Talk Like a Pirate Day 2004

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How did ye spend Talk Like A Pirate Day Weekend 2004? Let us know, an' we'll tell the world! And don't miss the photos!

The reports are comin' in:

Hurricane delay: TLAPD fans in Alabama were busy Sept. 19th battening down the hatches against Hurricane Ivan; Michael Ivey asked for - and received - permission from the Pirate Guys for a TLAPD do-over, an' planned to celebrate on Oct. 16.

Teambuilding pirates: We held a "Talk like a Pirate Day" at our work and it was great. I created some games and teambuilding activities. If you have time, please take a look at our pics! -- Connie L. Biskamp, Operations/Marketing Manager, Kruvand Associates, Inc.

Casino pirates: I'm a retired commercial deep-sea diver and certified USCG Captain now working in the casino industry in Atlantic City, New Jersey... I'm employed as a Surveillance Officer/Investigator for Caesars Casino & Hotel. Myself and all of the personnel in the surveillance room did in fact observe "Talk like a Pirate Day". We enjoyed the entire day and were able to recruit several people to talk like a pirate all day. We really did have a good time with it all day! An article about your web site was featured in the local newspaper was noticed ny one of our officers. As soon as we read the article we were hooked... We started talking like a pirate and it became very contagious! We had a lot of fun! -- Frank Hauser

Stormin' Salem: The Northeast Rennies spent TLAPD 2004 in Salem, Mass, at the first-ever Salem Pirate Fair.

Better late than never: My wife and I were married last year on September 20th. We had a party the day before, and our friends, being who they are, were already talking like pirates when we arrived. Then they applied "it must still be September 19th *somewhere*" logic to carry Talk Like a Pirate Day over to September 20th, and at our reception, a few of them donned pirate garb and attempted to make off with my bride. They were foiled, and we've now been happily married for a year. -- Brian Slattery

Pirates on stage: I have penned a Pantomime based on Treasure Island. The Dubai Drama Group auditions were arranged for ITLAP Day. -- 'Mad Jack Rackham' (according to the fidius site!) aka Paul

Camping with pirates: "I just wanted to say that Talk Like A Pirate Day made our camping trip a huge blast! We all sat around the fire having many pints and talking like pirates. We have some digital video footage that you might be interested in seeing. How do I get it to you via the computer? Thanks again for a great camping trip!" -! Mike Magee

TLAPD Takes the Mouse: "I wanted you to know that the spirit of TLAPD was in full force at Disneyland yesterday!"

LARP Like A Pirate: "Every person has either of two reactions to my celebration of the event. They either smile politely and walk away, never turning their back on me; or they say "Send me their web-site!" I am, by trade, a restaurant manager in Massachusetts. I've spent summers on the Isles of Shoals and have been long familiar with the mystery of Blackbeards hidden silver there. I do live action roleplaying for a couple of games in New England. All this is to tell you that I was ripe for the picking for this particular holiday (and its a great warm-up for Halloween). My staff spent all of yesterday listening to me go on in piratical prose. I even overheard a server say "Arrr" to a customer in agreement to a question!"

Welsh Pirattitude: "I first heard about Talk Like a Pirate on BBC Radio 2 over here in Wales (UK) last year. I (Dastardly) Dave and my work colleague (Not So Jolly) Roger have since discussed it on several occasions and this year we decided to do something about it. As it was in work we had to celebrate on Friday 17th September. To begin with we were just going to celebrate the day but people kept comming over to our section and asking what it was in aid if so we decided to collect money for charity. We had eye patches, tricorns, cutlasses, Jolly Rogers and lots of booty (hmmm). The treasure consisted of glazed sweets (precious stones), Ship's Biscuits (cookies), Musket Balls (small round chocolates called malteasers over here) and anti scurvey supplies (fruit). Much fun was had and we raised some cash for charity."

Go, Broncos: "We in Westminster, Colorado celebrated this illustrious day in fine fashion. Twenty drunk guys at Uno's watching the Broncos lose, wearin' bandannas and eye patches, while screaming "Avast" at young QG fumbling on the twenty yard line! AARrrgh!! What enthusiasm. Last week I was mentioning to a friend that two important dates were upcoming; September 19th and 21st. Without missing a beat, the young bartender turned to me and asked, "Isn't the 19th Pirate Day"? I said yes, and she replied, "Great. I forget to take my birth control pills this weekend, but I can remember Pirate Day". See what an impact you have made! (oh, the 21st is free ice cream cones at Dairy Queen. Have one on me.)"

Pigeon Forge Pirates: "Arr, we were in Pigeon Forge Tennessee for the anual "Grand Rod Run', riding in the back of me best mate's truck. Alas, the schooner is not well suited for a long jorney in such a fasion. LO, the lower regions of me boddy were begining to ache. Tho his wench was quite irritated by me talking like a pirate for the day, aye, even she laughed at this: "GARRR, This truck be hurting me booty." Not only was there excess myrth, even the old see hag herself let out an "ARRR" or 3."

Piratichat: Internet forums were abuzz with pirate talk on the 19th. Among those we've heard about:, the bulletin board at and the Internet Infidels discussion board ...

On the way to the Farrrrrrum: "Ahoy. We two wenches spent TLAPD at a local theatre production of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", and had occasion to "Arrrrrrr" when we were spotted in the audience during pre-show announcements wearing our Pirate Hats acquired at Long John Silvers where we got some grub and grog before the show. During the production, every time the subplot about the twin-babies-kidnapped- by-pirates was mentioned, we waved our hats in the air from the back row. Arrrr, it was an afternoon to remember. Mad Dog Bonney and Bess the Mean

Stop-action Pirate Party: Vish Vishvanath created a time-lapse movie of an entire Talk Like A Pirate Day party, and put it on line in various video formats. The party was staged by Black Mat, Pegleg Sharp and Captain Burgess.

Romance on the high seas: Tian popped the question on Talk Like A Pirate Day. Read his blog for details.

Homework piracy: Just felt like tellin' ye that in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I piratized me history essay on Benjamin Franklin (not an easy decision t'make in Junior year o' high school, says I). A merry Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye! Arrrr! -- Matt Hausman

Pirates in Blue: Ye'll be wantin to know the swing shift pirates of the Manteca, Ca. Police Dept. have all adopted TLAPD. At the stroke of midnight a lonely pirate was calling out on the radio, "Manteca, there be an ill wind a blowin' out here. Tell the citizens who call to be wary cuz pirates are afoot!" One buccaneer was overheard telling a speeder, "Ye'll be signin in the red box lassie!" Many fleet ships have been heard around town with mysterious voices on the PA systems singing "Yo HO, Yo HO, a pirate's life for me!" After a pursuit of a suspect driving a stolen motorcycle ended and we caught the suspect, someone asked me if the bad guy had asked for "Parlay". I of course responded, "No. We brought the long guns to bear!' And of course when the drunk driver ran off the freeway, a passing pirate was heard over the PA system yelling, "MAN OVERBOARD!" We''re using our pirate names today. You can imagine the looks on people's faces..... -- Iron Henry Rackham

What we heard before the day:

Casual Pirate Day: "I had never heard of "Talk like a Pirate Day" until I went to work today. I work in the Dispatch Center for the Anchorage Police Department in Alaska. I found out about this unusual holiday when I was told that we were going to be allowed to wear civilian clothes on Sunday. When I asked what the occaision was I was told it was "Talk Like a Pirate Day"! I didn't believe them at first (I'm new to the Dispatch Center). But they assured me it was a real holiday. We discussed Dispatching Officers talking like pirates, but decided that would be frowned upon. Thanks for the excuse to dress down and to get a few good laughs." - Robin

Radio drama: The Atlanta (Georgia) Radio Theatre Company will be celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day with dramatic readings from Brad Strickland's and Thomas E. Fuller's "Pirate Hunter" books at the Barnes & Noble bookstore just north of Perimeter Mall on Sunday, 19 September, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Duck! John Henry's Broadway Revue in Eugene, Ore. will hold a "Talk Like a Pirate Day" celebration, burlesque and variety starting at 10 p.m. Sept. 19.

High pirate art: The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Calif. is featuring an exhibition that includes a video installation, Vexation Island, 1997, of a beautiful island with a lost gentleman in a flowy white shirt with his parrot. Rodney Graham: A Little Thought runs November 29.

Never too young: I just wanted to let you know that our 2-year-old daughter named Trinity was born on International Talk Like A Pirate Day (which a coworker turned me on to last August) and we will be blending this theme with Dora the Explorer's Pirate Adventure Movie theme with an awesome array of decorations and games. We've even created an authentic pirate map (complete with blowtorch holes) with family-named islands and a a big red treasure "X" mark for a "pin-the-treasure-chest-on-the-X" game. We will have Jolly Roger cake toothpicks, etc. So, thanks for the inspiration and know that there is at least one little birthday girl that will always celebrate ITLAP Day. Arrrrrr!!!! Tim Roe

Pirate library search: The Seeley G. Mudd Library at Lawrence University has developed a pirate-friendly library home page in honor of TLAPD. - / Antoinette Powell (author of the TLPD library home page)

DLAPD: I write on behalf of a bunch of accountants who have embraced ITLAP day after first discovering the joys of Drinking Like a Pirate (DLAPing). Looking for a reason to once again get together and DLAP we found ITLAP Day and rejoiced at the opportunity to dress like pirates and make fools of ourselves in front of the commonfolk. Our plans are simple: 1. Put pirate costumes made for 4 year olds onto our 200lb+ bodies 2. There'll be a minimum a 5 of us and one wench 3 kegs 3. Buy a Pirate slip& slide 4. Drink, dance and be merry! - Cheers. Paul (Cap'n Cordoroy Jenkins)

After-school pirates: This is such a great idea! I have told corny pirate jokes to the kids in my after school program for years. I talk like a pirate some days to liven the mood here at our Boys & Girls Club. I found out about this site in a Sports Weekly column and checked it out, now all 4 of our after school sites will be celebrating talk like a pirate day(on Monday). We will be celebrating this holiday for years to come. Thanks, - Joshua "me timbers ar shivered" Gregory

From Korea to Fort Knox:"... last year, while in Korea (six kilometers south of North Korea on the DMZ), we had an entire Cavalry Troop talking like Pirates. One of my soldiers kept talking about it for weeks before Sep. 19th. Pretty soon, everyone in our Scout Platoon was anticipating the holiday by practicing their "pirate talk". Well, the day finally arrived and we were preparing for our Fall Gunnery at the Korean Training Center doing a testing phase called the BCPC. Nothing sounds more piraty than the letters BCPC spoken aloud with a heavy accent. Soon others outside of our platoon (namely people in charge)wanted to know exactly what the hell we were doing acting like fools with all the Arrrrs, and such. Didn't take long for the explination to make the rounds and soon our entire Cavalry Troop (C Troop, 4th Squadron 7th Cavalry Regiment GARRY OWEN!) was talking like pirates. We killed many targets with 25 MM Bushmaster Autocanon sabot and highexplosive rounds that holiday. Had the North Koreans invaded on that day, they wouldn't have stood a chance. Congrats on your fun idea, and I'm eagerly awaiting Sunday now to get my soldiers here at Ft Knox to all "talk like a pirate" for the day." - SGT Will Wisner

Pirate dinner: Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando is hosting a special Talk Like A Pirate Day dinner party on Sept. 19.

More pirates in uniform: "Just wanted to let you guys know that we are celebrating Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day here at the Intelligence Directorate (J-2), Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR) located in Stuttgart, Germany. ...We kinda started late, so there'll be no hats, eyepatches or other necessary pirate gear. We have a few navy guys here in the office. Don't know if they'll participate. One of them says he won't because he's afraid he'd show us all up!! Arrr, he don't be knowing the first thing about piracy! I think even our boss (a full-fledged Colonel) will be participating. I'm wishing I could get the Commanding General to participate, but he's out of town I've heard. Oh well... Next year, I'll be at 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and will probably be in Iraq. Well, one thing's for sure, if I'm there on 19 Sep, we'll be celebrating probably the FIRST "Talk-Like-A-Pirate" Day in Iraq! Arrrr!" -- Eric Turner AKA: "Bloody Palgrave Dagger" [Note: Not to contradict one of our country's finest, but units in Baghdad celebrated TLAPD 2003 and are planning for TLAPD '04]

There once was a pirate from Perth: Who put together a wee page announcing Talk Like A Pirate Day, complete with his own downloadable flyer.

Pirate High School: Because of Talk Like a Pirate day, my friend who reads morning announcements at our high school thought it would be funny to, on Talk Like a Pirate Day, read ALL of the announcements like a pirate. Aaaaaand he did. .... For an ENTIRE YEAR of morning announcements, he said, "Goooooooood morning, Hanford High School! Today is [day], [month] [date]th, meaning only [number] days left of school, guys! YAAARRR!!" Every. Day. He still does it this year, now, too. ... A BUNCH of my friends and I are celebrating Talk Like A Pirate day by dressing up! Unfortunately, it falls on a Sunday this year, so we're dressing up the Friday before. So far, we've gotten my AP Physics teacher, my drama teacher, and my literature teacher to agree to dress up as well. Our physics teacher even gave us extra credit for giving him things he could add to his pirate outfit. -- Rosemary

Sing like a pirate: Hello, i am a 19 year old Australian girl, and i stumbled across your site one day, i think it was on a random site generator... Well, for the past 100 and something days i've been thinking what a cool idea it is, having a talk like a pirate day! So, my friends and i have plans. We're taking it one step further than just talking. We're acquiring piratey songs, such as songs from the children's group the Wiggles, (hey hey hey, we're all pirate dancing, and other captain feathersword related songs) and the soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean, Monty Python's Accountancy Shanty, and some sea shanties etc, and some pirate movies, such as Yellow Beard, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Muppet Treasure Island, and we're all p lanning on wearing big hoop earrings and any piratey clothes we happen to own. It should be GREAT fun!! we WERE going to get a whole bunch of us and go to barnacle Bills (i don't know if you have it there, but it's a seafood place) and sit there eating fish going "ARRRRR!!!" but we can't unfortunately, as this is in the middle of our busy time of year for uni! So, i just wanted you guys to know what we're doing, and that even if you WERE just being completely silly with it, so are we! And we are going to have heaps of fun with it! -- Maid Marian

Wee baby pirates: Hiya, my names Kimmie and I work for a fantasy creche called 'Dream' which is situated in Romford, Essex, England. just letting you know that we our creche (usually inhabited by faerie entertainers who amuse the kids while their parents go shopping) which is going to be taken over by PIRATES!!! YAAAAH! On saturday 18th September and Monday 20th (see now we are closed on the actual 19th :( Poo) we're planning a whole two days of pirate goings on with pirate face painting, pirate games, treasure hunts, us faeries dressed as pirates, dressing the kids up and taking their photos and digitally putitng pirates on and stuff, all our puppets and soft toys with eye patches and general pirate nuttyness....oh and we're going to talk like pirares for the day too!! I sooooooo cant wait!! Gonna have a jolly roger flying outside the shop too!! Woo!! -- Kimmie aka Cap'n Gertrude Pegleg

Feel the spirit: I can't wait! Only five days until International Talk Like a Pirate Day! It's one of my favorite holidays, up there with Groundhog Day. Since ITLAPD falls on Sunday this year, I had to think of some good ways to incorporate it into the day's church activities. (Too bad we're having a guest preacher, or I would try to convince our pastor to pirate Rev. Red Robin's sermon from your website!) I have to go to a church meeting right after the morning worship service. The meeting organizer wants to kick it off with some kind of game, and she enlisted my help. Based on suggestions from your website, I came up with Pass the Pirate Patch - kind of like hot potato, but each person has to put on an eye patch. Whoever has on the eye patch when the pirate music stops is out and has to walk the plank. The last person left will win some cool pirate booty, gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins. The ITLAPD festivities won't stop there, though. That afternoon I will take my greyhounds and the church youth group to our local nursing home for our monthly visit. (We call it "Grey Hounds and Grey Hairs.") The youth director is going to have the youth make eye patches to wear and little treasure chests to give to the residents. I'm sure it's gratifying to know that ITLAPD has such spiritual value. Arrrr! Betty Jean Jordan

Coincidence? Or fate?: I just stumbled across your website while searching for pirate music on google... Bizarrely, I'm putting on a Pirate Party on Saturday 18th, at The Exeter Inn in Barnstaple, England, and was mightily impressed to find that there is even such a thing as Talk Like A Pirate Day, let alone that it takes place the very next day! I run a small promotions company in North Devon, England, and the event was planned as a kind of back to college / university, end of summer kind of thing. It's the same day as Barnstaple carnival, and I wanted to continue the carnival atmosphere for the gig, so naturally chose pirates as a theme; it's been something of an obsession of mine for some time... At the moment we're working on decorating the whole pub, with portholes, ropes and barrells, hanging a sail and rigging behind the stage, cannons lined up along the front, and transforming the sound desk into a crow's nest. I've booked a ska band, a classic rock band and a couple of DJs, all of whom are obliged to come in costume, as are staff. I'm even charging £2 to get in on the door, unless people come in costume, in which case it's free. Anyway, I'll be sure to mention Talk Like A Pirate Day and plug your website a bit when I'm introducing bands! Sorry if this email seems a little pointless and rambling, I was just delighted to find out about what you guys are doing! I'd better get back to making my costume - Adam Ant in his pirate persona. - Richard

Carryin' pirattitude to the tykes: Now that I has me pirate plans mapped out, I kin share with ye what I plans t'do fer me pirate weekend. First, I will be visitin' me cabin boys' school in me finest fockcoat t'let all them cabin boys and girls hear about this glorious day. I'll be speakin' t'me youngest's Kindergarten class and has made 'em a packet full o' piratey things likes colorin' pages and an (abridged) glossary o'pirate speak. Fer me older cabin boy's class (4th grade), I've made an ever bigger packet o'information on pirates, pirate flags, pirate money (explainin' where the term "pieces of eight" came from), points o'the compass and the parts o'the ship. Since they be older (and probably plays them violent video games) they gets the unabridged version o'the glossary. Then, t'top me day off I be meetin' up with me mates in the San Diego Star Wars Society fer out monthly meetin'. Last year we had us a pirate movie marathon and I be tryin' t'get them t'do it again. -- Captain Grey (aka Donna Keeley)

Blastin' pirates: Avast there ye land locked lack a beards! This year the Flying Monkee Pyro Team will be celebrating like we did last year, by blowing shit up!! That's right, matey we'll be lobbin a barrage of shells at the Thunderboats Race at Fiesta Island (Calif.)We'll be loading our guns, invading the shores, and launching a few hundred across the bows of those foolish enough to stand against us. That's Fiesta Island on Sept. 18th in our finest gear, with sword and cap by our side, and an Arrr in our hearts ( ok so what's left of our hearts). So eat your wishes boyo, cuz we'll be partying like pyro-ites and swillin grog when we have shot our guns to the last man jack. If you are in the area, lift a glass and salute. the Flying Monkees have struck again. -- The Lady Raven, Pyro Mistress ,Flying Monkees Pyro Team

Sailin' the boundin' ... plain? Ahoy there! If ye scurvy Midwestern landlubbers are sufferin' from pirate envy, fear not! The University of Iowa Loose Association of Very Silly People (UILAVSP) in association with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) will be handing out eyepatches and newspaper pirate hats from 10-2 at the UI Pentacrest on Friday, Sept. 17 in preparation for this year's Talk Like A Pirate Day. Now there's no excuse not to fly your colors and show your pirattitude proudly! -- Bob Arens

Hunting for booty, Geocache style: I will be placing a Geocaching cache with a pirate theme. The cache will be located in the middle of the Sonoran desert. Geocaching is a treasure-hunting game played with a GPS receiver. Caches are hidden and the Geocachers go out and find the treasures. Go to to read about this fun hobby. My caching name is Arizona Birder. I will also release a travel bug - a stuffed Polly Parrot - so it can travel to pirate infested areas. See the Web page for details. In addition, some of the more fun-loving members of our office staff will be celebrating TLAPD at our work site. We work in the Administrative area of a large corporation, so we sure DO NOT want our corp name published, but you can sign my pirate name. - Bumbling Billy!!!

Alpine piracy: I just thought I'd let you know about the party we're planning. This year the L-Bonian National Conference will be celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate day by travelling to Lausanne, Switzerland for a weekend drinking beer. L-Bonians will be present from England, Scotland, The Netherlands and Switzerland so it should be a good laugh. keep up the good work fellas ! -- Coatsie

Antipodean equinoz: To celebrate the briny depths of the Southern Ocean (arrrg, she is a hard, cold sea, she is) and her splendid beautiful beaches, The Smaills Beach Beachcare group is havin' the Smaills Equinox Dance Party. Arr, on the delightful, nearly tropical but somewhat more sub-antarctic shores of Smaills Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand. Just 5 gold pieces will get you some pirate-booty-shakin' beats, so you can hitch up yer britches and do a little jig. Just a short row from Tomahawk Lagoon (arrgghh) off Karetai Rd. September 18th-19th. Arrrr, so heave to, grab your scabbard and penguin and come along, me heartys. Aye, its for a good cause. And if yer makin' fer trouble, we'll skin ye like a dog and feed ye to the fishes. Arrr. -- Gertrude, the hoary bint.

Calgary pirates: Just a message in a bottle t'tell ya we in Calgary, Canada are planning a big-deal Talk Like a Pirate Day event, wherein we round up all the buccaneers we can find, sail down to the local 'red hued seafood chain restaurant', dressed as pirates and be boisterously in character, get all liquored up on the rum and grog and pay for our meals in Canadian bullion (our gold coloured Canadian dollar coins) dumped from a wooden chest. We figure they'll either call 911 or have us back ever year. We'll be sure to send you a group photo whether taken in the restaurant or the back of a paddy wagon. Thanks for starting a great holiday! -Jeffrey "Recovering from scurvy" (formerly known as "Stickybeard but I shaved") Hanni

Sailin' an' singin': We'll be aboard the world's oldest active sailing ship, the Star of India (1863), in San Diego, CA. The Star of India is hosting their annual Sea Chantey Day on the 19th from 11 am to 5 pm, featuring our best local pirate band, The Jackstraws, among others. Check it out. - Ingred in San Diego

Costa Mesa pirates: Celebratin' on the Great Day in September we be - and I ain't referring to no nancy Mooncake Festival on the 28th!! In case yer keepin' score on the farflung effects o'yer noble cause. Arrrr!! - The Dread Pirate Lee

Books ahoy: Ahoy there. Just want ed to give you aheads up that we scurvey librarians in the Youth Department at the Birmingham (Ala.) Public Library will be celebrating a whole month of talk like a pirate day. You can check out our web page at: I hope to have pictures up after the event. Arrggghhh!!

Holy pirates! "Up in Bloomington, MN, the crew of the Cedar Valley Church video team on the 19th will be talkin' all nautical-like whilst performing their duties, with cameras one and two re-named 'the port camera' and 'the starboard camera' for the occassion. We be runnin' a tight ship that day, matey! YARR!"

Parattitude knows no national boundaries: "I just wanted to thank you, because I was just looking for some information about pirates, who could help me to prepare my son´s birthday. He´s birthday is on 19.09. and we decided to celebrate it in Pirate´s Style, so we saw, that this is the very right decision. My son get 8 years and name is Hugo and like most of boys he likes to play pirate-games. I could find here very good ideas and costumes for the children who will come to this party. Thank you once more and I wish you more and more good ideas for the future!!!" -- Best wishes, Kristin from Estonia

Geek Pirates o' Kentucky:The Louisville Science Fiction and Fantasy Readers Group and the The Vault SF Writer's Group (Louisville, Ky) set sail Sept. 18 on the Dark Ship Geekdom for an evening o' pirate movies, pirate games, and "Rum, Grog, Parrots, or Monkeys."

Pirates of the Chili Be-an: That's the theme o' this year's charity chili cookoff in Placer County, Calif. The event's not till Oct. 7, but that oughta give the cooks plenty o'l time t' brush up on their Arrrrrrs and Ayyyyyes.

Flat Branch pirates: It'll be pirate talk all night an' cheap grog, too, at Flat Branch Pub and Brewing in Columbia, Missouri.

Wee pirates o' the Outback: Quambone School will be talkin’ like pirates on Friday 17th September because we will be at home napping on Sunday 19th. We talked like pirates last year too, and even have the pictures to prove it! (Which is pretty funny considering we are in the middle of the Australian outback and a good day’s drive from the sea. ) -- Cheers, Jane Kibble, Principal, Quambone Public School

Lit'rary Pirates: The Sept. 18 issue of Green Man Review, the arts & literature review, will review The Pirate Guys' book, along with assorted commentary on a piratical theme.

Pirates of the Carribbean Ball: On Saturday, September 18 in Canberra, Australia in recognition of Talk like a Pirate Day, featuring the music of Earthly Delights, billed as "one of Australia's most inventive and interactive folk-world-medieval music bands." Costumes, "original pirate dances" and all manner of fun. Read more here.

Progressive pirate party: Here on the landlocked prairie o’ Kansas City, we’ll be havin’ a progressive TLAP Day party! The landlubbers will come aboard the first ship at 6 bells after sundown. At half past 7, we’ll set sail for the second locale. Be ye assured that we’ll be havin’ tasty grub and grog, including Pirate-tinis! We’ll be amusing ourselves with plenty o’ pirate games—like “Pin the Parrot on the Pirate” for winning some booty! This event is for seadogs and saucy wenches only…guests have to leave the wee ones in port. Guests are asked to “ARRRRR.S.V.P.” ...or walk the plank! The invitation includes requisite eye patches and directs all of our scurvy guests to visit to learn useful pirate lingo, find a pirate name, and create a costume fit for a buccaneer! -- “Brenda of the Bounding Main” and “Dawn o’ the Prairie Lagoon”

Disney pirates UK: Thought you would like to know that 19th September 2004 is also the premiere broadcast of Disney Channel Kids Awards 2004 on the Disney Channel UK at 10am. This year the theme is 'pirates' (think Pirates of the Caribbean' rather than 'Peter Pan') so it's quite probable that there will be a few "ya-hars" and "shiver me timbers". Best of luck with your day. -- Howard Myers, production director, Walt Disney Television International, UK

Swashbuckling ferry operators: I (don't) represent the Inland Boatman's Union of the US of A. We are the blue collar schmoes that operate ferries and tugs from San Diego to Alaska to Hawaii.... Anywho, I thought it would be very funny if IBU types did the eye patch / parrot / hat / ARRRGH thing on NTLAP Day. I will spread the word in my own small way thru word of mouth and a few e-mails. -- bObtOOce

Pirate drinking game: We are having a party and watching the 1950 version of Treasure Island with Robert Newton as Long John Silver. (The Best) Every time he says "Arrrrrh" everyone downs a shot. Still looking for a stuffed parrot. -- Anon.

If yer down St. Augustine, Florida way on Sept. 19th, drop by Scarlett O'Hara's Restaurant for Talk Like A Pirate Day festivities. We have some of the local reenactors, myself included, dressing out and hanging out with the tourists. We also have a group from the restoration area coming over to sing some bawdy sea shanties. -- Capt. Tom of the Maiden's Pub Association

Square-rigged pirattitude: i'll be including information on talk like a pirate day and your web site in our elissa log, the newsletter of the elissa crew. in case you don't know about elissa, she is a restored 1877 three masted barque in galveston, texas. we take her out sailing every march for sea trials and spend the rest of the year learning to sail a traditional square rigged ship, and keeping her restored. you can check her out at . as you can well imagine, the crew has more than a passing interest in pirates.we will be having one of our "fun musters" the 18th, after dinner we will be watching "master and commande" in the theatre of the museum. i'm sure everyone will be talking like pirates! - laura griffin, editor, the elissa log

Arrrrrrrt! Cap'n Marrrrrr-garet Pesek writes: Due to a great love of all things pirate among Nashville artists (well, some of us), the Plowhaus Artists Cooperative will be hosting "AAAARRT!" -- the pirate art show -- on September 18th. And I've been asking everyone to wear pirate and/or pirate-inspired clothing in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day... so I put the web address on the artist's call for invitation & the press release, should anyone not know about the day already. Just wanted you to know. YARRR!

Pirates in Baghdad: I'll be briefing this to the brigade commander in a few weeks so that at least the headquarters can celebrate the day. He may have me shot, however... or walk the plank...AAARRRR! Excelsior! - Jerry Nesto, rLTC, MPDeputy Commander,16th MP Brigade (Airborne), Baghdad, Iraq

Pirate Pizza Potty: We be writin' to ye from Flying Pie Pizzaria in the fair city of Boise to let ye in on our scurvy Talk Like a Pirate day plans. Last year we celebrated aptly but this year we be takin' it up a notch. We're remodeling one of our bathrooms into a pirate scene complete with a mural of buried treasure and a proud pirate. We'll even have a skull toilet brush holder! Our 3D bathrooms have become quite the hit and our deadline for this new bathroom is the fateful TLAP day. We'll celebrate with plenty o' grog and temporary tatoos for the landlubbers (aka customers) and scallywags (vendors and the unsuspecting mailman).

Hail, Columbia! The Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago first heard about TLAPD just in time to party, and they're planning to do it up bigger and better with their first-ever Pirates Ball on September 18 (handily leaving the 19th for the traditional hangovers). Activities chair Tracy ("my husband owns a 1929 Alden Schooner and undeniably has pirate blood in his veins") Howard writes "I don't exactly know what this will entail as yet, but you can be sure there will be a lot of 'arrrrrr'-ing going on."

Shiver Me Timbers, Indeed: They'll be celebratin' Talk Like A Pirate Day at Club 90, "The pride of Antarctica" - that's right, there's a bar at the South Pole. "All of our crew is aware of yon holiday, and will revel in the bounty of our liquor," writes one o' the ice-locked pirates o' the pole.

Sail Like A Pirate: The Schooner Heritage, part o' the famous Maine windjammers, is celebratin' Talk Like a Pirate Day! Cap'ns Doug and Linda Lee will set sail Sept. 19 out o' Rockport, Maine, fer a six-day "Arrrgh, Talk Like a Pirate!" cruise along the picturesque coastline of Maine. The Lees use costumes, props and imagination - along with plenty o' pirate talk - to bring the pirattitude to live The trip costs $805 per person, all meals included - plus a traditional lobster bake on the beach (buried treasure is yours to keep if you can find it)!

Shippin' Out: The Delaware Art Museum celebratesTalk Like A Pirate Day with a gala party as it gets ready t' close its temporary home on the Wilmington riverfront and pack up to return to its newly renovated digs, which open in March 2005. Delaware art-lovers are encouraged to dress like pirates for the party, on Saturday, Sept. 18th, featuring a "Captain Jack Sparrow" impersonator and music by Jimmy and the Parrots. Read more about it here.

We're feelin' more secure by the minute: Richard Lord writes:"I be workin' for the U.S Department of Homeland Security, and I be lettin' me buckos (limited to a select group with a sense of humors) at work know 'bout this year's observance ... Things tend to be a might heavy at work at times, and me thinks this be a lightenin' things up a bit what with us chasin' down real like pirates and all."