More fun on ITLAPD!

If ye be lookin’ for a parrrrty, the Googly Map o’ Pirate Fun is the place to start, but some things defy mappin’. Here are some other opportunities we’ve heard about:


  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts across the country will once again offer a free doughnut to anyone who comes in on Sept. 19 talking like a pirate, and a free DOZEN doughnuts to those who dress like pirates. Details at
  • Participating Long John Silver’s restaurants offer a free piece of Alaskan whitefish to anyone who talks like a pirate when ordering, and a free 2-piece fish or chicken basket to those who dress and talk like pirates. Details at
  • All nine of Canada’s The Captain’s Boil Cajun Seafood Boil restaurant, is planning to host a ITLAPD Snapchat campaign over this weekend until Monday at all nine of its locations. 1. Talk like a pirate with their geofilters! 2. Screencap & post on Instagram with #CaptainsBoil 3. Get a chance to win a FREE pound of shrimp on your next visit!


  • Doug Savage and his Savage Chickens are back on board for another year of pirate chicken panels, drawn on sticky notes.
  • Leda Entertainment,  a small independent game studio celebrates International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2016, by introducing the new game  – “Bullion: The Curse of the Cutthroat Cattle”, a multi-player game of fighting, looting, and bovine piracy, featuring a scurvy crew of pirate bulls! The website ( will be opening Sept. 19, as will their facebook and twitter feeds and blog for the game (expect plenty of beef-related puns). They’re hoping people will join us in our voyage from concepts and prototypes to the finished game, and that they can create something that can be enjoyed on Talk Like A Pirate Day in years to come!
  • World of Warships celebrates ITLAPD on Sept. 19 with a special guest “appearance” by John St. John, best known as the voice of Duke Nukem. Additionally, captains will be able to earn a special skull and crossbones “Jolly Roger” pirate flag on Talk Like a Pirate Day (Monday, September 19). Simply win one battle on that day to festoon your vessel with the prized booty.
  • Yo Ho Ho Mateys! Poppin Code be sharing the secret to coding like a pirate:


More as we learn about it…