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ISSUE NO. 84, September 12, 2010
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Seven Days Until Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Five Days Until the Start of Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend!

In this issue:

Events Around the Globe

It's just 6 days until Talk Like a Pirate Day (4 until the beginning of Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend) and events are being lined up all over the map.

Here's a smattering of what you'll find on our calend-Aarrr! of events.

  • In Ojai, Calif., The Gold Coast Pirate Faire returns for another swashbuckling weekend Sept. 18-19 at Lake Casitas. This is one of the biggest festivals in the country. You don't want to miss it.
  • Dieppe - Come to The Crystal Palace Amusement Park in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada, dressed like a pirate on the 19th and receive half off your one-day admission. Denver is playing host to Bretherncon, Denver's first-ever pirate convention, on Sept. 18.
  • Arlington Heights, Ill., will be the scene of a pirate-themed fundraiser to benefit the MS Society, featuring music, entertainment, grub, grog, raffle, games, scurvy pirate costume contest, photos, raffle 'n silent auction all to the whole family's likin'.

And so much more!

You can get details of these and scores of other events taking place all around the world at our Web site:

OUR plans

Cap'n Slappy will celebrate the holiday with our pirate pals in Portland. The Portland, OR., Pirate Festival is Sept. 18-19 and features B.O.O.M., Cap'n Bogg & Salty, food, fun and lots o'filibusterin'! (I think I just made up a word!) We just learned our old musical pal Blackhand Tug plans to be there too! Plus Cap'n Slappy! You don't want to miss it if you're in the Pacific Northwest.

I and Mad Sally will be at Cane Bay on the northside of St. Croix again this year. The party is sponsored by Cap'n Mike (also known as Cap'n Killy for non-obvious reasons) on Saturday and goes until dawn on Talk Like a Pirate Day. We'll be throwin' knives and flamin' axes -- plus throwing down lots of rum. If you're on island, c'mon by!

The Official Birthday Boy of TLAPDay 2010

Harold the Horrible is our Official Talk Like A Pirate Day Birthday Boy. Get this – Harold the Horrible, was born on 09-19-1919! Which means this year he'll be 91 on 9-19. That's just too cool!

Happy birthday Harold!

Don't Miss It!

We've posted the first Pirate Guys video on youtube in two years! A very strict Mad Sally teaches Ol' Chumbucket how to woo a wench. Look for it at:

And Don't Forget!

You can still order your official Talk Like a Prate Day 2010 T-shirts from our Cafe Press shop, featuring the three winning designs chosen by Cap'n Sappy his own self from the great entries in our contest last summer. Go to:


When you put the kiddes to bed Saturday, Sept. 18, all excited about the big holiday comin' up, you might want to read them this traditional holiday poem, written by your editor – Ol' Chumbucket

The Night Before TLAPDay
A visit from Cap'n Slappy

Twas the night before TLAP, and all through the ship
The bilge pumps were leakin', with a drip drip drip drip

Our stocking we'd hung on the popdeck with care,
We had worn them all year, they were due for some air

The rum was nestled all snug in the ice
On the table beside it lay cards and some dice.

With a dirk in my pocket and a mug full of rum,
I was ready to sleep, I felt nicely numb.

When off to starboard there arose such a riot
I sprang from my hammock to order some quiet.

Away to the porthole I flew like a flash
Bumped into the hatchway and tripped on me sash.

The moon on the breast of the Caribbean sea
Reminded my bladder I needed to pee.

When what to my deadlights did suddenly appear
But an oncoming longboat, with a shape in the rear.

The flatulent helmsman was so drunk and happy,
I knew in a moment that it must be Slappy.

The oarsmen were sweating, they flew through the water.
And he shouted their names, and threatened their slaughter.

"On Dogwatch! On Keeling! On Sally and Two Patch!
Get this dinghy movin' or you'll feel the lash!

To the top of the deck, to the top of the mast!
I want me some plunder and I want it fast!

So on toward the ship that longboat did sail!
With a boatful of salt pork and a barrel of ale.

As I pulled in my head and was turning around
Onto the deck Slappy leaped with a bound.

He had a broad face and a long scraggly beard
And a look on his face that was scary and weird.

He carried a bag to tote all his plunder
And his bowels were a'gurgling, it sounded like thunder!

Slappy said not a word, but went straight to his task
Reached into his pocket and pulled out a flask.

He finished his flask, put mine in his pocket
And fell into his longboat, lit up like a rocket.

He sprang to the tiller, to the crew gave a yell,
And away they all stroked like a manatee from hell.

But I heard him exclaim as he roared out of sight,
"Happy TLAPDay to all! What a hell of a night!"

Hoping you're ready for the holiday - you'll hear from me again soon!

- Ol' Chumbucket

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