Another English-to-Pirate translator

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Sometimes - like when yer bein' pursued by armed brigands - ye don't have time fer the finer points o' communication.

With that in mind, we offer this handy instant translator for common social phrases:

Pardon me, sir Pardon me, madam Excuse me, officer
Miss, can you tell me Hello, stranger

Where is Can you help me find Is that How far is it to

the restroom? a good restaurant? the nearest transport facility?
a fine hotel? the mall?
a pleasant pub? the local constabulary? the bank?

I would like to I have a strange desire to I wish I knew how to
My mother told me to My companion would like to My pet is about to

purchase some comestibles. take a short nap. make a withdrawal.
explore your fair city. have a cocktail. find a date.
use the facilities. communicate with the natives.