Pirate Parrrrty Games

Well, “game,” singular. This came to us via Iron John Kidd AKA Jon Kerr, who noted a lack of drinking games on our site. We present it as written, and take no responsibility for ensuing conflagrations.


... I have discovered the perfect pirate game; I’d heard about it over the summer solstice, and am heartily ashamed I didna think t’send it to ye earlier. It is the ultimate game ever, combining the best non-sexual game elements there are: eating tasty things, drinking booze, lightning fast reflexes, and FIRE!

Snapdragons is played by only the heartiest and craziest of brave crewmen (and wenches). The required materials be a bottle of rum (or acceptibly high-proof booze), and good solid fistful of raisins or other dried fruit, and some sort of heavy-constructed shallow container, such as a pyrex pie plate, an iron skillet (important point: skillets must not have been recently used; any oil in them will ruin the game) or even a hubcap if it’s on a sturdy outdoor surface.

Best played outdoors in low light conditions. Better still if people have already had a few to stiffen their reserve.

One takes the container and puts a good single layer of the fruit into it, just covering it with the booze. Let soak a bit, till the fruit gets a bit plump.

Then light it! Observe the lovely blue flames. Now, reach in and grab a raisin and eat it while it’s still burning! Players take turns until the fire goes out. Any leftover fruit can be eaten warm. 😉

The goal of the game (apparently) is to trick your friends into burning off their facial hair. Even skilled players will singe off the hair on their fingers, but it’s well worth it. Enjoy!

— Iron John Kidd AKA Jon Kerr