Talk Like a Pirate Day 2007

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What did ye do on September 19th?

(Part II)

Around the world, by region:

North America



Calgary - "I be a biology teacher at a college here in Calgary Alberta. I've taken to starting classes on the Great Day with some swaggerin' and pirate talk. It's hard to continue for too long - the Pirate Language Generators won't do anything with "Cellular Respiration" - but for the rest of the class I make students ask questions by calling out "Ahoy, Cap'n!" (I don't respond to raised hands [or hooks, or whatever].) There are few things students enjoy more than seeing their instructor make an ass of himself." - Michael 'Greybeard' Pollock, Mount Royal College

British Columbia

Vancouver, B.C. - For Talk Like a Pirate Day 2006, Captain Jhayne Homes organized a flashmob for piratey goodness, complete with cardboard ships, cannons, hookers and blow. Pirates of all ages and races descended upon Grandview Park in Vancouver, BC to keelhaul any land-lubbers in the area. Photos here.

Vancouver, B.C. - The BC Renfest crew held its second Talk Like A Pirate Day potluck feast on Saturday, Sept. 15 at Jericho Beach, starting at noon and continuing till dusk. Pirate garb is highly recommended. More information here.

Vancouver, B.C. - Lowbrow on the High Seas , a showcase of pirate-themed art was featured at Pat's Pub on Saturday (September 15), along with music by The Hits, the Zip Guns, and the Big Bad.

Nova Scotia

Eastern Shore - The second annual Eastern Shore Pirate Festival took place September 15th. and 16th.,2007, at Salmon River Bridge in the community of Jeddore.

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia - "We'll be celebrating TLAPD at the Lawrencetown Library," writes Angela Reynolds, head of youth services. "From 2:45- 4:00 PM we've invited pirates of all ages for games, crafts, songs, stories, and costume prizes. There's a link on our website, on the kids page, so yes, it is open to the public and yes, you can add it to the list of celebrations world-wide!"


London - Westminster Secondary School promoted TLAPD the entire week before, and had several several events and prizes, as well as taking over the school announcements in the morning on September 19th. Funsd raised from a pirate auction went the school's charity for the month, The United Way.

Toronto - "Here in Muddy York (also known to landlubbers as Toronto), we’ll be wearin our Jolly Roger socks, tossin down our daily ration of rum, and singing Fair Ladies of Spain. And that’s at work! Hoist the jib, and let some wind into that sail. For tomorrow we’ll be at our most eloquent and pyratical!" - Cap’n Quint, Master of the Chicken of the Sea

Wallacetown- The Dutton Dunwich HORIZON released a special edition of their biweekly community newspaper completly translated into Pirate Jargon. And on Sept. 28-30, the Wallacetown Agricultural Society's 2007 Rural fair will take on a "Pixies & Pirates" theme, with plans on Friday to set a Guiness World Record for the most pirates in one location, starting at 7 p.m. at the Grandstand. 149 kilometres north of Windsor Ontario on Highway 401. (or 32 kilometres west of London Ontario on the 401)


Montreal - YarRrrr Production be proud t' present Buccaneers's Chumbucket on Septembree 22nd,an amazin' rave t' celebrate th' International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Multiple bands, decorations and free stuff. Tickets 15.00 - in advance from Psychonaut, 154 Prince-Arthur; $20.00 - at the door.

Yukon Territories

White Horse - Environment Yukon (a government department fo the Yukon Territorial Government) actively recruited and celebrated TLAPD! So add Whitehorse, Yukon to your International list or we'll come down from north of 60o and pillage ye! -- Black Tom Kidd and Cap'n Jenny Rackham

United States (by state)


Auburn - Eccentric Gifts & Balloons sponsored its thrd TLAPD celebration and pirate sale; customers who dress like pirates get special discounts. After the store closes, they gang will retire to the Olde Auburn Ale House for Costume contests, Limerick contests and of course lots of local-made Grog.

Vestavia Hills - "My husband and I have been celebrating ITLAPD for a couple of years, and this year I got a new job at a local middle school whose football team is the Pirates! So...for ITLAPD this year, I made an activity sheet for my 8th grade French students. It had a list of English words that they had to first find the French word for and then pronounce in their best "pirate" voice. Like this: how does a French pirate say "good-bye"? Answer: "Au reVWAAAARRRRR!" And so forth. Then there was a question section: What's a French pirate's favorite city? --PAAARRRRR-eeeee!! And so forth. It was huge fun! Sorry you missed it." -Leigh Noble, Pizitz Middle School


Palmer - The Mat-Su Alaska Harley Owners Group celebrated its third year of International Talk like a Pirate Day "Our party is held at the Denali Harley Davidson Shop in Palmer Alaska, always on the 19th from 6 to 10 p.m. We have approximately 50 bikers attend with bikers dressed like pirates, rides with treasure maps and prizes making a fun filled eveing. Entrance only costs a can of chowder that goes into the communal pot, making a really good meal. Prizes are awarded for the best boat crew, best pirate talk and best costume. It truly makes a grand way to cruise the local seas with fun, frivolity and fanfare." - Dave Anderton


Phoenix - Estrella Mountain Regional Park west of Phoenix hosted a Talk Like A Pirate Day party for pre=schoolrs at 9 a.m. on the 19th. "Pirates Of The Estrellas" invites the little ones to join Anne Bonney (aka park ranger Patricia Armstrong ), the infamous female pirate, for pirates-in-the-desert treasure hunt to teach the kids the fundamentals of how to read a map and use a compass.Tell a pirate yarn or walk the plank! A fun program for kids and adults (the Ranger loves these treasure hunt programs too).

Phoenix - Special Talk Like A Pirate Day screening of the new, award-winning independent film, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake, 7:30 pm, Harkins Scottsdale/101, 7000 E Mayo Blvd, Cost: $5.00


Fayetteville - The Van Buren and Alma public libraries celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day all day on Wednesday, and Alma has a pirate craft party for kids 6-12 at 3:30 p.m.


Anaheim - "Our homeschool group / will be celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day at our annual 'NOT Back to Schoo' Day at Disneyland! We will be at the big CALIFORNIA sign at 2 pm for a picture of our group. Hopefully, there will be plenty of tye dye'd pirates at the photo!" -- Michelle Huelle

Anaheim - More pirates at Disneyland: " September 19th be my own birthday, so I'll be thankin' me mates for givin me the best holiday a wench could wish for. I be goin' to Disneyland to celebrate on me favorite ride, of course!" - Pirate Wench Debi

Angels Camp - This weekend is the Jousting Championships in Angels Camp and we are planning on being buccaneers and wenches in the finest fashion! - Eileen Sullivan

Berkeley - Brandon "Ye Scruffy Bastard" Williamscraig and friends hosted a private shindig for "pirates of many stripes (think Cat-O-9s) and dispositions (mostly foul, I'll warrant, aaarrrr...) most of whom aaahlready celebrate The Day, as we caahl it in these here paahrts."

Cosa Mesa - The Dread Pirate Lee and his Lusty Wench Vicki, assisted by Matt the Marauder, hosted their private TLAPD Pre-Party on September 16th. 55 pirates, from 6 weeks to 84 years old, hoisted the Jolly Roger and reveled in the glorious day. Many gallons of The Dread Pirate Lee's Scurvy Prevention Tonic were consumed, for medicinal purposes, along with piles of outstanding grub. A special appearance by Captain Jack Sparrow and his shipmate Bootstrap Benny, who just happened to be in the neighborhood, capped the largest TLAPD party ever held in west Costa Mesa!

Huntington Beach - The Thurkettle clan hosted a private Talk Like A Pirate Day party on Sept. 15, with the obligatory grub, grog, music and dancing.

Laverne - International Talk Like a Pirate Day Party, Mrs. Nelsons Toy and Book Shop, 1030 Bonita Avenue, LaVerne, California. Participants were invited to join Cap'n Margo to lern how to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in style, with crafts and activities.

Long Beach - Punk Rock Pirate Party at the Blue Cafe, 210 Promenade Way, Friday, Sept. 21. Music by The Lowclass, Blue Milestone and Blunt; pirate costume contest, buried treasure, wench auction and free swag. $10 admissio; $5 if you're dressed like a pirate.

Los Angeles - The Pirate Guys themselves were guests of honor at Studio City Tattoo's third annual Talk Like A Pirate Day party on the 19th. Music, food, bawdy and boisterous buccaneers, a plenitude of piratical paraphernalia to purchase, and a hellacious good deal on a skull and crossbones tattoo. It lasted all day and into the evening, with plenty of freebooter fun for all!

Los Angeles - Special Talk Like A Pirate Day screening of the new, award-winning independent film, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake, with a special appearance by The Pirate Guys. 7:30 pm at the Fairfax Cinemas, 7907 Beverly Blvd. Cost: $6.00. See the film's MySpace page for details

Los Angeles - Talk back to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End on TLAPD at El Capitan Theater, 6838 Hollywood Blvd. 7:30 showing, free admission and goodies for those in costume. NOTE: RSVP REQUIRED to:

Los Angeles - R-Bar, 3331 W. 8th St near Irolo in Korea-town, had Talk Like A Pirate Day drink specials for "all the crazy mateys who wear something pirate-y and a swift kick in the pants for those who say "AAAAAAArrrrrr" 10 too many times!!!"

Oakland - The Warehouse, 402 Webster St, Oakland celebratee its second TLAPD. They write: "Being in the produce section of town makes it the perfect place to hoist a few in honor of Talk like a Pirate Day. We will be serving up a pirates buffet and raising money for charity. Want to let all the scurvy dogs and wenches know where to hook up on the 19th."

Ojai - Lake Casitas swarms with Pirates for the last two weekends in September as the Gold Coast Pirate Faire comes ashore.

Palo Alto - "I'm a drama teacher at a middle school, so I'm planning to speak pirate as much as possible all day, and encourage my students to do so, and asking the students who do the daily announcements to start them off speaking pirate... I have several teacher friends who will also speak pirate throughout the day... Fun!" - Jeanie Forte, Jordan Middle School

Redondo Beach - Donna McCormack didn't realize what she was gettin' into last year when she picked Sept. 19 as the grand opening date for her new store, Aardvaark. Now she knows - so tthey talked and dressed like pirates for their first anniversary, too.

Sacramento - Second annual Talk Like A Pirate Day party was held September 15 at Port Claussen/Huth. Festivities will include pirate crew games, potluck style dinner and contests for most Pirattitude and best handmade shrunken head. "We are again not only expecting our guests to talk like pirates but dressing like them as well. It'll be a night to remember mateys!" - Valerie Claussen (private party)

San Diego - The Oceanside Civic Center Library hosted a pirate party Sept. 19 in honor of TLAPD, Librarians are getting out their pirate garb and polishing up their lingo to capture the spirit of the day and pique reader interest in the library's collection of high seas adventure books. Among the guests: Carlsbad publisher Robert Gould, who talked about the creation of “Patch,” a pirate book for children.

San Francisco - The staff at Barbary Coast Consulting planned a Talk Like A Pirate Cocktail Hour after work on Sept. 19. Now that be a civilized workplace!

San Francisco - - For TLAPD at the Park Branch library, Cathy Delneo:

  • Moved the "Books Ahoy!" banner to the bulletin board in our Kid's Area ...
  • Put all their pirate books on display for a few weeks.
  • Mmade a booklist of all the library's pirate books for kids
  • Will be reading pirate stories to the kids at storytime this week
  • They'll be singing our favorite (modified) sea shanty at our program for 0-2 years of age on Thursday. You don't know fun until you've watched 40 babies being tossed in the air while their caregivers sing this one: What do you do with a happy baby/ What do you do with a happy baby/ What do you do with a happy baby/ Early in the morning?/ Roll her around and tickle her all over!/ Roll her around and tickle her all over!/ Roll her around and tickle her all over!/ Early in the morning!

Torrance - Ryan Castle organized a Talk Like A Pirate Day party Sept. 19 at Killian Irish Pub and Grill, 2355 Pacific Coast Highway . He writes: "Should the scurvy managers see the way the winds are blowin, they'll give particular preference to piratical patrons ... but it'll be worth the voyage regardless. Throw this port in as ya make yer rounds about the Spanish Main, mates! Good drinks, good food, and even gooder buccaneers!"

Walnut Creek - "I tie Pirate Day into my Social Studies. We study maps, legends, and landmarks. Then I have my students draw a picture of the playground with landmarks like the slide, the water fountain, etc. I hide a cardboard treasure chest for each student and personalize each of their maps with an X that marks the spot. After a week of reading great pirate literature for kids, I suggest we go on a treasure hunt. I give each student his/her map. When he/she finds the X they find their own personal treasure chest which is filled with fun fake jewels and goodies. Then each student gets to decorate the chest with fake jewels, glitter, etc". Paula Shaw

Yorba Linda - Encore Academy of Performing Arts celebrated TLAPD by decorating the classrooms in pirate decor. All of the teachers dressed up, and all kids attending classes wore eye patches and were not allowed to enter class unless they spoke in "pirate-ese". The drama classes created short scenes about pirates, and the vocal music class sang "A pirates life for me". I can't imagine a better place to celebrate! -- Andrea Fouts, Directo


Boulder - The Colorado Judo League promoted TLAPD on its on-line calendar of events. Writes John MIller, "It's been long known among many of us that Judo players would make good pirates and were proabaly drawn to the sport 'cause of lack of job opportunities in the current pirratical trades. Fact is, over 20 year's ago, during a party in Boulder, Colorado, a judo instructor looked around at the scurvy characters in attendance and made the astute observation that "ya know somethin? Judo players would make good pirates." Shortly thereafter, the party got out of hand, but that story is part of the public record, and I don't care to discuss it."

Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins and Aurora - Colorado's Geeks Who Drink pub quiz offered a one point head start to anyone dressed like a Pirate at any of their Wednesday night quizzes on 9.19. If yer whole crew is garbed, that's a six-point head start! The Trailhead Tavern, West Mountain Avenue in Fort Collins, 8:30pm; The Irish Rover Pub , 54 S. Broadway Denver, 8pm; Pearl Street Grill, 1477 S. Pearl St. Denver 8:30 pm Snooks Lounge: 77th St. and Washington Ave, Thornton, 7pm; McCabe's Bistro: Southlands Mall, Aurora 8pm. Here's a report.

Denver - The Sunken Bones Society is holdin' a TLAPD party on Sept. 22 to raise funds to help restore the Cutty Sark to its' original glory. As many already know, the Cutty Sark was burned back in May, and, while she never served under the Roger, she was one o' the fastest ships of her age, and one o' the few remainin' links the to golden age of sail. Join the fun on Saturday, Sept. 22 at Red & Jerry's in Denver, Colorado. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. and carousing goes on into the night.

Denver - Aquapup is hosting am hosting the first annual Single Divers Rocky Mountain Region Talk Like a Pirate Day Happy Hour on Friday, September 21st, 2007 in downtown Denver. Go to and view the event forum posting for details.

Denver - Patrick Carrolls, 3961 Tennyson, celebrated its first TLAPD with great pirate drink specials (can you say PBAarrrs, Plankwalkers, and Bilgewater?) and fun.

Golden - "Here at AST sports science we think its important to have piratitude once and a while! Thanks for the great idea. We are going all out for the big day." - Robyn Hansen

Lafayette - Captain Avery threw a Buccaneer Job Fair fer the middle-school pirates on Sept. 15. The young privateers were invited t' try out the full range o' ship's jobs, from Ship's Cook to Maurader, with appropriate interviews an' skill tests along th'way.

District of Columbia

Washington - "Just thought I would let you know that I just dined at the White House mess, in the White House, and the Navymen working there are celebrating talk like a pirate day - complete with hats, parrots, and patches." - Lily

Washington - At the Argonaut, a "classic H-Street bar" in the nation's capitol, they talked like pirates in honor of the day, (and then celebrate the bar's second birthday on Thursday).


In the Florida Straits - The Cap'n and crew of the Henry Goodrich, "at sea in the Florida Straights battlin future 'urrician Jerry!" found time to talk like pirates. - Allen-Paul Templet, Drilling Supervisor, Hydro Canada, Transocean Henry Goodrich

Largo - At the JSI Spar Shop in Largo, Florida on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, the crew is in the process of building masts and yards for a pair of three-masted pirate ships under construction in Tarpon Springs, Florida. These craft will take station, when complete, in St. Augustine, Florida and Padre Island, Texas, and like good pirate ships, begin separating tourists from their money by hook or by crook (or by taking them for boat rides.) Naturally, when working on these projects, our guys wear an eye patch (though it complicates welding) and have parrots on their shoulders.

Merrit Island - Thirsty Bones , a great little bar in Merritt Island, Florida near Cocoa Beach, teamed up with the Pyrates of the Coast to celebrate TLAPD on the 19th with a Pirate Costume Contest, giveaways, and more

Orlando -Lockheed Martin celebrated TLAPD during business hours, talkin' like pirates all day and then gathering for their Second Annual Afternoon Pirate Pillage party. There will be plenty of snack foods and booty prizes (such be pirate pens and pirate party favors) to go around at 2 pm. Pirates wanting to sharing something, are encouraged to plunder it from ye neighbor to bring to the Party. Talking pirates are instructed to be claiming their pirate names and bringing it to the Afternoon Pirate Pillage Party where they can be gettin' their Certificates of Participations and their special pirate Name tag. - Slashin' Josephine Smythe (Jennifer Riley Tussing)

Sarasota - "Every year on September 19th be talk like a pirate day, and every year on September 19th be my birthday. I be going to work, and be talking like a pirate all day and grabbing the wenches and swilling me rum. Thanks for making me birthday that much more exciting by scheduling talk like a pirate day on the same day. Ya'rgh! " - CES

South Florida - Captain Calico Jack and his mates from Pirates for Hire plunder south Florida and surrounding areas. They spent TLAPD maurauding local supermarkets (it's a paid gig) and then invading pubs in the area after work to plunder, pillage and take advantage o' the wenches.

Venice - Honoluana Island Grill, 222 Airport Ave. E. has a "pirate, tropical, tiki, fly in (we are at Venice Airport) theme going here. Come in on TLAPD for Wacky Wednesday Happy Hour and show us your best pirattitude. Pose pictures with our resident pirate or the bones in Jolly Janes Locker. Arrrrgh mates...we'll feed you too. Great food and good grog." - Jay, Marilyn, Ron & Jayme Westrom

Winter Park - JThere was a Redlight Redlight in Winter Park, FL. for the 3rd year in a row. They will have Piraat Ale and Heavy Seas on draft. See their MySpace page.


"On Navy duty in Guam this year so can't dress like a wench. But me be circulatin' the word and pirate stickers at me job and me celebrate after work at Jeff's Pirate Cove." -- CW, CAPT Iron Bess Rackha,


Arietta - After reading the article about the fencing tournament, and knowing that our Lassiter High School fencing team was also sponsoring a fencing tournament on the 22nd, I forwarded your newsletter to the team Mom, Carol Sullivan. Carol was THRILLED by the idea, and has changed our signs to include pirate-related themes. She has told our fencers about the event, and everyone is very excited. Our tournament is open to the public. -- Karen Pline

Atlanta - Neighbors Pub in Virginia-Highlands will be having a Pirate-fest for ITLAPD, with a contest for best dressed pirate and wench.

Newnan - The Costume Shop in downtown Newnan celebrated TLAPD on the 19th with face painting and refreshments (provided by the new Broad Street Bakery, a p.m. and a pirate costume contest (naturally!)


At sea - "We be celebratin the pirate speak all day far off shore here in Hawaii. Ayeloha!" - Allan Raikes


Boise - Special Talk Like A Pirate Day screening of the new, award-winning independent film, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake, 7:30 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St., Cost: $6.00. See the film's MySpace page for details as they emerge.

Boise - On those years when TLAPD falls on a rehearsal day, members of the Boise State University Blue Thunder Marching Band rehearse music and drill on the infamous Smurf Turf (ducks aren't the only ones who mistake it for water) in full piratical garb.


Belleville - Southwestern Illinois College celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day with a free outdoor showing of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" on the 19th.

Chicago - Booty crawl! Chicagoans were invited to celebrate with a their first annual Booty Crawl, and it promised to be a piratical blast, including a pirate's booty buffet, rum punch, domestic drafts and trolley service between McGee's, Wrightwood Tap, Durkin's, Duffy's and Redmond's!

Chicago - The faculty and staff at the Loyola University Writing Center "plan to swab the Writing Center deck and have our tutors walk the plank if they don't talk pi-rate." -- Dirty Mary Read and Jen who's trying to remember what her pirate name is. (We think she might have had a bit o' rum, maties.)

Springfield - Jeffrey Nevins and his mates spent Talk Like A Pirate Day in rehearsal for "Pirates of Penzance" at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential LIbrary and Museum, where he's the lighting director. The show runs Sept. 21-23 and stars Rex Smith (from the Kevin Kline/Angela Landsbury movie version o' the Gilbert & Sullivan classic). Tickets are available by calling 217-523-ARTS (2787.)


Greensburg - Capt' Gillie, Aka William J. Velthoven, writes: "I have been celebrating for 4 years now and have thrown progressively larger and larger parties in my humble home located in Belleville, MI. Well this year I have the opportunity to throw the first ever ITLAPD party in Greensburg, IN. Where the Seas are green, yellow and full of sweet corn! I am very excited about this new adventure and am looking forward to the excellent pirate games we Cannon Balls (dodge ball) and Monk Riding (watch your eggs) High Tide (save your crew from the rising tide) and this year Battle ship (blind volleyball). Capt' Crossbones Lloyd has graciously offered up the use the Cranky Oak as our gathering berth here in Indiana."

Franklin - "Everyone at the Historic Arrrrr-tcraft Theatre in Franklin,Indiana is enjoying the day immensely. Especially since our projectionist had eye surgery today and is sporting an eyepatch." - The gang at the Artcraft

Huntingburg - The owner of Hometown Music , a small music store in Southern Indiana, writes: "I discovered your website just before Talk like a Pirate Day 2006 . I thought it was great fun and talked like a pirate to my music students. This year we decided to have a practicing contest with the pirate theme "

Indianapolis - The Emergent Leadership Institute hosted its first annual TLAPD fundraiser this year at Radio Radio, 1119 E. Prospect Street. Writes host Rogue Admiral Mum-Jeans, "One night a yar, ye Pirates gets de chance to pillage and plunder the night away! All the treasure collected that evening goes to the bilge rats over at Emergent Leadership Institute!" $15 admission, $10 if ye knows the secret password - or come dressed like a pirate. 21 and over only.

Indianapolis - Special Talk Like A Pirate Day screening of the new, award-winning independent film, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake, 8 pm, Key Cinemas, 4044 S. Keystone Avenue, Cost: $6.00

Indianapolis - The Casba Bar, 6319 n. guilford in Broadripple hosts a weekly pirate themed event MUTINY! and planning " a big ass celebration" for TLAPD with contests for best dressed pirate with numerous goodies to give out. Mutiny is indianapolis's only weekly classic alternative dance party playing old school punk/goth/industrial/new wave/post punk/no wave/whathaveyou! ...with resident DJ's Dead Billy and Sarah Vain 0pm-2am no cover and CHEAP BOOZE. ARGGHHHH! - Justin Wright

Muncie - "... We be havin the 3rd annual Pirate Convocation here on Ball State's campus. In Lubber's speak that meetin' in a field at 6 p.m. Sept. 19 and mucking about singin' shanties for a while until we decide we're hungerin' for some grub, at which point we sally forth to one o the many fine grub-producing estarblishments on our fair campus." - Lizabeth 'Lizzy Redboots'

Portage - "I own the Junkyard Bar N Grill in Portage, IN and I wanted to have a pirate themed party. ... I found your site back then and Sept 19 that year fell on a Sat. and we had a "Talk Like A Pirate Day Party" We had t-shirts made up with a pic of jolly roger on the back with Surrender the Booty! Everyone loved it and the shirts went like crazy!!!! So every year now we celebrate with good eats, and lots of rum!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have drink specials n shots that are pirate themed. Plus we play a CD by the Bilge Pumps. Our bartenders dress like wenches and the guys sport their best piratrical gear. Its cool and fun and another party to celebrate. We also give a booty of gold to the best dressed pirate and wench." - Reny Young


Kansas City Community College - Dr. Sheldon "Cap'n Bonecracker of the pirate sloop Boombastic" Guenther writes: "I plan on doin' me lectures in proper (i.e. pirate) speech, and makin' me scurvy students respond appropriately. Also, the dogs take a quiz onTLAP history, exceptin' the wenches acourse! Aaahhrrrr!"

Tecumseh - Among the many schools celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day is Tecumseh South Elementary, where they'll be doin' it on Sept. 21 (to avoid conflicts with other events.) And they're goin' the extra mile: This year their whole school year is organized along a pirate theme!

Topeka - Washburn University's Bookstore and Memorial Union coordinated their second annual Talk Like A Pirate Day event, featuring food, live music and other attractions. "Last year ... we had a great response for the campus community. ... We are getting ready for this year and we are sure this will become a yearly University celebration." - Natali Navarro

Wichita - The Wichita Eagle invited readers to celebrate TLAPD by submitting their best pirate haiku (when the Portland Oregonian did this a few years back, the results were hilarious).


Lexington - Pirates grilled salmon and sat by the pool at Captain Billie Joe's house. Confirmed to attend: Long John Sylvia, The Salty Dawg, Cap'n Bonnie and Angela, who, in four years, still has not been christened with her pirate name! There be lots more pirates in our cove, but many can't come, so we'll be aarrrrr-in' in their honor! And just so ye know, Billie Joe, The Dawg, and Cap'n Bonnie sailed all the way to Cincy a few weeks past to view the Real Pirates exhibit, and we must say...very cool. Highly recommended!


Baton Rouge - The staff at Louisiana Sea Grant once again celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with a potluck lunch, costumes and plenty o' pirattitude. Photos here.

Bossier City - We have it on good authority that the Pedeaux family talked like pirates thoughout the day on September 19, spreading the message of pirattitude! (According to their relative, Greg, in California, who couldn't stand that Louisiana was not represented on our list).

Shreveport - "Since Louisana is so poorly represented, a few friends and I have decided that we should be represented. So feel free to call in and talk like a pirate randomly. We are located in Shreveport La and we do DSL tech support a flier is being circulated and everyone who is greeted by a pirate will be spoken to in pirate talk." - name withheld for job security reasons


Somewhere in Maine - " I drive a school bus here in Maine. For Talk like a pirate day I will be encouraging all the little pirates on my bus to talk like a pirate all day for me, their teachers and staff and of course their parents." - Tess


Annapolis - The monthly sing of Ship's Company Chanteymen fell serendipitously on Sept. 19. "As many of our regulars are either reenactors or rennies (or both) a great many have kit and will likely don their best garb to come out and celebrate the night. Hey, we might even warn the site that there will be a pirate invasion of sorts," writes Myron Peterson. The sing was at Galway Bay, 63 Maryland Ave, Annapolis MD.

Baltimore - Captain Larry invited his mates over for his second annual TLAPD Celebration. The invitation read: "Don¹t be a Lily Livered ­ porthole pluggin¹ landlubber! Walk the plank with yer mates at the Cap¹n¹s & get yer pirattitude on! T' Jack o'Ale & crew o' ship Larry's be on deck ta serve Grub & Grog in ta the late hours And aye - if it be a large treasure chest & amazin' booty ye seek, ya best be thar!!"

Salisbury - The Salisbury School, an independent school located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day with the entire faculty wearing bandannas and eye patches and the students dressing like pirates. They had a chance to learn the pirate vocabulary before the day and used it in their classes. -- Ron Jones, Literature Teacher


Sunderland - Phoenix Games celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day by giving discounts to anyone who came in dressed and speaking proper. on Sept. 19. They also held an "AAAARRRRGGH!!!" contest, the winner getting a gift certificate to the store.

Waltham - Stage combat instructor Cap'n Matthew Crider ordered his students in the Brandeis University theater program to arrive in class on the 18th (they don't meet on the 19th) in full pirate regalia, and devoted the day to teachin' 'em to buckle their swashes (or swash their buckles) in grand pirate fighting style.


Detroit - All Detroit pirates wereinvited to celebrate the day at Yarrr! PR's 2nd Annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Party at Small's Bar in Hamtramck, MI. Pirate drinking songs and sea shanties (courtesy of Cap'n Becki, aka DJ Yarrr!), and the ever-so-gracious bar staff served cold and affordable grog.

Grand Rapids - "We here at Velocity USA, a global distributor of high end bicycles products, started celebrating Pirates Day last year; when it was first brought to our attention. "Pirates Day, what the bloody hell is Pirates day?" Whatever it was we decided to be the only ones in our home town of Grand Rapids MI, and celebrate this day by heading to the bar."While at our local drinking spot, half way through our bottle of rum, our jaws dropped to the floor when a middle aged man with a week old white and grey beard, ruffled white shirt and eye patch swung himself around the corner, and with a low growl and swooping first belted out to all "Happy Pirates Day!"Our plan for Pirates Day 2007, is to annoy each other through out the day by bellowing out pirate phrases and then we'll "shove off to the BAARrr for a grog of Sailor Jerry's, till we're three sheet to the wind!" - Matthew Dennis

Jackson - The Jackson High School Fencing Club (with swords, not boards) is hosting it's first annual "Talk Like a Pirate" Fencing Tournament. This is a Michigan Division (of the USFA) sanctioned event, open to all fencers rated C and under, all three weapons. "Of course, Sabre will be the preferred weapon for the true Pirates out there! Unfortunately, these tournaments have to be held on weekends, so ours will be on the 22nd, but, close enough." - Jeff Peterson

Ray Township - The Society for Creative Anachronism's Shire of Altenburg holds its Battle of the Inland Seas XIII pirate event Sept. 21-23, complete with contests for best pirate attire, games for kids, a treasure hunt and a real, live "ship" to fight from. More details here.

Sault Ste. Marie - The food-service crew at Lake Superior State University (which happens t'be the Webwench's alma mater - go, Lakers!) cooked up a pirate feast for TLAPD, sort of a preview for a grand pirate-themed alumni weekend in October. And a fan named Amy reported on Sept. 19: "There are people wandering around dressed like pirates and every once in a while at the oncampus eatery ("The Galley" - of all things it could be called), someone's order comes up and the guy calls it out in his very best pirate voice. And while it's only slightly disturbing to hear overcooked french fries with no salt on them referred to as 'booty', I definitely have to say that the entire thing, overall, is downright frightening."


Minneapolis - "We be going in dress to view the lads on the diamond. yarr" - Douglas Finbraaten

Tyler - "I teach 9th and 10th grade English. I thought that bringing a little "piratitude" to school would be fun today, and an excuse to indulge my nautical obsession. So far it's been great - about half the teachers in the building are sporting eyepatches and shouting "Ahoy!" down the halls. I've been wearing a hat and sporting a cutlass and pistol stuck in my belt, as well as a spyglass. (Thank you, Halloween costume section at Wal-Mart.) My students have been learning important nautical/pirate things like starboard/larboard, fore/aft, and several other bits of jargon. We've been reading things like Masefield's "Sea Fever" and the "drizzly November" excerpt from Moby Dick. My 10th graders are also taking classic fairy tales, etc. and re-writing them with lots of piratey vocabulary inserted. As a particular joy, one of my students was so enticed by my discourse on seafaring literature ("All the best stories are set at sea...") that he checked Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander out of our school library. Mission accomplished, as far as I'm concerned." - Erick Harper


Poplar Bluff - " ... having pillaged and plundered one high school, i've set my sexton to the heavens, and have cast me lot with a new crew! while continuing to launch the occasional sortie to me waters of yore, i'll be raising a new crew of impressionable youths (pun intended) this year! if that be not occasion for splicin' the mainbrace, i'll be keelhauled! if there be anyone else "on the account" in the Poplar Bluff, MO, area, me and me matey Cap'n Morgan will be on shore leave (probably at Shelly's)." -- Addled Dan'l, Ship's Master

St. Louis. - St. Louis Pirate Festival, Sept. 15-30, Rotary Park, Wentzville, MO (45 Minutes from Downtown St. Louis). Pirate re-enactment set on "the Isle of Martinique" features re-enactors, entertainment and a vendor fair.

St. Louis - The St. Louis Atheists (no, really) held a pirate event on the 19th "No doubt there will be heathens there," writes Kendra.

St. Louis - The City Museum (701 North 15th Street; 314-231-2489 or opened its doors for free on Sept. 19 to those decked out in full pirate regalia , and the institution-turned-pirate-ship also offered treasure hunts and more.

Town and Country - Daves World Famous Bar, 4306 South Outer 40 Road, offered a free rum beverage, and complimentry Half pound burger to first 10 people who come in dressed in apropiate pirate garb and talking like pirates on TLAPD.


Starkville -It was "Kick like a Pirate Day" at the Starkville Martial Arts Academy in Starkville, Mississippi. Prizes for best costumes and best Piratitude. We'll be getting out the swords as well as kicking, throwing and punching like pirates. Aaarrrrr!


Missoula - Thanks to Scott Samuels, a long-time fan of Talk Like A Pirate Day, the biochemistry faculty at the University of Montana time the annual lecture on amino acids with TLAPD. "That way we get to ask our students what a pirate’s favorite amino acid is. It works well – Arrr-ginine is the only amino acid other than glycine that the students never miss on the test!" - Michele McGuirl


Omaha - The Omaha Scooter Club invited all scooter riders to join in a TLAPD ride startin' at 6 p.m. Sept. 10 at Memorial Park, 6005 Underwood. " We shall then voyage and plunder wherever the wind may blow. If we want to plunder and pillage downtown - there we shall go. If we want to scare the barnacles off of a port out in West Omaharrrrr - we shall go there. Once everyone of you sea sick land-lovers has arrived, we shall decide by ye vote or arms (if ye have arms). All who don¹t agree will be sent home to Davy Jones locker. There be the plan." -- Cap'n Nate Perry

New Jersey

Fairlawn - The Gamer's Gambit at 2613 Broadway in Fair Lawn held a talk like a pirate day sale! (and the staff was in pirate garb).

Glassboro - Glassboro Public Library hosted The Singing Pirate on Sept. 19 .

Hamilton - Nate's Pub, 979 Lalor Street, willthrew their first TLAPD celebration, and they'd be glad to have some experienced pirates join in the fun!

Maple Shade, NJ - Laurel Lanes bowling center and Brewsters bar planned their first-ever TLAPD event, including a "Bowl Like A Pirate" event, pirate trivia and door prizes as well as prizes for best dressed pirate and salty wench. Captain Morgan and Parrot Bay specials in the bar, and much more.

New York

New Windsor - "I be a science teacher to pay me bills, and this marks the third year I've taught like a pirate. To call me classes to order, I comanded them to, "Stop the jibber-jabberin' and weigh anchor!" Then I proceded to educate them in nauticle parlance. To add to the spirit of the day, I brought in me pirate nutcracker and threw me voice to it whilst singing 'The Pirate Song.' Arrrrrrrrr, It be good to have a captive audience!" -- Craig Browne a.k.a. Bilgewater Browne (The name be real picturesque when written last name first.)

New York City - The Empire State Building announced it would "hoist a white sail" for Talk Like A Pirate Day by displaying its white lights Sept. 17-19.

New York City - "Me n me maties r off t' glean sparkly treasures this Sunday, September 23rd. A mass treasure hunt in downtown New York (below City Hall park) will take 35 people n teams of 6 to discover th' history of pirates in this fair city, YAR! Part public art project, part performance art... we'll be documentin' n takin' snaps fer th' entire ride, so be prepared to receive n email w'th attachments next week! Th' hunt is a private one, just fer me maties... " Black Von/ East Village

Johnson City - We are the Pirates of the Susquehanna, Parrot Head Club of Binghamton, NY. We have moved our monthly social Phlocking to the 19th of September in honour of TLAPD. The festivities will be startin' at 6'ish at Delgado's Cafe (Mexican), in Johnson City, NY. Full pirate gear will be the dress of choice, though there may slip in a random parrot or shark. Afore the party starts, we've been consigned to a brief interview on a local TV station, Ch. 34, Binghamton, NY. We will present our full piratical spirit and colours for the local world to view, and see that being a pirate is a right well and goode thing to be! -- Don Winfield

Another PotS Parrothead chimes in: "Will be in Johnson City with the crew for a charity event at The Oakdale Mall and then it's off to a local "watering hole" to ware off the parched throats. Looking forward to it and hope to have fun.: -- Jeff

North Carolina

Nag's Head - Celebrate TLAPD at the second annual Outer Banks Pirate Festival, Sept. 17-22. Special fun-filled events are planned on the Outer Banks every day throughout the week. All week at Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags Head, residents and visitors will find a selection of pirate gear (including t-shirts), flags and gifts to help celebrate this Outer Banks tradition. "Pirate invasions" will begin on Monday, Sept. 17 and run throughout the week at various locations along the Outer Banks. On TLAPD, Captain Jack, along with crew hand Blackburn, will be invading the Jolly Roger in Kill Devil Hills from 6 to 8 p.m. On Friday, Sept. 21 pirates will invade Roanoke Island Festival Park in from Manteo 2 to 5 p.m.

North Dakota

Fargo - We have it on good authority that the Smith family - or perhaps that should be a Smith family - talked like pirates thoughout the day on September 19, spreading the message of pirattitude! (According to their relative, Greg, in California, who couldn't stand that North Dakota was not represented on our list).


Cincinnati - The Cincinnati Museum Center and radio station WARM/WGRR celebrated Talk Like A Pirate day as they promote the museum's new National Geographic Real Pirates exhibit. WGRR changed its calls letters for the day to WARR and held a Talk Like a Pirate contest all day long. Listeners are invited to call and talk like a pirate.

Cleveland - Cuyahoga County Public Library, ohio) offered a course in "pirate as a second language" on Sept. 15 at the Parma Snow Branch.

Columbus - The R Bar Arena hosted its annual Talk Like A Pirate Day party from on Sept. 19. "Bring yer parrot and drink with our Miller Lite and Absolute Wenches ." Pirate games and prizes.

Columbus - The Surly Girl Saloon hosted Talk Like A Pirate Day activities starting at 11 a.m. and running through the evening, including sea chanteys by the Harbor Pilots.

Malta - The cap'n and crew at Pirate's Pizza offered a pizza special to all who call and order on Sept. 19, talking like a pirate. "This is the second year that we have done it. just love the fun of it all." - Pepper Scott


Norman - The Rum Fellows, a band o' land-locked pirate musicians, threw what they believe to be Oklahoma's first-ever TLAPD event (and we have no evidence that they're wrong. They had a gig at The Deli pub lined up for the evenin' o' the 19th, and also planned a Pirate Pub Crawl and other activities. More details here.

Oklahoma City - Cap'n Noddy of the Silver Hippo has stol - acquired a treasure map and a reliable GP - navigator to guide the crew to it. The ship is fully stocked with mojitos and hard tac - urrr - roast meats with apples. The Bilge Munkee has a new hat, his own pair of pistols this year (and getting pistols to fit a 4 pound Bilge Munkee was - interesting!), and his very own Bilge Wench. The Silver Hippo's waiting in Port Dolorese, ready to embark on the high seas and the hunt. Treasure awaits, me hearties!

Oklahoma City - Southern Oaks Public Library threw a pirate party for the kids and captured it on video.

Tulsa - The Pirates of Houston Ave. sponsored their second annual (invitation-only) Talk Like A Pirate Day party on the 19th. "The much lauded rum punch from last year will yet again make its appearance. The good news here be that there will be much more, so that despite the popularity, the rum will last more than 30 minutes of frantic imbibing. There will be much Caribbean-style foods, including whole fishes with heads and tails still intact (and Jerk Chicken for the less adventurous sorts)"


Albany - The Pirate Guys were in Los Angeles on Sept. 19, so it wasup to the Wenches to carry on the tradition here in the home of Talk Like A Pirate Day. A band o' stalwarts joined Mad Sally and Jezebel the Webwench at Riley's Billiard Room & Grill for drinks, carousin' and socializin' . Photos here.

Albany - Calapooia Brewing (Cap'n Slappy's neighborhood brewpub) holds a pirate party on Sept. 29 featuring the music of Walk The Plank - and the pub's new Pirate's Plunder Ale! Starts at 8 p.m.

Albany - Here in Team Pirate's home town, the Timber Twirlers square-dance club held a Talk Like A Pirate Square Dance on Sept. 7 (their regular monthly dance date), starting at 7 p.m. at the Albany IOOF Hall on 5th Street.

Corvallis - Rush Hour Photo had specials all day on Sept. 19 along with a live drawing for a Canon (yes, CANON!) camera. (That fact should NOT be lost on Pirates!) Animal House in Corvallis is coming by with a real Parrot, too! From 5:30 to 8 PM, customers can make free photo booklets with our HP Photosmart Studio system.

Eugene - Diablo's Downtown Lounge, 959 Pearl St., throws its third annual Talk Like A Pirate Day party on the 19th, in a wild, piratical fund-raiser for the American Red Cross. Pirate games in store like "What's in Davy Jones' Locker", Best Dressed Pirate, Most Authentic, Best Pirate Speech, etc. ... and possibly a visit from one of the Pirate Guys, in the flesh!

Eugene - The Employee Activities Committee did a lil' event for our bilge rats here at Agate Resources today. We held a Pirate Scavenger Hunt (employees went to different parts of the building today and got miscellaneous items for a prize.) We also held a contest for the best-dressed pirate (we're still awaiting the results on that - tomorrow at high noon.) People also decorated their cubicles. All-in-all, it was a great 1st Annual Celebration! -- Amy Sweany Photo here.

Newport - Pirate's Plunder antique & collectibles mall were early adopters; they celebrated their sixth annual ITLAPD on Sept. 19. Captain Robert "Cockroach" Blair and the crew were decked out in their finery and spoutin' the finest piratical phrases they be capable of all day. Customers were treated to refreshments, pure piratical advice, and instruction in the finer pirate skills known to mankind, all in the fully decorated mall. Says the Captain, "We are humbled by the fact that Oregon is the "Home" of ITLAPD, and will do our blackhearted best to uphold all the grand principles of being marine pre-emptive salvage experts. Yarrrrrr."

Salem - "We be announcing Talk Like a Pirate Day on Morning announcements, having teachers dress and talk like pirates, and generally having a Pirate filled day. We even have Pirates come into classes as guest speakers. In the Library we are visiting your website and having fun with Talk Like a Pirate Day. Thanks for creating it for everyone!" Peggy Mischke, Library Media Teache,r Pringle School

Portland - Special Talk Like A Pirate Day screening of the new, award-winning independent film, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake, 7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre, 4122 N.E. Sandy Blvd. Cost: $6.00

Portland - Cap'n McKay and his shipmates mates had reservations at the Rock & Roll Cafe' (run by Mark Lindsay, of Paul Revere and the Raiders fame) for dinner and libations (can ye say RUM?) ... followin' which they'll stroll up the street to see "Pirates of the Great Salt Lake" (see previous item).

Portland - "I be away from me ship for TLAPD 2007! While she stays here in Edmonton (the frozen north country to you southerners), I be attending bilge pump training school in... Portland, Oregon! The birthplace of TLAPD! And the new movie Pirates of the Great Salt Lake will be playing there! But alas, I won't be a-sittin' my fat arse in no theatre chair on the 19th, as I'll be dressed in me pirate finest and cruising the Portland harbour, seeking adventure on the high seas (actually a dinner cruise for me and me fellow bilge pump rats)." -- Curt Wiebe

Portland - The staff at KaiserPermanente threw an in-house pirate potluck in the office building and dressed up intheir finest pirate garb. "We're plundering the company conference room to take over and rattle the ship to it's helms! What normally be a quiet and professional lil' corner of the corporate world will be overcome by scallywags and wenches with a keen eye! Beware all ye who enter the office today! Hand over ye gold or you'll be walkin' the plank! Arrrr!!! - Janet Price

Redmond - "Arrrr an I plan ta sing "Fifteen Men", all five verses, at me banjo jam (7:00PM, corner of 12th street and Canyon Road) hm rilly gonna hav ta improvise çause "Fifteen Men" ain't a ril good banjo tune! ! Arrrr! - Dick Cahall


Conshohocken - "I am a member of a team of bocce players in a league at the Conshohocken Boccista Club (chartered in 1933). My team plays on Wednesday nights, and our team name is the "Pallino Pirates", the pallino being the small ball that is the target of the larger, "bocce" balls. Our shirts are decorated with a pirate logo, and tonight we plan to celebrate "talk like a pirate day" first by winning our games, then drinking large quantities of rum and talking like pirates. " - Tom Wcislo

Harrisburg - "Our company has decided to replace our "subdued" holiday party for an upbeat, exciting adventure! So this year, we're hosting On-Q Pirate Palooza on Sept. 21 - we're inviting the entire company to dress like pirates and have swash-buckling fun. All mateys will enjoy Pirate games, a Jimmy Buffet band (for pirate music) and a costume contest with great "loot" - like a cash prize, iPod touch, or slingbox! We're also celebrating ITLAPD with an email and link to you website (of course) and more loot and grub all day." Cap'n Terry, On-Q/Legrand

Holidaysburg - I work in the Activities Dept of a Nursing Home and I had a Pirate Day for the residents. I went into work in a blousy pirate shirt, black skirt, pink scarf at my hip and a pirate hat on. We had a Pirate Party and I had paper Pirate Hats ("I sailed with Long John Silver") for the residents to wear and we called the punch Grog. They had a blast. I had old ladies pounding on the table (how be it quietly) for more "grog" and one joked around about getting drunk. Hee!!! I had several tell me how much fun it was and that made it worth it. :-D I had our community room decorated with pirate things and Great Big Sea on the CD player.- R Miller

Mercer - Nicole Walzer and I are middle school teachers (she is English and I am reading) at Mercer Middle School in Mercer Pennsylvania We celebrated at school today. She has our students making an illustrated pirate dictionary (they are learning about nouns). Our kids are reading a readers theater script about Captains Hook (and smee), Sliver, Rackham, and Blackbeard and performing it. Several teachers in our hallway are sporting eyepatches and starting their class off in pirate lingo. However, Nicole and I are dressed to the nines in our hats, costumes, and cutlasses. I have a life-size cut out of Capt Jack Sparrow and my room is decked out in maps, treasure chests, palm trees, and jolly rogers. The theme of my whole room this year is pirates." Danielle Larocca, 7th Grade Reading, Mercer Middle School

Philadelphia - Pirates of the Marcus Hook Plank House (a historic house also known as "Blackbeard's Mistress's House") called all pirates to join them at the Delaware County Riverfront Ramble Sept. 15 and 16 "and show those land lovers a swash-buckling adventure! Walk the streets once trod by Edward "Blackbeard" Teach himself, and visit the Plank House while you're in town. This year's event features a pirate encampment.

Philadelphia - Arrr matey! Independence Seaport Museum celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day with an after-dark showing of the 1952 classic pirate flick Blackbeard in our outdoor rooftop amphitheater. Ye'er welcome to bring blankets, chairs, and grog and victuals! All comers get a free pirate eye patch! $4 admission or FREE if you're dressed like a pirate! International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Wednesday, September 19 7-9 pm (Movie canceled in inclement weather)

Pittburgh - Michele Greattie invited a bunch of her pals over to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day while watching the season premiere of America’s Next Top Model. "We will watch the show and only talk like a pirate the entire time. I’d wager a guess that I am the only wench to attempt this!!" she says.

Pittsburgh - "We shall be celebratin International Talk Like a Pirate Day by sailin the three rivers with the pirate crew in Pittsburgh! " - Mary-Michael Medlin

State College - A once-a-year open house at all University Park Libraries (Pattee, Paterno, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Earth and Mineral Sciences, Engineering, and Physical and Mathematical Sciences Library) took a Talk Like A Pirate Day theme this year! Check out their photos!

State College - Cap'n Slippy Pickle & Cap'n Flounder Flogger threw a party at The Crusty Galleon; the invite says "Avast ye landlubbin' wenches, It be the time o' year once more for some plunderin'. So come up to the deck and splice the mainbrace with us swashbucklers, or ye be dancin' the hempen jig straight to Davy Jones' locker. Those thinkin' ye need to take a caulk, you'd do well ter remember that it best be saved for after ye meet the Kraaken."

South Carolina

Columbia - "We be landlocked in our office all day, instead of navigating the local lake like we did last year. But we've turned our office into a ship! Everyone who stops by be required to talk like a pirate, or else face the plank. Only pirates be allowed to stay and try their luck at gambling. I'm sure our Cap'n will try to break up the fun soon." - Kristen Seibert

Inman - "The Crawley's first annual Talk Like A Pirate Day party was a resounding success and believed to be the first of it's kind in the Inman, South Carolina (USA) community. Organizer Dirty Tom Rackham reports, "Arr, our wee Pirate ball ... 'tis true, we only be havin' th' one ... be enjoyed by all who cast their lot and joined us." Boucan, pelican legs, tropical fruit medley, goldfish (original and pizza flavored), and fresh shrimp were consumed ravenously by the crew. Grog in the form of various malt beverages and fruit drinks flowed plentifully. Complementary boat rides were offered on the dinghy "Steady As She EZ Goes". All totaled, 27 seamen, wenches, and wee pirates were in attendance. It was suggested that next year's event coincide with a weekend but rest assured there will be a repeat party in 2008. Dirty Tom concluded, "I be thinkin' th' most glorious moment o' the evenin' be th' vote when yers truly beat out th' French buccaneer Foul Bloody D'ischarge fer th' honor o' being Cap'n at next year's ball. Course he pummeled me savagely with his fists and forehead later on, but that be a different tale to tell."

Summerville - Here Be Books, 4650 Ladson Road, once again celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day, with free "How to Talk Like a Seafarin' Hearty" guides to help everyone get in the spirit. Pirate-talkin' earn a 10% discount on thar used book purchases.


Madisonville - The multimedia class at Sequoyah High School is doing an event promotions project for Talk Like a Pirate Day. They were given one week to try to get people to act and dress like a pirate for the big day. Check out their pirate page and the video they produced and aired schoolwide on Sept. 13.


Austin - Pirates gathered at Opal Devine's Pennfield on the evenin' of the 19th to hear the The Jolly Garogers playin' tunes guaranteed to awaken the residents in Davey Jones Locker. It'l be a fine time to be sure! Hopin' to see many a Pirate Brethren there! -- Capt'n James R. Sharkbait Poster here.

Dallas - "At the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, again, over 10% of the students and over 10% of the faculty dressed up for TLAPD. In additional to snarling at each other with a piratey accent, they collected translations of "Walk the plank" in a variety of languages". -- Pete Unseth

Fort Worth - Ken Holmes writes: This scurvy son of a sea biscuit be but a sprog to the sweet trade but to honor the fine, glorious day 'rit me agenda status in me best pirate speak. I'll likely be keel hauled cause a fine, dandy privateer be meetin' w' me heartys and the scurvy dog lacks humor. The agenda includes such piratical items as:

  • Th' scurvy, land lubbin' NIS accounts be getting' the black spot on samurai Wednesday ayer th' OAG be processed
  • Me mateys be goin' on account to send the OAG on samurai to Davy Jones locker and runnin' the furner CDC with the new OAG
  • Javier walked the plank Friday, 9/14/07 and his body taken in by the scurvy dog Bill Gates
  • Matias a true gentleman of fortune be learnin' the sprog Marcelo in the ways o' th' sweet trade
  • Me hearty Matias be takin' oncall in early November by the powers

Galveston Island - The Zanies of Z Krewe, a preeminent Mardi Gras krewe from Galveston Island, Texas, has awesome plans! For 2008, our Mardi Gras theme is Pirates, and we have already begun the pillagin', plunderin', and partyin'! Because we wanted to really crank it up, and TLAP day is during the week, we are delaying ourparty until Saturday and hosting, at a local bar, Cocktails nightclub, 2411 Mechanic, Galveston, on Saturday, 22 September, from 8 pm - midnight for a Sing Like A Pirate Karaoke Contest! The prize, if I can get me hands on another copy (I'm not giving up mine), is your Pirattitude book! - Alex Petty

Houston - JP Hops House, 2317 S Hwy 6, held its first TLAPD Sept. 19. "We be standin' arm 'n arm with Saint Arnold Brewery on this Grand Swashbuckelin' Adventure 'n we be celebratin' in style with the grand and glorious Elissa IPA special glass giveaway. Heads up all ye scurvy dogs! When ye order ye Elissa IPA in pirate talk, and ONLY when ye order ye Elissa IPA in pirate talk, will ye be granted the reward of the grand and glorious glass." Also planned: a Pirate Joke-Off, a Pirate Insult Competition and the One-Eyed Pirate Dart Throw. We be offerin' Salty Talk, Tons o' FUN 'n Booty-Liscious Prizes enough to fill the treasure chest of any self-respectin' privateer. Plus there be a Seafarers Feast and decorations to make Black Beard proud! If ye know a sea shanty (pirate song) or two, come on out to share yer music at our Pirate Open Mic. (Actually that has been expanded to include songs about the sea, ships, leg and eye injuries)."

Houston - Second annual Strange Brew Talk Like A Pirate Day Party at Mike's Place, 9110 Jones Rd, near West Rd. "RRRR! And, Huzzah!! We WILL be takin' prisoners! Don yer gear and weaponry, batten yer hatches, lasses, and put a polish on the yardarms, boys. Pillagin' and plunderin' be the Order of the Day! Hizzonor, the Renowned Cap'n Morgan hizself will makin' an appearance, and appropriate booty will be distributed, along with Grog Specials and Prizes for Best Male Pirate, Best Female Pirate, and Best Wench. (Anyone competing for Best Cabin Boy is at the wrong damn party!)" -- The GrogMeister

Marlin - Cpt. Teach O'Bailey and crew are having a special party to commemorate the day, with "a selected group of pirates, wenches, one or two tarts, and one landlubber (just for kicks). We got a late start last year and didn't get the party planned in time, but we got on the stick this year. We are starting small, but hopefully this grand event will grow in coming years, even to the point of a community party, where invitations are highly covetted."


Salt Lake City - Special Talk Like A Pirate Day screening of the new, award-winning independent film, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, UT, 7:30 pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas, 111 East 300 South Cost: $6.00

Salt Lake City - "I plan to attend the great pirtate movie Pirates of the Great Salt Lake at the salt lake film festival. There be lots of fun and prizes available, especialy if ye have a good pirate costume. I also plan to wear my hand made authentic tricorner hat up on campus during the school day." - Emma Gardner

Salt Lake City - TLAPD wa the theme this week for the "Great Reads for Girls" program, a mother-daughter book group for girls 8-12 and their moms. 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Draper Library, 1136 E. Pioneer Road.

Salt Lake City - They cycled like pirates on Wednesday's Critical Mass bike ride!


Lake Champlain - "Our scurvy crew will be out on the lake for three hours this afternoon. If we find one, we will buck a neer." - Taz

Waitsfield - Ruth Ann Pattee celebrated her birthday on Sept. 19 in fine piratical fashion: "Me mates and I are gatherin' at the Purple Moon Pub for rum and grub and great music by Rob Williams. Cutlass and earring optional!"

US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas - "Alright!! we were a little early this yearI'll grant ye, but our cutlasses and wenches were in the rite place! We are avin groups of Pirates from the world over come to St Thomas fer some Pirate Divin an we want ter invite ye scurvey dogs to St Thomas to av a Pirate Party on the beach anytime yer want!! Arghhhhh!!"! - Capt Grogswiller (Aitch Liddle)


Chantilly - Cap'n Amy Stenlund's kindergarten class at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary celebrates Talk Like a Pirate Day every year. She writes "Last year all the kindergarten classes in the school celebrated. It was a big hit. And I hope to rally my entire school to celebrate this year. We all dress up like pirates, play pirate games and read pirate books. We even have a pirate math lesson by counting jewels in our treasure chest. Our letter of the Day is of course; "aRRRRR". As a special treat we watch Muppet's Treasure Island at the end of the day."

McLean - "I have me "Skull 'n Cross-bones" necktie on here in the office today. I'm promoting "Talk Like a Pirate Day" here, and at my sons Elementary School (he's wearin' his "Pirates of the Caribbean" T-shirt today!). - Jon Brown

Sterling - Cascades Library, 21030 Whitfield Place, Sterling. held special classes to get 4- to 6-year-olds ready for TLAPD. Start 'em young, mates!

Virginia Beach - We be sure to hold our training class on Piracy for all the landlubbers and scallawags that be attendin' our maritime tactics course. Blackbeard himself storms the room on occasion to remind the scurvy dogs that anyone that be sleeping on watch is to be keelhauled and then hanged from the highest yardarm. We've been hearing complaints from some of the crew that Talk Like a Pirate Day only happens once a year, so our recommendation is that we establish "Pirate Awareness Month" every September, so as to expand on the tradition and be able to engage in more piratical activities. - Hal Scott, Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, VA


Port Orchard - The Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce sponsored its second annual pirate-themed Murder Mystery Weekend Sept. 15 and 16. Downtown Port Orchard will be crawling with pirates as participants try to solve "A Case of Treasure and Treachery" by locating clues, questioning suspects and trying to figure out who killed Captain Kidd. Family fun includes a Land Lubbers Pirate Dinghy Derby Race, a Cap'n Jack Sparrow Look-a-Like contest, or a boat decorating contest in the Marina. Look for details at

Richland/Kennewick - Staff and students at Christ the King School in Richland, WA incorporated TLAPD into the Accelerated Reader program. (You know, AR is arrrrrrgh!) "We are having an assembly to kick off the program for the new school year on Sept. 19th, and the students will be studying about pirates in many ways - including learning sea shanties, map making, creating miniature tall ships, and enjoying storytelling. Catholic pirates? Well, stranger things have happened." - Janice McIntyre, Art teacher, Christ the King School

Seattle - Video game fans and pirates alike gathered at the Seattle Aquarium Sept. 19 to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day (and the fact that the Pirate Guys have given Pirates of the Burning Sea the honor of being the Official Game for TLAPD 2007). The event, sponsored by Flying Lab Software, featured the SeaFair pirates, their land-based pirate ship, The Moby Duck, hands on play-time with the soon to be released Pirates of the Burning Sea video game, a chance to mingle with the development team behind the game, and much more!

Spokane - The Spokane crew will held its first Talk Like A Pirate Day Sept. 19th at The Viking (1221 N Stevens St),. . Pirate garb was highly recommended 'cause land lubbers who don't wear pirate attire shall buy a round of grog at the ale house for the seadogs!!

Spokane - "Me mates and I, we be pillaging the conference room taday! Confiscatin' all manner of doughnuts and fancy cookies. Aye, and drinkin' e'ry last drop of their hot black coffee. Blow me down if ya think not." -Peg-leg Quint

Tacoma - "I teach Technical Theatre at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma WA and to celebrate the actual TLAP day I am having my class to a research project on any pirate related topic they choose to present to the class...extra bonus points to those the wear garb for the day...trying to get more folks on campus to participate...I've been dressing up for at least 4 years (I'm a theatrical costumer...hazard of the trade) and only see one or two other folks on campus who participate as well. And I'm sure that the theatre students will take it and run with it!" -- Mishka Navarre


Fond du Lac - The University of Wisconsin - Fond du Lac (French for "foot of the lake") celebrated its second International Talk Like a Pirate Day September 19. "The event centers on a competition for students to dress as, talk like, and act like pirates throughout the day. Professors are asked to do likewise, but not all go along with it. The Pirate Day is actually used to publicize the service learning done on campus (where students do community service as part of their academic courses). Besides their usual service learning courses, students are invited to go to an after-school program for kids and read pirate-themed books out loud. The goal is to use the allure of pirates to encourage kids to take an interest in reading." - Mike Nofz, Professor of Sociology

Fond du Lac - "We are having a special pirate potluck here at St. Agnes Hospital (6 West) ... Even the doctors are getting in to it and talking like a pirate...AAARRRGGGHHH!! Menu items include: Scurvy soup, Chips AHOY, Hook cake, pirate pantry dip and copper pennies!" -- Danette and the staff of 6 west.

Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh and Rothschild - At The Bar, a local chain of sports bars, patrons who said the password on TLAPD could win a bar gift card or Captain Morgan prizes. Customers and staff were encouraged to dress the part and "Captain Morgan" was on hand to enterain.

Milwaukee - At the Wisconsin/;Michigan regional office of Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group, "We have compiled a list of words that start with "ar" or have the "ar" sound as a syllable. We strive to use these words as much as possible. Throughout the day." - Peter Larson, Senior Vice President

Pewaukee - Harken, the leading producer of blocks and other items pirates need for their vessels, celebrated TLAP Day for the first time this year. The announcement went out in the company newsletter to all 130 of the people who work at their home office in Pewaukee, WI. To get in the mood, a pirate word-search was created, with over 25 pirate words and prizes for those who complete it. On Wednesday, they answered the phones with "Thank you for calling HAARRRRKEN" and pirate jokes were be allowed over the intercom. There was a costume contest, and an after-hours Grog Tasting, complete with an appearance by the Captain Morgan Pirate.


Laramie - At the University of Wyoming Libraries, they celebrated TLAPD in a big way.

Latin America


Buenos Aires - Ahoy! mates. If you're in Argentina, then La Estación (Acassuso, in front or train station at 20:00) is your place. We've sailed t' seven seas t' brin' you t' best grog ever. Now you know, so beauties... prepare to be boarded!!! (we speak both english and spanish). Arrr!

(Location unknown) - "haharr! What a surprise!! I live in Argentina and I had no idea of this day! My birthday is on September 19th... so I think we'll celebrate it in a pirate way ^^ Our first Talk Like a Pirate Day!... It will be difficult to talk in spanish like pirates, but we'll try! (or I'll kill them one by one!!¬¬) Ahoy, Matey!" - Maribel Rosich


Aruba's Jolly Pirates spent Sept. 19 celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of their Sailing Tradition in Aruba! "And just like the barnacles attached to ye ships, we will raise ye glass and toast ye and our pirate scurvy pals with our signature drink Pirates Poison! " [image]


São Paulo - "I send this letter in a bottle across the ocean to tell ya, scandrals and bilge rats, that there are also pirates her´ in Latin América! Sitck a note with a dagger in that ol´ site of yours telling to the buccaneers all around, that in the city of São Paulo, in Brazil, there are a band of vicious pirates that will reune themselves in the O´Malley´s Pub to party like there´s no tomorrow! So, anyone looking for loud laughs, strong grogs and loose women, should go to: West 46°, 39' 55.5" - South 23°, 33' 29.6" - Address: Alameda Itú 1529, Jardins, São Paulo, Brazil; at O´Malleys Pub. It´s São Paulo's favourite Irish bar & gringo hangout - and now, a Pirate Bay!" -- Henrique G. do Carmo, Aka "The Capt´n"




Brighton - Members of The Bloated Gull invited all landlubbers who can get off work to meet at high noon on Sept. 19 at The Fortune of War grog house on the seafront in Brighton - in their finest pirate attire. "Once our numbers be respectable, we'll weigh anchor and continue our voyage," writes cap'n Andrew Hunter. "Traditionally, our route takes us to any vaguely central drinking establishments which have a nautically themed matter how tenuous. So, that'll most likely be on to the Smugglers, then to the Victory...and then wherever the wind takes us. (Last year we eventually ended up in Hectors and happened upon about 50 other pirates having a party! Much rum and merriment was had!) If ye can't get away from king's business, then just head to the centre of the city and look out for about 30 pirates in a pub!"

London - "This year was the first one that we remembered and celebrated TLAP day, even though we've been the Pirate Crew of the Death Star (don't ask!) for a couple of years now. Anyway, we celebrated early as we were busy on the Wednesday. So Monday morning saw us on a 10am train to London, where we spent the day visiting all the major London landmarks until after 10pm. Along the way we talked merrily like pirates to all and sundry, getting some people to sign our Captain's Log. Across the course of the day we talked like pirates to people from 6 continents - the only continent we didn't get was Antartica! Whenever anyone asked why we were dressed as pirates (and as you can imagine, this happened a lot!) we informed them that it was TLAP day on Wednesday. We were filmed by Samsung and may be in one of their phone adverts in November. We were interviewed on film by Sky Sports and the some of the footage should be up online somewhere. We were again interviewed on film by the Mousetrap Foundation about their C145 program. Plus being on lots of tourists home videos and in their holiday snaps, so we are busily spreading the pirate love! :) We have hundreds of photos of the day but here's just one of us by platfrom 9 3/4. ... May the wind be strong in your sails" -- Cut-throat Frank First Mate and Head of Artillery on the Death Star

London - Rock, a club in London's West End, threw its second Pirate Party on Friday, Sept. 14 at Mean Fiddler, 165 Charing Cross Road. Music, costumes, prizes and "hijinks and jiggery-pokery on the high seas!" Tickets £5 in advance.

London - Stompin' at the 100 Club Pirate Party, Mon, Sep 17th, 9:00pm. 100 Oxford Street, London, W1, featuring The Jive Aces, the UK's No. 1 swing band. Tickets £10/£9 on the door, info from Dance lessons, prizes for best-dressed pirates, guest DJ Terry Elliott and more ...

London - "We'll be sendin' a boardin' party to the Tattershall Castle at 19 hours and 30 mintues past the cock crow on Wednesday 19th under the cover of darkness and from there, we'll set our spyglass on oblivion I'll wager. A must for other Pirates in London village to be sure." - Cap'n Velour

Penzance - We don't know how they missed it, but the folks at the Pirate Inn in Penzance only just heard about Talk Like A Pirate Day! Nonetheless, they say they plan to celebrate in style on the 19th. (Looks like the inn is for sale - surely there must be a taker with pirattitude out there somewhere!)

Portsmouth - The staff at Wild Recruitment will be dressing up and adopting pirate speak for the day, and decking out their reception area in a suitable sea-worthy fashion! "Our MD is very excited about the event and I believe her children will be attending also to join in our merriment!" writes Kerri Francis

Rushden, Northhamptonshire - Captain Barboozer and his Pirate Crew at The Rushden Transport Museum once again celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day with festivities in the gas-lit station bar with tunes, ale, merry-making and treasure for the best-dressed pirates. On Sept. 19, of course! Photo here.

Stoke - "On a little Christian community radio station in Stoke, I'm kicking off the programme with two pieces of music by Christian artists which feature pirates! relient K - the pirates who don't do anything [Dweeb] - pirate + Copse = quandary. so you have infiltrated even the world of Christian radio. I will, of course, do my best to introduce the songs in my best piratey accent!" - Mike Rimmer


Dublin - They were partyin' like pirates at Eamon Doran's pub at the center of Temple Bar on Sept. 19, with live music by Erik Noon and The Txaranga Sound System and Lauren Guillery and The Claws. All Pirates (and their wenches) got free entry and there was even a bottle of Rum in it for the best dressed pirate!!


Glasgow - "Last night my Brownie pack had a PIRATE NIGHT! It was great. They were addled (nuts!) and I could get away with shouting GRRRR a lot... (rather than thinking 'grrrr' to myself). They made eye patches out of elastic and black card, and Jolly Rogers on red paper. They did a treasure hunt (which went a bit belly up as they were SO excited by this point shouting 'ahoy shipmates' and 'aye aye cap'n' etc that they didn't listen to the instructions at all). They played 'port/starboard' and 'chinese whispers' using pirate phrases (eg. Walk the plank) in an attempt to calm them down.... didn't work. They sang pirate songs - the one I read on the USA website, and one that goes 'when I was one I sucked my thumb the day I went to sea ... ' FINALLY when they were scuppered they had a piece of eight each and a Werthers original as it's wrapped in gold and looks like treasure if you squint a bit. Yarrr.... I were scuppered too.... As I suspect their teachers will be when they go round shouting 'ye bilge rat' at school today... all day." - Ceri, 310th A Drumchapel Brownies


Cardiff Bay - Talk Like a Pirate festivities happened at Terra Nova, the Cardiff Bay bar named for Scott of the Antarctic's boat, then the pirate horde will meander off to the Packet ("a proper olde dockyard tavern") and finally stagger over to the Waterfront bar. "Pirate dress encouraged, eyepatches practically compulsory!" - Swashbucklin' Siggy, Scourge of the Seas


Vienna - Partying like Viennese pirates! The invitation says: "Ayy mateys, *Sept. 19* is rolling around and we arrrre gonna say "Arr" again. Ye Bilge rats and ye's beautys are gonna clean ye's hornpipes and prepare to pick up the bounty on "*Sechshausergürtel - Vienna*" in the dusty cabin of ol'Christoph **beginning with before the high tide at *19:00*. To bring enough loot, women and food we need to know how many cabin boys and mutinious dogs we oughta fit in our cabin. (simple mail or by hand-parrot tome) - ye can tell ye harties te' come but tell the captain too... "


Somehwere in Finland - "Welllll, It's almost Tlapd. 9 minutes to wait. What? Yes, 9 minutes. Cause I live in Finland, the country, where nobody but me knows about talk like a pirate day. So, what am I going to do on this awesome day, the greatest day of the year? I want to sail to Caribbean and have a party with other guys. But I can't, and I know it. So, what am I going to do, is probably just watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean-movies, watch some pirate videos on youtube (like they had them on tv in Finland). Then I'll play pirate games like Battlefield Pirates and (of course!) Sid Meier's Pirates. So, this day will just be like all of the others, exept today im watching more pirate-films than usually, and playing more. Then its all forgotten until the 19th september, 2008. And then? More playing and movies. Yes. You can't even imagine how horrible it is to read about pirate parties all over the world, and just dream of joining them. I really hope i can do that some day. I do. Sail away, to you guys who also love pirates and have a party. Ps. 2 minutes" -- Captain Lonely, waiting for better times


Aegina - Aegean Sailing School be havin three pirate ships takin part in ITLAPD this year. They be sailin the Aegean sea with students who are doin a Royal Yachtin Association course - some be skippers and some be crew. We will send photographs and hope to get some cash for the Jubilee Sailing Trust charity. On board one of the ships is a couple who be celebratin their second wedding anniversary that day an another pirate who be havin a birthday. - Melody McKay Burton


Venezia - "Finally the Talk Like a Pirate Day has landed in Italy and what shore would have been better than the number one maritime city's? Next to Venice, from September 17th to 22nd, at AeBricole Pub, Grog will flow, challenges will take place among the buccaneers (such as the olive-stone spitting contest) and you must not miss the exclusive pirate menu with its special, the Kraken Fillet. Absolutely free entrance for everyone." - Pub AeBricole, via Martiri della Libertà 381, 30174 Mestre - Venezia ITALY


Heidelberg - SPC Mat Matheson, president of Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) may not be able to dress in pirate garb, but he planned to run his group's Sept. 19 meeting in pirate talk. "I have told them that to be recognized at the meeting (on the 19th by the way) that they must speak like a tried and true pirate or they be walking the plank!"


Zurich - The Crew of the Dorothee, called for an open-for-all-pirates party at the carribean restaurant Muskatnuss/Nutmeg in Zürich, Switzerland. Beginning at 20:00 CEST on Sept. 19.

Middle East


Somewhere in Iraq - "I am a soldier stationed in iraq. To celebrate , myself and others will wear an eyepatch all day, and play wheel o' fortune on the computer (of course allways picking the letter "r"). I have been looking forward to this day for months! It will give myself and others in my unit some goofy reason to celebrate something in a war zone thousands of miles from home. Since no alcohol is allowed over here, could you raise mugs, filled with pirate grog, and have a toast to those who could not be with you on the 19th?"-- A pirate far away from his home port, Sgt. Glenn Cuneo, 514th Medical Company

Iraq - Ahoy! from Iraq, I am a medic in the US Army. My fellow Pirates and me saw your website and decided to celebrate this Holiest of Holy days. We will be sure to send pictures. SGT Franklin Mashino A Quote for the day: We have enough youth. How about a fountain of SMART?

Falluja, Iraq - "Avast you scurvy swabs, We already be in talk like a pirate day aboard camp falluja, Iraq a good 10 hours before those no good bilge-rats in the US of A. We nasty savages out here are akin to keelhauling the unsavory kind so we will be on the lookout in the crows nest fer any. Thar be many-O "Arrrr" aboard the base today. Arrrr," - Captain Iron Davy Cash (Dennis Steenbergen CCNP, CISSP Information Assurance Network Engineer)



Somewhere in Afghanistan - "We all know that Afghanistan is land locked... but I must make it a pirate's day even if surrounded by landlubbers. I am currently stationed in Afghanistan in support of the War of Terrorism, Operation Enduring Freedom but must honor the jolly Sept 19th. My wife and I met April 1st 2006 on a blind date. I took her to a Friends of the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon: Murder Mystery dinner featuring a plot that killed a winch in the presence of Col William Rhett returning from his defeat of Gentlemen Pirate Stede Bonnet, a few colonial VIPs, and a host of ner do wells and scallywags. I dressed as a pirate and she wore a beautiful late 1800 century dress. It was a night that we have always held near to our hearts and have made pirate themes our fancy. So in spirit of today and to my favorite winch- Argh!" - Christopher Turner

China - "the bold and courageous mateys and I braved typhoon weather to hoist grog and join in song." - The Bund (photo here)


Saigon - For the third year running, the mates at Sheridan's pub (17/13 Le Thanh Ton St., Dist. 1, Saigon) pulled out all the stops for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Festivities weigh anchor at 7 p.m. Wednesday, and feature free t-shirts (while supplies last), music by Calico Jacks and Jolly Roger, happy hour prices on beer and free snacks from 8-9 p.m. Prizes for the best-garbed pirate and wench on deck! Check out their poster.

South Seas

Saipan, Marianas Islands - Talk Like a Pirate Day came early on the other side o' the Dateline, and the Visitor Center at the American Memorial Park in Saipan celebrated by welcoming children to a three-hour fun and adventure show. The center was transformed to evoke a time when pirates ruled the oceans.

At sea, somewhere between Australia and Singapore - Nick writes: "I work on a boat on the australian coast, i have convinced my captain and the crew of 14 to talk like pirates for this years tlapd. i was wondering if you have a banner i can post on my webpage, i need a html code if possible, and also a poster if possible to print out and post up onboard...we really wanna get into this as we need to have a bit of fun out here and should be scheduled to be sailing to singapore from australia and around the straights of lombok at the time."

The Philippines - "We be the scurvy rogues of Black Pearl Philippines, hailing from the sunny southern seas south of China and north of SingARRRRRporrrrrr. We be plannin', for ye see tomorrow tis the 19th here in this part of the world, ta not only talk like pirates but ta DRESS like pirates!! We also be plannin' a parlay after OURRRRRRR work t'morrow to raise a beaker of piratey spirits in toast to the piratey spirit around the world!" - Captain Thomas Teach (aka Commodore James Norrington, RN, BPP, EITC), Of His Majesty's Owne Privateer, the EXPLORER

The Antipodes


Airlie Beach - The Pirates of Whitsunday once again stormed Airlie Beach, near Australia's Great Barrier Reef, in celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, this year on Sunday, September 16, 200. Writes Cap'n Dan, The Pirates of Whitsunday are the polite pirates who always use their manners and say please and thank you, and ensure that visitors always come first.

Brisbane - The Pirate Metal band "Scuurvy" played on ITLAPD at the Clarance Corner Hotel in Brisbane. More about the band here.

Melborne - "Ahoy Meharties, This year we completed our second annual plundering of Melbourne's Yarra River. This year we upgraded from last year's single, not so sturdy ship, to 3 mighty battling vessels. We have thrown this year's vid up on YouTube:

Sydney - There's still time to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day on the high seas - or at least the harbor, aboard the vessel James MaCabe. "There'll be nosh aplenty, flagons of grog at pub prices, prizes t' treasure for the dandiest of outfits and best of all the chance to fire nonstop piratical profanities broadside at the lily livered seamen of old Sydney town," promises organizer Capt'n Seadog Phil. Friday, Sept. 21, 6-9:30 p.m. Adults only; tickets $35 a head. The cruise departsfrom the Man of War Wharf (eastern side of Opera House). Limited passage available; for information and tickets contact Capt'n Seadog Phil on 0412-089-402 or

Sydney - For those what couldn't afford t'cruise, Cap'n Suzie and Scoundrel Miss Kate invited one an' all to join them on Saturday September 15th in Sydney's Camperdown Memorial Park startin' at noon for a grand pirate picnic. Pirate garb - and pirattitude - were encouraged.

From the Gold Coast of Queensland - "My wife hates you by the way. Well, not you exactly, but anyone that comes up with a 'Talk Like a.......' day. ... . She just groans and mutters about leaving for good this time. So this morning ... I was able to deliver her usual bed cup of tea with a loud and leering 'Arrrr, me beauty' ("groan, fucking mumble, leaving today mumble" from under the covers). I had primed the local Australian Broadcasting Commission radio station the day before and the morning presenter, Peter Scott, got into the spirit of things and insisted that anyone who rang in for talkback or the morning trivia quiz, had to talk like a pirate. It was quite funny to hear some of our more staid listeners, talking like demented Devon farmers. Peter then called me and we conducted a conversation using the Pirate Translator and I think somewhere in the turmoil I sold my wife for 8 doubloons and a bottle of rum." - Chinese John

Victoria - "I am a cub Scout leader in Monbulk which is the Dandenong Mountains, Victoria, Australia we are going to celebrate the night by havening our own night, cubs will be coming dressed, we will be playing pirate games, make our own spy glass, an ocean in a bottle, and also having a treasure hunt." -- Deirdre Lancaster

New Zealand

"Weather Angels is New Zealand's first sexy weather show and we have just completed our first series online and on New Zealand Tele. In our penultimate episode the girls dressed (and talked) in pirate theme, and we thought it fitting to make sure the date was included in our calendar. To watch the pirate episode go to
and Select Episode 20. enjoy, garr!!!!" -- Astrid

Auckland - Live music and top-shelf grog will be the currency at The Dogs Bollix, Ponsonby, Auckland on Friday, Sept. 21 starting at 9 p.m. Featured bands include The Defendants, The Rebelles, The Quick and The Dead, The Tarantinos, Bear Cat & DJ Skinny. Dress like a pirate, talk like a pirate and party like a pirate! $10 admission. For more information contact

Christchurch - Trust the Kiwis to be at the front of the pack: The first Talk Like A Pirate Day event in the world on the actual date itself (Sept. 19). The Sherif & Skipwhore's Pirate Day started at +11 hours, (3 p.m.) and runs till 3 a.m. at The Wunderbar in Lyttleton Harbour. Christchurch. New Zealand. DJs from 7pm - House 2 Hard Dance. Pirate Live show from: Captain Tinrib. Free entry if dressed as a Pirate. Sponsored by Tinrib Digital.

Hastings - The cutlassed librarians at the Hastings Cenytral Library celebrated TLAPD in grand fashion, writes Sheryleeh o the Sevenseas: "Staff dressed up and spoke pirate to library patrons. Thar be a staff treasure hunt - treasure map up on the poop deck aka staff room. Thanks to you and your scurvy crew for the fun day." Read their account and see photos in their blog.

North Canterbury - "me scruvy crew be landlocked in the waterless wopwops of north canterbury but we'll still be singin and swillin for talk like a pirate day (at) year 7/8 Amuri Area School. We all be usin our salty sea dog names and them that has none will be thrown to the sharks." - Semantha Springett

Wellington - The Museum of Wellington City and Sea celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day by hosting a Great Pirate Corporate Challenge. Participants were invited to enlist a crew with suitable piratitude ($20 per crew of 5 max.), cruise down to the Museum with the crew to do the Treasure Hunt and then gather the crew on Queens Wharf for the final challenge of pirate antics for official Talk Like A Pirate Day, Sept. 19.

Parts (and sometimes persons) unknown

Aye there- I'll be diggin' fer loot today... really. I'm an archaeologist and I will be excavatin'. I'll talk like a pirate and see if any o' me mates catches on. Best from Virginia and love the idea!!!! - Robert 'three legs ;-)' the Bruce (no relation)

I will, as I have every year, be celebrating by aging. I was blessed to be born on September 19th! Cake and presents (swag!) and grog and the like. OF course I will be wearing my tight little Talk like a pirate Day t-shirt too! - Gypsye

Wanted to let you that I love the idea (although I'm going to a job interview tomorrow, which may NOT be the best time to start shouting "Avast!") My blog will even be transformed into a piratey-type theme, but it will probably end up being rather lame. Avast, and all that. I don't know how people think of these things... - Anon.

I teach third grade and we do all kind of pirate related activities, including making a hat. I give the kids pirate pencils and bookmarks, and we tell pirate jokes. They really enjoy it and we all have a big time. Carol Holmes, Granger Elementary

i'm going to tell you how i'm going to celebrate international talk like a pirate day. And i'm wearing a sign on my back and front that says" it's national talk like a pirate day, embrace yarr inner pirate!" and i'm going to tell people about it. that's how i celebrate it. - Anon

"I am going to bring stuff for my friends to wear at school, and we are going to spread the word that Pirate Day is here! We are going to be the coolest ones in school with our pirate outfits, and pirattitudes. Then, we will go to Cross Country practice all dressed in our athletic pirate uniforms!!! It is going to be awesome!!! I don't mind if this is public either! I live in a little town, so I shall spread the word about Pirate Day and it will soon be a tradition at our school to celebrate Pirate Day!!!" - Megan and friends

My boyfriend's birthday is September 19th, and if he could have chosen ANY holiday to have his birthday on, it would have been "Talk Like a Pirate Day". He is a pirate, you see. This year, he is turning 40. We are drinking rum, swearing a lot, having a jolly good time and avoiding arrest. We wish you Fair Winds and Godspeed. -- Todd & Holly

I figured that to really get the day going, I shall talk like Sean Connery all day. And by God I mean all day. Why? Did he ever say he didn't want to be a pirate? - DHos

I be wearing an eye patch all day, all be it for a medical condition - I was delighted to learn of your day this morning as it will help me to look just that little bit more silly! - Regards, Jolly Roger

This be my very own birfday, shared with many a pirate or two across the foamin' sees. It'll be a joyous day full of pirating and swashbuckling, me and few scallywags ship mates 'll be in the pub celebrating. Ahaargh! - Greg the Pirate

I will be a salting my technical babble with the cant of the sea and thinking of swaying decks beneath my feet and the wind in my sails as I hoist a tankard or two to my brethren. And maybe a bonnie wench or two before dawn. Ahoy! - Capt David "the Bloody"

"me name for today is Mrs. Black and I be the wench who crosses the little ones off to the place they call school. Me calls it the gallows. Ayyyy, me reminded the little ones to give their mateys an Arrrrrgggggg for today was the day when pirates around the world party. So 73 little ones and their land lubber parents are now givin a hearty Ahoy Mateys and a hearty Gnarrrr to the bilge rats they call teachers." - Mrs. Black

I will be spending the day playing everquest's new expansion "The Buried Sea" I, and a group of my friends, will spend the entire day (today) playing life on the open seas, speaking like pirates, and whenever possible acting like them - Wilfredo

"We incorporated TLAPD in to our first grade classroom. We made hats, read books about pirates, learned some phrases, and wore eye patches. We also put on temporary tattoos for the day. What fun this is!!!" Thanks, Lindsay Hall

"I am actually going sailing on a boat in Lake Erie with people I barely know. This is only my second time sailing with them, but I will insist we all use pirate language." -- Nancy, Marauder of the High Seas

Th' name's Lashin' Lara... an' I'll be talkin' like a pirate at work, t'those that be dressed or just have on Captain Jack Sparrow-like hats on. I work at a local theme park where one of th'rides is Pirates Of The Caribbean. Hint hint *Chuckle*

TLAPD, Home-school style: "First I get me swabs out of their bunks & holler for all hands on deck. They scrub the planks before they can have their grub. Or, if the Cap'n is in a particularly benevolent mood we fill our bellies with the spoils of the last Albertson's pillage, then it's on to the finer lessons of life. (Read the rest on our Pirate Curriculum page) " --The Cap'n & Crew of the Red Crab

I told me mate this evening to prepare to prepare to repel boarders! And be lively ye sausey wench! - Al Curry

"At both my jobs, we're big pirate enthusiasts. We also like ninjas and zombies, but pirates definitely take the cake (er... booty) today. One of my co-workers has even dubbed himself Justin "No Beard" McKinstry. Unfortunately, we can't do much else to celebrate at that location since it's an office. We drew pirate pictures on the white board and walked around saying "Yarrrr" as we went about our tech-support activities. The other job, however, is at a little snack shack. It's under new management, and the owner has been looking for new ideas for specials and the like. When we told him about Talk Like A Pirate Day, he was thrilled. We're giving ice cream discounts to people who dress and talk like pirates tonight. Since I don't work, I'm showing up to reap the benefits. I've even enlisted my 80 pound pal to ride on my shoulders and say "brrooooook! Polly want a razzle!" when I approach the counter. Thanks for the best holiday ever." -- Jordan

I teach 11th and 12th grade English, and I did "Talk like a pirate" day in school with my students. Here is the agenda I put on the board: Learning Targets: The rapscallions aboard this vessel be learning their vocab, arrrr. Agenda: 1. Copy homework, me maties! 2. Freewrite, or ye'll be swabbin the deck! 3. We be playin' vocab pictionary, me hearties. 4. Take yer vocab test, or it's the brig for ye! Homework: We be readin' the fine seafarin' story "The Voice from the Wall" tonight, and best be writin' down your inferences, or ye'll be walkin' the plank! Freewrite: Topic of your choice, but I'd be preferrin' ye to write like a pirate. Arrrr. I had a student today compose his freewrite as "Ye olde leather boot," all in pirate speak. It's funny as hell. He's going to put it to music. I had another student come in with a plastic sword and her tri-corner pirate hat. It's awesome. - Leah Makuch, Western Massachusetts

Today is my Daughter, Tori's 14th birthday. Boy will she be ecstatic when she finds out what today is. She loves Johnny Depp and his character Capt Jack Sparrow.What a perfect way to say Happy Birthday to her !!!! - Jeanmarie L. DePace, (Happy birthday, Tori, from the Pirate Guys and wenches at Talk Like A Pirate Day!)

The whole "Cult Of the 500 Wing" at me high school dressed up as pirates, we been talking like them all day as well. It be much harder to type like a pirate then it be to talk like one. Arrrr.. I even brought me Piece Of Eight. - Thief

"Listened to my daughter tell me how stupid it is!!!" - Rebecca

I'm going to drink _Pirates Keg Root beer_ 'till I can't see straight. Oh and talk like a pirate.... aye!- captain Solo (an account 'o me one leg)

I have taken the liberty to pick up my kids from school in pirate gear. There's nothing like seeing fifty pairs of first-grade wide-eyed knee-biters watching you in fascinated nervousness to put you in a good mood! -- Melissa

I plan to celebrate by drinking rum and saying "ARRRGGHH" and "AYE CAPTAIN" all day. - L. "Mack" McCullough

My boss is out of town so I'm swamped with phone calls, emails, follow-ups, and writing letters. I'm looking forward to a good concert this weekend though, and I miss my friends! -- Anna L. Hofford

This may not be as direct as dressing like a pirate however, I have worked my lecture so that I talk about R values today. So in a subtle way I am reinforcing pirattude in class. - Glenn Freund

Well, officially, my birthday is Sept. 20, but my mother claims that the doctor was drunk and that my REAL birthday is the 19th. So I celebrate my birthday as Sept. 19 EVERY YEAR...and this year, I'll be drinkin' as I pack up my gear to sail for Ojai Pirate Faire, in California. God bless us, everyone and most especially PYRATES!! -- Suzanne Neeley aka Commodore Grace O'Malley aka Captain Bloody Bonnie Stallworth

Today was my daughter's 9th birthday, and she loves pirates, so I printed off your eye patches, made them wearable, then brought face paint to her 3rd grade class and turned the whole class into pirates with mustaches and goatees!

me watces the watrs shure feasted me on the fer eastern grubbins thoughts abouts makn the capin walk sour planks me did / missed drinkn the rum me bum me didn't

Avast and me trusty ship the F150 warnt to the docks fur refurbish of oil an' steerage. Me wait was down the wharf at the fish house for a might o' seafood 'n' grog. T'was a short stay and me compliments to all. as we gain the seas of the tarmac agin. AAAAaaaarrrr..

Ahoy! Last night I made some 75 eyepatches to encourage my fellow students to participate in Talk like a pirate day. But alas, me teachers found something objectional about wearing eyepatches, so they where soon confiscated (don't be askin' why, I really don't have a clue). But despite that setback, we still had a bucket o' fun talkin like scallywags for the day. Thank ye for inventing this marvelous holiday. - Mike from Illinois.

I was talking to myself like a pirate just an hour ago in my car and I didn't know that it was talk like a pirate day. Shiver me Timbers A storms' brewen on the Coast! I was thinking of the bad weather coming. - Alice W

I am an art teacher for homeschool students. I had several classes yesterday, so I took my newly made pirate hat to classes with me. As I was preparing the classroom for my first class of the day, the door to the building opened and I heard "Arrrrrrr!!! It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!" I immediately put my pirate hat on, and went out to the lobby to investigate. One of my brand-new 6-year-old students was pirating around. . .we had a great time letting him try on my hat and all morning he talked about pirates, and got other kids to talk like a pirate in class - Patti Van Brederode

I celebrated international talk like a pirate day with my crew of 1st graders. They had a fantastic time! Aside from teaching some pirate vocabulary and encouraging the students to talk like pirates all day, here are some our pirate-influenced activities: I read aloud How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and discussed why we would or would not want to be pirates. We created a list of good reasons to be a pirate (treasure, parrots, no bedtime) and reasons we would not want to be pirates (storms, sharks, missing your family). Then each child wrote "I would like to be a pirate because..." or "I would not like to be a pirate because..." and wrote three examples. Then they got to draw themselves as pirates. They had at great time with this activity and their writings and illustration were hilarious! I taught a lesson on the "ar" sound. We started out practicing the sound out loud in our best pirate voices, then read a poem together that had lots of ar words, and then we brainstormed lots of "ar" words like car, smart, far, star, etc and practice spelling and reading those words. On Friday's spelling test everyone did a great job spelling "ar" words, and "ar" is now known as "the pirate sound" in my classroom. For math we played a subtraction game called "Take Away the Treasure". We have just started learning subtraction and this game worked perfectly to reinforce subtraction concepts. First, the children drew treasure chests. Then I gave them lots of different subtraction problems to work out, and an answer sheet to record their results. They used math counters as treasure and they had to "take away" each other's treasure and see how much was left behind in the treasure chest. -- Alison Ankerstar

Ahoy thar all ye aboard the Festerin' Boil! Poseidon's Putrefyin' Pineapples! TLAP 2007 were a grand day fer the wee sprogs at ye children's involuntary inpatient psychiatric program on the good shippe, the Whistlin' Teratoma! We began the day widst grits an eggs wich was follered by the nurse-wenches wieldin' the pills, hypodermics, an' a good 'ard scrubbin' by Nurse Whiskerlips. Then Blood Blister Billy and Ol' Stumptooth, Ship's Social Werker, got 'em all together likes an' they puts on their paper pirate hats, sings songs such as the Sponge Bob Square Pants Song - loud likes, o' coarse widst a fiddle an' hornpipe accumpinimint, - an we teaches 'em imartint skills such as the "plug-em-up nose cleaner blow" (aka "the dolphin booger blow"), whar ye uses a finger or thumb to plug up the hole on one side o' yer schnozz and blow outs t'other, follered by a loud snort and a lusty Arrr Harr! That be the ticket!" Another useful skill taught this marnin' were more musical in naturrre - underarm fartin' noises. We formed us up Ship's Band, we did.the Underarm Orchestra o' the Whistlin' Teratoma. Then, all swearin' mighty leather lunged oaths they was trundled off to school to plunder an' terrorize the teachers likes. High RPM, Low IQ, that be the orrrrderr o' the day! To be surrre, we awaits our official call an' letter o' appreciaschuns-likes from yer local school district admininstreatrres this marnin'! T'were quite a laurgh to those wots don' likes the principal, o' coarse. Kep 'er busy the day long I hears... ('er new nickname be "O' Beauteous Sow" though she don' know it yet.) No "ties an' dockers" on TLAP, o' coarse.Throughout the day I wore me long greatcoat, leather tricorn, eye patch an' cutlass an' gave forth widst a mighty fart an' an "Arrr Harr!" ever so often from the poop deck o' me office likes.much to the consternation o' visitors such as Attorneys Ad Litem, CPS casewerkers, docterrrs an wotnot that 'appened to be around, all goggle-eyed likes. 'Ow'ever, as Cap'n Slappy 'as said, "The spirit o' Talk Like a Pirate Day is to do something incredibly inappropriate and yet get people laughin' around ye whilst ye do it". As ye know, that be me personal motto fer years now, right? Applyin' that philoserfy to me werk today, I sat through the change o' shift report pokin' the chief nurse widst me cutlass 'ere an' there throughout as she tried to pretend nothin' was wrong or unudsual. O' coarse, the staff were not fooled at all. They 'erd nothin' bout the wee sprogs' behaviorin', o' coarse...they warr focused on 'er discomfert-likes 'an 'er efforts at pretendin' that nothins were 'appenin, an' they be a laughin' til they snorted. Arr Harr! Great Neptune's Man Nipples but it were a good time! Then it were off to other ports o' call to drink meself into a great slidin' an' slobberin' puddle on the deck, dreamin' about oysters an such-likes.Me head hurts this marnin'. Keep a weather eye out up thar in the land o' lobsters an' bacon-donuts, me hearties, both ye an' yer oily brood! An' keep the rust off'n yer 'arpoon-likes. Ye nivvvver know when ye may be facin' an irritable narwhal, do ye? X - BBB Blood Blister Billy, his mark

Well, I hate to admit this, but I thought it was "Talk Like a Parrot" Day, so I went around all day saying, "Groovy want a cracker. Squawwwwk!" I'm so ashamed and hopin' you'll be forgivin' of me foolishness. - Groovy

Much to my dismay I had surgery on my favorite day of the year,but I did have the or and recovery staff talking like a pirate . When I woke up the recovery nurse said arrr you scurvy wench do you need to puke ? we are ready to plan a big bash for 2008. -- Proud parent of a pirate

im gona celebrate talk like a pirate day by building a dog out of wood - Evan. Ooookaaaayyy ...

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