Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009

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What are ye planning for September 19th?

Arrrrrre ye ready for TLAPD 2009? .Let us know what ye're up to , an' we'll tell the world! If ye're at a loss for ideas, check out the year-by-year party reports from previous years:

2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

We're especially interested in hearing about pirate parties organized as fund-raisers for good causes; they're marked below with a special icon.

Don't miss the photos! Send us your own best picture - just ONE, please! (We'll also accept links to yer on-line photo gallery).

Find out what the media's saying about Talk Like A Pirate Day here. And what the Pirate Guys themselves (and associated wenches) have been up to here. And don't miss the fan mail!

What's happening around the world on International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009

Parties around the world

This list gets longer every year, so we've given it a page of its own; clicking the links below will get you there).

Events supportin' good causes

TLAPD on line and in the media


  • Pirate's Booty, the tasty - and healthy - snack food from Robert’s American Gourmet Food, went all out for Talk Like A Pirate Day in their BootyBlog and on their FaceBook page. (Hop over to Cookie Magazine's Word of Mom and Cast your vote for Pirate's Booty as the best salty snack food!). The folks at Pirate's Booty also shipped some o' their snacks up to Alaska fer Cap'n Slappy and the fans to enjoy at the TLAPD gatherin in Fairbanks. Thankee, mates!
  • Piratize the Web! Yahoo!'s developers have come up with some nifty Web-to-pirate conversion tools t'give your Sept. 19 browsing pirattitude.
  • And while it no longer shows up on their official list o' supported languages, "pirate" translation is still an option for yer Google search page.
  • What better day than Sept. 19 to take advantage of FaceBook's language translator (at the bottom right of the screen when members are logged in - to translate your FaceBook page to pirate! (Alas, it appears that only you will see it, not your friends...)
  • Cap'n Slappy, Team' Pirate's token Twitternaut, reports that as of 7:40 a.m. Sept. 19', pirattitude dominated the Twitter "trending topics" (things people were tweeting about:
    • 10. Burnley
      9. Good Morning
      8. #iranelection
      7. Avast
      6. Jennifer's Body
      5. Ahoy
      4. Talk Like a Pirate
      3. Selemat Hari Raya
      2. Jay-Z
      1. Pirate Day
  • Among those Tweeting about us: The inimitable Stephen Fry. We're not worthy ...
  • Examiner tech writer Harold Nolte took note of Twitter and Google trends for Sept. 19.
  • Deviant Art, the worldwide art community with more than 10 million members, celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with contests and all-day pirate talk on the site's forums.
  • Second Life - We're heard tell ofmultiple TLAPD parties in the virtual world:
    • The Fride Club, run by Midnattsdotter - with her and DJ LOLA playing the music. Pirate clothes, beach party, pirate ship and rock music.
    • Jabberwock Isles (where every day is a pirate day) will be havin' a Talk Like a Pirate Day ball in... Jabberwock Isles
    • Seas of Antiquity staged pirates vs. navy sea battles all weekend
    • Resort on the Cay celebrated with a Pirate Tea for the ladies, and a Pirate Beach Barbecue with a couple o' big roast pigs. And we be havin' the first ever Antiquity Pirates' Job Fair where they linked up pirates-to-be with pirate captains. - Lisbeth Constantine, Resort Manager
    • She's So Unusual Shoes - For the fourth straight year, Rowan Carroll, a designer and builder of crazy virtual shoes, transformed her shoe store into a pirate's playground, complete with mugs o grog, treasure chest, cannons and a ship or two. Read more on her blog.
  • Here's a new twist: The Two Chinese Characters and the Pinyin Pirate use pirate-talk to demonstrate how to pronounce the Chinese retroflex. (And it's funny, too!)
  • A great new pirate song for TLAPD2009: Ahoy, from The Rabble Rousers (Bill Collins and Gary "Chops" MacConnie)
  • Cardfish, a new e-card site, is offering a freeTLAPD card that lets you paste your face onto a singing, dancing pirate - and once the card has played, you can set it to call your mate on the phone to wish them a happy TLAPD.
  • Gumbo, the fine pirate band, offered a new song free fer the downloadin in honor of TLAPD. Bury 'Em Deep. Download here. Gumbo Stu has also compiled a pirate playlist on Alonetone fer your TLAPD listening pleasure!
  • Beekeeper Crosswords posted their 4th annual TLAPD crossword puzzle.
  • The more than 2000 collectors of American Girl dolls who congregate at the message forum celebrated TLAPD by switching the forum skin to a pirate theme, filtering mandatory pirate-speak, and encouraging photos of American Girl dolls in pirate garb. Harr!
  •, the online karaoke site, ran Sing Like A Pirate Day. Some of the performances are immortalized in their forum.
  • Sylvan Dell Publishing just loooooves Talk Like A Pirate Day. They've got a great writeup in their blog, pointing to some of their more piratical children's books. Have a look-see!
  • The Vin Diesel site held a contest for logged-in users challenging them to write a pirate story based on photos posted in their Picture This forum. (We've always thought Vin Diesel has plenty of pirattitude...)
  • The folks on this Colorado mountain climbing forum contemplated the thought of "Climb Like a Pirate Day..."
  • Australian Photography held a nautical themed photo contest for its members to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day.
  • Pirate Contest - Folks could write, draw or cook like a pirate to enter Sisbro Productions' Talk Like A Pirate Day contest, based on their swashbuckling children's book, "A Pirate's Quest."
  • Write Like a Pirate - Took submissions from members of pirate songs, stories, poems, etc. for its Talk Like A Pirate Day writing contest. Submission deadline is past...
  • Arrrrtist Elizabeth Dumba has drawn up another fine pirate coloring-book page for TLAPD 09 - grab yer crayons and download it here fer printing. Previous years pages can be found here. Her TLAPD post is here.
  • Mmmmm, rummmmm cake! Season Strepp of the NYT Media Group offered a recipe for TLAPD (complete with a "Scurvy-Preventing Citrus Glaze!").
  • Blockbuster UK offers a list of top 20 video rentals for Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • Urban Threads offered a free pirate ship embroidery pattern for TLAPD (available through Sept. 27)
  • Jaunted, the pop culture travel guide, signed in with some piratical travel destinations.
  • From Download Squad, Seven TLAPD time-wasters
  • Greatest Uncommon Denominator, the award-winning literary magazine, pointed subscribers to free TLAPD goodies on the Web (and emailed in pirate-talk to let 'em know.)
  • Another Examiner columnist ( they're all over TLAPD this year), Cassandra Yorgey, describes her day at the Long Island Pirate Festival, including lots o' pirate shopping.
  • Francine Rose notes that for sailors and shipwrights, every day is Talk Like A Pirate Day

Blog Like A Pirate -

Game like a pirate

  • Our pals at TellTale Games, who've been creatin' new episodes of the legendary Tales of Monkey Island game, went all out for TLAPD, with free game downloads and other surprises. Check their Web site for news about Pirate Awareness Week.
  • And at Amazon Video Games, they gave away copies of "Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal”on TLAPD .
  • World of Warcraft once again celebrated its own Pirates Day on Sept. 19, with special rewards for players who found their way to Booty Bay - and return appearances by Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket as NPCs.
  • Pirates of the Burning Seas, our partners a couple o' years ago, turned on the Talk Like a Pirate Day content in-game with their 1.18 update, so scallywag players could go on special TLAPD missions to get cool rewards! New players ccould also take part
  • In City of Heroes, Charlie Angus planned a pirate-themed party for TLAPD.
  • A fan of the Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG noted that the game had special surprises and rewards for TLAPD 2008, and hoped they'll do it again this year. Looks like they did!
  • Guild Wars, which celebrated the day last year, did it again on Saturday.
  • Legend of the Green Dragon celebrated TLAPD on Sept. 19: Text n the game, whether player typed or game generated, be filtered an' shifted to resemble piratey vernacularrr.
  • Gravity Interactive celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day in two of their online games:
    • Ragnarok Online offered pirate rewards to users who complete
      quests in-game
    • ROSE Online had an in-game event where users were
      rewarded for talking like a pirate in-game
  • X-Box Live players could buy pirate hats and eyepatches to dress up their characters for TLAPD - and then stay up all night playing pirate games such as Age of Booty, Tales of Monkey Island and Sid Meiers' Pirates.
  • Cap'n Sarathai (aka Guild Leader Senthoi) and her crew from the Queen Anne's Revenge/Silver Dawn planned to pillage Warhammer Online's Age of Reckoning on Saturday (wearing "The Pirate" in game titles), keel-haulin' any of the soft land lubbers that refuse to oblige.
  • The folks at Diplomacy Online - the Web version of the famous board game - were reported to be playing Pirate Diplomacy today. (Login required)

Laugh Like A Pirate

Webcomics and other funny folk celebrate TLAPD:

TLAPD sales, promotions and miscellany

Changing their logos and/or language:

  •, Web home of the Lexington Herald-Leader, sported a pirate logo on Sept. 19.
  • had a Jolly Roger in its masthead
  • converted to pirate-talk for the day

In the media

Print and Web

On the Air

Radio and TV stations love Talk Like A Pirate Day, and we don't even hear about most of the on-air pirattitude. When we do, ye'll find it here (and let us know if you discover something we haven't!)

  • NPR Music's Song of the Day features Alestorm, the pirate metal band. Read Play Metal Like A Pirate Day
  • CNN.Com covers the heck out of Talk Like A Pirate Day, with a pirate knowledge quiz written by none other than Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy.
  • Hear Cap'n Slappy himself, live from Fairbanks Alaska, over Alaska radio station KSUA-FM from 6-7 p.m. (PDT) on Sept. 19.
  • YTV, the Canadian youth TV network, will celebrate TLAPD with five hours of cartoons on its Crunch program.
  • Fan Leroy Skalstad (WD9HOT) reports that HAM radio forums are all abuzz about TLAPD. "Looks like the airwaves will be interesting with ham radio operators participating in Talk Like A Pirate Day, I myself will be on the airwaves," he writes.
  • Public Radio station WLRH-FM in Huntsville salutes ITLAP Day every year by featuring piratey music as much as possible (we are public radio, after all).
  • Jersey City - Meghan, the host of the Thursday morning Underwater Theme Park show on the Web version of WFMU-FM plans a pirate-themed show on Sept. 17 to usher in Talk Like A Pirate weekend.
  • Capn' Edward Burke, host of the year-round Celtic and variety show the good ship "Shillelagh Safari" on two Burlington, Vermont stations, plans a pair o' swashbucklin shows on Sept. 18-19. Hear traditional sea shanties and other pirate music on Friday from 5-8 p.m. (EDT) on WWPV 88.7 FM and then again from 8-10pm on WOMM-LP 105-FM . Cap'n Burke will take requests at
  • Cap'n Chorlton will be be broadcasting a live Talk Like A Pirate radio show on on Saturday 19th 6pm (UK time). "I'll try my best to play pirate tunes and not too much poop," he writes.
  • WBNG, Binghamton, NY reported on the Pirates of the Susquehannah's party.
  • WWPV 88.7-FM "The Mike" in Colchester, VT USA. Cap'n Seamus Blunderbuss (aka Edward Burke) played two of our You Tube videos: as well as Tom Smith's official anthem for the holiday, and a treasure trove of sea shanties and other music with piratitude, includin' some fine pirate music from Vermont artists.
  • Radio stations who've done live interviews this year with the Pirate Guys include:
    • KSRO, San Francisco
    • ... and a bunch more we'll list as soon as the guys get enough of a breather to email the Webwench..


It's become a tradition for lots o' Web sites to "go pirate" for the day. Among the ones we heard of this year:

  • The Great Debate, a gaming podcast featurin' a new pirate promo
  • RenegadeWarez planned to change all of their content into pirate speak along with their members all speaking like pirates on the website and in irc chat
  • Neopets once again translates posts on the message boards into pirate.
  • PugVillage, a forum for pug fanciers, was piratizes

Read on for what else is happening all over the world...