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ISSUE NO. 61 or thereabouts- Dec. 14, 2008
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The Poopdeck

In this issue:

  • Holiday Greetings
  • Video
  • Pirate Books
  • Christmas goes B.O.O.M.

Yo Ho Ho Ho Ho!

The crew of Team Pirate – Cap'n Slappy, Mad Sally, Jezebel the Web Wench and meself, Ol' Chumbucket – wish you all a festive freebooter holiday season, with plenty o' pillagin' the ol' man in red (try slidin' down MY chimney, will ye?) and more than a few tankards of whatever holiday libation is yer favorite.

Just have a couple of holiday items to share.

"Pirate Plunderland" Video

Recently I (Ol' Chumbucket) did a book event at Undercover Books in Gallows Bay (great name, huh?) on St. Croix. It was *not* a good venue – crowded and disorganized – but I plunged ahead and sang a pirate Christmas Carol – "Pirate Plunderland." Mad Sally caught the whole thing on video and you can see it by going to our Web site and following the link (near the bottom of the page) to youtube. Or else go directly to:

And Merry Christmas to ye!


Classics of Pirate Literature Available

We've mentioned several times (okay, almost incessantly) that we have a new book out ("The Pirate Life: Unleashing our Inner Buccaneer") and several other books available at our Web site

But we're not the only game in town. Our friends at BiblioBazaar have assembled a library of classic pirate books, many of them long out of print, and put them in a special series commemorating International Talk Like a Pirate Day. They come complete with a special introduction by Cap'n Slappy and meself opining on the allure of the pirate life. They'd make a great gift for the pirate in your life - or for yerself. You can find them by going to our Web site at:

and scrolling down about two screens. The link is on the our site at:

B.O.O.M. for Christmas

Speaking of singin', our friends the B.O.O.M. Pirates have recorded a CD of pirate tunes, "Prepare to be Boarded!" Now, that be my very favorite pirate phrase. Also, I'm to hear they've included the holiday classic, "The Chanty of the Bells."

I haven't heard the CD, but I've seen them work at festivals and they can sing the mermaids off the rocks! They can not only carry a tune, they can bind it, stow it in the hold and transport it all the way to Tortuga! So I have confidence that this is a good 'un.

Cap'n Slappy, who HAS heard the CD, said of it, "Not only are these raucous rogues brimming with pirattitude - they're talented musicians to boot! This collection o' tunes blends the traditional with the extraditional ... and in this case, there's no need to fight extradition!"

You can purchase "Prepare to Be Boarded" by going to Note – that's NOT B.O.O.M.'s site, that's the place you can by the CD, although Margot is a member. To find B.O.O.M. on the Web follow the link from our site at:

(B.O.O.M., for the uininitiated, stands for Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries.)


And Don't Forget ...

It's not too late (though time is growing short) to order our books, T-shirts, mugs, stickers and plenty more to buy gifts for yer piratey friends from our CafePress store. Just go to:

And follow the link to "Get your pirate booty!" Ye'll find a whole slew of the best pirate merchandise on the Web, if we do say so ourselves.

Once again, Merry Christmas to all of you, and here's hoping you have a piratey year all of 2009!

Ol' Chumbucket


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