Talk Like A Pirate Day 2003

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Pillagin', plunderin', partyin' - or just addin' a little "Arrrrrr" in your life - we want to know how ye celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

After TLAPD 2003, the reports poured in!

Here's what we heard in 2003:

  • Oregonians: The Edge, in The Oregonian newspaper, is ran a Pirate Haiku contest - first prize, a pair of TLAPD boxer shorts! See the whole list o' entries here.
  • A preschool in New Jersey wrote to ask how the littlest pirates can get in on the International Talk Like A Pirate Day act. The dauntless Cap'n Slappy responded at once by putting together an instant "pirate curriculum fer the young salts. Get a copy for your own school (.pdf version/rich text version)
  • The Farnsworth Museum in Maine held a special Pirate Day for kids on Sept. 18. Better a day early than a dollar short!
  • The able lubbers o' Pacific Northwest Recovery Team 3, part of the National Incident Management Team (they've fought forest fires, helped with hurricane cleanup and were part of the Columbia Space Shuttle recovery effort) ran a contest for team members to guess where they'd be on Sept. 19. And check out their pirate version of the "10 Standard Firefighting Orders" (translation provided by Cap'n Slappy.)
  • At Siskin Rehab Hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn., they celebrated National Rehabilitation Week, Sept. 14-20, with a pirate theme. Writes staffer Katie Bowman: "The whole week is a pirate party. We're having employees raise money for our patient care fund (for indigent patients) by sponsoring management in a "Walk the Plank" super soaker vs. water balloon shoot-out and patient activities like "bowl the man down" (bowling) and pin the patch on the pirate. I'm dressing as a lusty wench for pictures with the patients and we'll be serving a big breakfast on ship's hull built by our employees and assembled in our lobby. Each department is designing flags for a "capture the flag" game as well. The entire hospital will be decorated with fishnets, flags and skeletons. This is a huge celebration for us and we love a good time."
  • The Richmond Memorial Library in Batavia, NY ran a trivia contest for students in grades 7-12 for Talk Like a Pirate Day. The teen area will be decorated with pirate items (treasure chest, anchor, pirate swords, etc.), books about pirates will be on display, and anyone interested will have a chance to enter the trivia contest for a chance to win a gift bag with pirate-related items.
  • Tom-the-Pirate was teller-in-residence at The International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, TN Sept. 16-20, and provided loads o' pirate talk on Sept. 19.
  • The Homestead, Florida City Chamber of Commerce began it's annual retreat in Hawk's Key - with a Pirate theme. Writes "Cap'n Codger" Bob Anderson: "We'll be forming crews of swashbucklers, privateers, etc., having treasure hunts, doing stuff from the Pirates of Penzance, having pirate trivia and yes even doing some work (or plundering as we like to call it). You can be sure that on September 19th there will be a lot of pirate talk going on. Thanks to far sighted folks like you, a treasure chest of pirate lore and bad diction will be preserved for many years ahead."
  • Terri the Pirate says the regular lunch crowd at Spera's in Cicero, N.Y. celebrated its second annual TLAPD.
  • Cap'n Stoats of The Grey Lodge Pub, in northeast Philadelphia, writes "Argg, we be a plannin' a Talk Like a Pirate day at The Grey Lodge Pub, arrg! We be a havin a treasure chest o' gold, gold beers that be."
  • "Joan" from Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Olympia, WA, writes: "We are having two "Talk Like A Pirate Day" Storytimes that week for kids. In addition, all our staff will be dressing up and talking like pirates on Sept 19th."
  • "you can count Gig Harbor (WA) Christian School in on Sept. 19. this will be our 2nd annual "talk like a pirate day" . we plan to make the students walk the plank if they get out of line. I, myself plan to answer the phone with an 'Arrgh, me hearties!'. As for the rest of the day, we'll make it up as we go along" --Laryssa "Iron Mary Vane" Schmidt, Office Manager
  • Coincidence? TLAPD fell right atop the Pirate Invasion Weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
  • "Just thought I’d let y’all know – our team of 7th graders (about 150 students) and their teachers will be participating in Talk Like a Pirate Day!!I teach at a middle school in Central Florida, and I am part of a 5 teacher team called the Explorers. Our school theme for the year is “Ocean of Possibilities” so to better grasp the theme we connected ‘Explorers’ to pirates and are gearing up for Talk Like a Pirate Day." --Monique Mesot Foister, Lakeview Middle School , Winter Garden, Florida.
  • "Yarr. We wanted to tell you that we are celebrating TLAPD in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this year. We had our own little party last year (we had had our own Pirate speaking epiphany and when we saw the Dave Barry column ... we just thought it was fate) and decided to hoist the sails a little more this year. Just wanted to let ye know that we're trying to spread the word (about you, the founders and your web site) in our little beer town. We hope to talk to the local radio djs and get the word out which will (hopefully) generate a little traffic on your site". -- yours, Karla Klein (Dirty Mary Vane), Amanda Kralj-Hill (Dirty Ann Flint), Deb Hall (Mad Bess Rackham)
  • "Avast, me hearty! Just a note ta let ye know that our hospital, Labette County Medical, aka The Seagoing LCMC , will be celebrating TLAP Day next week! We’re inviting employees to dress like a pirate or wench and to TLAP all day! (Hope our patients aren’t put off by a few “Arrrrs!” and “Ahoy, Mateys!”) We will be taking photos to submit to the webwench. Thanks for a cool idea! " -- Barbara E. Clark, Director of Community Relations, LCMC, Parsons, Kansas.
  • "OOPS, or Order of Outrageously Positive Seniors, officially begins it launching date Friday, Sept. 19 around Talk Like A Pirate Day. Our first chapter out here in tiny Brookings, Oregon, is dedicated to all things fun, humorous, and absolutely outrageous. When we received information about your event next week, you would not believe how many people are going to take part. OOPS began as my brain child to help seniors locked in by medication, doctors, depression, loneliness, and general pains in the backside. Goodness knows, we all need a break from the world situation and news in general. So, we shall officially cut our orange ribbon at noon, Friday, Sept. 19 in front of a restaurant called Smuggler's Cove out here in Brookings, Oregon, and declare the rest of that day dedicated to bilge rats and bung holes." -- Jan Norwood,
  • On September 19, 2003, approximately 6,000 Hoover High School Buccaneer football fans, cheerleaders, the marching band, and possibly even the football team, will pause between the first and second quarters of the Annual Bob Finley Classic football game (9,000-10,000 are predicted to attend - we ARE the state football champs) to don Buccaneer eye patches in honor of "National Talk Like a Pirate Day". We will have photographers in place to memorialize the event, and are in contact with a really nice lady at Guinness World Records who promises to evaluate our photos. She recently emailed me that if they are sufficiently impressed, Guinness would actually have to create a new category for us! Suzanne Scivley, Caravel 2004 Yearbook Sponsor, Hoover High School, Hoover, Alabama
  • "I'll be celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate day with my "Pirates: Fact and Fiction" class of Minneapolis 7th graders (my school will stay unnamed right now because I have't mentioned this to my bosses yet) a day early, thanks to our schedule. Our planned activies so far are a treasure hunt in "boats" (small groups) and skits where we talk like pirates. The curriculum is a treat, too, and should come in handy. Pending principal and parent permission, we'll send you a picture. " -- Holly Olsen, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • I work with a horde of recent college graduates (from the likes of UT, Texas Tech, A&M, and Southwest Texas) down here in the murks of San Antonio, TX. Somehow in the past 3 months we managed to start speakin' like pirates (me thinks it was the Captain Morgan's pirate that started the whole episode off). But the pirate talk has been kept to the occasional AARRRR, etc. That was, until I found you bloke's site less than a fortnight ago. The whole ordeal peaked last night as we embarked on a ferocious battle of kickball (yea, kickball). ... We went out in full pirate force. The ARRR's and "blow me down"'s never ceased the whole night. We even had our competition trying to ARRRR against us, but they were no much for a captain of my ranks. We stomped them in the championship game. We've been hot on a trail looking for a mascot for the team for a while now and I think it's quite obvious what we've chosen now! The Polk High Pirates, matie! (yea, from Married with Children). This Friday be we planning the adventure of all adventures. We shall embark off the eastern shore of the Guadalupe River. With the river being mighty shallow, each matie will be hunting from his own circular craft ("tubes"). We shall move in a pack, surrounding our treasure chest of ale. As we float real stealth-like down this river we will plan our raids of other treasure chest in the midst drinking our own treasure. The attacks will be conducted in a traditional pirate method. We surround their treasure vessel real crafty-like. Then on me signal, we raise our pirate flag, throw on our patches and raid their chest from all sides!!! Ah, we will score mighty-a-treasure on this hunt. These unsuspecting bilge rats won't know what hit 'em! Avast!!! We shall have our treasure!! ARRRRRR!!!! --Captain "Bundy"
  • (This'un's a bit long, but we couldn't resist payin' tribute to a pirate guy who has his priorities straight): Ahoy!

    Iron John Kidd here (as the generator quiz aptly names me). First of all, may I dispense felicitations and so on for the finest idea for a holiday ever invented, me and my friends are now and forever in your debt. Sadly I only found out about it on sunday, so this year's celebration were a bit poorly planned. But oft the best-laid plans go awry, whereas something thrown together at the last minute (as the ship's carpenter said to the mate) is often sufficient to make drydock.


    Day 1: Sunday, spend the entire afternoon poring over Talk Like A and several of its associated links. Garb: black jeans tucked into boots. Bandana over the baldspot. Then weigh anchor with Red Jenny Cash (as the name generator named her) and set sail for Dead Lobster (oops, that's RED Lobster) for Alota Colada, which comes with its own bangle of beads and a miniature lobster who I've adopted as me own sweet pet and named her Shelly. After dinner, watching a video of Pirates of Penzance with Keving Kline, Linda Ronstadt, Rex Smith, and Angela Lansbury. Finally: says Red Jenny, "What now?" Say I, "Prepare to be boarded!"

    Day 2: Monday. Awoke late. Garb: Bell bottom jeans, horizontally striped shirt, bandana. Weigh anchor with Red Jenny again, off to Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl. Avoid temptation to buy eye liner.

    Day 3: Tuesday. Awoke late again. Garb: cotton dungarees, white sailor-like shirt. Stocked up on Rum. Red Jenny being in drydock with her 3 year old the next 3 days, I empty the cargo hold of the Red Lady (99 Toyota Tacoma) and stow the goods for winter. DVD of Cutthroat Island coming up after I finish this entry in the log.

    Day 4: Wednesday: Garb to be determined. Entertainment to be Yellowbeard. There's piratin' to be done!

    Day 5: Thursday: Slightly more piratical garb, swab the decks for the festivites of friday! (Shoulda been the friday before the autumnal equinox when you were figurin' it! It's not too late to change it! And you can establish it as a permanent weekend holiday! Do it lads! Do it smartly!)

    Finally, the Day arrives: Friday. Talk Like A Pirate. If I can get off work at the call center early, get ear re-pierced. Pirate Party, drink rum and bier. Bliss.

    Bravest salutations, Iron John Kidd aka Jon Kerr

  • You will be pleased to hear that here in Sydney, Australia, the offices of General Electric will be celebrating "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" after some high level discussions with Human Resources managers, i've managed to get the company to support it and they have even given me a budget to make it a great day! The beauty is that there is over 400 employees here and we often answer phones, so this friday, we'll all be answeing with "Ahoy Maties"! Just thought id let you know, to show that, 2 peoples stupid idea, can affect hundreds of people. And all in the name of fun. -- Cap'n Pablo
  • I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I'll be celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day on my blog. On TLAPD, all of my blog postings and comments will be in pirate-speak. -- Dougal
  • Bibliodirect features pirate books: One of the site's features is a "featured" section where we promote different books each day.We will be celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the site tomorrow (Sept. 18) by featuring various pirate books and linking to your site. -- Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson
  • FunBrain goes TLAP: FunBrain, the Internet's most popular educational gaming site (used in thousands of schools by millions of kids!)" is recognizing "Talk Like a Pirate Day!" After learning about Talk Like a Pirate Day from the newspaper, our senior software engineer and his family got excited and intrigued and starting changing some of our games into Pirate Speak. -- Barry Jay Cronin, Executive Producer, Digital Products Family Education Network
  • In Bristol, England, a number o' bands (includin' Kid Carpet and I Am the Mighty Jungulator) are celebratin' Talk Like A Pirate Day with a Voyage Into the Unknown, which they're describin' as "a netherworld of eerie possibility. Experience unusual audio-visual delights in a magical setting with sparkling company. A no-rent hybrid of Fitzcarraldo, Magical Mystery Tour and the drifty bits of Apocalypse Now." Complete with boats. Ticket information here.
  • National TLAPD will be celebrated at West Point by 2nd squad, first platoon o'company B in Regiment 4. T'grog will flow and good times will be had for all. -- Respectfully, Cadet Private Caple, 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon
  • The entire staff at Pro-Tech Services, Inc. in Seattle, WA, is bein' urged to talk like a pirate! Says employee Yuchol Kim "This is crazy. I sent the website to couple of employees here and the CEO got a hold of it and declared it a company wide Talk Like a Pirate Day!"
  • To cut a long story short (there was much grog consumed) I saw your site and I have made Friday a themed day at the college langage department where I work in the north of the Netherlands. The langage lab is decorated with posters taken from your opening page with the treasure map and there are pictures of pirate flags, ships and speech bubbles filled with pirate language all over the walls. -- Kate Roach
  • I tried to get it started here at school, but the teachers didn't want their little urchins screaming ARRRR all day. I, however, will be observing the day. :) -- Jennifer Madrid, School Psychologist Maine-Endwell School District, Maine, New York.
  • I just wanted to let you know that the International Relations (ICONS) class and all those inspired to continue after the class of Fairfield High School in Connecticut will be actively participating in the madness of TLAPD. After the ruddy schooling is over, the Wenches (named far before TLAPD) shall celebrate in a proper underaged fashion. ;) --Yours in sea madness, Capt'n Anne Cash (Kate Greenberger)
  • We're Team Riot & we're taking part in a sailing regatta tomorrow. After hearing about International Talk Like A Pirate Day we've decided to compete in the spirit of things .... As we are racing round the buoys, sailing a Nordic Folkboat in the Folkboat National Championships in the Solent, UK, we'll be shouting "Avast me hearties" to all those we intend to beat while grinning jovially and "Abandon all hope all ye who cross our bows" to those who threaten to beat us....while waving our (one, silver plastic) sword. We'll call you from the last mark... if the beer isn't calling us home! -- Love, Team Riot Nick (Capn) Jules (Wing Commander....don't ask how that works) & Sue (Crew Wench) xxx
  • At the Washington State University verterinary school, students are being required to ask their questions in pirate talk on Friday. Should be a hoot! - S., of the Pirates of the Palouse
  • The Residential Arts Society at UMass Amherst dumped the arrrrr-ts for a bucket of chum and a tanker of grog! Two serving wenches dished up pirate pizza! ... tis be a fine day for us all indeed! -- staff aboard Resarts
  • Thanks to Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket for a new holiday! The Point Pleasant, NJ Pirates (country line dancers) now have an annual TLAPD line dance party. -- Happy TLAPD, Pepper
  • In honor o' Talk Like A Pirate Day. Me and me crew be located in th' wee port o' Arcata, California, and celebratin' th' grand holiday o' Talk like a Pirate Day. Me and me Jack o' Cups, Daggers Wilson be spreadin' the joy o' all things piratical among our scurvy, yuppie fella students. Daggers be sportin' a cutlass she found after some squiffy gave it up at th' Salvation Army, and I be flyin me very own Jolly Roger. Avast! Whilst I was a standin in th' ladies head, I got many a strange glare from th' clap-ridden wenches I be forced to sail b'side, but I yelled "Belay that talk! I'll hang ye by yer necks 'til yer toes quit their dancin'" and that was that. Th' poxy whores stayed away from me hearties at Break, however, (we threatened th' ge'ral public with a trip t' Davy Jones' locker) and the high school's halls rang with the beautimous cries of "ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Thank ye for yer holiday, it causes great glee among me Jacks and meself. -- Cap'n Injun Black Ndugu
  • The crew at the Space: The Imagination Station Web forum has been talkin' like pirates all day long.
  • The IALA Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with the opening of an installation of a postcard art exhibition featuring a work called “Pirated Movie” a (re)presentation of a pirated copy of the Johnny Depp film. Dr. Leigh Clemons staged a performance event entitled “Pirate Professor” for her Sept. 19th Introduction to Theatre lecture in the 1000-seat Beau Cambell Auditorium at Louisiana State University, delivering her lecture on publicity and performance in traditional Hollywood pirate attire and brogue to uproarious applause. To quote Dr. Clemons, “Yarr! It be a fine event, but without better publicity, I be makin’ some curators walk the plank to get me some rum from Davy Jones’ Locker!”