prize is a CD by the Portland, Oregon, pirate performers, Cap'n Budd & Slaty (they're very funny.)

Entries can be submitted via e-mail, and unless you live close to The Oregonian's office and plan to hand-delvier it, e-mail and fax are your best bet. Submit entries to:

The Edge Pi-ku Contest
Fax: 503-294-7691
E-mail: theedge@


Keep in mind while makin' the pirate rounds next week that you need some citrus fruit to help ward off the dread scurvy. A gin and tonic, with its slice of lime, might be just the ticket.


Thanks to all of you who have leaped on the bandwagon (or whatever the nautical equivalent of that is) of this, to keep spreading the word about International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We've been contacted by lots of fun, great people all over the country and around the world - Germany, Seweden, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England and Ireland, and I've probably forgotten a few. This whole thing is just too fun to keep to yourself, so pass it on. A lot. To everyone.


This one is off topic, but I had to pass it on. I was at the bank this morning arguing with the teller (OK, maybe that's too strong, let's say I was explaining, emphatically, to the teller) when I noticed an advertising sign on the counter telling about an exciting new account.

The sign said: "Get FREE cool checks and no-fee travelers checks, all for one low monthly fee."

Must be some new use of the word free with which I am not familiar.

Get ready for next Friday, and as Cap'n Slappy says, "Have a lusty Talk Like a Pirate Day."

Ol' Chumbucket, ed.