Chanteys for Modern Pirates

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Well, it were only a matter o' time ...

... b'fore folks'd be singin' like pirates, too!

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New in 2012, and still tarrrrific: "Talk Like A Pirate Day," by Tom Mason andthe Blue Buccaneers (with co-writing help from our own Ol' Chumbucket). We defy ye to keep from singin' along!

Not to forget ...

The official Talk Like A Pirate Day Song

We're honored ... an' humbled ... an' all misty-eyed like, that the first song sent our way was from none other than Tom Smith, one o' the world's great filkers. Says Tom: "The melody's original, but you can hum it to almost any 3/4 pirate song, especially Steve Goodman's "Lincoln Park Pirates"."

We got this within 24 hours of TLAPD 2003. Now we know why they call him the World's Fastest Filker.

The perfect pirate party soundtrack:

The Theme Show, a music podcast by ishtarandromeda, has resurrected its classic 2006 Talk Like A Pirate Day show, leadin' off with Tom Smith's anthem and rockin' through two dozen pirate classics.

And one for the wee pirates, too!

Kids' Music Planet's 2011 Talk Like A Pirate Day podcast for kids!

NEW for 2013:

  • Not exactly new, but most excellent: Roger McGuinn (of Byrds fame), and The Jolly Roger.
  • Clint Perry and the BooHoo Crew, a family music rock band out of San Diego, have a new song in honor of TLAPD that's guaranteed to get the young pirates singing along: It's a Pirate Day

Previous years, still prime:

Be a Pirate

From the Sydney, Australia duo Mind Over Matter, an infectious pirate song with a catchy hiphop sensibility (and adult lyrics - parents be warned). Team Pirate likes this one a lot (the Webwench has it in constant rotation on her playlist).

Blow Me Down

A classic, from the FunnyMusic Project: Blow Me Down, by (The Dread Pirate) Robert Lund (audio only)

Gumbo Stu and the Fake McCoys chime in with "Throw 'Em To the Sharks":

The Pirate

We also love Rob Kemppainen's musical take on an old, old pirate joke:


A great song by songwriter Matthew Moore

It's Great to Be a Pirate

This tarrrrrrriffic pirate song was written by Richard Marcus and Johnny Caruso on spec for a never-produced sequel to Disney's Aladdin, and has been sittin' in their treasure chest ever since. Then Marcus read about Talk Like A Pirate Day, and decided to release it into the wild for our fans. (Note: We've had several requests for permission to use the song in various places. Sorry, but we don't hold the rights, and we don't have current contact information for Richard Marcus.)

Another quarter heard from:

The Great Luke Ski

Sept. 19th, '06 brought a missive from The Great Luke Ski, comedy musician and most-requested artist of the 21st century on the Dr. Demento Show. (Luke is also one o' the background vocalists on Tom Smith's TLAPD Anthem, above).

He wanted to let us know about "You Don't Know Jack," an "original rock sea shanty" tribute to Captain Jack Sparrow, which he wrote earlier in 2006 and which stayed on Dr. Demento's top 5 countdown for 9 weeks straight.

Visit Luke's Web site for a sample of the song (and a cool fan-produced video), or to order his new DVD, "The Ego Has Landed," which comes with a three-song bonus CDR including "You Don't Know Jack.

You can also hear the complete song by crankin' up the Dr. Demento archives at - the song made its debut on June 11th, 2006.

Adds Luke, in appropriately self-promotional pirate style" If you or any of your piratical followers like it, it would mean a lot to this salty sea dog if you would let Dr. Demento know that you'd like him to play it again, by requestin' "You Don't Know Jack".

More tunes our fans have offered fer the occasion. Some are available here as downloads, some only as lyrics, and some links will send ye to the composer's Web site. Please see the note about music downloads!:

Downloadable from this site:

Available elsewhere, and recommended by our fans

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