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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 66,I think- May 10, 2009
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The Poopdeck

131 Days Until Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Today's Inspirational Quote:
"Not all treasure is silver and gold.” - Captain Jack Sparrow

In this issue:

Slappy Gets All Twittery

Cap'n Slappy is now doing the Twitter thing that's so popular with the the young folks - and everyone else from sports writers to your grandmother.

Yes, Slappy is Twittering, sharing all the details of his exciting, piratey life. And notice what I said – Slappy's on Twitter. Not his "normal," real world persona, Mark. No. It's not Mark telling you "what am I doing?" How boring would that be? No, this is Cap'n Slappy. And he's Twittering as if it were the Golden Age of Piracy and he's cruising the Spanish Main on the lookout for treasure and adventure. And somehow he has a cell phone and/or computer on his ship.

He's on Twitter as "thecapnslappy." That's probably important information for those of you who Tweat, or Twitter, or are Twitterers or Twittiots or whatever the words is. Slappy is leaning towards "Twitternauts," as a tribute to Jason and the Argonauts. As you may guess, I (Ol' Chumbucket) haven't figured all that out yet. I just know that if you like the Twitter and love the pirate, especially Cap'n Slappy (and who doesn't, the big lug) you'll want to sign up to follow his adventures.

Ol' Chumbucket and Mad Sally on Sirius

And a quick note to listen for a live talk with Ol' Chumbucket (me) and Mad Sally Monday morning. We'll be on at 7 a.m. Eastern time on Sirius 108 XM 139, the "Me & Vinnie" show with Vinnie Politan. The interview will repeat at 10 a.m.

This is satellite radio, and you need to subscribe. But if you're interested, you can listen online and sign up for a free three-day trial. Just go to and they'll tell you how to do it.

Anyway, the two of us will be on and we hope you tune in one way or the other to catch the fun. It's part of the flood of media interest the Pirate Guys have had lately thanks to those crazy Somalis. The high point was a week ago when Cap'n Slappy himself was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

That's all for now. Thanks for helpin' spread the word – and the word is "Aarrrr!"

-- Ol' Chumbucket

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