Glossaries, translators, etc.

Pirate glossaries, translators and name generators


  • A Pirate’s Glossary of Terms – An extensive (and more historically accurate) listing of pirate terms and phrases,
  • Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue – Compiled in 1811 bu Captain Francis Grose, purports to define the language of cuthroats, cutpurses and others in the London underworld, but it makes a fine pirate reference book, too!


  • Pirate Speak – an English-to-Pirate translator capable of converting anything from a few words to an entire Web page or document into pirate talk.
  • Post Like A Pirate – Convert your email and social media posts to pirate talk

Pirate Name Generators

Our own pirate name generator (which, let’s face it, was kinda clunky if fun) is no more, but you can get help choosing your perfect pirate monicker from: