Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011

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Part Two: Geographically

Don't see an event listed fer your region? Check out the "pirate crews" page at No Quarter Given, where they list crews by region around the US and the world! Or visit the Talk Like A Pirate Day MeetUp page set up by one of our fans and organize yer own event!

And check out our 2011 Google map, pinpointing as many of these celebrations as we can on the glob!

For TLAPD activities in the virtual and over-the-air world, see Part One.

Around the world, by region:

Events supportin' good causes


North America



Calgary - "For us this is the 4th annual Talk Like a Pirate day. We even got our youngest daughter’s teacher to participate the 1st year, cool teacher. She bought eye patches for her class and taught them the lingo (appropriate for 8 year olds). My family comes from Scottish Pirates (no I didn’t know they existed either) so this is like a family reunion. Our party will be celebrated on Sunday, school commitments and all, then we will go to school in pirate fair on Monday with appropriate lingo for 10 to 13 year old pirates. What a great day.Thanks for the fun!" - Sharann

Edmonton - Ron Sherbrooke's Talk & Drink like a Pirate Day Rum Festival was September 19, 2011 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Tucker AmpTheatre, Citadel Theatre, Edmonton

High Level - "Please add High Level Albert Canada to the map." - Red Jen and the Scurvy crew. ;)

Vegreville - " All over town making people very confused and uneasy. Costumes optional, parrots optional, eye patch optional, clothing required. Stop into Signsations and have a custom pirate t-shirt made on the spot." - Howard

British Columbia

Coquitlam - Avast me Hearties! Talk Like a Pirate!: Weigh anchor ye landlubbers and join Coquitlam Public Library for International Talk like a Pirate Day. Meet Dustin Anderson, the Purple Pirate, and enjoy games, crafts and all sorts of silliness. Come in costume, use your pirate lingo (e.g., “Ahoy” and “Arrr”) and win a prize. The fun runs from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Monday, Sept. 19 at the Poirier branch.

Kleena Kleene - "Arrrr, we’ll be talkin’ like pirates all day even way out here in Kleena Kleene, British Columbia. We’re gettin’ the sister wench all set with a whole pirate day event inverrrrtations, t-shirts, prizes and such booty for the little skallywags too." - Brenda and Jamie, Rivers Edge Guest Cottages

Nanaimo - "Aaaaye y’all be fittn in jus fine talkin like a pirate at Sprott Shaw Community College in Nanaimo (beware the dread bathtub pirate)…Be here or be keel hauled!" - Cap'n Bruce (who may or may not be the college's Director...)

Richmond - For International Talk Like A Pirate Day, ye can solve riddles, make a pirate hat or duel with balloon swords. Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site, 12138 4th Richmond, BC, Sept. 17-19, 10am-5pm, $7.80/3.90

Vancouver - Sept. 19 is my birthday, and talk like a pirate day! How cool is that? 50 this year. Me and the crew, and some select lads and lasses, (9 or 10 in all) will be hitting the seas right after work to quaff rum and beer and eat steak, halibut and salmon bbq tonight, and of course to talk like pirates. Leaving from Vancouver BC at False Creek, Leg and Boot Square, to ply the waters of English Bay and Spanish Banks. - Al P.

Vancouver - The Pirate Pub (aka Burrard Bridge Bar& Grill, #1-1012 Beach Ave., parrrtied it up on Talk Like A Pirate Day, as they do every year. Their Website even plunders some tips from us (with credit) to get their patrons ready for the holiday. Word has it that the scallywags on hand for th' fun included a crew o' incognito pirates from an Unnamed Government Agency, who also planned some pirate fun at work that day.

Vancouver - "Events and Adventures is headin out to The Two Parrots restaurant on Granville street in Vancouver, f’r some grub and grog an some good mates. We be playin games and doin pirate trivia, with new pirate names for all. I be doin the dressin and talkin like a pirate for 6 years, an thought to getting some landlubbers on board. Arr me hearties, the day be savvy!" Andrea C.


Hamilton - The Hamilton Children’s Museum invited youngsters for a day of adventure and Pirate Talk, Pirate Games, and Pirate Treats. Dress up like a Pirate and join our Pirate Parade through Gage Park. Swashbuckling Parade and scavenger hunt begin at 11, 1, 2, and 3. September 17. Hamilton Children’s Museum 1072 Main St. E. (Gage Park).

Hudson's Bay - In the far north of Ontario, they talked like pirates at Winisk, a work camp at a former radar base.

Kemptville - Kemptville's Pirate Day, Sept. 17, featured a sidewalk sale with family fun, magic, music - and a visit from "Captain Jack Sparrow."

London - A TLAPD party in celebration o' Cap'n Dan and the Scurvy Crew's newest pirate rap album took place at a private home on Sept. 16. We want photos!

Ottawa - "Our party in celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011 will be held aboard the Ticon 30 sloop "Spindrift", at its Britannia Yacht Club mooring on the Ottawa River. In attendance will be the Skipper, R. Alastair Sinclair, and his geriatric crew comprised of able-bodied seamen Stuart Levine, Alan Landsberg, Terry McMeans, and Kit Robinson. With best wishes to our fellow rogues and scoundrels and on behalf of our captain and crew, a Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to all". - Stu Levine

Ottawa - "ARRRRRRR !.... we be havin' a private pirate party in the south end of Ottawa on the 17th of September - it be a few days ahead but it's still to be a grog fest ! there be about 40 pirates coming af all stripes and colours." - Brian (Hook) Johnson

Port Hope - Karen J. and her mates may have been the first TLAPD party o' the year - they celebrated early, with a private party on Sept. 10.

Smithville - Cap'ns Scott and Doreen Crawford are throwin a TLAPD party for their mates. They write "If any scallywags in the area need a party to celebrate they may be present but may have to walk the plank."

Sudbury - " We'll be singin' sea shanties all day in our music education classes at Laurentian University. Them what doesn't join in gets keel-hauled. ARRRRRRRR - David B.

Toronto - The Toronto Island Sailing Club participated in Talk Like a Pirate Day during the 20th Albacore International Championships at Toronto Island Inner Harbour.

Toronto - "Arrrr, mateys! We in Toronto are proud pirates!" - Michael T.

Toronto - Just wanted t' webwench t' know that 11 Red Hatters from t' Toronto, Ontario, CANADA area got together and celebrated TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY at t' Rainforest Cafe (Toronto) last Monday. There was plank walkin', grog drinkin' and lots o' stews eaten. We even had a wench who had a birthday t' day before. Fun ... buckoship and good times."
Scarlet Siren just ran with t' idea. It worked!! Next year? But o' course ... same place and some would say ... t' same day (well 366 days from last Monday anyway! ... it bein' a leap year and all!) Photo here.

New Brunswick

Northwest Territories

Ekati - "We be minin diamonds in the far North of Canada! If'n it pleases ya, ye can add our booty to your map!" - First Mate Ketchum

Nova Scotia

Dartmouth - The Celtic Corner, 69 Alderney Dr., threw a pirate night in observance of ITLAPD Sept. 17. Check out the clever invitation on YouTube! Hosted by the Pirates of Halifax, open to all, prizes for best costume. - Molly Pinchbottom

Halifax - THe Jules Verne Steampunk Association of Halifax hosted a Talk Like A Pirate Day event from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm Sept. 19. Meet at the Dock of the Acadia behind the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on Lower Water Street. Ahoy! Get your cables stowed, yer anchor on board and prepare for a night of pillaging from sea ans skies! The Jules Verne Steampunk Association of Halifax invites all would be pirates of the Sky and sea to come to the waterfront for a rollicking time as jolly roving tars to celebrate the grand and auspicious holiday of International Talk Like a Pirate Day! So come in your piratical best and perhaps ya might be lucky enough to score some booty! We will be meeting at the Acadia's dock between 6:30 and 6:45 and from there be a scourge of the water front til the hour of 9!( I would say bells, but I think that is during the Dog watch so no bells!) Adventure and fun shall be had! Don't miss out, or ya shall be holy stoning for a week! RSVP via their Facebook page.


Montreal - 'gain this September, we'll be gettin' together for a paaaarty, to celebrate this most saaaacred holiday. But this year, I gots to find me a Tricorner, with the white ribbons of La Compagnie Franche de la Marine. Gots my sewing kit ready. Off to the stores to try to finds me one. We's not there in presence, but we's there in spirit. Hoist a flagon to yer cousins in Canada!" - Cap'n Keith.

Montreal - The Magical Blend/Mélange Magique (New Age, Pagan and esoteric store) ran a "Talk like a Pirate Day" special, with a a free gift to clients who come in and talk like a pirate. Those who came in dressed like pirates had their names entered in a draw for a 25$ gift certificate. The shop is at 1928 St. Catherine Street West.



United States


(See Multiple Locations)

Birmingham - "I attend Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham. i spread the good news of Talk Like A Pirate Day to anyone and everyone I could all day during classes and so did my calculus professor!!!!! We were wondering if you could add us to the international map of Pirate celebrants/enthusiasts so that we can inspire others who happen to search for comrades in pirate-inpersonation." Forrest M.

Mobile - "Dearest Webwench, I’d like to tell you about my Talk Like A Pirate Party here in Mobile, AL where we live. My birthday is September 19th and we plan to celebrate both days as one. With International Talk Like a Pirate day just around the corner, we are planning pirate party here on the river cove to celebrate in buccaneer fashion. Grilling and Chilling are the orders of the day.

In pirate speak the above would be: "Arggh! I would be tellin’ ya about me Talk Like A Pirate Party here in Mobile, AL where we anchor over. Me own birthday is September 19th and the Cap’n has issued orders to celebrate both days as one or to suffer his unholy wrath. With International Talk Like a Pirate day just on the horizon, we aims to party here on the landin’ in true buccaneer fashion. We be grillin’ choice meats and all will be chillin’ as we down our favorite brews and rums. These be the true orders of the day." - Capt Brad


Anchorage - Wench Nancy and head deck swab Frrraaank swabbed the decks at True Value with Pirate cupcakes and grog. (The actual Rum commenced after work). They also had free coffee and popcorn and 'paint stick' swords for the kids.

Anchorage - is probably still recovering from the Sept. 17 2011 Talk Like A Pirate Day Pub Crawl Enjoy live music, piratical games, costumes, entertainment and prizes! Each participating pub had different piratical activities! Don’t forget yer eye patch and peg leg! Free fer all 21+ Pirates. Dress up in yer best Pirate garb and voyage through downtown Anchorage with yer treasure map. Get yer map stamped at ALL LOCATIONS and be entered to win the grand prize booty of 80,000 airline miles! Enjoy live music, piratical games, costumes, entertainment and prizes! Each participating pub will have different piratical activities! Don’t forget yer eye patch and peg leg! The event begins at 7 pm with a group photo in Town Square; the crawl runs until 2 am. Participating watering holes: The Anchor | The Avenue Bar | Darwin’s Theory | Platinum Jaxx | Mad Myrna’s | Fletcher’s at the Hotel Captain Cook | Gaslight Bar | Kodiak Bar | Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse | McGinley’s Pub | Rumrunners Old Town Bar. Local hotels are offering discounts for crawlers who don't want to crawl home. Proceeds to the Blood Bank of Alaska.

Juneau - "Arrgh! Juneau, Alaska isn't on yer map! We be celebratin' this day with Pirate Talk and costumes!" - Constance B.

Kodiak - "Mark Kodiak Alaska" - Al and Barb.


Glendale - The Arizona Corsairs called all pirates to celebrate TLAPD with a Talk Like A Pirate Day Pub Crawl on Sept. 17, with a parade at the Westgate Center. Admission to pubs by "pieces of eight" lanyards, with proceeds to go to charities supported by the Corsairs. Sword fights, belly dancing, mermaids and more!

Lake Havasu - "In honor of said stately occurance, we'll be dedicatin' our Taco Tuesday festivities the following day, 20 September; to a pirate/buccaneer/Flying Spaghetti Monster theme! This be an Open Taco night too, so bring yer swashbucklin'est outfits, most colorful pirate language, and your prettiest glass eyeballs!There'll be plenty of the reg'lar galleywash to eat, n'mebbe a singular treat from Davy Jones's special menu; y'er favorite rum n'grog is still y'er own business ta' bring! Any of ya landlubbers what ain't got piratin' togs is still invited, tho' ya' may be walkin' a plank'er two before the night is drawn ;) ARGGGH!" Marie A.

Maricopa - As always, my 5th grade classroom will be celebrating TLAPD. We will be playing a few pirate themed games throughout the day and each student will get a goody bag full of pirate booty they can take home. - Alena L.

Phoenix - The Arizona Science Center in Phoenix, Arizona will be participating in Talk Like A Pirate Day 2011. The event will be open to the public and the floor team will be dressed and talking like pirates all day. "We are so excited and have been practicing our pirate vocabulary and phrases." - Krystal D.

Phoenix- Ladybug House of Sandwiches had three specials in honor of the best holiday ever. Order like a pirate and get a free cookie. Five or more mateys ordering in pirate lingo get half off. Dress like a pirate and your victuals are free! 1611 north 11th street

Tempe - "I wanted to let you know that the University of Advancing Technology is having a TLAPD this Monday! The information of what we are planning can be found on our Facebook event page.. I hope that that we can be added on your site in time—the event it is open to the public and includes a prize for best pirate talk! (Not limited to local either—can be across country!)" - Aaron T.


Little Rock - "we are having a pirate brunch on Sunday in anticipation of ITLAPD. Unfortunately it is at a private home, and not a bar or public area so it is not big enough to open to the public. please no invaders. we will be serving Bloody Marys (arrrrggh the bloodier the better...) shiver me timbers. It'll be the happening place to be for a pre-pirate day brunch for us and our mateys." - Cap'n Fatty and First Mate Momma Mookie.

Monticello (and elsewhere) - "I teach Composition in the Arkansas Early College program. Again this year, my students, from all over Arkansas, will be participating in the (Inter) National Talk Like a Pirate Day festivities. Put us on the map, please. We teach via compressed interactive video from Monticello, Arkansas, and our students see us in their high schools in towns and cities all around the state." - Richard H., AECHS English instructor

Eureka Springs - The Squid and Whale Pub & Grill, 10 Center St., will celebrate TLAPD all weekend long - Saturday, Sunday and Monday - with live music, costume contests and, of course, a pirate-speak contest.


Bakersfield - Russo's Books, 9000 Ming Ave. #14, celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 18th with a children's author, Ray Friesen signing his new book "Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken" and judging a pirate yelling contest and drawing various pirate-y cartoons. This event is open to everyone, families with children are encouraged!

Berkeley - "Black Pine Circle School in Berkeley, CA has been celebrating Talk (and dress) like a Pirate Day for 8 years! We all dress up (K-8th grades and teachers) and sing pirate songs, tell pirate jokes and tell stories at our assembly on the Friday closest to the actual Pirate Day date. This year we even watched a play written by one of our teachers about how Pirates Took over the Theater (a stage filled with summer camp actors). We do plenty of "RRRRRs" when the Kindergarteners practice their alphabet! Pirate Day is one of 5 spirit days we celebrate at our school!" - Lucy M.

Blossom Valley - (See Multiple Locations)

Brentwood - Cap'n Sayra and mates are throwin' a pirate party starting at 7 pm Sept. 19 at 524 First Street Brentwood, CA 94513. Open to Brentwood Residents

Carmel-By-The-Sea - We anticipated ITLAP Day on Sept. 16 with a Lobster Beach Party on the Carmel-by-the-Sea Dog-friendly beach. This is a private invitation only celebration, but I thought you might want to know about it. - Captain Jack Sparrow and Merrie Way The Young Sea Dog

Del Mar - The Del Mar Yacht Club, a piratical social club dedicated to having a good time at the Del Mar race track, will no doubt be celebrating TLAPD in fine fashion, although the racing season ends earlier in the month.

Eureka - Cooper's Gulch Pirates will have Monday Doubles #120 consecutive on Monday September 19th and, as always, we will be plundering harghd, drinking rum, and general looting. The King's Men, known as Par Infinity Disc Golf Club, hate the Pirate's of Cooper's Gulch. And to that, we are honored. They want disciplined orderly golf, not drunkin golf. Cooper Gulch Park, Eureka. Prepare to be boarded! - Pirate Rodney

Fresno - On Monday 9/19/11, from 5pm-9pm, Blackbeard's Family Entertainment Center, 4055 N. Chestnut Diagonal will sell specially priced wristbands good for unlimited use of: Mini-Golf, Bankshot Basketball, Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, Laser Tag, Ropes Course, and Rideland. The cost is only $10 per person, $8 if your dressed in Pirate gear, and is open to the public!!!

Long Beach - The Pirate Invasion of Rainbow Lagoon comes to Marine Green Park Sept. 17-18, with 2 stages of continuous entertainment, an outdoor market, offering visitors unique and original handcrafted items as well as period clothing, armament, fine jewelry, pirate booty and a selection of one-of-a-kind plunder from captured ships. A full food court was available with an array of foods. Kids activities include treasure hunts, costume contests and pirate play area.The “Pirates Tavern” will serve ales, wine and adult beverages. Battle re-enactments and demonstrations will occur throughout both days. Ticket prices and more information at

Long Beach - Was evidently be crawlin' with Pirates this year! Cap'n Shea N. writes that The Long Beach Party Project held their 6th (!) Annual Talk Like A Pirate Day party on September 19 from 8pm to 1am at Clancy's Irish Pub, 803 Broadway Ave. Dress liike a pirate for $6 Navy Grog and $5 Ale. Featuring music by Brick Top Blaggers Craic Haus and The Dogs Bollix.

Monterey Bay - Some scallywags at California State University/Monterey Bay arrrre plannin' a Talk Like A Pirate Day lunch.

Napa - We, the Brethren Court of the House of Water, at Vintage High School in Napa, California, be undertakin’ a week o’ piracy. Our young buccaneers is to learns lessons ‘bout pirate as a second language and also the geographical particulars n’ historical accuracies relatin’ to them lord pirates of legend. While this was doing they is also to partake in contests in the creatin’ of both script and art to represent the most holy and unholy prowess of our house o’er the base, dull, n’othwise scabrous houses of Cinder n’ Dirt. And sure enough there be plans for a rally of our House in celebration of our superiority and our piratin’ ways to take place on Friday this complete with contests of garb. -Captain Wordsmith

Newport Beach - The Balboa Branch library, 100 E. Balboa Blvd., Newport Beach. celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 14 with a show, crafts, refreshments and lots of pirate talk. Performer Christopher Yates will start the celebration with a pirate show that includes a swashbuckling mix of juggling, music and storytelling. The event is for elementary-level students at the Balboa Branch,

Oceanside - Charlotte of the Barbary Coast and her crew plan to warm up for TLAPD by hitting the Pirate Fest in Santa Ana Aug. 27-28, and then celebrate the big weekend itself at the Sept. 17-18 Pirate Invasion in Long Beach.

Oxnard - We don't know what he's up to, but Robert L. says to put Oxnard on the map.

Redding - Trish T. logs in as a celebrant, doin' who-knows-what!

Redondo Beach - "We be celebratin' with our 3rd Annual Pirate Day Pig Roast on September 17th in Redondo Beach, CA! We be roastin' a hog & servin' grog, with lots o' mayhem! Photos to follow, matey :)" -Cap'n Kris

Sacramento - We be the Pirates of Sacramento, the Crewe of th’ Crimson delta! Our Talk Like a Pirate Day Pub Crawl be through the cobbled streets an’ back alleys of Old Sacramento, right on th’ Sacramento River. We begin at 7 o’ th’ clock at th’ Rio City Café on Front Street an’ end at th’ Pilot House on the Delta King, moored at th’ River dock.

Sacramento - Chuck's 4th Annual Pirate and Wench Party to celebrate ITLAPD was on Sept. 17 at Marilyn's on K Street. Event is open to the public, $15 Cover. Costumes Mandatory. We will also be collecting canned food for donation to the River City Food Bank. So put on yer best pirate garb and ye be ready fer plunderin' me hearties. Consider yersef indentured fer this swashbucklin', draught swillin', fun-filled, pirate adventure! Th' Capn's Ship be docked at Marilyns, so come swill a wee and get yer sea legs about ye, ya scurvy dogs! Them that dasn't be makin` it will surely walk th' plank and wind up in Davy Jones locker. Music by DJ Bryan Hawk. $1 draft beers until keg runs dry. Caliink Airbrush Tattoos was on hand to spray on tattoos.

Sacramento - Ye fans at the Unemployment Insurance Resource Management Division (UIRMD) of California’s Employment Development Department are having a staff-only Pirate Breakfast on the 19th. The Jolly Roger was hoisted in the office and staff was in costume and bring their favorite grub and gruel. - Nick L.

Sacramento (possibly) - An apparent employee of another unnamed California government unit writes "Arrrrr, says Capn Knalb, be ye one of us or or ye be walkn da plank. Pass this on to all, and have some fun on Monday Sept 19th. I’m having an old military recipe for a grog bowl and hardtack during afternoon break at work. Will challenge all to take a break, walk a plank, talk like a pirate and just have fun; any donation will go to support our troops" - Capn Knalb

San Diego - The Blarrrrrney Stone Pub of Clairemont, 5617 Balboa Avenue, will celebrate a belated TLAPD on Sept. 21. 21 and over, free pizza and Rock Band, costume contest and fun!

San Diego - "Ahoy Mateys, We be talkin’ like swashbucklers here in San Diego!" - Audrey M

San Jose - (See "Multiple Locations")

San Jose - "Hi i live in San Jose, CA, not party although I wish, but will still torment my co-workers all day long otherwise they will walk the plank." Kevin O.

San Pedro - There Be Pirates!, California's favorite pirate jam band, performed at Southern California's biggest International Talk Like a Pirate Day weekend party, Saturday, September 17, at The Whale & Ale English Pub, 327 W. 7th Street, San Pedro, There Be Pirates! performed songs from their albums Drink & the Devil, and Pirates in the Desert, with special guests Fiddler Francis and the Right Reverend Bill Church. There was a ragalia (costume) competition for the most swashbuckling outfits, pirate humor, shanty singing, pirate conga lines, toasts, and more.

Seaside - Off to an early start: The Third Annual Gathering of the Brethren (and Sistren) of the Central Coast took place September 10, in Seaside!

Studio City - Maeves Residuals is an Irish Bar and we celebrate every year. Today we have Rum Specials all day. Our address is 11042 Ventura Blvd, Studio City

Twentynine Palms - Capt. Long Tom and his 1st mate (and best dog) Yardarm Yoda will host family and friends aboard the Dirty Breez on Sunday the 18th. "We will be having large amounts of Turkey legs, Salted Beef, and Hard Tack. And gallons of good grog and rum drinks to wash it down."

Visalia - It's a Talk Like A Pirate Weekend in Visalia: Sept 16th downtown Visalia off of Main St. Starting out at 8pm at Brewbakers.. Dress like a Pirate and Bar hop down Main St. Sept 17th downtown Visalia Pirate Party at the SIC lounge. Dress like a Pirate and enjoy 4 DJ's a dance floor and rum specials.


Denver - When New York Times best-selling mystery writer Laurie King's publisher was trying to set up the publication date and surrounding events for her next novel, she writes, "I said they could choose what they wanted--just so I had at least one event on Sept 19. Because the name of the book? Pirate King. And Sept 19th? My birthday." As it turns out, the grand finale of her book tour will fall on Sept. 19, at Denver's venerable Tattered Cover bookstore. Details here.

Denver - "Avast ye Matey’s, Me office be a bit too professional for talk like a pirate day and me company be not believin' in t' powers o' Pirate talk. I’ll be pokin' t' staff in t' eye t' Friday in hopes o' eye-patches come Monday. Please add me t' your world map." - Bill S.

Denver - ahoy there web wench! just letting ya know that Mad Mike the Pirate will be leading the charge at THE BAR CAR 819 Colorado blvd Denver, on monday night from 8p-11p who knows what kind of madness will be going on!!?? - Mad Mike, Ships Psychiatrist

Lakewood - "My Pirate party happens to also be on My 26th Birthday, so this year we be making all land lubbers a salty seadog for at least one day." Tom F.

Loveland -"We'll be havin' our seventh annual TLAPD party at Old Man Randy's Tavern, located on Shortleaf Ct in Loveland, CO. We've a crew of around sixteen able seamen (though, truth be told, more than half are women) and half as many kids. Our event is generally a family affair, although we've had as many as 40 including friends and wee ones. I'd be much obliged if ye'd add us to yer map. We'll also send ye a flickr album shortly. A thousand thanks!"

Northglenn "ARRRRR, me 5th-7th graders be learnin' some historical facts and expandin der brains on this fine longs as no one has to walk de plank for a wrong answer.." .-Anna P.

Silt - Roger "The Commander" and his mates will celebrate a belated TLAPD on Sept. 25. Here's (some of) what he wrote to 'em: "Avast ye cutthroat scallywags ! Thar be scuttlebutt circulatin' about thet a Meetin' o' The Brethren o' The Canyons will be convened on Sunday the 25 o' September ter celebrate our annual Talk Like a Pirate Day albeit somewhat LATE. After all, we be Pirates and schedules be only guidelines. So that be about the measure of it... 'Tis reported the Infamous Barbasol Brothers may be creepin' out from their slimy wharfs. ... An' then thar be his foppish half-brother, Cap'n Aujus, formerly a Corsican cat wrangler, who nowdays sails "The French Dippe", a spice junke, piloted by the notorious buccaneer Shayne the Terrific. ... Beware, unsettlin' scandal abounds that the Fearful ,er, Fearsome Road Pirate, Sir Robert The Randy would be scroungin'. the docks searchin' fer a berth. .. . Least but Last, the Infamous NoName Privateer, Swashbucklin' BonVivant, Commander Roge Jollee, Capt'n of the heavy frigate cruiser "Thundering Farte". ... . SO, Lads an' Lasses draw on every rag o' canvas the yards will hold, ye barbarous rogues, tog up with yer best finery and join in the partyin'!" (If ye be sailin' the Colorado River this Sunday, watch out for this crew!)


Bridgeport - Captains Cove Seaport ,1 Bostwick Ave. Second 2nd annual pirate fest to benefit Pirates For Prevention, Sat. Sept. 17.

Norwalk - The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 18 with jolly-roger day of fun including a pirate-themed scavenger hunt, pirate toy-boat-making crafts and other activities, including a pirate dunk tank (bing – “Aarrgh!” – splash). Lads and lasses are encouraged to come to The Maritime Aquarium on the 18th dressed in pirate garb. At 11:30 a.m., a special “Shark Shenanigans” program for ages 1 to 4 will teach young buccaneers about those toothy keepers of Davy Jones’ locker, the sharks. And, at 1 p.m., Julie & Brownie were made to sing for their lives, playin’ some original and traditional chanteys and pirate songs, including, of course, “A Pirate’s Life for Me!” Also, Maritime Aquarium staff sea dogs were a-mannin’ a treasure chest and offerin’ lore about the fine pirates who once hoisted their colors on the Long Island Sound.

West Hartford - "I’m the boss at a Whole Foods Market in Connecticut, and I have been participating in Pirate day for a couple years now- and spreading the word! I got to this store 18 months ago- and no one had heard of pirate day-so I intro’d it to the team, and a couple people played with it. This year is looking to be much bigger- and we even have customers playing along! Hosting a scavenger hunt for the kiddies, and taking donations for our local food shelter. Top costume prize gets a day sailing trip." - Kim K.


Wilmington - "I work with students who have severe disabilities. I find and program ways for them to talk w/ technology (after a childhood in corsets) I found a picture symbol pirate voice output app last night and 10 "voiceless" kids talked like Pirates all day!!! I can die happy now." Christine G. (A bit o' investigation reveals that the assistive technology Christine is referrin' to is Fat Cat Pirate Chat. And it's arrrrrsome. - Jezebel)

Wilmington - Delaware Children`s Museum, in the Big Yellow Building at 550 Justison Street, celebrated Pirate Adventure Days Sept. 3-12, with a mess o' programs that bullseye on the ad'enture and lore o' buccaneers, includin' “Pirate Adventure Sail,” whar you can construct your own pirate ship and sail it on the DCM’s high seas; “Hooked on Pirates,” where young scallywags can forge their own hooks; and much more. They'll wrap up the fun on Sept. 19 with special programming for Talk Like A Pirate Day.

District of Columbia

What? No pirates in the nation's capital?


Altamonte Springs - " We arrrr Kiwi’s Pub & Grill - Landlubbers’ destination for wenches and grog! Smokers will be gangplanked to the outdoors…Costumes encouraged, but not necessary. Pirate booty adorns, drink specials a plenty! FREE GRUB 5-7!"

Amelia Island - Since the early 1970's the Fernandina Pirates Club, Inc, has been pillaging, plundering and entertaining tourists and locals alike with pirate lore, local history and fun events for the entire family. On Sunday, September 18th, the pirates will set up camp in the Pocket Park located on Centre Street from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Yes, our sleepy little Victorian village on the waterfront will come alive with a pirate scavenger hunt, a Pirate School for the kids, a weapons display, strolling minstrels and more, all to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Cape Canaveral - Yo, ho, ho! Talk like a pirate day is Monday, so Pirata Couture will host a pirate party at 7:30 p.m. at Milliken's Reef, 683 Dave Nisbet Drive, Cape Canaveral. Features include a pirate bikini contest, model search, food, drinks and entertainment. Pirate costumes are welcome. It’s a $5 cover. Call 321-783-0100. The Zap Squad was at Milliken’s.

Fort Lauderdale - "We are holding the 1st annual pirate's Day on the New River in Fort Lauderdale, FL on Sept. 17th to raise money for the local urban market." - "Papa Joe" Vivenzo

Gainesville - Cap’n Carlos n his wench Victoria are celebratin' in Gainesville.

Jacksonville - Mulligan's Pub , 43 PGA Tour Blvd., Ponte Vedra Beach, south of Jacksonville, threw a Talk-Like-a-Pirate Music and Chum-Bucket Night from 9 pm-midnight on Sept. 17. Definitely open to the public!

Jacksonville - Anjo Liquors, a small Fine Wine & Spirits Shop at 9928-1 Old Baymeadows Rd, celebrates its third annual International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Writes manager Robehr ML "We all dress up as Pirates, put most of the rum on sale, and have a Rum Tasting (from 5pm to 8pm) every year. We are very excited for the event (which of course is open to the public) and to be listed on your map."

Key West - "We will be Joinin' in the International Talk like a Pirate Day, Here in Key West (Cayo Hueso) The Bone Island Buccaneers and the Captains of the Devils Triangle... will be slitherin the Streets of Duval- In Full Costume to Educate the scallywags and landlubbers! Check our our pirate radio on - Mr. and Mrs. Soundman from Hell Show - Going Live Sunday Nights for a two hour tour starting at 9:30 pm (eastern) from their paradise Studios in Key West-with OUR Special Guests will be PIRATES from the "Captains of theDevils Triangle" and "Conch Rocker" Chris Rehm!"

Lakeland - We'll be having a pirate party this year!! Yippee!! - Crystal

Little Palm Island - "I'm celebrating this wonderful day because it's also my birthday! I'm on Little Palm Island, FL sending out pirate messages on Facebook. Sorry, private island. Happy TLAP day!!" - Caren M.

Orlando - "We will be celebrating National Pirate Day at our nursing home with the handicapped children who live here in a program called Grandma's House."

Port Orange - "Avast you scallywags. There will be a meetin' o' t' brethren court takin' place and your presence be requested. Anyone not waernin' an appropriate costum will be forced t' walk t' plank. You will be plied with rum, grog and appetizers.” - Peter W.

St. Augustine - Pirate Fashions Talk Like A Pyrate Day Weekend, Sept. 16-18 in Historic St. Augustine. The promo says it all: "Learn to Talk, Drink 'n' Fight Like a Pirate." Tours of historic St. Augustine, a pub crawl (and public duel, visits to the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure museum - and the 2010 Hot Pirate Babes Calender Release Parrrty! featuring Cap'n Dan and the Scurvy Crew, the official rap/hiphop artists of International Talk Like A Pirate Day with their newest songs, "Rap Like A Pirate" and "Ninja Hater." Pirate garb required! (Party admission for 21s and over only, and tickets must be purchased in advance).

St. Augustine - The St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum, 12 S. Castillo Drive (across from an impenetrable 17th century fort built because of pirate raids on this historic city.), celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Starting at 5 p.m. on September 19, The Pirate Museum courtyard was transformed into a lively pirate stronghold with Pirate Soul face painting, sword fighting demonstrations, live pirate music, storytelling and magic by Captain William Mayhem, the Pirate Magician of St. Augustine, a Talk Like A Pirate Day contest and our Don’t Walk The Plank Trivia Game. Visitors and attendees dressed as pirates will also receive 25 percent off museum admission during the even. Regular admission for adults is $11.99 and for kids 5 to 12 years old is $6.99. Children 4 and under are free.

Sanford - "Me mateys and me be invading Sanford, Fl a mite early. Be it on 17th of September, the Scallywags, Swashbucklers and Wenches of the local taverns and pubs be having a rowdy time! The land-lubbers have enjoyed our pageantry and social graces (or lack thereof) and welcome us back year after year…" Jennifer F.

Seffner - "At LazyDays RV parts department, we celebrate the day with a Potluck lunch. All dishes are Pirate or seafood themed (Bangers boiled in Grog). It's private and just a fun way to relax at lunch. ARRR Matey's Can't wait for Monday!!!!!!!!!!!" - Dale B.

Tallahassee - "Every year we celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day in style at the Fermentation Lounge in Tallahassee, Florida. Our event (on Sept. 19) is open to the public (those 21 years and up), and includes food (corn on the cob for a "buck an ear"), a costume contest, special pirate-y brews, and the musical styling of our head pirate, Cap'n Ty." This year's event features a special brew, Robert's Dread Pirate Ale!


Atlanta - "My crew and I would like to be apart of your International Talk Like a Pirate Day and be a X on the map!!!" - The mysterious "M"

Atlanta - "This September 19th Cox Communications will celebrate International talk like a Pirate day for the 5th year is a row. Our office is located in Atlanta Georgia yet our associates across the country will all talk like pirates on conference calls and meetings and we will have pirate trivia!! Winners of the trivia contest will receive really stupid prizes like a box of lemons to prevent scurvy…. Shiver me timbers it is going to be a great day!!!" - Jason Z., Manager - Customer Safety / Abuse Operations

Athens - "I just wanted to let ye know that partyin' we piates be! Our party be in the Purification Department of BFF here in Athens, GA! Please put a ping on ye map! YAAAARRRRR!" - Salty Will

Bainbridge - "I have celebrated this sacred day for three years as the owner of Bean Around the World (a coffee shop). Now that that ship has marooned me at a funeral home. My manager and I will be forcing the crew to celebrate as well." Tommy H.

Cleveland - Serendipity Park Nudist Resort threw a Talk (but presumably not "dress") Like A Pirate Day party for its members on Sept. 17.

Monticello - "Ahoy, Me Hearties! Every Monday is spin class night for me. Arrrr! When I realized ITLAPD fell on Monday this year, I came up with a list of pirate songs for that evening. Thought ye might enjoy seeing our play list: 1. "Talk Like a Pirate" by Tom Smith, 2. "Gilligan's Island" theme song, 3. "A Pirate's Look at Forty" by Jimmy Buffett, 4. "Sloop John B" by The Beach Boys, 5. "Black Betty" by Ram Jam (This is my new pirate name; I've been Dirty Bess Flint for the last few years.), 6. "He's a Pirate (Ship Ahoy Tribal Remix)" by Chris Joss and Klaus Badelt, 7. "Walk on the Ocean" by Toad the Wet Sprocket, 8. "Radar Love" by Golden Earring, 9. "Son of a Son of a Sailor" by Jimmy Buffett, 10. "Come Sail Away" by Styx, 11. "Ship of Fools" by Robert Plant, 12. "Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run)" by Billy Ocean, 13. "The Love Boat" theme song, 14. "Sailing" by Christopher Cross, 15. "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees (lead singer is Davy Jones...), 16. "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man" by Face to Face. Also, I got everyone in class to wear a pirate bandana on his/her head." - Black Betty (fka Dirty Bess Flint) Photo here.

Sandy Springs - "We be at wor-r-rk on ITLAPD (our Cap'n's a gruff one) but we'll be par-r-r-rtying while we be swabbin' the decks and waiting fer the after watch quaffin' o' the grog." - Jimbeauga

Tifton - "Our Third Annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day at the Tifton-Tift Public Library celebration will occur on Saturday. September 17th, starting at 2pm. Attendees will be able to make hats, eye patches and spyglasses. They will learn to talk like a pirate from the Pirate King. Other special delights will include pirate stories, pirate snacks and a live, abbreviated puppet presentation of the Pirates of Penzance. Members of the Tift County Choral Society will be present to perform some of the more famous highlights of this perennial favorite! All ages are welcome, but the proceedings have a special interest for kids under 11 and their attending adults. Thanks so much for doing this – we have a great time on ITLPD!" Cap'n Victoria H.

Thunderbolt - "We be talkin’ like pirates all o the time." - Ken M.


Maui - "On board the Maui Diamond II, a scuba dive and snorkel boat out of Ma'alaea Harbor, we will be celebrating with a Talk Like a Pirate trip, complete with crew decked out in Pirate garb and nothing but Pirate spoke on board all day. There may even be some mischief and mayhem happening involving other vessels whose booty we just might wish to be taking. Aloha and Arrrrrrrrrr!" - Chris Quarre' , Captain

Oahu - "Here on the island of Oahu, we be celebratin international talk like a pirate day! we hop aboard ourrrrr ships, boats, surfboards and anything that floats fer a day of plunderin and mischief! beware traveling these hawaiian waters on the 19th of Septemberrr (Kekemapa as we say in Hawaiian) for ye scallywags will certainly meet yerr doom!" - Aloha, Cpt. Kris K.


Boise - (See Multiple Locations)


Aurora - "Please Add us!" says Steve P., and so we have.

Belleville - A free showing of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" took place at the Southwestern Illinois College Belleville campus, 2500 Carlyle Ave., on Monday, Sept. 19, in the quadrangle to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Additional pirate-themed activities. The film began at sundown.

Chicago - Jolly Roger writes: "I plan on going from bar to bar in Chicago in my traditional pirate garb. Anyone can join me, either in spirit or at northdown. Anyone can feel free to contact me at for more details."

Chicago - A crew o' rapscallions who gather monthly to sing sea shanties celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 18th with a sing from 3-6 pm in the back room of the Atlantic Bar & Grill, 5062 N. Lincoln Avenue. "Because September 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate" Day, we will be going extra pirate-y this month. The usual mix of shanties and drinking songs of course will continue, but I hope we will get a few that are about piracy! Pirate outfits are also welcome (but not required)." - Katharine W.

Galena - From Galena, home of the Galena Pirates, Tami M. says "Good Day to all ye scurvy dogs! arrrrrrrgggghhhh..."

Lincolnshire - Vernon Area Public Library, 300 Olde Half Day Road, Lincolnshire., is throwin' a Talk Like A Pirate Day party for children in grades 1-4 on Sept. 19. Learn your pirate name, some useful pirate vocabulary, and enjoy pirate-related crafts at the jolly old library.

Moline - Ahoy ye scurvy Dogs!! This Monday September 19, 2011 there was a gathering of swashbucklers at the Bier Stube – at 415 15th Street in Moline. Pirate garb is highly encouraged but not mandatory. The drinking, wenching and general debauchery commenced promptly at 20 and a half bells past. (2030 hours CST). Guest speaker was Captain Crunch ex- pirate and captain of the SS Guppy. Will send photos later of mayhem. Contact Vince for additional details

Rockford - Every year I celebrate in my high school English classes at Thomas Jefferson High School with lingo and activities as a creative way to examine grammar. Douglas M.

Westmont - There is a private, company celebration in Westmont, Illinois for a company I belong to. We've been celebrating for 5 years, with costumes, and food. What's for breakfast you ask, why Captain Crunch of course, served by the CIO to employees desks. And for lunch there is only one appropriate food, Barrrrrr-B-que. We use the celebration to give awards for all of the hard work and effort done by the staff. - Rus K.


Indianapolis - The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is closed on Sept. 19, but that doesn't stop them from celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day. They're doing it on the 24th, from 10 am to 3 pm. Arrrr. Come aboard as we celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Learn to speak like a pirate and enjoy special activities highlighting swashbucklin’ pirates o’ old.

Indianapolis - "Every year the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus spends the rehearsal date closest to TLAPD talking and dressin’ like pirates. It’s our regular rehearsal so it is not open to the public but we wanted to let you know anyway. This has been going on now for 7 years, 2 directors and countless piratey puns and it gets better every year. In fact, one year a prospective sponsor paid us a surprise visit on our TLAPD rehearsal date to audition us for a gig they had in mind. We were so charming and memorable we got the gig! (Either that or they were a feared that we’d keel haul them if they didn’t hire us) Anyway we are in Indianapolis, Indiana and we’ll be celebrating on Sunday September18th. We celebrate with a pitch-in, costume contest and entertainment. Then we spend the rehearsal responding to every directive our director gives us with resounding “ARRRGH’s!” IT’s great fun!" - Capn’ Bloody Rose o’ the Wandering Strumpet (AKA Cathy H.)

Notre Dame - On September 16, the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame hosted a Talk Like A Pirate Happy Hour, complete with pirate-themed food, decorations, and a prize for the best pirate costume. This happy hour is hosted by the graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the laboratory of Professor Patricia L. Clark.(Cosed event, open only to members of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.)

Notre Dame - The crew swung from the bowsprit at the Cushwa-Leighton Library at Saint Mary's College for our 6th annual TLAPD celebration! All you landlubbers, pack your duffle and report to the boatswain for some cackle fruit and swill! - Elizabeth K.

Westville - The Independent Cat Society, a no-kill cat shelter, plans to celebrate the entire month of September as "Purrrr Like A Pirate Cat" month in honor of their one-eyed felines, hereafter to be known as Pirate Cats. All one-eyed cats were given pirate names and bios, the shelter was be decorated in piratical fashion, and staff held pirate activities, and of course, talk ike pirates. They write: "We thought this was a perfect fit, because all cats are pirates at heart, being basically bloodthirsty wretches who take whatever they want,"


West Des Moines - Since TLAPD is on Monday, celebrated on Saturday at Billy Joe's with costumes, pirate drinks and specials and the all famous Pirate Karaoke! Andrew Z.


Lenexa - On September 19th......Venturing Crew 2888, BSA wore pirate garb and feast on pirate food at an evening party. These Thespian High School students also wore a pirate badge to school for the day.

Topeka - Washburn University apparently celebrated TLAPD in a big way.

Wichita - Ay ther' Matie, The good folks at Book-A-Holic in Wichita, Ks are going to be Celebrating! We are offering a 20% off coupon for anyone who comes in dressed like a pirate or just talking like one on Sept. 19. You can check us out on Facebook


Bowling Green - "Arrrrgh!!!!! We have an annual gathering of pirates and scum at our local BDubs in Bowling Green, KY. Nothing too major just the Crew and tagalongs. This will be our 5th year I think! Hope you have a great TLAPD!!" - Capt Nasty Nate

Louisville - The Bard's Town Theater, 1801 Bardstown road, is throwin' a Burlesque Wenches, Pirate Talkin' Contest, Stealin' Styles o' music on the High Seas Rock and Roll Show (!) on Sept. 19 starting at 8 pm. Featuringmusic by the Barbary Merchants, burlesque by the Scarlet Jazzibelles, a Talk Like A Pirate contest and more. All in Louisville, up the river Ohio from the Caribbean by way of New Orleans! - Captain Birdman


(See Multiple Locations)

Baton Rouge - First party-report-of-the-year honors go to the Webwench's mates at Louisiana Sea Grant, who've been celebratin' TLAPD ever since Hurricane Katrina. This year's parrrrty, as is traditional, included a pirate lunch, cheesy costumes and plenty of pirattitude. Check out the photos (including pirate cake-pops!)


Old Town - The Old Town Public Library once again hosted a Talk like a Pirate celebration on September 19th. Writes Cap'n Cindy Seger, children's librarian, "This will be the fourth year for us and it is one of our most popular and well attended programs. We put on a pirate play, sing pirates songs, and read some pirate stories."

Somewhere near Monson - "there's a group of us thru hiking the appalachian trail, we are looking forward to talk like a pirate day, we will be somewhere in the maine wilderness september 19. somewhere near monson." - Mary E.


Harford County - Avast mateys! Visit any Harford County Public Library branch on Monday, September 19th to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day and learn a language, including Pirate. To promote its online language learning resource, Mango Languages, the library will have some high seas fun all day!

Silver Spring - The Piratz Tavern (8402 Georgia Avenue) threw a huge party from 8:30pm Monday, September 19 through September 20, 12:30am. Grub & Grog Specials all day & night, Sea Shanties in the evening, all performers welcome!

Street - "After celebratin' TLAP Day for se'eral years with a limited crew, I be now recruitin' buckos from work t' participate. So far, we have assigned ourselves pirate names and our plans include a lot o' "yo-ho-ho," "arrrhh," and "matey" in t' talkin'." - Gail D.


Boston - "Dear Webwench, I be shippin off from Boston, YAR!" - Kathy C.

Boston - The crew at Northwind Woodwork is celebrating via the Boring Group on FaceBook. Or so they seem to say.

Carver - "On Saturday September 17th, pirates from all over eastern Massachusetts and nearby states will be descending on King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA in celebration of ITLAPD weekend. Avast, ye scurvy dogs!" - Dead-Eye Thomas

Falmouth - "Aye, a fine singalong on the site this year. Outstanding in fact. Th' entire Falmouth High School Marching Band, bilge rats all, will be celebratin' th' day. Tis a great teachin' prop ye know... evry teach in th' district be knowin' bout this fine day. Celebratin' because they can. Thanks mateys. Ye have no idea what ye done here for educatin' th' short folks. Ev'n Cape Cod Weather Prognosticator Doug the Quahog might be comin' up outta th' mud t' celebrate. Fair winds and calm seas t' ya...." - Dale T.

Martha's Vineyard - We celebrate this wonderful Novelty on the appointed day and whenever it strikes our fancy at the YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard After School Program, 111R Edgartown Rd, Oak Bluffs.

Newton - "AVAST! We maties herrrre at Newton Public Schools in Newton Massachusetts arrrrrr hav'n a Pirates Day fer ourrrrrrr IT Staff. Mark an "X" on ye map fer us! (Yes, when we talk like pirates we still use oua Boston Accent!)" Joe L.

Worcester - The Higgins Armory Museum is held TLAPD event on Sept. 17. Activities for all ages include a make-your-own pirate flag workshop, a Salle d'Armes, Pirate Talk 101 and "Shanties, Jigs and Bloody Good Songs."


Alpena - The Alpena Senior Citizens Center, 501 River St., Alpena, Michigan (Northeast lower peninsula on shores of Thunder Bay) will celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 20 (due to the fact that one o' the lusty crew doesn't work on Monday). Alpena is home of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the only fresh water sanctuary in the system and the only one dedicated to shipwrecks (Pirate or otherwise). All are welcome, and those attending dressed in their finest buck-an-ear garb will get a free meal. (Not salt pork and hardtack)

Canton - Canton Public Library celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th with pirate story time, pirate quizzes, as well as staff dressing likes pirates and of course… talking like pirates. Our website also gets a make-over for one day only. We welcome all to celebrate pirate day with us! - Cap'n Slaughter

Detroit - "This is our 3rd annual talk like a pirate day at Riverview north nursing home. The Residents love it ... the staff gets into it to. It's the one time the residents can get away with being rude like a pirate on purpose & the nurses can tell them to walk the plank."

Hart - At Hart Public Schools, their mascot is the Pirate, so in the band room Cap'n John T., director of Pirate bands (fine job title!) is having an all day dress/talk like a pirate day party for band members and staff.

Kalamazoo - "Our landlubbin office manager has agreed to celebrate talk like a pirate day to keep from have'n ta walk the plank. I have but one question fer ye. What do pirate eat at a potluck? Every recipe that I find surfen the www sea is a liquid menu filled with Rum. Arrr, they are right smart cookies but I'd be hangin from the gallows if I come bearing a keg of fine rum to the office." (We pointed this mate to our pirate parrrrty page for grog-free drink recipes.)

Kalamazoo - "Ye best make way as Melotti's Marauders come a stormin through da halls and into the unsuspecting villages of WoodsEdge Learning center at 1819 East Milham Rd. in the suburb of Portage in the city of Kalamazoo. Capn' Dave has been blastin the Principals and makin them shiver under the Jolly Roger that hangs above his door year round. We be' wishin all ye scurvy dog's a bootyfull Talk Like A Pirate Day." Cap'n Timothy

Lawton - "Lawtin MI celebrates it with me!! Besides, its also my birthday!!!!! Thanks again matey!!!" - Theresa

St. Joseph - Ahoy me hearties! Cap'n waybomb, a buccaneer on the furner Plain Vanilla, threw a private gig on September 17 honorin Talk Like a Pirate Day in Saint Joseph, Michigan (49085) The wenches be three cookin an da jacks be drinkin grog an eatin any bilge rats we kin find! Argh!


Brooklyn Park - "Birch Grove Arts Elementary has declared a dress-up day in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day! I spend 6 days celebrating in my drama class, and my music colleague celebrates for 3. Even the Principal gets into the act as King of the High Cs!" - Kris H.

Minneapolis - The Hennepin Regional Poison Center located in Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis MN hosted a party for employees at Poison Center for all shifts.

Prior Lake - "We be sailing Prior Lake Minnesota that day matey! " - John H.


(See Multiple Locations)


Cameron - Today, me wenchie, we be talkin' like pirates in 6th grade. Cameron Middle School, Cameron, Missouri. Arrrr. Barbara G.

Louisana - "Arg, me Hearties! I be goin' ta wurk and smash sum dough, slap sum sauce and Er' bake da Pizzas ta-night at me place dat I wurk fur!" - Jerry P.

Parkville - Park University's Parkville campus will hold a Pirate Family Fun Night on Sept. 22 in celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day and the university's pirate mascot. The event will be held on the front lawn of the University, located at 8700 N.W. River Park Drive, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. (In the event of rain, the event will be moved to the Intramural Field House and Fitness Center, adjacent to Breckon Sports Center.) Pirate-themed activities include pirate caricatures, face painting, an inflatable bounce house and pirate ship, Pirate Test of Strength (sumo wrestling) and food. A number of university student organizations are sponsoring the various activities.


Billings - " We are celebrating TLAP here in Billings, there are at least one of us working for FEMA here in Montana and one over in North Dakotah, no seriously there are a bunch of us, arrrrr me hearties." Ken “President of the Atlantic Ocean” M.

Great Falls - Easter Seals Goodwill in Great Falls is planning a Talk Like A Pirate Day Event

Hamilton - The staff at Valley View Estates nursing home is planning a Talk Like A Pirate Day Party for residents and visitors.

Helena - Victoria T. reports "Helena, MT is having a costumed pirate party with lots of rum and meat on a stick... I hear they like to eat lots of meat on a stick."


Beatrice - Arrrr, We'll be flyin the Jolly Roger at Exmarrrrk Mfg in Beatrice, NE..
Don yer safety iPatches if ye want to work in the shop. Here we be from last yearrr's romp @ work. Grog afterrr worrk on the main deck of the former captn's residence
. Trevor P.

Omaha - "We are doing a Captain Morgan Braised Chicken on my menu at the Union Pacific Headquarters Restaurant," 1400 Douglas St. Open to the public. - Cap'n Dan B., executive chef


Carson City - The Feisty Goat Pub, 1881 E Long Street, will be celebratin' Talk Like A Pirate Day with all rogues and rascals who show up on the 19th, from 6 pm till closing.

Las Vegas - "I be in Las Vegas Nevada, arrrr... " - Mike.

Reno - Newt writes: "Wanted to fill in an empty spot on your pirate map for Talk Like a Pirate Day 2011. We'll be having a closed social gathering on the 17th in Reno, NV. There will be pirate cake, rum, who am I kidding there will be barrels of rum, and more than enough food for a ship load of pirates. We have the party every year on the closest weekend to the 19th."

Sparks - "I found your website 3 or 4 years ago on accident and I love it !!! I have been playing pirate evr since . Took my 26 yr old son out to Turks and Caicos this summer for the full pirate adventure!!!!! He is Captain Salt Beard and I am Captain Dirt Tooth""" now my girlfriend is named Captain Dirty Fairy !!!!!!! She is new to the pirate world and learning quickly . She has the BEST argghhhhh I ever seen or heard !!!!" - Captain Dirt Tooth

New Hampshire

Londonderry - Movie Scene staff in Londonderry, NH were talking like pirates all day on the 19th (until the boss says to stop at least). Come in and see the head wench, Jess!

Portsmouth - "Since I've only a small dingy, there won't me many hands on deck to witness the ITLAP in New Hampshire. But I would be appreciative if ye could chart a location for New Hampshire on ye map! We be worthy seamen here and have some of the comeliess wenchs I've ever laid me eye on. I be changin my language in the facebook bilge to English (Pirate) and tappin my wooden leg with a belay, hopin that ye sails are fully winded and ye hardtac infests with extra weavil!"

New Jersey

Burlington - Inspired by TLAPD, the city of Burlington celebrates Burlington Pirate Week Sept. 19-24 with a whole host o' piratical events, from children's costume contests to pirate movies and a rum tasting! Writes Dawn T. "Our town is pirate crazy!"

Hackensack - Party Poitin Still, Hackensack, NJ. Diane+Bryant 2nd year celebration! ;) Arggggg!!!! ( We aren't quite sure what they're sayin, but it sounds like fun!)

Princeton - Princeton Public Library celebrates TLAP 2011 with 2 events -- one in the daytime for preschoolers and one in the evening for adults. Both events are open to the public. At 11 a.m. preschoolers are invited to an hour long program that included pirate-themed stories, a Pirate and Princess Parade through the library, and other activities and crafts. Wear a bandana or eyepatch or full pirate gear – or dress like a princess.  Arrrr.... see ya thar, me mateys. At 7 pm, grownups and families were invited to watch "Captain Blood," the classic Erroll Flynn pirate movie.

Trenton - Capt’n Cumquat & his Scurvy Crew set sail on their 5th Annual “Talk like a Pirate Day” Party at Nate’s Pub, 979 Lalor Street. on Saturday, Sept. 17. "AHOY MATEYS! Dress up Like a Pirate & Wench to board the Nateron Sea Vessel for a swashbuckling seafaring good time! Come aboard Ye Landlubbers! Enjoy the DJ Superstar with lots of Pirate Music & Karaoke, Drink Specials, Food Specials, and a whole crew of Swashbuckling Pranksters. Go to for more details. It’s a Party to Remember!!! All (21 and over) Arrrrrh Welcome!"

Weehawken - "Avast me hearty!!! We will be celebrating "Talk like a Pirate Day" at our office in Weehawken, New Jersey!!! Tis our 4th potluck luncheon!! Arrrrrr!!! Have an Arrrsome day!!!" - Yvette (wench for a day!!) :)

New Mexico

Alamogordo - Shannon F. is throwin' a private pirate party in Alamogordo, and writes "There may be no water, but there will be rum and wenches!"

New York

Brooklyn - Celebrate InternationalTalk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 at Public Assembly, 70 N. 6th St. Brooklyn, with The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (the world’s foremost Indy-vaudeville conceptual art-rock pop traveling family slideshow rock band), Supercute!, New Beard, Scurvy Pirates, Myk O Connor (Whisker Wars) and the Gotham City Beard Alliance team - as well as The Yoganeer (Kooky Corsair Contortion!) Starts at 7 pm. Tickets available at Ticketweb.

Fairport - Moonlight Creamery celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 18th (we know the official day is the 19th, but we have another event that day!) from 12-9pm. Moonlight is sponsoring a FREE concert with kid-favorite Gary the Happy Pirate, a local kids entertainer, and we will be accepting donations to Gary's Pirate Toy Fund, which collects and distributes toys for underprivileged and sick children. We’ll have pirate themed ice cream and more!

Hamlin - Well the Recreation Department in Hamlin, NY celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day on Monday, September 19, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm; movie 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm. At the Lion Charlie Maier Lodge. For ages 7 - 11. Admission $10.00 (Arrrr, if ya be sign’n up by Sept. 14th pay only $5.00) Instructor: Cap’n Party Jo and her Crew: "Arrrgh! Well, ye be want’n to learn how to talk like a pirate. What better day to do this than on “Talk Like a Pirate Day!” We be celebrate’n the day by teach’n ya more than just talk’n. You’ll be walk’n, act’n and better yet look’n like a pirate too. Bring all ye matey friends too. Aye, then if it be alright with ye captain parents, stay to watch a pirate movie as well.

Ithaca - In Kathleen Mulligan's actor training classes at Ithaca College, they'll be talkin' like a pirate in their warmups today!

New York City - The metro area's scurviest two-wheeled bilge rats were ridin' through the streets of NYC this Monday eve (9/19). Inspired by Talk Like A Pirate Day, Biker Entourage organized the City's first annual Pirate Ride in honor of Captain Kidd, the city's most infamous pirate. Our scalawags met at 7PM at the Ear Inn, 326 Spring St, then rode across the City in full pirate garb through Times Square and historic landmarks connected to Captain Kidd--including his former residence at 56 Wall St where mock sword duels, pillaging and genral mayhem took place.

Penfield - Wickham Farms, 1821 Farirport Nine Mile Road, Penfield, NY is hosting Talk Like a Pirate Day on Monday, September 19, 2011 from 10 am - 8 pm. This event is open to the public. Ahoy, maties! Come to a free story time about pirates at 10 am or 2 pm. No registration is required. Lads and lassies who come dressed like a pirate can even jump on the jumping pillow for free. Every person on the jumping pillow must have a wrist band, even if they do not pay to jump. Don't be a scallywag - head into the barn for a wristband before you go to the pillow. Avast..any sea dog carrying a cutlass will be made to walk the plank!
Other landlubber activities such as the corn maze, mini golf and batting cages are available, along with delicious grub such as cookies, donuts and ice cream.

Rochester - The Newport Yacht Club in Rochester, NY (14622) is hosting our annual Adult-Junior Sailboat Race on 9/18/11 on Irondequoit Bay. The theme is "Talk Like a Pirate" and everyone dresses appropriately for the race and awards ceremony. - Virginia C.

North Tonawanda - "Our party will be in North Tonawanda, New York, USA!!!" Cap'n Meredith

Syracuse - For the fifth year running, games, drinks, foolishness, and silly talk abound at the quarters o' Cap'n Dan B, who writes "For those not so keen on the rum-drenched life of a pirate, rest assured that this is not a party simply about intoxication! No, sir. In fact it is about that, AND about winning the annual rotating “Top Pirate” prize! An elegant, hand-made (ish) treasure chest packed with pirate-y goodness. Captains earn Pirate Points throughout the day, and at the end of it all, the pirate with the most points wins the prize. Pirate Points are earned by playing gobs and gobs of pirate-themed board games, for being the “best dressed” pirate, and for the Talk Like A Pirate competition itself."

North Carolina

(Various locations) In North Carolina, the 7 TradeIt! retail stores in North Carolina actively celebrated Talk Like a Pirate day. Employees will be dressed in pirate hats and eye patches, banners flying around the store, and of course asking customers to dress up as well. An employee writes "Why all of this you ask? Because the president of our company has a fascination with Talk Like a Pirate Day. (I still haven't figured it out myself)"

Buxton - Buxton on Hatteras Island, NC and my family goes back 300 years on Hatteras & Ocracoke Islands. We've found pieces of shipwreck washed up after the ocean turbulence of Hurricane Irene. Going out again today at low tide to search for more pieces of the past.......a great way to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. - Liz F

Greensboro - "Arrrgg!!! You can add our party to your map ... in Greensboro, NC - we're having a dress like a pirate day to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate! " - Tammy

Mount Airy - The Mount Airy Museum of Regional History celebrated TLAPD on Sept. 18 a talk about Blackbeard by Kevin Duffus.

Raleigh - Plenty o' pirate talk be spoken heaeabouts, not too far from Blackbeard's old clompin' grounds. - Cecil R.

Southport - Randy C. evidently talked like a pirate!

North Dakota

Minot - Avast, me hearties! After the summer flood, Minot, North Dakota no longer be a place for landlubbers! So we be having a private party, hoisting the Jolly Roger, and rolling out the grog! Arrrrrrr! - Bethany A.


Archbold - "Not only does our home celebrate "talk like a pirate day", but it is also our wedding anniversary. So our children are in on it also." - Ye' pirate and he's wench, Mike & Jess S.

Cincinnati - Darrell 'Dread Pirate Kid' Williams and his mates do a Talk Like a Pirate day lunch each year at the local Long John Silver (5370 Ridge Avenue).

Cincinnati - the Sin City Hash House Harriers & Harrietes once again celebrated startin' at 7 pm on the 19th with their annual "Dress, Talk & Smell Like A Pirate Hash". A special scavenger-type run at an undisclosed location, where the driving force is making a scene while being seen. There be grog stops along the way, and the run ends at a private residence or bar for pillagin', drinkin' and mutiny! Open to them inclined to participate.

Columbus - For the fourth straight year, the full-sized replica of the Santa Maria berthed on the Scioto River in downtown Columbus will be taken over by pirate re-enactors and enthusiasts for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Battle re-enactments are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday (times to be announced). Tour the ship, learn what shipboard life was like at the height of Caribbean piracy, as compared to two centuries earlier when Columbus made his historic journey across the Atlantic. More information here.

Columbus - Ahoy! Captains Anne Bonney and Mary Reed be holdin' their 5th Annual Talk Like a Pirate Day Party this Monday, September 19, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. The festivities begin 'round 5pm. The Facebook event be here.

Columbus - Tim D. was one of many, many pirates who emailed us from work on Sept. 19 just to say "Argh!" (Which is one reason we at Team Pirate like it when the Big Day falls on a weekday...)

North Royalton - Cap'n Tom and his mates threw a private, not-open-to-the-public pirate party on Saturday, September 17th.

Portsmouth - The Shawnee Computer Users Group (SCUG) held its annual TLAPD event on Friday, Sept. 16 at Shawnee State University. More information when they send it to us.

Toledo - "Wanted to be lettin' ye know that we be havin' our 3rd annual parrrrrrty to celebrate ITLAPD! Our ship be a sailin' out of the Isle of Frye, in the Port of Sylvania (Toledo), in the land of Ohio, on the 17th of September." - Aaron F.


Mustang - We are celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day at our work. This event is not open to the public, but is just within our department. Please add us to the map! - Christina H.

Norman - The Rum Fellows, Oklahoma's scurviest Pirate Band will be hosting two Talk Like a Pirate Day Events this year. On Sept. 17, the Rum Fellows International Talk Like a Pirate Day Celebration included a pub crawl from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, gathering at Coach's Brewhouse, 110 West Main, at 7:30 and proceeding up Main Street, with the last stop at Abner's Ale House, 121 East Main Street, where the Rum Fellows provided music for all the drunken Scallywags from 10 PM until closing time.

Oklahoma City - On Monday, September 19, the Rum Fellows will be drinking and performing at One of Oklahoma City's premeire music venues VZD's, 4200 N Western Ave from 8:30 P.M. til closing time.

Tulsa - A Pirate Pub crawl will launch on Sept. 19 around 8 pm from Fassler Hall, 304 South Elgin Avenue in downtown Tulsa, goin' into the wee hours. Writes an organizer: "We be pirates, and not relegated ter formal schedules, but we be startin' at Fassler Hall. Iffen and when we depart Fassler's fer another location (such as McNellie's fine pub, er a host of other fine options within swaggerin' distance), it be up ter the crew at hand. Attend in yer pirate-y attire er ye be facin' the business end of me flintlock! Weigh anchor! Hoist the mizzen!!! An' iffen yer a lucky seadog, we be seein' ye on the 19th! Check the FaceBook event page.


Albany - In the town where Talk Like A Pirate Day was born, Cap'n Slappy and the Webwench will join their mates at Calapooia Brewing Co., on Sept. 19 to celebrate surviving another year o' pirattitude. If ye be in the arrrrea, come on down - the beer's excellent, the company's great and the staff is accustomed to pirates. Besides, Cap'n Slappy can crawl home from here.

Ashland - The Black Sheep restaurant & bar celebrates TLAPD on Sept. 19 with pirate lingo, grub, rum, grog, arm wrestling, debauchery, treasure, and hearty laughter! Oooaaaaarrr! The day's menu includes mulligatawny soup, jerk salmon with grilled plaintains, smoked turkey leg with mashed yams, spiced-rum marinated "walk-the-plank" flank steak salad, vegetarian pirate pie, Key lime pie and six drink specials featuring Captain Morgan's rum!

Ashland - Another party is takin' place in our lively town of Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Performing "Pirates of Penzance" this season) and our humble children's bookstore "Tree House Books". We convinced 10 other kid-friendly stores to join us, as well as 3 more restaurants. Black Sheep pub has been celebrating your holiday for over 4 years now! We figure it's just the beginning! So off to plunder, pillage and party! - Fiesty Jane Blackwing

Ashland - ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum, 1500 E. Main St. in Ashland, will celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day with a special Pirate Weekend Sept. 17 and 18. The B.O.O.M. (Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries) Pirates will be on site in their encampment to teach the public about the age of piracy. The days will start with a pirate's welcome and cannon salute. There will be stunt shows, cannon blasting demonstrations, shanty singing, and more. Attending children also will be able to explore a pirate ship jump house. Everyone is welcome to come in costume and learn what it was like to be a real pirate. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday. Admission is $5 for children ages 2-12 and seniors 65 and older, $7.50 for teens and adults, and free for members and children under 2.

Bend - "Tumalo Community School be celebrating tah da y(Sept. 16) fer Pirate day - dress up day today ! Our principal likes dress up days on fridays - so we are in full pirate dress today this is our 6th year !!! a fine crew tah be sure ... We'll still be talking like pirates on monday ... dah wee ones enjoy eet - Best Holiday EVER !!!" - Karen P.

Corvallis - No pirate parties we're aware of here, but Daphne C. writes to say she's celebratin!

Eugene - "On Saturday the 24th of September, I'm having my second annual "Pirates vs..." birthday party. This year it is pirates vs. zombies. There is a treasure chest that people can donate to, and the proceeds go to a small logging community elementary school. It will be at McShane's Bar and Grill in Eugene, OR, and anybody can go to that bar... but only the cool people will be dressed up like pirates (and zombies)! ARRR!!" - aimee c.

Eugene - Kidical Mass threw a Talk Like A Pirate Day family-friendly bike ride and pirate treasure hunt on Saturday, Sept. 17th 3 p.m. starting from Oakmont Park (behind Oakway Center). Ride, treasure hunt, treats & fun. Costumes/decorations encouraged. The ride is about 4 miles.

Portland - Robert "Cockroach" Blair and Mercy Marie Dillingham threw their third annual TLAPD party on Sept. 17 for their crew o' host of scallywags, na'er do wells, gentlepeople of the blade, and just plain victims. , and there's an even chance Cap'n Slappy will put in an appearance.

Portland - PDXYAR will celebrate for International/Interstellar Talk Like a Pirate Day at Salvador Molly's on SW Sunset, where the crew has been invited to join the Pirates of Portlandia singing, entertaining and providing "atmosphere" for the dinner crowd. For details on the raid, check out the Facebook event...

Portland - "I work at a Long Term Care Facility (Holgate, Friendship Health Center.) We will be celebrating a few days late, but we will have a blast, none the less. PDXYAR pirates are coming to stir up some fun for the elderly, and they are looking forward to it! ARRRRR! "

Portland - We will play your You Tube for our residents at our townhall meeting at 10am on Monday morning and ask everyone to speak like a pirate. Calaroga Terrace is a 263 apartment/17 story senior community in central city Portland.

St. Helens - The Portland Pirate Festival gave Northwesterners an early chance to brush up on all things piratical with new dates (Labor Day weekend), a new venue (in historic St. Helens), and personal appearances by our own Cap'n Slappy!


Bucks County - "I work at an elementary school in Bucks County, PA, just north of Philadelphia. This is our 4th consecutive year celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day. I started by getting 6th grade involved the first year, and then the principal allowed me to open it to the entire school. Each year gets a little bigger. Our 6th grade transforms into the Caribbean. It’s a lot of fun. In the evening, my friends and I all go to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise, proudly dressed in our pirate garb." - Cap'n Diane

Burlington City - Talk Like A Pirate Day kicks off an entire Pirate Week in this Philadelphia suburb, with events including pirate movies, contests, trivia, theater, kids games, photos for people and pets, and rum-tasting!

Donora - At the Donora Public Library, 510 Meldon Avenue , we will be all talking like pirates all day Monday.

Philadelphia - The Brandywine River Museum is celebrating literary pirates from Sept. 10-Nov. 20 in observation ofthe 100th anniversary of the publication of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, which included illustrations by Chester County artist N.C. Wyeth. The museum will display all 16 paintings—the first time they will be on display together since they left Wyeth’s studio—for N.C. Wyeth’s Treasure Island: Classic Illustrations for a Classic Tale. Fans of the literary adventure will also find items from Treasure Island productions, such as the 1915 stage version to Disney’s 2002 movie Treasure Planet. September 10-November 20. 1 Hoffmans Mill Road, Chadds Ford.

Philadelphia - Talk Like A Pirate Day will be a highlight of the Independence Seaport Museum's Philly Seaport Fest, a month-long party that invites people of all ages to engage with the city’s eastern border, the Delaware River. Visitors will dive into fun activities and themed events- Talk Like a Pirate Day, pirate sails, tall ship dockings, regattas and the annual Wooden Boat Festival. September 8-October 8. Here be a fine story about the pirate skirmish aboard the tall ship Gazela.

Pittsburgh - "Here at work, we discussed pirate themed movies, especially those rated “Arrrrr”!" - Ryan C.

Scranton - The Fencing Exchange in Scranton PA will have a pirate themed class on Sept 19....the Advanced Foil class will be outside (weather permitting) and dressed appropriately and will fight with (wooden) cutlasses.

Rhode Island

South Carolina

Aiken - Please add Aiken Brewing Company, 140 Laurens Street SW, Aiken, SC 29801 to your map. We will be celebrating on the 19th with pirate dress, $1 off pints of craftbrewed grog, and $3 captain morgans all day. Hope we can be included!!!

Clemson - "Add us to the map! Your new wench, Katie M."

Greenville - Talk Like A Pirate parrrty at Rendezvous, 5021 Pelham Rd, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. All are welcomed.

Lexington - "I'll be a happy wench partyin' wit me lucious cap'n and a bottle o' rum in Lexington, SC! Stay scurvy!" - Jennifer

Mount Pleasant - Blackbeard's Cove family fun park will be hosting a TLAPD weekend event with “The Charlestown Few”! They will be setting up encampment Saturday thru Monday with displays of real antiques.

North Augusta - Bucksnort's Cigar Lounge in North Augusta, South Carolina is having it's first annual TLAP Day.  Anyone that comes in dressed like a pirate ca win a free cigar or other prizes.  Bucksnort's is located at 213 Edgefield Road, North Augusta.  Check out the party on our website: or on facebook.   Arrrrrrrrrr!

Ocracoke - "After a memorial trek to Teach's Hole on Ocracoke, we'll hoist a few in honor of Blackbeard and his mates in New Bern." - Diane B.

Rock Hill - On Saturday, "Talk like a Pirate Day" comes to the Main Street Children's Museum from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Ahoy, mateys!  Weigh anchor and set sail for the Main Street Children's Museum for a fun-filled day. Ye landlubbers will have the chance to meet a pirate, talk like a pirate, make a treasure map, and more. Nippers and adults alike are encouraged to dress like a pirate and display your attitude - that's pirattitude! Adults must be accompanied by children. Free with admission.

West Columbia-Cayce - "We’re informally celebrating TLAP Day in the traditional way – by speaking pirate as well as we can, all day long!!!  No party… nothing open to the public." - Kelly T.

South Dakota

Vermillion - "I'm a junior at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD. I'm vice president of A.P.E.S., the Anthropology Program Enthusiasts Society, and we are planning an Anthropology of Pirates Day for Monday in conjuction with I.T.L.A.P. Day. We will be dressing up like pirates and fighting with wooden swords all over campus while playing Pirates of the Caribbean and Alestorm music. At night, we're giving presentations in the student center, open to the public, on pirate life and archaeology. Our Facebook page is here.. There'll be videos and more pictures after our event. We'd like to get put on your map. I'm sorry this is rather short notice. We didn't think to contact you guys until recently." Jordan F.


Chattanooga - Scenic City MiniGolf, 21 E 7th St is celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day by encouraging a people to come in dressed as Pirates from September 12 through September 19. Anyone meeting the code (dress code) will get to play a Free game of MiniGolf.

Cleveland - "My name be Captain Gastley. Fearless captain of the dreaded ship the Neptunes Whore! During my stay on land (I be making port at Lee University in Cleveland TN) my maties and I shall be having a party. This party shall be in memory of this great day and in honor of those who set the pirate code and its glorious tongue! This party is available to all students of Lee University!" - Capt. Dan

Jefferson City - I find myself doin' my day-to-day in Jefferson City, Tennessee. Many thanks in advance. Yarrr. -First mate Campbell

Memphis - We will be partying--on a milder level--all week at our school library. Each year the librarians dress as pirates and read pirate books, use pirate lingo, and sing (g-rated) pirate songs. Since we see our students only once each week, we didn't think it was fair for the Monday classes to have all the fun, ergo the week-long talk like a pirate "week." - Jo Ann L., St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School


Arlington - Staff at theTanstaafl Pub in Arlington are huge are huge fans of Talk Like a Pirate Day. They're celebrating on the 19th with pirate themed drink specials, trivia and prizes all night.

Austin - McCormick & Schmicks in the Domain, 11600 Century Oaks Terrace, is runnin' a happy hour parrrty for TLAPD. Talk like a pirate for a free happy hour item; dress like one for a special treat. Look for the Jolly Roger flyin' out front!

Austin - "Aye matey! Our company be celebratin’ pirate day at ye office! It is not a public event aarrrgggh! We are in Austin, TX." Jessica T.

Austin - "Talk Like A Pirate Day Party at Opal Divine's Bar and Grill." Two of them, actually: On Sept. 17, Opal Divine's Freehouse, 700 West 6th Street:
4pm - 7pm Pirate Happy Hour, 9pm - 12am Costume Contest, wench auction, Jolly Garogers band . On Monday, Sept. 19: Opal Divine's Penn Field, 3601 South Congress @ Penn Field. 7pm-10pm. Jolly Garogers band, costume contest, wench auction.  Hosted by Quartermaster Griff.

Bacliff - Katie's Bar, 315 Grand Ave.,held their annual TLAPD event on Saturday, Sept 17th. They be awarding 'pieces of silver' (silver dollars) for best costumes (male & female) and for the person who really can TLAP!

Brownwood - "There may be no party fer yer to shout to ther werld about but in Brownwood, Texas we be speakin' like pirates as of the earth hittin' the midnight port." - Capt'n Sarah Dunham

Center Point - Toucan Jim's at 5418 Hwy 27 celebrates International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19. This new open-air, palapas-covered bar and grill just celebrated it's first anniversary. "It is our own little slice of the Caribbean here in the Hill Country. Join host and Merry Music Maker, Lee Haile 7-11 or whenever. Come dressed to the nines and have a good time!!" Center Point is just outside of Kerrville, Tx and 1 hour from San Antonio, Tx.

Cleburn - Plaza Theatre Company is having a special Talk Like A Pirate Day performance of their production of Treasure Island on Monday, Sept. 19 at 7:30 pm. - with free popcorn for anyone who dresses like a pirate!. They write: " Based on the masterful adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island is a stunning yarn of piracy on the tropical seas. Beginning in England in 1775, the story quickly becomes an unforgettable tale of treachery and mayhem featuring a host of legendary swashbucklers. At the center of it all are Jim Hawkins, a 14-year-old boy who longs for adventure, and the infamous Long John Silver, perhaps the most famous hero-villain of all time. Silver is an unscrupulous buccaneer-rogue whose greedy quest for gold, coupled with his affection for Jim, cannot help but win the heart of every soul who has ever longed for romance, treasure and adventure. A regional premiere and a must-see for the whole family!" Tickets $15 for adults, $13 for Students and Seniors, $12 for kids. Group rates available. Reservations can be made by calling the box office at 817-202-0600

Dallas - The scurvy swabs and bilge rats of the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas celebrated TLAPD a wee bit early, on Friday the 16th, in honor of the final day of the Phonetics course. This sorry bunch of scalawags pondered how French pirates would pronounce [ar], collected translations of "Walk the plank!" in multiple languages, pondered the origin of the term "swashbuckling", engaged in a water war of salty faculty dogs and able-bodied students, and concluded the festivities with a costumed singalong of "Muppet Treasure Island". When the school's CFO showed his true pirate colors, dressed in swashbuckling finery, it caused AVAST amounts of concern and mirth in various quarters. Photo here.

Denton - I bring news from the port of Denton, Texas in the Americas. We be a gabbin' in the language of the seadogs from stem to stern, sun rise til sun fall. Tis be a great revelry, yarr. - Capt'n Sam

El Paso - I am an elementary school Library Media Specialist at Johnson Elementary. We are holding a Talk Like a Pirate Celebration all day long here in the Library Media Center. Hoping to establish this as an annual celebration in the hearts of each of my 650 or so students (and their teachers, too!)
Avast, Ye Mateys! - Dawne R.

Euless - We are partying like Pirates today in Euless, Texas!! May be this weekend cuz me gots to work today. - Lori G.

Flower Mound - Put Flower Mound, Texas, on your map! The local mateys will be talkin like pirates the live-long day.

Fort Hood - "Ahoy, Ye crew of 1st Cavalry Division Museum will be celebrat'n ITLAP on the 16 September, from 1130 -1500. Food, music, and Plundering. Visitor are welcome at their own risk." - Capt' Samuel Broadsides Draper

Houston - Cap'n Jake threw a pirate movie fest on Sept. 17 in the outdoor theater of his apartment complex, featuring "Hook" and "South Park: The Pirates of Somalia." He told his friends "All are welcome but MUST BE DRESSED LIKE PIRATES in order to attend.Chicken Drumsticks and baked bread will be served during intermission. There will be plenty of Rum, so please bring mixers (sprite, coke, lemonade, etc.)"

Houston - The Queen Theatre's current production is "Treasure Island," and they're offerin' $3 off tickets purchased by Sept. 19. Just enter "ARRR" as the promotion code when buying on line.

Houston - My daughter is part of the Queen Theatre group that will be performing Treasure Island. They will be at Talk Like a Pirate Day at the Houston Childrens Museum on Sunday." - Julie B.

Irving - We’re having our Pirate Party today at State Farm ASR in Irving, TX. This is our 3rd year to party! Picture to follow

Laredo - Avast! In honor of the scalawag A. DeLeon’s birthday, Laredo, Texas will be having their first ever Talk Like a Pirate Day event. The lubbers of Laredo had never heard of this fine glorious event until now and in true pirate fashion, will be taking their grog at A.J.s Sports Bar.

New Braunfels - Day will be celebrated at 201 MOUNTAIN BREEZE CAMP RD. . For River Pirates only!

San Antonio - International Talk Like a Pirate Day will be celebrated at Landa Branch Library in San Antonio, TX by showing the original Pirates of the Caribbean, making eye patches and "walking the plank" games.

San Antonio - "The local management of our Government Contracting Corporation is welcoming Talk Like A Pirate Day this year by allowing our local contractors to dress and talk like pirates at work on TLAPD...A booty cart will be making its rounds all day to serve up ice cream delights to all who wish to partake."

San Antonio - Buccaneers, bag pipes, dancers and kilts! The San Antonio Highland Games Association is hosting Talk Like A Pirate Day at the Lion & Rose Restaurant and Pub in the Forum on September 19th 6-10pm. There will be live pirate songs and fun games all evening.

San Antonio - "We will be celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day here at Maverick Elementary un the following ways: The announcements will be delivered in Pirate lingo. Students will be playing Pirate themed games in Physical Education classes. Students will be singing Pirates themed songs. Students will be enjoying Pirate themes activities in the Library. Several classrooms are using Pirate themes in Math, Spelling, Writing, & Science classes." We are an elementary school in the San Antonio Independent School District

San Marcos - "We'll be celebrating this year in San Marcos! It will be on Saturday the 17th around 10 pm. Yarrr!!!" Krissy D.

Waco - At an unnamed call center in Waco, the 150 employees will celebrate TLAPD on Sept. 16, with seven teams competing in decorations, dressup and pirattitude!


Clinton -"This year marks our family's 5th Annual Talk Like a Pirate Day party! This is an invitation-only gathering, but we want to put our piratitude on the map! Our only requirement is that each guest talk like a pirate every 5 minutes or be prepared to WALK THE PLANK! Avast me hearties!! Happy TLAP Day!" - Aimee F.

Cottonwood Heights - Aarrgh! » Make pirate patches and watch a pirate movie in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day. The activities are scheduled from 6-8 p.m. Sept. 19 at Whitmore Library, 2197 E. Ft. Union Blvd. All are welcome.

Logan - Nick P. says they're talkin' like pirates at Utah State University!

Moab - "We here at Off Center Comics be doin' our first piratical shindig. Come join us as we crack open Captain Heather Blood's own stash of grog (non-alcholic) while we spend the day watching pirate movies, and singing old chanteys. We'll also be playing Seventh Sea in the evening and other booty is in store for any who pass our doors wearing pirate garb or speaking the tongue of bilge a rat. Stop by if you be sailing through Moab, UT" - Cap'n Heather S.

Roy - Talk like a Pirate Day” will be held at 7 p.m. Sept. 19 at the Southwest Branch of Weber County Library, 1950 W. 4800 South. Celebrate “Talk Like a Pirate Day” with the Weber County Library. Bring the family for pirate stories, games, and crafts. Learn pirate lingo and take away a bag full of pirate booty.

Salt Lake City - Captain JR Reynolds threw his 9th annual TLAPD party at Sugar House in Salt Lake City on Sept. 17.

Salt Lake City - "We are having an ENTIRE DAY of Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities. (Thanks for the games and suggestions.) We are ALL dressing up, and spending the day as Pirates. Everyone has eye patches, Tri Cornered Hats, Swords, jewelry, and will be sporting our best Pirate outfits. We are sarting the day with Capt'n Crunch & Island Fruits. We're doing a quick math review: 5 MEAN Pirates. Games: (Stolen shamelessly from your site) and a snack of Pieces of Eight and Wee Whales (TGI Friday's Cheese Pizza Chips & Whale Crackers) and Berry Blue Juice in Pirate Cups, complete with skeleton straws. After a story (Shiver Me Letters, June Sobol) We will head to the Living Aquarium to hang with the fishes in Sandy, UT. Lunch will be: Fish Sticks, Tater Tots, Carrot Coins, Fish in the Sea (Blue Berry Yogurt and Fish Crackers) washed down with Root Beer. We will play the remaining games. Get the LOOT & Jewels.Mid Afternoon we will rest while viewing: Hook or Peter Pan, it all depends on the VOTE. Dinner will be at 6 bells with Boston Bakes Beans, Carr's Water Crackers and Beef Jerky, (The SHOCK & AWE course...for some Adult AMUSEMENT.) Followed by the REAL meal of: Shells & Cheese, Chicken Drumsticks, Fish n Worms in the Ocean (Blue Jello, Gummy Worms, & Swedish Fish) Cole Slaw, Golden Apple Slices, Ginger Ale and Root Beer. Ending the feasting with a Pirate Cake. Then it's off to the LIBRARY for a planned activity. Unlike some Pirates, once home again, we will all bathe & brush teeth... (Later the adults may befriend Capt'n Morgan, but that is after lights out & the crew is asleep...)" - Captin Margaret, The GRIM Pirate :D


Grand Isle State Park - On Sept. 19, each camper checking in to the park receives an eye patch and a can win a cup o' grog (OK, coffee) if they can sing at least one Pirate Song. "This is the fourth year we have celebrated with gusto!" - Capt' Fuller and his mates, Hornpipe Matt and Proud Beauty Ashley!

Warren - "Aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and a hearty g'day to ye! We'll be celebrating in Vermont on Sept. 19, not only Talk Like a Pirate Day but the birthdays of Cap'n Ruthless RuthAnn, Cutthroat Kate, and other September-born pirates! Festivities t' be held at the Golden Lion Riverside Inn."


Alexandria - "I'm a street performer, and I'm going to be hosting (or at least rabble-rousing) the public on September 19th in Old Town Alexandria, VA on the Waterfront. (I want to take over our entire seaport!) I'll be on the docks behind the Torpedo Factory, 105 N Union Street, for most of the day with my harp and drum singing sea chanties. If I can get a proper crew together, we'll set sail across the river and raid those scurvy dogs in Washington DC. I might even keep up the shtick the 16th, 17th and 18th as well, I haven't decided yet." Ramblin' Rose (Elena Rhiannon Stark)

Alexandria - The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has been celebrating “Talk Like A Pirate Day” since 2005 and the “SHRMite Pirates” will be on the loose again this year at their corporate headquarters. The office newsletter notes: "Casual Dress is allowed on Monday and attire is extended to include eye-patches, bandannas, and fake parrots.  Clothing coverage restrictions still apply (shoulders to knees and everything in-between).  As usual, if you have in-person meetings with vendors, members or others, you will regrettably have to come to work in business dress."

Charlottesville - "I’m having a party in Charlottesville, VA to celebrate ITLPD!" - Jane C.

Herndon - "3 years ago Gary mentioned this oh so special day and since we hold a live band swing dance every Friday night at the Dulles Hilton in Herndon, Virginia I declared the next one our first annual "Talk Like A Pirate" Dance. Much to our delight a large number of dancers showed up in that first year in Pirate gear! So now 3 years later we are holding our 3rd highly successful annual Pirate dance this Friday night, the 16th on Talk Like a Pirate Eve Eve Eve. We expect around 200 pirates and wenches to be dancing on the poop deck.The Natty Beaux band will be playing and their will be plenty of booty, grog, piratey decorations, tons of dancing pirates and a costume contest. It's so FUN!! $15 per person includes a Beginner dance lesson at 8:30 and then the band plays from 9-midnight. Come One come all Mate-y's! Washington Dulles Hotel with Gary and Sue, 13869 Park Center Road, Herndon, VA"

Lorton - TeaDea Montana be throwin a private barbecue for Talk Like A Pirate Day at his cabin near Lorton.

Martinsville - Captain Hack'n'slash will be reading piratey books to grades K-5 at Albert Harris Elementary on September 19th.

Newport News - The Mariners’ Museum of Newport News, Virginia hosted its Fourth Annual Talk Like a Pirate Competition on Saturday, September 17th as part of a Talk Like a Pirate Weekend event (smallish in size) featuring family friendly events both Saturday and Sunday the 18th. For more information, please see

Richmond - "Ahoy matey, We be in the port of Richmond, VA. " - Neil P., Vectors Research Management, LLC

Winchester - At Denny's restaurant, 1601 Martinsburg Pike we be servin' up grub to the landlubbers on Monday Sept 19th, dressed as pirates,swaggerin' like pirates and talkin' like pirates. This is our 5th annual celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We have a lot of fun with this and your website has been a source of inspiration for us. Our guests have loved it too. This year we'll be giving away an exclusive Denny's (of Winchester) 5th annual TLAPD coffee mug. Hopin to see as many of the locals as can git thar. Ellen F.

Vienna - "James Madison High School’s AP Environmental Science, Geosystems, and Oceanography classes will be parrrrrrrtyin’ on the 19th (at least as much as we can do in a high school)." - Captain RRRRRRRRRRRR K Gongaware

Sterling - “Ahoy! Avast! Ye land Lubbers! It’s time for ye to pillage and plunder your closets! The youth of Galilee are collecting clothing for less fortunate teens. Smartly, me lass,” this will not be “ ill-gotten booty” , but gently worn clothing you no longer wear. Arrr, hoist ye mainsail and smartly pull your dingy into your treasure chest and fill it with your unwanted booty. Avast, all you heartie mateys and surrender ye treasure !!! I suggest singing this song or at least talking like a pirate while pillaging! By the way “talk like a pirate day” is September 19. Perfect timing." In other words, bring your gently worn clothes, shoes, etc. with you to YouthSERV next Sunday (Sept. 18) and we will sort them and package them and donate them to local teens!

Virginia Beach - "I work for a debt management company in Virginia Beach Virginia as their “Director of IT”. We use “AVAST!” as our anti-virus software. The software talks to you…. Of course I programmed mine to talk like a Pirate! Last year it reminded us about the day! Our company has what we call ‘huddles’ where we gather around and get something motivating plus some company information. Well I plan to honcho our Huddle on the 19th. Like last year I’ll do the entire huddle talking like a pirate – and hand out PIRATE nametags and such. Well – just wanted to let you know that WE observe this day – you may want to add us to your map!" - John S.

Williamsburg - Thomas Nelson Community College is throwing its first (annual!) International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Monday, Sept. 19 at the Second Floor Landing of the Historic Triangle campus. Registration is at noon, followed by a best-dressed pirate contest and pirate scavenger hunt. Sponsored by the office of student activities.


Kirkland - Arrgh! It was a 10-day-early Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 9 at Juanita Friday Market. In addition to organic fruits and veggies, shoppers could pick up pirate eye patches and there were free kids crafts and games and live entertainment from the musical styling of Dara Korra’ti.

Seattle - International Talk Like a Pirate Day: Pirate-themed activities, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday; free admission to kids ages 10 and younger dressed like a pirate accompanied by paying adult, Sunday-Monday, The Children's Museum, Seattle Center House, Seattle; $7.50 (206-441-1768 or

Spokane - (See Multiple Locations)

Sammamish - Happy Home Day Care is taking part in the festivities!

Tacoma - Foss Waterway Seaport, 705 Dock Street, celebratedTalk Like A Pirate Day and the end of summer in a big way on Saturday, Sept. 1. Everyone was invited to come in pirate garb, bring boats in full pirate regalia, take lessons in how to talk like a pirate and enter contests ranging from "Best Pirate Boat" (real and toy) to "Best Pirate-Decorated Dog. Proceeds Proceeds from a raffle, silent auction and waterfront beer garden will benefit MultiCare’s Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital Tree House: A Place for Families. The event included treasure hunts, games for children and a Jimmy Buffet tribute concert by singer/songwriter Dave Calhoun, along with visiting Mermades and much more. Scurvy lads and lasses 21 and over who aren't ready to stop partyin' at 5 pm can head next door to Rock the Dock Pub & Grill next door for more TLAPD fun after the Seaport event.

West Virginia

Ripley - We will be holding our annual TLAPD Party!! Fairplain Yacht Club, 3984 Cedar Lakes Road, Ripley. We do it every year!! - Cindy Vennare


Appleton and Berlin - "My Dad calls me every single year on "Talk Like a Pirate Day" to tell me pirate jokes. So much fun!!! I am from Appleton, Wisconsin and my Dad lives in Berlin, Wisconsin please add us to the map! We first heard about it on the Bob and Tom radio show." - Betsy

Fond du Lac - "My private Pirate Party will be in Fond du Lac, WI :)" - Jeanne

Green Bay - "We have a private pirate party in Green Bay, WI. Go Packers!!!" Greg A. Aw, c'mon mate, can't ye be a Pirates fan for one day? - The Webwench

Viola - "Didn't think Wisconsin was properly represented! Private paarrrrty on Sat night 9/17 - I'll be gettin' the rum soon!" - Donna A

Madison - "We be taking all calls to the helpdesk today like the pirates we be! An’ if it’s user error ye have we’ll make ye walk the plank!" -Strand Associates

Middleton - "We are sort of doing an event for TLAP day" at Kollath & Associates CPA LLC. - Carrie F.

Madison - The Hannas talked like pirates in Madison!

Wausau - "Have posted the 5 A's of Pirate Talk on my office door and designated a First Mate for the Office Talk Like A Pirate Day, Sept 19, Wausau and Marathon County Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department." - Karyn P.


Casper - "I would love to be added to the map representing Casper, WY. Not sure what the celebration will look like yet, but it's definitely in mind!" - Anne Marie (To which we at Team Pirate say: Huzzah for Anne Marie! If ye can't find a parrrrty in yer area, build yer own!)

Laramie - YARR!! We in the great port o' Laramie, Wyomin', be throwin' a great feast this eve', on a count o' the great holiday today. Can't wait to get all silly from the rum and wenches! Penyarrrr Bar n' Grill, Laramie, WY

Latin America


Porto Alegre -" I'll be doing my best to teach my two English classes in pirate talk on Monday September 19th, and I believe my mate Alan will also be doing his part. We are in Porto Alegre (30° 01' 58" S 51° 13' 48" W), which would seem to make us your first landfall in South America." Cheers, Ian

Costa Rica

(Undisclosed location) - "We are planning to do a major pirate celebration. We are still not sure if we will do it on Monday or during the Weekend. We have done this party before with friends, but this time we are planning to do it public and big in one or even more places across our beautiful country. We want you to let you know so you can officially add Costa Rica as one of the places with an event." - Jairo S.

San Jose - "I see you added Costa Rica in the google map for the party. My group wants to celebreate this day on Sathurday 17th, in one day of pirate themed rol games. We would like to be added in the celebration list please. We are from Costa Rcia, San jose. And our party starts in the 1:00pm. There will be a pirate search, with a treasure and a lot of games. And it will be open for all pirates that want to arrive" - Iriel, the pirate bunny-


Cuenca - "Avast mateys! I'll be sharing the love with alllll my students by talking like a pirrrate on the given day! It'll be a blast. I'm in Cuenca, Ecuador. Off to the longboats! " - Joshua H.


Tegucigalpa - "I am a Canadian teacher, teaching 4th grade at the American School of Tegucigalpa in Honduras. My principal has approved us to celebrate this fun day in our class! Students in my class will come dressed as pirates and we will spend the day doing all subjects with pirate-related theme!" Sarah W.


Ensenada Blanca - "In honor of International Talk like a Pirate Day, Monday Sept 19th we, the Puerto Escondido cruisers, are hosting a beach party in Ensenada Blanca, Baja Cal Sur, Mexico just 1 hour south of Puerto Escondido at 25 degrees, 43.3 minutes N, and 111 degrees 14.3 minutes W. (It is also accessible by car off Mexico Hwy 1) We have contacted the the hotel management and secured the beach palapa for our festivities (courtesy of Wild Loreto Eco Cruises, Loreto, Baja Cal Sur, Mx The official festivities will start on Monday the 19th at 1pm. (Although others will arrive days earlier to get the best anchorage). We will have games, beach volleyball, lounges etc. (It is advisable to wear beach/water shoes. The sand is very hot). It is a pot luck, so please bring a Pirate dish of your choice to share, a BBQ will be available, your own plate and utensils. Cocktails and cervesa will be available for purchase. An award for the best costume and the Pirate King and Queen will be voted on an announced. So come one come all. It should be a blast! ARRRRHHH Matey!!! For further information, please contact Diana at We would like to have a good turn out. The hotel is welcoming us with open arms, including coffee and donuts delivered to our boats, happy hour between 4-6pm and specials each night. It is a fabulous spot to anchor, soft sand bottoms and pristine clear water. Friends have said the snorkeling and diving are fabulous." Ray (Captain Zigzag)
Sea Vessel Adios; Diana (1st mate and wench), Sea Vessel Spring Runoff

Guadalajara - "I have celebrate the talk like a pirate day for the last 4 years and this year I´m letting more people know, I opened an event in facebook with my friends, most of us are in Guadalajara Mexico, with some exception from people of Mexico city, Argentina, and maybe some african guys. As it is on monday, even if we don´t get to see us on that day we will celebrate and make the party the 17!" - Mariana F.

Monterrey - "For the first time, for us, we'll be hosting a pirate party in Monterrey Mexico, een though ain't no pirates or sea nearby, we'll be bathtub pirates indeed or maybe child pool's pirates... but nevertheless pirates to all."


Montevideo - "As usual, the Perdidos En El Eter radio crew was celebrating for the seventh year in a row, drinking, wearing our costumes, playing games, and recording our September show with loads of pirate lore, reviews, and music. Expect a report and photos after it's over." - Black MaGnUs



Graz - "Ayyyyyyy matey! There is a new party in Graz /Austriarrrrr (not Australia!). Please put us on your Map. We are the firrrst party in Austria, may we get a bottle of Rum now arrr?" - M. T.


Zagreb - It was Talk Like A Pirate Day at the Pirates Karaka restaurant in Zagreb. Take a look at their Facebook event page fer details, if ye speak Croatian...


Copenhagen - At University of Copenhagen, Faculty of LIFE Sciences, section of Biomedicine, we are doing a treasure hunt, dressed and talkin like pirates! Just for the filthy few... alas.... Drop dead, me friend!!! - Capt. SuddenDeath Jackson of the Rhodden Islands


Alnwick - LUSH Acoustic, the Northumberland-based music collective dedicated to promoting new original roots music and song-writing,returned to its musical residency, every third Saturday of the month, at the Tanners Arms, Hotspur Street, Alnwick, Northumberland. On Sept. 17 they celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day with 'Shipcote and friends', country bluesman Carl Cape, finger-picking from Bill Read, Jamie Robb (fiddle), Tom Beels (percussion) and singer-songwriter David Ainsworth.FREE entrance. 8.30-11.30 Ahh-ha me hearties! Parrots welcome!

Barlborough - "Me and the other folks here at Added Value Solutions limited are holding a Talk Like A Pirate day on the 19th for all team members and customers." - Paul H.

Barnet - The Sebright Arms, 9 Alston Road, will celebrate TLAPD to "a) have some fun and b) raise a bit of money for a local charity."

Bridlington - The Bridlington Harbour Heritage Museum, Harbour Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 18 from 10 am until closing. The event will raise funds to keep the Society's 99-year-old fishing coble afloat. Friends of Three Brothers. Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society.

Bridlington - Cap'n Diamond Mick and 'is wench Ruby Di be holdin' landlubbers ter ransom in Bridlington in England o' Sunday next. They be wantin' money to fix their unseaworthy shippe Three Brothers. Ye be takin' yer life in yer 'ands if ye dare sail inter yer harberrrrr!

Brighton - "Oxjam (the month-long, UK-wide music festival that raises funds for Oxfam's global anti-poverty efforts) ) are holding apirate party at Madam Geisha, Brighton, England, UK. We are having fancy dress, piarte cocktails and bands and DJs through the free. Donation on entry please "

Camberly - Normal working day for us at Frimley Airflow Systems but we are committed to talking like pirates for the day in the office or on site with clients. Some of us will be in the boozer from lunch time onwards when talk like a pirate will continue, boozers name is The Railway Arms in Frimley High Street, Camberley. Heads up for Grey Beard Russ, Cabin Boy Rob and Master Seaman Eggless. Aaarrrggghh. - Rob H.

Colchester, Essex - "Hi, my birthday is talk like a pirate day. I have a pirate cake, I am 38 today." - Nick R.

Colne - A motley crew o' NHS matrons and nurses from St. Peters Primary Health Centre observed TLAPD on Sept. 16 aboard the Foulridge Canal Cruise in Colne, Lancashire. They're combinin' the festivities with a farewell do "as the team are, very sadly, being disbanded." - Sharon L.

Dorset - " The Pirates of Poole will be out on the streets of Poole in Dorset, England talking like pirates all day, raisin’ money for local charities, followed by a grand party in the evening at the Jolly Sailor Inn on Poole Quay featuring the best pirate band in the land, The Dolmen. All are welcome." - Ol' Greybeard

Dudley - Members of the Black Country Community were invited to splice up their main brace and sign up their crew for a mad day of capers and raisin’ of some much needed doubloons for the Dudley Group of Hospitals Charity. A free Fundraisin’ Pack can be ‘pilfurred’ from

Felixstowe, Suffolk - Visitors to Landguard Fort on Sept. 18, apart from the usual tours and exhibits, saw a motley band of pirates, smugglers, cutthroats and wenches, having made landfall at Felixstowe to carouse and celebrate their success on the high seas. Dress up if you like and be prepared to have your timbers shivered! Any age can take part although children must be accompanied by an adult. This is a normal opening day for the fort and usual fees apply - Piracy is optional! (They be lookin' fer more pirates to take part - see their FaceBook event page for details!)

Godalming - UkeJam Pirate Special, Sept. 19 at the Sun Inn, Godalming, Surrey. UkeJam ran a charity Ukejam Pirate Party with Ukejammers encouraged to dress Pirate. Shantys and the usual Pop songs will be played and sung. 8.30-10.30 with a break for Mead. More info at

Halesowen, West Midlands - The Waggon & Horses in Halesowen, West Midlands (UK) celebrated with a whole weekend of pirate based fun. Saturday sees live music from Waggon regulars Tin Shack, and Steampunk band BBBlackdog. A specially concocted pirate themed menu is available, as well as 14 real ales, ciders & perrys, whiskeys & a bottle of rum or 2 thrown in for good measure. Pirate attire is not required, but is heartily encouraged, with a prize for the best dressed pirate!

Huntingdon - "I teach 3rd grade at Alconbury Elementary School, Huntingdon, England, UK. It is an American Military School on an American base in England. I have done your activity for the past few years and we have a great time writing stories, doing pirate-related math, etc. I can’t wait to show my students that we are on the map this year…WOW! Thanks for this great day of pirate celebrations," Cap'n Pam

Leeds - We all be big fans of Talk like a Pirate Day ‘ere at Fuse and will be celebrating our First Birthday in style with a few gallons of rum and some pirate tales at BrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrB in Leeds later tonight! MIKE HARRIS (aka Cap’n Macon Birdbrain), Fuse Studios

London - The Museum of London Docklands is full o' pirate lore this month. Their Pirates exhibit, running through Oct. 30, features original artefacts, archaeological finds and hands-on interactives will reveal London’s links with piracy dating back to the 17th century, including the capital’s gruesome history as a place of execution for pirates And on Sept. 24 (close enough to Talk Like A Pirate Day for our purposes!) they're featuring an entire day of piracy studies. They also have a special geocache in place for those buccaneers who want to follow in the final footsteps of Captain Kidd.

London - "As Monday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, but there is no big event at the weekend and lots of us have to go to work or school/college on Monday, so may not get the chance to dress/act/talk like a pirate, figured we should do something Piratey this weekend. There doesn't seem to be a huge prate event in London, so my friends and I thought we'd make one! There is a Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands (see above) ... Thought this sounded like fun, so who is up for it on Saturday? Pirate dress-code is recommended, meeting outside at 1pm, entry at 1.30pm, with whoever is in pirate costume and land-lovers! Invite and bring any pirates or wannabe-pirates that you know!" - Claire F. Adult £7 (£6 advance booking, £0.50 booking fee applies*) Child/concession £5 (£4 advance booking, £0.50 booking fee applies*)
Under 5s FREE

London - Where better to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day than aboard the Tattershall Castle, a shipboard pub moored in the Thames at the Victoria Embankment. As they have for many a year, the Castle celebrated with a mighty pirate gathering on Sept. 17. "If you hold the sea in your heart, come join sea dogs, wenches, buccaneers and scurvies for grog-drinking, buckled booted, tricorn hatted, pirate wrangling fun and scurmishes. There be no chargin' of monies for entrance."

London - Sunday 18th September.... THE SEX PIRATES played live at The Plough ,Tentelow Lane, Norwood Green, West London . U.K. 3.00P.M. start, admission free!

Northampton - We will be celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day in Northampton, United Kingdom! Event is open to anyone dressed up who wants to join in.. We will be causing havoc and mayhem around the town centre from 3pm onwards! Watering holes we will most likely be found in will be the Racehorse and the Penny Whistle. Thanks matey! - Buccaneering Bekah!

Norwich - Langley School, Norwich, UK celebrated on 19th September with a non-uniform and (sorry pirate guys) dressing like a pirate day, with money raised going to the aaaaaaaRNLI to rescue any shipmates in need. Michael Rayner

Nottingham -The Official Nottingham Talk Like A Pirate Day Party (as endorsed by Team Pirate), took place on Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Salutation Inn, Maid Marion Way. (We love their address, too!) Featuring live music from Skeleton Crew , curvy wenches The Decadance Dolls , Giveaways and compettitions galore and of course the fancy dress parade. Free admission for pirates and wenches , £2 and walking the plank for anyone not dressed as a pirate or a wench. Visit their FaceBook event page for more information.

Plumbland - "The Last Man Inn, Plumbland, Aspatria, Wigton, be holding a Talk Like a Pirate Day (night) on Friday 16th as we reckon the landlubbers around ere won't turn up on the night of Monday 19th. We be having entertainment from C'tan Claw and Gunpowder Gertie who have a most peculiar musical bent, and some fine brews like "Olde Barnacle Bitter", "Black Sail" and Dirty Dick's Ale. There be also prizes for best dressed pirates! May the South Wind be Behind You," - C'tan Pierre

Ramsgate - We be The Davenport Pirates of the good ship The Jolly Rogue!! We are small independent school and this year we have turned our classroom into a pirate ship!! And the staff are captains and first mates, the children love it! We are celebrating talk like a pirate day by everybody dressing up and doing pirate activities all day like treasure island P.E. making jewellery and coins and lots of other pirate fun!

Selby - The Selby Globe on York Street, a volunteer-run community cinema, screened "Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides" on Sept. 19 and invites movie-goers to dress and talk like pirates!

Sheffield - "We be dressin’ like pirate fer the day in our office – Creative Stream in Sheffield, UK. An’ we be supportin’ at the same time!." - Ant C.

South Petherton, Somerset - Sara B. of Corvous Chainmaille Bespoke Jewelry and Custom Armour writes "Plenty of us joining in in South Petherton, Somerset UK ARRRRRRRR! Private party of pirates and privateers."

Southend-on-Sea - Visitors to Adventure Island had a swashbuckling time when it celebrated ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’. The amusement park laid on free entertainment such as jugglers, stilt walkers and treasure hunts. People were also being encouraged to dress up as pirates. The Talk Like A Pirate event was held on Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18, between 12noon and 8pm.

Worthing, Sussex - How many workplaces send out news releases about their participation in Talk Like A Pirate Day? This one did: "UK-based digital marketing agency, Fresh Egg, decided its ruthless crew of internet Buccaneers should put the “Arrrrr!” back into the stormy waters of the worldwide web, and spend the day dressed as Pirates, to mark ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day!’ So what’s been going on down at Fresh Egg’s Sussex HQ? Managing Director, Adam Stafford, said: “The Fresh Egg ship is brimming with creativity, and as the Captain, I support any initiative that encourages creativity in the team, while collecting a few gold coins for our chosen charity, Worthing Churches Homeless Project, at the same time.” Check out their photo!


Jyväskylä - Please put us on the map, Jyväskylä, Finland (about 300 km. north o' Helsinki). It's only me daughter, Emerald, and I, celebratin' 'Talk Like a Pirate Day', but we wish t' represent!

Turku - Wake up your inner pirate on September 19th at the old military barracks located right along the Kiinanmyllynkatu (across the street from the hospital) to honor the international Talk Like a Pirate Day. Villains and thugs are being pampered starting 7pm and the fastest get to enjoy for a happy YARRR!-moment! People wearing Pirate-like costumes get in for free, and for the rest it takes only2€! The best pirate-costume gets rewarded with fame and glory, at least, by our prestigious jury! So why don't you show up with ur fabulous pirate-costume to Sotku on September 19th 7pm. Click the link, and see where this awesome party is located: This party is arranged by Digit, Asteriski and Anglica


Comblessac, Brittany - "Just a fast note in a bottle to tell you 60 plus pirates will be abord the good ship La Grehandais in Comblessac Brittany France, sorry to report Capn we cant do the 19th, but will toast you and all the other pirates on the 17th. A truly international gathering of Dutch, Portuguese, Cambodian, French and English eating and drinking only good pirate grog and grub." Capn. Blackdog Hughes Ex R.N. now first mate The Good Ship La Grehandais. A fine photo o' the fete here.

Paris - Just to let you know the Gobelet d'argent/Bogman's Pub in Paris is celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day tomorrow night, so it can be added to the Google Map. As it's a bar, it's obviously open to everyone. The address is 2 rue de la petite truanderie, 75001 Paris. Costumes are encouraged but optional! There will be grog aplenty. Fanny C.

Toulouse - Cap'n S. Perfi and Cap'n Demise are at it again, with their second Talk Like A Pirate Day part, this year at Les Fleurs du Mal, featuring "many actors and a little concert!" For more information, check out their Facebook event page.


Berlin - In Germany, the techno-friendly Pirate Party won its first seat in the Berlin state elections on Sept. 19 with almost 9% of the vote. Talk about timing! Arrrrr! Great photo gallery there, too!

Hamburg - SoulKitchen Halle, Industrießstraße 10, is threw a Monkey Island Revival Party on Sept. 17 with shiploads of pirate specials (grog!) and pirate competitions including plank fights, insult competitions and of carrrse a Buccaneer Beauty Contest.

Wolfsburg - Please add me to your map. In our office we do talk like pirates today, arrrr! Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. - Indygor C.


Kavos, Corfu - "At Bulldog Tattoos, leading up to the event on the 19th we have been giving away free Anchor tattoos to all the workers here at the resort, as well as some clients who have been coming in for work, all in aid of TLAP. Having already scribed more than 120 anchors, we will be hoping to have reached the 150 mark by Monday, and - in a joint event we'll be teaming up with TKD's restaurant/bar here in Kavos, where staff at both businesses will be embracing the pirate lifestyle and fashion, as well as continuing with the anchor tattoos, on the day TKD's will be offering discounts on Food and drinks to anyone with an anchor tattoo!" - Jxhn, Tanya, Kyle, Dan, Aimee, Nick & Tav and the TKD crew


Nuuk - "Ironbark Zinc is developing a mine in Greenland and we be talking like pirates in Nuuk! Also in Denmark. Arghhhhhh."


Lisburn - "St Patricks Academy Ballinderry Road be havin a treasure hunt for our scurvy knaves with fancy dress, music, food and treasure! We be the first in Ireland to take part" (well, this year, that we know of) "so please put us on yer map!" - Seamus Q.


Forlì - "The day of the moon 19th septemberrrr! Grog, rum, pirates, wenches, bilge rats and much morrrr! In one word: ADVENTUAAARRRRRRR! Savvy? Any landlubber is gonna be keel hauled! ARR!" - Cap'n Mattia More information on Facebook.

San Vito al Tagliamento - Ahoy! A new crew is boarding the ITLAPD from an Italy highschool! Arrr on September 19 we will all wear an eye patch, drink grog and talk like real mediterranean pirates! Here are the coordinates: "liceo scientifico le Filandiere, San Vito al Tagliamento " - Cap'n Max

Venice - Arr! The TLAPD is now a tradition in Venice! For the fifth year, September 23rd and 24th, at "AeBricole" Pub, via Martiri della Libertà 381. Grog will flow, challenges will take place among the buccaneers (such as the olive-stone spitting contest) and you must not miss the exclusive pirate menu with its special, the Kraken Fillet in guacamole sauce! Absolutely free entrance for everyone.


Riga - "Ahoi, I and me maties will be getting some booty in the beutiful port of Riga - capital of Latvia! So please mark our plundering party in Your treasure map! Arrghh!" - Pirate Captain, Ivo


Purmerend - De duiventil, a bar at Houttuinen 13 in Purmerend, near Amsterdam, celebrated Talk Like A Pirate weekend on Sept. 16 and 17.


Bialystok - There be a parrrrrty in Poland on Monday with with pirates from all over the world (Spain, France,Italy,Hungary, Litva, Poland, Armenia and Belgium) there will be a rude piratemeating. Heads will roll, Bottles of rum will flow and treasures will be seek ! Also there will be some womans, walking the plank.
International piratlanguage will be exchanged and legendary storys will be told. Also some pirate drinking game will be organized in dom Studenta Beta !
- One-eyed Olaf


Aberdeen - "Ahoy thar! I be hostin a hearty feast o' pirate grub and drink consistin o' Land Lubers Skulls (bacon rolls), Buccaneers Ribs (BBQ spare ribs), Salamagundi Pie (pizza) an near grog (non-alcoholic) t' wash it down! This small feast be fer me ship mates only and will be takin place in our pirate den (office) in the fair city o' Aberdeen in Scotland! " - First Mate Crackers Chris

Dundee - The Scottish Water facility in Dundee will be celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day with events in support of the charity Water Aid.

Dundee - Outplay Entertainment Ltd. (currently developin' a pirate-themed mobile/social game), will spent Monday dressed as pirates "and doing general pirate related things, such as plundering local offices and looting their treasures!" - Adam

Cromdale and Grantown-on-Spey - "The pubs and bars around Cromdale & Grantown-on-Spey, in the Scottish Highlands, will witness a Bristolian accent and much drinking with oodles of yarring, avasting, and me-heartyings next Monday.
If any local pirates (McPirates as I calls 'em) whom be sailing up the River Spey that day would be liking to join I or a noggin of grog then they should just be coming up to I and saying "ooohhh arrrrr I likes the pirates life".
Salty Old Capt. Angus McSpreader

Kilmarnock - "We'll be talkin' Pirate Talk on our boat on the River Clyde in Scotland." - Kilmarnock Sub Aqua Club


Madrid - "Hello from Spain. Here at Topografik some people celebrate too with Facebuccaneer status and talkin' in the office :)"


Langenbruck - "Ai Capt'n. A wee note to be tell'n ye of th' hearty crew remember'n "Talk Like a Pirate" Day here in th' wee village of Langenbruck, Switzerland. We be a plan'in this fer many a'day past." - From the crew across the seven seas, Tim S.

Vevey - "We organise a Pirrrrate Night! at the pub (Le Petit Leman) on Friday the 16th (yah, i know but those landlubbers will have to recover after such a night...) We might have no sea in Switzerland but we'll sail safe for this night!!" Facebook event page. - Anne


Powys - "Hello, just to let you know that the children and staff of Abercrave Primary School near Ystradgynlais will be joining in the fun on Monday 19th. We will be dressing up as pirates and raising money for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). As well as doing lessons on a pirates theme, we will be involved in a "litter pick" in the village of Abercrave. Have a great Pirate Day!" - Janet M



(undisclosed location) "Arrr..we be talking like pirates in Afghanistan today." - Michael R.

Kabul - "I'm a huge fan of International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Two years ago, I celebrated it in Italy with my military friends from Caserma Ederle in Vicenza. Last year, I celebrated my marriage (which took place the day prior, 18 September) in conjunction with TLAP Day. This year, I'm deployed in Afghanistan and have introduced my new friends to this holiday. We plan to purchase pirate gear from the Afghan bazaars in Kabul. We're going to insert pirate talk into our Power Point presentations. And we'll eat really bad eggs (unfortunately no grog is allowed). This will clearly be a private event since we are on a military base in Afghanistan, but we'll be celebrating in heart with all the scallywags around the world." - Stephanie P.


Hong Kong - "A gathering of junior pirates after school... will anyone be made to walk the plank?! Working to introduce TLAPD to HK... next year will be bigger and better!" - Max H

Shenzhen - "Whilst I don't have a specific event organised, I've been talking like a pirate in Shenzhen, China today. The translation is lost somewhat. I send a note every year to a big distribution list of people all around the world within my organisation (IBM) to remind them to talk like pirates on Sept 19th." Jason K.

Zhengzhou, Henan - "I am a freshly qualified English teacher from Australia and am looking forward to 19th September with a week of lessons planned around Pirates and the sea! It will be a private event in school- because it is a school. But i will work out a restaurant or something to go and have drinks and celebrate the pirates life for me!" - Sonya M.


Gifu - "Ahoy there! This be Bloody Jack Read. Avast, I finds me self in the Gifu territories of Japan! There be no ocean nearby so I must be content me self with sailing the rivers to make me way about in search of booty. No party at present, but I loves talking like a pirate, and plan a party for next year with many fine wenches sure to be among the hands on deck. May yer always find yerself with the wind at yer back."

Osaka - "I be marooned in th' whereabouts o' the Japans. Osaka, Japan not to put too fine a point on it, savvy?" - Captain Jay Sparrow

Tokyo - "My name be Wingnut (it be me nickname as I have large ears) and I live in Tokyo, Japan. Me shipmates and I have been building up to an event and plan a party in Tokyo next year. We always spend September 19th talking like a pirate as much as we can and think it’s a great idea. We are in the finance industry and even some of our esteemed clients are starting to join in ." - Wingnut

South Korea

Gwangju - "Hi! It's a bit late, but I just noticed your map, and I see you have no pins in South Korea.... Please add our pirate party! September 21, 4-6 p.m. Gwangju National University of Education English Cafe. It's only open to university students, but my students will be excited to see us represented, I think." - Lindsay H.


Bangkok - My mates in Bangkok Arrhhh celebrating TLAPD tonight (Sept. 18) at Club Perdomo. It’s a members only club, but we Arrrrhh accepting new members. Hope we make it onto your map of International parrrrrticipation…

Chiang Rai - Pirate Party this very even as the sun sets across the yard arm at our run aground pirate ship of a home - Soi 1 - Watmainakai - Denha - Chiang Rai - Thailand. It be a private Party but maybe next year we will try and convert a few more swashbuckling souls. - Bj


Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - I’m havin a little private get together with me and me wenches in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Arrrrggghhh, I fear they may be contributin to the chumbucket before the night is old. - Charlie T.



Maun - "Ye lilly livered lice infected leeches, She was a success, me first ITLAD. 'tis a landlocked festering swamp up here in Botswana, but after swabbing the decks of our john boat and 9 lashes of the cat o' 9 tails, the parrot loving scabbies were on board for the ride. Ya can add r gatherin' at Maun, Botswana to your stinkin' map. Not much worth havin', when she got no treasure. May your weeping warts dry in the blazin' sun," - daniel


Akjoujt - the lads at First Quantum’s Mauritanian Copper Mines site celebrated their third TLAPD in 2011. "Thanks for being the inspiration of three tremendous nights for a desert-bound bunch of expats." - Mike B.


Yaba, Lagos - "My name is Apex am an Artist in Nigeria,I saw your address while googling about Pirate talk stuffs.I like to be initiated into Pirate,I mean I wanna be a Pirate so I can bark like a rugged sea dog.I will be happy if you can see me through,thanks. Well I also read about the pirate day, I told my manager about it and everybody can't wait for sept 19 to come!."

South Africa

Ermelo, Mpumalanga - "Yar! Me Harties, We Be Havin' a Pirate Party! September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day ifn' ye forgot... Come in yer best Pirate attire! Lasss brin' snacks and guys brin' drinks" - Surita P.

Hilton - "Ooh aar you crafty coelocanths! Me'd like to alert the likes of ya to a right riotous routing planned for 19 September in Hilton, South Africa! 'T be true 'tis a landlocked lumberyard up here but when the mists come in so regular each evening you'd swear you were adrift in the wide oceans, yea would! We have special rum gifted to us from Venezuela and only friends are invited, Im afraid." - Keryn

Middle East


Sinai Desert - "There will certainly be a party in the Sinai Desert, Egypt!" - Brittain W.


Holon - "I be livin' in the holy city of Jerusalem. On September 19th, our fan-owned soccer team, Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem, which plays in the 3rd division, had a home game, which unfortunately had to be held out of town. But a pirate cares not where his battle shall be held, so I got on me ol' trusty ship and sailed through the perilous seas to the unknown land of Holon, just to let me Jolly Roger wave proudly! 'Twas not an easy fight, but in the end we beat those bilge rats 2-0, and sent them down to Davy Jones' locker. Although I, meself, cannot be seen in this picture, I feel the Jolly Roger is its true star. I hope you'll like it as much as I do." Dror

Tel Aviv - "Talking like a Hebrew pirate is somewhat difficult, to be sure, but we'll try and make it happen anyway. Tomorrow I will be traveling to Tel Aviv to spread the good word of Pastafari and drink some fine ale with me mateys! It isn't an official event or party, per se, but it certainly will be a recognition and celebration! Keep up the good work, me hearty! May the flying spaghetti monster be praised!" Yonatan H


Camp Arafjan - "Ahoy maties - just shipped out of ol' Iraq and on me way home to the New World. Port stop Camp Arafjan, Kuwait for supplies and get me head checked by Ole Bones before they let me home to me wife." - Mark P.


Doha - "To all ye who read these presents, Greetings! Let it be known across the seven seas that me hearty sea-going and land-lubbin' scabbies in Qatar be awaiting a break from swabbin' decks and hoistin' the mainsail to pop the bunghole and partake of rum in honor of TLAP Day" ---Cap'n Angie Bloodsmear

Caribbean & the Seven* Seas

*more or less

The Dead Sea - "Avast!!! We have been scanning the charts on your marrrrvelous web thing and there be no scurvy knaves on one of the Seas! We were talkin like pirates while floating on the Dead Sea at the Dead Sea Hotels. Can you add us?" -Sarah and Trefor R.

Somewhere in the Ocean... We have it on good authority that there be pirate-talk happenin' aboard the US Navy Destroyer USS Chung-Hoon this weekend ...

Dunlin Alpha oil rig, North Sea - " This be the scurvy crew of the merry oil platform “Dunlin Alpha” located nor-nor-east of the windswept Shetland Islands. Ye’ll be gratified to know that come midnight, there will be a general announcement of Talk Like a Pirate Day on the Public Address system, warning all oilmen on board that any crew caught talking like landlubbers will be strapped to the flare boom and soundly flogged! I’m just glad it’s not my turn in the barrel this year!" - Mike “The Magnificent”


Abaco - International Talk Like A Pirate Day- special presentation at "Abaco Cruisers Net" at Marsh Harbour, Abacos, Bahamas. 8:15am EDT Sept. 19

Puerto Rico

Loiza - Ahoy, mates. Down here in the middle of the Caribbean, where pirates once roamed free, a few of us remaining salty sea dogs will have a hearty ol' time talking like pirates too. The site will be the coastal town of Loiza, the modern and more wicked version of the notorious Port Royal. Plenty of spiced meat, tasty puertorrican rum and native beauties. Only real pirates allowed. Avast, me hearties! Arrr! - Hector R.

US Virgin Islands

We celebrate talk like a Pirate Day in the Virgin Islands, St Croix, St John and St Thomas aaaaarrrrrrh. Can we be on the map? - David K.

St. Croix - Ol' Chumbucket and Mad Sally will dine at 7 p.m. Monday at Pirate's Tavern, at the Salt River Marina in the company of Captain Kily and other pirates. (Historical fun fact: Salt River is the site of Columbus's landing on St. Croix, and not coincidentally the site of the first killing of a native American by a European and vice versa.

Oceania & the Antipodes

Where they get first shot at Talk Like A Pirate Day each year:


Adelaide - "Avast ye! Pirates of the south seas in Adelaide, Australia are having an International Talk Like A Pirate Day party. Our Seadog Captn has ordered a get together before the sun is above the yard arm at 10:30am, savvy? I gets the feeling some of the crew be keelhauled before the day is out…" Leigh G.

Airlie Beach, Queensland - "We are celebrating the weekend of pirate day in Airlie Beach Queensland at a place called Fish D’Vine. My friends and I are getting dressed as Pirates and drinking at the Rum Bar with Mark and his Crew." - John L.

Armadale - On Sunday the 18th of September from 10am to 4pm, The Elizabethan Village in Armadale, 25 Canns Road Bedfordale, celebrates TLAPD. "Dress like a pirate or not. Talk like a pirate or not. Gold coin donation to enter. Vendors welcome but must dress like a pirate."

Ararat, Victoria - Our whole school (Ararat 800 Primary School) which is in the town of Ararat, Victoria, Australia is celebrating talk like a pirate day. We are looking forward to dressing up and speaking like pirates.. Because it is a school event our celebrations will not be open to the public. We have already been practicing words like ‘arrr’ ‘beauty’ ‘ahoy’, our personal favourite ‘bunghole’ and many more. We have also been looking at your website and absolutely love it. We can’t wait to sing the ‘I’m a pirate’ song. We also really enjoyed discovering our pirate names. - Cap’n BlackBeer and The Scurvy Scallywags from 5/6B.

Belrose, NSW - The fine folks at Covenant Christian School present us with a dilemma. "Put us on the map!" they say - but their message ends "But don’t say a word!!! We like to be surprising them students on this coming Monday." So we'll just say that Secondary School students will be finding' some ... surprises ... when they come to class on the 19th. And if any of 'em read this: Ye didn't hear it from us!

Bendigo, Victoria - Girls' Brigade Bendigo is having a TLAPD party on the 19th. It is NOT open to the public, but we will have lots of fun aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Bracken Ridge, Queensland - The Pirates of North Brisbane are planning a full day of piratical fun on Sept. 17, starting with a tabletop war game (based on Steve Jackson's "evil stevie's Pirate rules") with LEGO pirate ships from 10 am to 4 pm, followed at 6-9 pm by a pirate party with drinking and swordfighting and a cursing competetion as well as traditional shipboard games and drinking. They'll be cookin' up a big pot o' chilli and mulling some wine, but party-goers are expected to bring their own food and grog. The evening fun will include an outdoor (weather permitting) pirate movie marathon. Pirate dress is strongly encouraged, with a bandanna being the minimal acceptable dress standard. Check the Facebook event pages for the gaming session and the parrrty for more information.

Brisbane - The QUT Pastafarian Society and the Pirates of North Brisbaneenjoyed epic pre-TLAPD party on Sept. 15 - aboard a boat! The voyage began at the Southbank, departing at 7:30 pm for a 3 hour sail on the high seas of Brisbane. After the sail, the (very likely) drunken revelers disembarked to storm the streets of Brisbane for a pub crawl to Down under Bar, O'Malleys and Irish Murphy's.

Brisbane - Going on five years now, the IT department at LGP IT Application Development & Support, will host another Talk Like A Pirate morning tea for employees and invited guests.

Canberra - Thar be Pirates Basketball Club in Canberra, Australia who not only be celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th day of September 2011, but will be hosting Pirates Awareness Week from that Monday at the Southern Cross Club Tuggeranong from 7:30pm and culminating with a grand-finale celebration at the Transit Bar on Friday 23 September from 7:00pm onwards. Be sure to let all ye international travellers know that the Transit Bar on Akuna Street in Canberra will be the place to be to finish off Pirates Awareness Week and International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Crafers West - Avast thar! We be holdin’ a pirate speak event at Crafers West in South Australia fer the nart.

Darwin - "We be holdin' a party at our workplace. We be a shelters workplace providin' trainin' and skills t' people with disabilities. We be located in Darwin Australia, could ye please add us t' ye party list?" Cheers, Nik

Darwin - Pre-International Talk Like A Pirate Day Aarghfternoon Tea.
Saturday, September 17, at Nightcliff Jetty/Foreshore. Pirattitude and a banquet of grub!

Gather 'round, yon dogs an' wenches!
Merriment, friends and ocean breeze, we'll take o'er a table an' benches!

At half-past three hours after noon we all bring a bounty to share.
Arr! Bring yer family, mites and all! There's bound to be rations to spare!

Dress in yer best old buckle and boots or show as a land-lovin' lacky.
It's afternon tea so your free to be yer civilized self or go wacky!

We gather on land for the life of the sea, larriken oft we may.
The drives'l of this, do keep in mind is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Dubbo, NSW - The Burrabadine Cornerstone Christian School, a primary school of 26 students, started celebrating Talk like a Pirate Day last year and it was such a success they're doing the same again this year.

Fitzroy - Dress and Drink Like a pirate and other shenanigans at the
Black Pearl, 304 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065. Monday 19th Sept. 7pm onwards. Open to the Public!

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane - "I be writing to inform ye of the whereabouts of a certain Pirate Party. I hosted said buccaneering bonanza at morning tea today at me own workplace and it was a raging success! It wasn’t open to the public but a few scallywags from other business units still managed to steal some vittles! Here’s to bigger and better next year!" - Ben T.

Melbourne -The Polly Woodside, docked at at South Wharf, Melbourne, hosts a Pirate Sunday the first Sunday of each month. For Sept. 18, they're adding a special Talk Like A Pirate Day event, with free entry for people who arrive talking and/or dressed like pirates. Normal entry prices are Adult $15, Concession $12, Child $8, Family (2 adults and up to 4 children) $42

Mount Morgan - "We be holding an open invite to all fellow drunkards and wenches to out TLAPD at The Leichhardt Hotel, Mount Morgan, QLD Australia. If you search for us on facebook you’ll see we like to dress up!!"

Newman, W.A. - "AARRRRR howdy webwench, I be in Newman Western Australia and would like to be put on the map :) shiver me timbers and rattle me bones." - Wench Jilli

Oakey, QLD - "The Oakey Boy is the Captain of the high rolling seas of the tablelands!!!! He pledges his oath to the code!!!!"

Perth - "The Disability Services Commission are holding our Talk like a pirate morning tea on the 19th in our West Perth office. We’ll once again be raising funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation by saying Aye aye for eyes. 31° 56.700'S/115° 50.616'E." - Cap'n Guy

Pieman River, Tasmania - "We be celebratin on the Pieman River, Tasmania, Australia (where they eat people) all welcome. More info when we have some idea of what we are doing."

Shepparton, Victoria - Marg and Di are throwing a Talk Like A Pirate Day party, and say "its bound to be a hearty affair, with pirates, wenches and swabs galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Marg and Di just took a pint o’ me blood - damn good lookin’ wenches them two - and inspired this ol’ scurvy dog to organise lunch for me crew on 19th. Prizes for sharpest hook, biggest stump and rattiest beard. “the sun always over the yardarm somewhere” Darren “ruffbeard” Sharman

Shepparton , Victoria - Aaarrrr Me Hearties! Join Zuzanny and come out for a meal to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day just BECAUSE IT'S FUN!!!! At the Terminus Hotel from 6pm. Pay for yer own and feel free to bring a friend. Even better! COME DRESSED UP and get a prize (please note, this is optional)

Swan Hill - Pirate party on Monday at 2:15 pm!

Sydney - The Australian National Maritime Museum invites young swashbucklers (ages 5-12) to dress up like pirates and celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day Sept. 19 from 5:15 to 7:30 pm. Come on a treasure hunt through the museum after dark with our resident pirate, Grognose Johnny, and learn how to talk like a pirate! Step aboard the 17th-century vessel Duyfken. Tuck into a pizza dinner, then watch a special preview performance of the new theatre show Swashbuckled! Advance bookings required (members $25, general $35). Phone +61 2 9298 3644, email or book online. Children will be fully supervised (parents and carers not required to stay).

Sydney - "We are organising an event of at least 100 pirates on a pub crawl around Sydney's colonial district, the Rocks. We shall be starting at 1:30pm on Saturday the 17th of September at Australian Heritage Hotel,
100 Cumberland St. The event will most likely finish at the Lord Nelson Brewery well into the night. Deck yourselves out in full pirate gear and join our friendly crew of mostly 20-something pirates! The event is open to the public. Just look out for Lachlan (the loudest), Louis, Henry or Myself, Peter."

Sydney - The Lane Cove Early Learning Centre in Sydney is having a Talk Like a Pirate Day for all the children at the day care centre – with all the kids aged 2 to 5 they are learning from an early age how to talk like a pirate! A private event for the children and staff only.

Victoria Point, Queensland - "What a fun Day , I will inform my 14yo daughter, but not tell her Dad for a little while unless he's already heard it , we'll tell him a couple of hours after he comes home from work at lunchtime." Lavinia and Mikela

Waneroo - Waneroo Botanical Gardens, 25 Drovers Place, is throwing a TLAPD party on Sunday, Sept. 18. "We’ve got a pirate band to entertain us with their sea songs and we’re bringing a pirate boat in to put on the lawn for the day, because we can. There’ll be face painting for the kiddies too, sure to be a great day."

Brunei Darrusalam

"We be doin' a wee luncheon fer the fans of the Talking Aloud Podcast, first ten fans will get a free eyepatch. 19 Sept 2011, Time 12.30 noon ter 1.30 pm at Excapade sushi, Times Square, near the international Airport. Tis open to all. Bring yer own lunch money yer lazy scags. Tis will be the only official Talk Like A Pirate Day event, only being it hasn't really caught yet in this port." - Shahiran L.


Agana - "My name is Brett 'Flints' Burnham and I be trying ta get my students at my school ta jine in with the pirate talk. The school is Academy of Our Lady of Guam, a girl's high school in Agana, Guam. Wish me luck in organizin' th' event. I'm gonna need it."


Hobart - "Our Party is in Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia." - cheers, Andrew.

New Zealand

Auckland - Voyager Maritime Museum is hosting TLAPD festivities from 10 am to 4 pm Sunday, Sept. 18. Cap'n Bridget, their marketing and communications coordinatorrrrr, writes "We be planning a Pirate Day out at our Museum, with actual swashbuckling lessons, Pirate Sailings, make yer own pirate cobber, face painting and much morrrrrrrrrrre."

Auckland - Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! International Talk like a Pirate Day is looming like a ship riding the stormy seven seas. Dock at Whammy and Wine Cellar to party in tribute to this day of debauchery. Fill your tankard at The Wine Cellar and enjoy salty sea shanties from 8.30pm- Swampy Tonk, Mason Clinic, Jesus Raine from ‘The Twitch’ & UnCool Karl. From 10pm hobble across the deck to Whammy to see the best scallywags and buccaneers you can find in these fair lands – The Dirty Sweets, X- Ray Fiends, Ginas Revenge,Black Science, Moppy & Yam Jams! Thanks to Jagermeister, Coopers and TSP. 10 gold dollars on the door from 8.30pm $5 if you're dressed as a Pirate (Jagermeister prizes for best dressed).

Canterbury - Mt Hutt Ski Area near Canterbury will celebrate ITLAPD this year, as every year.

Dunedin - City Library celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 from 4-5 pm. in the Story Pit. "When school is over, come and celebrate with us! Be like a real pirate and we'll make a sword, eye-patch and hat!"

Hastings - "We be plannin a day of debauchery here in the district of Hastings. Our steadfast ship ‘Te Wharepukapuka’ will be filled with rum drinkin, sword welding, singing dancing pirates…ooh arrgh…(ok its at Hastings Library, Warren street, Hastings and there wont really be rum)." - Cap'n Carla.

Henderson - Teacher Cheesy and her class at Summerland Primary will celebrate TLAPD on Sept. 19 with treasure hunts, dressing up and some seriously piratical activities. Cap'n Cheesy has put together a complete pirate curriculum for children ages 6-14 (see our Teacher Resources page for info).

Stratford - "Ahoy me hearty, well on TLAP day I's gonna be at me home with me crew in Stratford sampling a rum called 'Gunpowder Rum', 51% and made 'ere in New Zealand. Huzzah!! (thanking ye Mr Karlovski fer supplying said beverage fer the special day). And a big shout-out to all ye pirate's... "Keeps to th' code, mind yer grog, and don't Drink-and-Sail", savvy." - Rumbelly Russ


Cagayan de Mindanao - (See Multiple Locations)

Davao City - (See Multiple Locations)

Pasic City - I be in Pasig City Philippines at
14°35'23.93" N 121°04'47.62" E -
Thank ye darlin'. Ramon S.

The poles

Multiple locations

One extended military family will celebrate ITLAPD in a truly global fashion as eight family members around the world gather via webconference on Sept. 19. Captain Jim (retired USAF captain) is in San Jose, CA; Ship's Cook Rushkin (current USAF mess cook) is in Spokane, WA; Medical Officer Bud (retired Navy corpsman) in Boise, ID; Sergeant of Arms Steve (retired USAF First Sgt) in Blossom Valley, CA; Ship's Mate Little John in St. Louis, MO; Seaman Emado JR in Cagayan de Oro, Mis. Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines (an island of the Philippines where pirates of old were born) Seaman Benmark in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines and Major Pappy (retired USAF Major), a native of Leyte, Philippines but on tour in the Gulf States - Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Parts unknown

The 19th is me and my girlfriends 2 year anniversary so maybe we'll spend it having a bit of rum and talkin' like pirate selves. - Captain Alex Roberts

"HAVING A SMALL PART YWITH FAMILY & FRIENDS..." - Matt F. (Careful how ye type there, Matt - we were about to offer condolences on yer small part!)

"4 Yerrrs strong. Head for the southern cross." - Teresa G.