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ISSUE NO. 69, Dude!* Aug. 19. 2009
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* Bonus points to whoever recognizes what movie that's from

One Month Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

In this issue:

Today's Inspirational Pirate Quote:

*Will Turner: In a fair fight, I'd kill you.
* Jack Sparrow: That's not much incentive for me
to fight fair, then, is it?

Awesome T-Shirt!

Just a reminder to pick up your Sea Wolf "Talk Like a Pirate Day" T-shirt at

The Postal Service just brought mine and I've gotta tell ya, it's awesome! Slappy got his a week ago and got to wear it to a wedding rehearsal last weekend. He said, "I freakin' LOVE my Sea Wolf TLAPDay shirt!"

And of course, there's plenty more fine pirate T-shirts and paraphernalia to choose from at our own site. Visit, and click the link to our Café Press shop. By popular demand (really, someone asked) we've returned the original, old-school, classic (well, six years) T-shirt design that was all the rage when we started the site. And there's plenty to choose from – the "Prepare to Be Boarded," the Pi-rate shirt, "I've Got Pirattitude!" the Blackbeard, "Semper Pi," and a whole lot more.

Cap'n Slappy in the Great White North!

Fairbanks, Alaska, is puttin' on it's finest to celebrate "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" this year, making it one of the hubs of the pirate universe, and they've got Cap'n Slappy to help them celebrate!

Slappy will be the guest of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks for a weekend of rollicking pirate fun. If you're in the vicinity of greater metropolitan Fairbanks (or you just like following Slappy around the country) you definitely want to be on hand.

Here in a general way (plans are still being settled) is what they have in mind for him

Friday, Sept. 18, Cap'n Slappy will do interviews with three of Fairbanks radio stations, following which he'll be taken on a tour of the UAF campus. That afternoon there will be a book signing at Gulliver's Books.

Saturday morning (and of course you remember that Saturday, Sept. 19, IS International Talk Like a Pirate Day) Slappy will be feted at a Pirate Breakfast hosted by the UAF Honors Program, then from 1 to 3 p.m. there'll be another book signing, this one at the Fairbanks Barnes & Noble. Then the main event, a stage show that will be aired on the public broadcasting station. This should include interviews, music, contests and prizes for the audience. Later on there'll probably be some drinkin' of pirate potables.

We want to thank the organizer, Cap'n Chuck, for getting a bug up his bilge and making all this happen. And, yes, Slappy will definitely bring along his Sea Wolf TLAPDay T-shirt.

Keep track of the Web site,, for details as they develop. And sign up for his tweets on Twitter, as Cap'n Slappy goes north to spread the word – and the word is "Aarrr!"

TLAPDay in the VI

It'll be "Home for the Holidays" for the Chumbucket Clan (meself, my bride Mad Sally, and our many, many children.) We have plans for a pirate party here on St. Croix at one or more of our favorite watering holes, and there are other things in the works, but we don't have the details yet. We'll have more to say on that as soon as we nail a few things down.

Mad Sally and I were invited to Fairbanks (thank ye kindly, Cap'n Chuck) but do you have any idea how long it takes to get from the Caribbean to the edge of Alaska? A long damn time, on at least four different airplanes! In the end we decided there was a reason we'd moved here, and we're happy to be Pirates of the Caribbean, representing the Pirate Guys in our natural home waters on International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Sept. 19 is almost here, so you'll be hearing from me a lot more, and soon, as plans pour in for everyone's favorite holiday – International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

-- Ol' Chumbucket, editor

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