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Thanks to ...

Archie McPhee

for co-sponsoring our TLAPD 2005 contest!

A newsletter with "pirattitude"

The Poopdeck is an occasional newsletter produced by Ol' Chumbucket hisself, with occasional contributions from Cap'n Slappy, when he's not busy handin' out piratical advice. It's distributed by e-mail only, on nothing resembling a regular schedule. To keep abreast o' the Pirate Guys and the news about International Talk Like A Pirate Day, just go here:

and fill in the requisite information . Make sure yer usin' a valid e-mail address, or ye'll never get the thing! And keep in mind that yer subscription has t'go through an actual human being who has a day job, so don't panic if you don't get confirmation right away. Subscribing over and over won't make it happen any faster.

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If ye've signed up but aren't gettin' the newsletter, first check below to make sure we've sent one out (we're a tad sporadic). If so, then check yer spam filters - those of ye with "white lists" need t'add, and to the addresses permitted t' send ye e-mail. Be warned: If yer mailbox is full, the Poopdeck will bounce back to us, and we'll send yer subscription to Davy Jones' locker. So check yer e-mail!

Spam traps blockade the Poopdeck

Certain Internet providers periodicaly periodically blocks mail from the the list server that hosts The Poopdeck, claiming it be a spam-haven. That's a blasted lie, and every time it happens our tech-support mateys have to persuade 'em to lift the block, which they do ... eventually. But in the meantime,some subscribers may miss the newsletter.

If ye notice issues on this page ye haven't received, here are yer options:

  • Make sure we're in yer address book
  • Contact the your provider's tech support and persuade them to unblock; tell them they are preventing you from getting a newsletter you signed up for and wish to receive.
  • Subscribe via a alternate mail account with a different provider (there are numerous free e-mail services out there; we like gmail because it uses *smart* spam-blocking, not blacklists of entire ISPs)
  • Get yerself feed reader and subscribe to the RSS version. Most Web browsers and mail programs have feed readers built right in!
  • Read the Poopdeck here

We reget the inconvenience caused by the dastardly spammers who cause this kind o' thing in the first place.

Poopdeck archives

Announcing a daring, radical change: The Webwench has reorganized the archive list so the newest issue is at the top! No more scrolling down for the latest news (but some of the old news is pretty amusing, too...)