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ISSUE NO.91 (probably), Oct. 25, 2010
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329 Days Until Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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Congratulations to the Winners of Our Pi-Ku Contest!

Last month we held a contest, the authors of the 25 best – as judged solely by Cap'n Slappy – Pi-Ku (pirate haiku) won copies of the video gam "Sid Meier's 'Pirates.'" Here "aaarrr!" the names of the lucky and talented winners. What's fun is how widespread they are.

Brit Forte - New Orleans; Paul Slotemaker; Anchorage; Che Juarez - Chicago; Sara Hammer - Seattle; Hannah Kinkle - Columbus, Ohio; Jamie Munro - Australia; Brad Calwell - Westwold B.C., Canada; Phil Petrowski - Beaverton, Ore.; Bill Bibo - Madison, Wis.; J.H. - Indianapolis, Ind.; Philip Walsh - Dogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland, Terry Vandermeer, Jr. - Wichita, Kan.; Erin Wheeler - Columbia, Mo.; Corey Abbot - Chico, Cal.; Sarah Day - Semaphore, South Australia; Richard Law - West Midlands, England; Kimberly Scheffer - Corona, Cal.; Jason Hoesing - Westminster, Colo.; Stephanie Stevens - Swartz Creek, Mich.; Pam Mann - Great Cacapon, WV,

More Notes on "Sid Meier's 'Pirates!'"

I've been playing the game and have a few more things to report.

I'd been playing on the lowest level when I wrote my original review (Poopdeck 90, I think,) and the duels (using the Wii controller as a cutlass) were almost too easy. But as soon as I moved up to higher levels, it immediately got trickier. I haven't figured out yet whether it's because I'm a little wild with my cutlass or my character is getting older, but you'll see that as a duel drags on, a "dizzy" circle starts appearing over your character's head, especially if you swing and miss. It slows your character's reaction time. I even lost a duel on ship, and had to spend a couple of months in a British gaol.

And I haven't had a "perfect" dance with a governor's daughter yet. Even though I count the beats and move the controller in rhythm, it's a little trickier. Finally, there are a lot more towns, but the smaller towns don't have governors. Usually they have a gabby mayor who says he's just been promoted to governor and insists you escort him to his new post. Kind of a drag that.

But I still repeat – "Sid Meier's 'Pirates!'" for the Wii is the perfect marriage of game and system, a marriage made in video game heaven.


Today I have to ask you to join in and help out a couple of yer fellow pirate crews. One will take you about five minutes. The other, well, a more tangible form of aid is needed.

Help Out a Pirate Pal!

Talderoy, owner of Studio City Tattoo, needs you to help him once again capture the title of Los Angeles's best tattoo parlor in the CitySearch voting that ends Friday.

First, you've gotta know that Talderoy is just the best guy in the world, a prince among pirates. And his shop is outstanding! Both Slappy and meself got our ink from Clay. We also got some exceptional rum from him, which may explain why we got the ink. You can see the photos at

To vote you have to set up a CitySearch account, but it's painless and after you vote you can quit pretty easily. Click the link below, then when you get there click the "Vote" icon. It will ask you to set up an account – name, e-mail address, zip code. They ask some other stuff like age, but it' not required. Leave it blank - or lie ad say you're 112 or something. Make sure you unclick the box asking them to send you lots of "news" (but which I mean spam, of course.) They'll send an e-mail. Click the link on that, it'll ask you to come up with a password. That's it. You're in.

Go to "Best of CitySearch" from the top left of the menu bar. Scroll down to "Tattoo" (it's alphabetical, you'll find it.) Vote for Studio City Tattoos. That's it, you're done. If it takes more than 5 minutes, I apologize, and you have my condolences on the speed of your computer.

Not only is Talderoy a pirate with a heart o'gold, but this is personal. One of the competing shops is owned by a former employee who done him dirt. We've gotta support one of our own!

Here's the link to start the process:

Help A Pirate Festival

The Portland (Oregon) Pirate Festival is a terrific, weekend-long party, and it needs your help.

Running a festival is a dicey prospect at best, and this year wasn't helped by a heavy deluge of rain. It was still a great time, but it cut the crowds down just a bit. Bottom line is – the bottom line doesn't look good. The organizers are in the hole for a LOT of money, and it might spell the end of a great festival.

To keep PPF sailing they have launched a fund-raising campaign. Anyone with two doubloons to run together can help out by sending a contribution through the Paypal link on the festival Web site,

You can also purchase 2010 Festival shirts while they last, and that would help too. And there's a Swashbuckler's Ball fundraiser coming up next month, and other activities in the works.

And I know I've let myself in for all kinds of "Can you help me out?" pleas and all I can say is I do what I can, when I can, and I'll have to judge each request on an individual basis.

That'll be all for now. But I'll be writing again soon, because I recently received a book to review and its a darn good one. Mad Sally said of it, "How absolutely freakn' adorable!' but she didn't say freakin', if you get my drift.

Until then, smooth sailin' and lots o'plunder!

- Ol' Chumbucket, editor


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