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ISSUE NO. 87, September 16, 2010
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Five Days Until Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Three Days Until the Start of Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend!

In this issue:

Parties Pirates: Interesting Anagram

Got an e-mail yesterday from Tim Musial who gave as good an explanation for the popularity of Talk Like a Pirate Day as I've yet heard. As Tim explains, "pirates" contains the same letters as "parties." They're anagrams.

Well there you have it! Proof positive that Talk Like a Pirate Day is the most party friendly holiday on the planet!

Thanks "Sail it, Mum!" (Tim Musial) from Nappy Scalp (Cap'n Slappy) Lady Slam (Mad Sally) Ol' Chumbucket (Bloke Much Cut - worst pirate name ever) and --- well, Jezebel. There doesn't seem to be an anagram for the Web Wench's name.

(FYI: I'm not clever enough to have figured those out myself. I used the anagram generator at Try it yourself with your own name!)

Double Entendres

As long as we're on the subject of fun with linguistics, here's an important tip for Talking Like a Pirate. Don't forget to have fun with double entendres.

For those who haven't finshed high school English, a double entendre is a statement with two possible meanings, one linguistically harmless and one saucy. "Let's get something straight between us," a guy might say to a girl.

In the world of pirate talk there's LOTS of room for double entendre. My personal favorite (and one of our best-selling T-shirts) is "Prepare to be boarded!" "Well blow me down" is another good one.

And there's plenty more, the possibilities limited only by your imgination. Think about a few of these:

Scrapin' barnacles,
Flushin' the scuppers.
Monkey pumpin' the bunghole.
Limberin' the cannon.
Tastin' the cap'ns daughter.
Pumpin' the bilge.

And anything relating to booty and treasure chest.

Where's the Party?

Speaking of pirates/parties, the Web Wench is happy to report that the Calend-Aarrr! is filling out nicely, with piratey events planned all around the world.

We now have listings for a pair of Alaska events (both Fairbanks and Anchorage,) plenty from Australia and New Zealand, all over Europe (including the Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark and of course Great Britain, where Mad Cap'n Tom has been flyin' the banner for us for years) and 35 of the 50 states.

Now, we're not surprised (although we are disappointed) that we've NEVER heard of a pirate event in Wyoming. But North Carolina? Isn't there really nothing going on in the state where Blackbeard died in battle? Virginia? Mississippi?

We've also heard nothing from Delaware, the Distrcit of Columbia, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North and South Dakota (we'll take one from either), Vermont and West Virginia.

You 'll see how the whole world, real and virtual, is celebrating and maybe find an event in your area by going to our Calend-Aarrr at:

And if you don't see anything listed for where you live, plan something, then let us know! And when I say let us know, I mean send an e-mail to me or the Web Wench, either or, and we'll post it ASAP.

Couple of other notes

Pamela Johnson wil be signing her pirate novel, "Heart of a Pirate: A Novel of Anne Bonny," Sunday. In fact her she'll be selling all kinds of pirate books from the Stone-Harbour Press booth at the Portland Pirate Festival.

One last thing about the Portland Pirate Festival – as I've mentioned, Cap'n Slappy will perform a new song there Sunday. It's the world premiere. Would anyone who's gonna be there do me a favor? Get down to the stage area for Slappy's performance and video record it. Then post it on youtube and send me the link and I'll let the world know where they can see it. As I've mentioned, I won't be there (4,000 miles away) but I'd surely hate to miss it. And I'd hate even more for the rest of you to miss it!

So do we have an accord? Excellent!

I'd also remind you about the Gold Coast Pirate Faire in Ojai, Cal. If you're in Southern Cal, that'll be the place to be this weekend. One of the biggest pirate fairs in the world!

That'll do fer now!

Just a couple of days until the holiday, so you haven't heard the last from me. In the meantime, keep spreadin' the word, and the word is "Aarrr!"

- Ol' Chumbucket, Ed.

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