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The Poopdeck is an occasional (dare we say “sporadic?”) newsletter produced by Ol’ Chumbucket hisself, with occasional contributions from Cap’n Slappy. It’s distributed by e-mail only, on nothing resembling a regular schedule, though somewhat more often as Sept. 19 approaches. To keep abreast o’ the Pirate Guys and the news about International Talk Like A Pirate Day, just go here:

and fill in the requisite information. Make sure yer usin’ a valid e-mail address, or ye’ll never get the thing! And keep in mind that yer subscription has t’go through an actual human being who has a day job, so don’t panic if you don’t get confirmation right away. Subscribing over and over won’t make it happen any faster.

Alternately, subscribe to our RSS feed via the feed-reader o’ yer choice. Ye can also peruse past editions at that link to see what kind of nonsense we get up to.

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